Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Green Sustainability Impact

  1. SHERATON IMPERIAL KUALA LUMPUR HOTEL ENVIRONMENT INITIATIVE 2010 Let's Work Together to Reduce Global Warming Heal the World Make it a Better Place!
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  4. ENVIRONMENT INITIATIVE COMMITTEE MEMBERS Let's Work Together to Reduce Global Warming Chairman: Mr. Dominic Bosco Co-Chairman: Mr. Ramesh Solamalai Advisory Board: Mr. Wolfgang Boettcher & Ms. Sawanee Areephan Sales, Catering & PR: Ms. Cindy Yoong F&B: Mr. Greg Hjorth Kitchen: Mr. Rajesh Kanna Steward: Mr. Raja Ahmad Kamal Rooms Division: Mr. Kuhan Panchadcharam Finance: Ms. Sherilyn Tiow Purchasing: Ms. Jennifer Liew HR & Training: Mr. Azlin Security: Mr. Leeonis Aris Fadzilah Housekeeping: Ms. Mei Ling Gotong Royong: Internal & External Hotel: 5th May 2010 Engineering Team Energy Saving Idea: 6th May 2010 & 19th Aug 2010 Kick off Meeting: 19th Aug 2010 (Thursday), 3.00pm
  5. Recycle Bin for Boxes, Cans & Bottles at Loading Bay Proposed Solar Film Energy at Level 5 Villa Rest. Roof Top to Regenerate Hot Water & Electric for Poolside Rest. Replacement from MR16 50W to Philip MR16 4W at Podium & Rooms (Saving at present at Driveway Canopy 298,080 Watts / Per Month) Replacement of Normal Bulb 60W to Energy Saving Bulb 8W at Podium & Guests Room Corridor Replacement of 4 Sets Heat Exchanger, to Increase Hot Water Temp by 2c / 54c To Recycle the Shampoo Bottles after used from Guest Room ONGOING ENVIRONMENT PROJECT & COMPLETED PROJECT
  6. WHAT WE HAVE DONE Before Running Water at Level 5 High Ceiling, the Skylight Glass Plate Temp. was 38c & Temp. at Podium area was quite Hot After Running Water at Level 5, High Ceiling Skylight Temp. is now at 25c. The Restaurant has now the Ripple Effect with Recycle Water & a Photo Sensor has been install to cut off once raining or cloudy. Guest Room 18 Liters Per / 1 min Typical Usage Per / Day 18 x 6 Usage Per / Day = 108 Liters / Room With Dual Flow Valve Water Saver Device 3.6 Liter / 1 min Typical Usage Per / Day 3.6 Lx 6 = 22 L Saving Per / Day = 86 Liters Per/ Room 60 % Occ 19,866 Liters Per / Day x 30 Days = 595,980L x 12 = 7,1517,60 L Saving Per Year Saving RM16,306 Per Year Original Urinal Bowl with Water Flushing 1 Liter Per / Flush After Installation of Waterless Urinal Bowl, No Water Required, No sensor & Batty, & Fresher (Saving Approx RM5000/ Per Year)
  7. Inverter for Domestic Pump 100 HP / RM44,000 Approx Saving RM30, 000 per / year Replacement of New MR16 / 5W from MR16 / 50W Halogen (Saving 45W per bulb) 3 Nos of Washing Machine Replace with Low Water Temperature Chemical to reduced Hot Water, Steam, Electricity (Washing with 47c Temp.) ENVIRONMENT ENERGY SAVING INITIATIVES Replacement Normal 60W Bulb to Energy Saving Bulb 8W. Approx RM29,000 / Per Year
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  10. Staff & HOD at Gotong Royong, Internal & External Hotel: 5th May 2010 Before After
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  12. R G E N E lobally to take esponsible & to look after nvironment , nergy for our ature SIKL VISION .
  13. 'Reduce' How Can the Hotel Buy & Use Less Brainstorm Ideas to
  14. Thank You... Heal the World Make it a Better Place! Dominic Bosco, Dir. Of Engineering – Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Hotel