Eco friendly house ELP


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Eco friendly house ELP

  1. 1. GREEN FIEND Kamilia Broderick 8N ELP ECO FRIENDLY HOUSE1234 Sample Street, Anytown, St. 12345 GREENFIEND
  2. 2. GREEN FIENDAn Eco-Friendly houseVarious materials have a different impact upon the environment. Materials have embodied energy; that is thetotal energy to produce those materials and to transport them where to build. E.g. concrete has extremelyhigh embodied energy because the process of manufacturing it uses veryhigh level of energy. Plus It produces large amounts of CO2, which ruins the atmosphere. So , to make an eco Friendly house you should use thematerials that don’t use as much embodied energy and are less damagingto the environment.What can you use for an Eco-friendly house?Local MaterialsLocal materials that are produced locally will not have to be transported so far toBuild, therefore their embodied energy is much lesser. Concrete flooringInsulating materials reduce the transmission of energy. We use them inHouses for winter to keep out the cold and trap the heating system. MaterialsWith high insulation are good for sustainability because we don’t have to burnMaterials. Wooden flooring1234 Sample Street, Anytown, St. 12345 GREENFIEND
  3. 3. GREEN FIENDMy Eco friendly house Made from Google sketch upAs you can see from the pictures, my walls on my house are built up from wood. I chose pineWood because first of all it is a good insulator; so in winter you’ll be kept warm and secondly pineWood can be regrown in 40 years so future generations can use it to build with.1234 Sample Street, Anytown, St. 12345 GREENFIEND
  4. 4. GREEN FIEND Wooden Flooring Wooden floors breathe better and it lasts a long time(if you look after them). The timber can be replaced quickly by replanting. A wooden floor breathes better and makes it a healthy house! Wooden flooring Triple glazing windows Triple glazing windows will keep you very warm in winter for less expanse when you live in your house. You could also go for double glazing windows because it is cheaper and still better than single glazing windows.1234 Sample Street, Anytown, St. 12345 GREENFIEND
  5. 5. GREEN FIEND Insulation For the captivity wall insulation I have chosen wool. This is because wool is a very good insulator and it is one of the materials that can be found locally. It does not pollute during the process of manufacturing or installation. Did you know… That 100-150mm of extra loft insulation could save up to ¼ of your heating bills or cavity wall insulation could save you 1/31234 Sample Street, Anytown, St. 12345 GREENFIEND
  6. 6. GREEN FIEND Solar Panels Solar water heaters trap the warmth from the sun in copper water pipes laid in narrow space Between a glazed outer panel and inner reflection surface. Once installed heating is free. It is Sustainable and will give you free hot water for a long time. You could also have a wind turbine but the thing is you can’t always rely on the wind because somedays it just isn’t windy whereas for the solar panel the sun is always there .1234 Sample Street, Anytown, St. 12345 GREENFIEND
  7. 7. GREEN FIEND Low flow toilet mechanisms These toilets use less water while still doing the same job as regular toilets. Clearly, you will save water and money on water bills. Low flow shower-heads Low flow shower heads cuts down on water usage and saves energy costs. Aluminum-clad storm door This type of door is energy-efficient and will help to insulate the entryway of the home.1234 Sample Street, Anytown, St. 12345 GREENFIEND
  8. 8. GREEN FIEND Motion detector Outdoor lights left on all night wastes a lot of Energy and also disturbs wildlife. Light installations Activated by motion sensors or a timer will keep the area well lit and save energy and money to boot. Fact : Energy-efficient light bulbs use around 80% less electricity than traditional light bulbs1234 Sample Street, Anytown, St. 12345 GREENFIEND