Data Sheet: OpenDNS Enterprise Insights


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Data Sheet: OpenDNS Enterprise Insights

  1. 1. ! Cloud-based Internet Security Provider OpenDNS Enterprise InsightsSecure Internet Connections from Any Device Visibility & Control for Active Directory Users & ComputersOpenDNS Enterprise Insights provides actionable securityinformation and management for the distributed enterprise. • DNS-based Internet security protects any application,Visibility and Control without Complexity protocol or port.• Enable IT to see what your users and devices are accessing over • Prevent Infections. the Internet regardless of the device, application, protocol or port. • Contain data leaks and other• Easily manage Internet security and access policies for your users cybercrime. and devices through a centralized, cloud-based Web UI. • Filter inappropriate use.Prevent Malware and Contain Botnets with Actionable Intelligence • Identify asset risks.• Proactively protect users from connecting to Websites hosting • Global cloud-based service malware, exploiting browser vulnerabilities or phishing for data. with 100% uptime.• Identify and protect infected devices from “phoning home” to botnet controllers, even over non-Web protocols. • Simple to manage with centralized visibility and• Alert IT to threats by user or control. device for quick remediation. Enterprise • No change to network Insights topology or device settings. PREVENT MALWARE & + + + ! IDENTIFY USERS AT RISK CONTAIN BOTNETS & + + + ! IDENTIFY INFECTIONS FILTER INAPPROPRIATE USE + + + ! & IDENTIFY RISKY USERSZero Impact on Business-Critical Internet Access• Protect all inbound and outbound communications without impacting Internet access.• No new latency, points of failure, or bottlenecks.Easy Deployment Across Distributed Networks• Provisioning, management, enforcement, and reporting across all of your satellite offices via a centralized, cloud-based Web UI.• Integrate with your Active Directory environment using lightweight components with no hardware to install or software to maintain.Infinitely Scalable and Always Available For a free trial or more sales• Security enforcement through globally distributed, high-throughput information, contact our team: data centers capable of processing millions of requests per second.• Proven reliability & speed associated with the OpenDNS service. 1-877-811-2367
  2. 2. ! Cloud-based Internet Security Provider OpenDNS Enterprise Insights!Eliminate Traditional Maintenance Burden Requirements• Instant access to new features and improvements through the cloud-based management console. • VMware ESXi v4.1+ with• Automatic updating of components within your sites, scheduled by free or paid vSphere license. you. • Active Directory on Windows Server 2003 R2, 2008 orLow Total Cost of Ownership 2008 R2 with latest SP.• Cost savings from reduced resource investment - no additional hardware or software spend required. VIRTUAL CONNECTOR* APPLIANCE• No major network topology or device configuration changes # 2 per site 1 (or more) necessary, making rollout fast and easy across multiple sites. CPU 1 core ~2% server• OpenDNS worries about speed, reliability, and availability so you RAM 512Mb load increase don’t have to. HDD 6.5Gb 100Mb free * Can be installed on AD or separate Windows server.How it Works• Lightweight on-premises components retrieve Active Directory user, computer and group information at each site. For a free trial or more• DNS requests are routed through the OpenDNS cloud service technical information, contact where Internet security and access policies are enforced. our team:• Acceptable responses are returned enabling users to browse the Web 1-877-811-2367 and access other Internet services without any intermediate hops. OpenDNS is the world’s largest Internet-wide security network, protecting two percent of the Internet’s active users every day. The cloud-based OpenDNS service delivers a secure connection from any device, preventing contact with malware, phishing and botnets regardless of application, protocol or port. Unlike Web filtering, firewall and Web gateway appliances and software, OpenDNS is built for today’s world of ubiquitous connectivity. It is easy to deploy and manage, with no hardware to install or software to maintain, no need to reconfigure networks and no new latency. Global security settings are controlled from a unified Web interface, and threat protection is updated continuously.