BreakingPoint 3G Testing Data Sheet


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Test 3G network performance, security, and stability at massive scale, quickly and cost-effectively against the behavior of millions of mobile users streaming video, calling, texting, spreading malware, and more.

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BreakingPoint 3G Testing Data Sheet

  1. 1. BreakingPoint 3G Data SheetTest 3G Network Performance, Security, andStability at Massive ScaleBreakingPoint CTM™ Products Emulate Millions of Users to Reduce Cost and Complexity of Validating 3GWireless InfrastructureTelecom carriers dealing with the rapidly growing 3G user base With a BreakingPoint CTM you can:must test mobile infrastructures efficiently and accurately under • Measure and harden the performance, security, and stabilitypunishing real-world conditions, without spending a fortune to do of load balancers, firewalls, IPS devices, and other equipmentso. BreakingPoint CTM products go far beyond the simple functional with up to 120 gigabits per second of application, attack, andtesting of current 3G validation tools by emulating millions of pieces malformed traffic.of user equipment (UE) while transmitting real-world application • Validate network and data center performance by recreatingtraffic and security attacks. more than 150 application protocols, including Twitter Mobile,BreakingPoint products allow carriers and equipment AOL® IM, Yahoo!® Mail and Messenger, Google® Gmail, Skype®,manufacturers to test 3G networks and devices against the behavior BitTorrent™, eDonkey, RADIUS, SIP, RTSP, RTP, HTTP, SSL,of millions of users streaming video, placing calls, purchasing music, Facebook®, YouTube®, and Apple® FaceTime®, as well as otheror unknowingly sharing the latest malware. A BreakingPoint CTM mobile, social, and gaming protocols—with multicast support.replaces racks of equipment and complicated setup processes with • Stress network infrastructures with more than 4,500 securitya single-chassis device and a single user interface. attacks and 28,000 pieces of malware—including more than 100 pieces of mobile malware—plus obfuscations andUnprecedented Performance and Massive Scale in a Cost- evasions.Effective Device • Find network problem areas sooner and prepare for theBased on a patented breakthrough in network processor unexpected with the industry’s fastest protocol fuzzingtechnology and backed by a team of network performance and experts, only a BreakingPoint CTM produces the city-scale3G network conditions needed to harden carrier-grade network • Emulate sophisticated, large-scale DDoS and mobile-initiatedresiliency. botnet attacks to uncover previously hidden weaknesses. For 3G GTP encapsulation, BreakingPoint emulates all elements in this diagram concurrently, or GGSN or SGSN in isolation.
  2. 2. BreakingPoint 3G Data Sheet The Solution for Simulating Multi-Million-User 3G Networks, with Additional 4G/LTE Capability The unique architecture of BreakingPoint CTM products delivers the huge performance numbers necessary to validate and harden even the largest 3G networks under the most realistic conditions, all from a turnkey solution, including: • Up to 90 million concurrent TCP sessions, allowing emulation of millions of UEs such as smartphones, tablet computers, and netbooks. • Interactions among the key network elements involved in 3G communications, including serving GPRS support nodes BreakingPoint FireStorm CTM Specifications (SGSNs) and gateway GPRS support nodes (GGSNs). A single BreakingPoint FireStorm CTM provides the equivalent • A full Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP) network, with performance of many racks of servers from a 4U chassis, including: support for both DHCP Client and DHCP Server processes. • 120 gigabits per second of blended stateful application traffic • Support for both 3G and LTE environments with GTPv1 and • 90 million concurrent TCP sessions GTPv2. • 4 million TCP sessions per second Technological Breakthroughs from an Easy-to-Use Product • 1.5 million steady-state complete TCP sessions per second That Is Always Current • 120,000+ SSL sessions per second BreakingPoint CTMs are designed for ease of use and rapid • 150+ stateful application protocols configuration in a variety of network environments. Because of their • 4,500+ live security attacks exclusive design, they evolve along with the frequent changes in • 28,000+ pieces of malware the landscape for applications, attacks, and telecom standards. With • 1 Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces a BreakingPoint CTM, you will: To learn more about all BreakingPoint products and services, visit • Receive frequent updates from the BreakingPoint Application and Threat Intelligence (ATI) research team, which is dedicated to keeping applications and attacks current and providing Schedule a Demonstration Today frequent feature and performance enhancements. Find out why the world’s largest service providers rely on • Employ built-in network traffic profiles—created using BreakingPoint to measure and harden the resiliency of every data collected from top global telecom carriers—or easily component of their 3G infrastructures. Visit customize these profiles to fit your own network’s unique conditions. 1.866.352.6691 U.S. Toll-Free • Configure simulations in just minutes through a single user- friendly interface that features fully integrated reporting, even across multiple BreakingPoint CTMs. • Leverage extensive automation and wizard-like labs that address many use-case scenarios, including validation of Lawful Intercept and data loss prevention (DLP) solutions with a digital storm of content in multiple languages. Eliminate the complexity of conventional testing approaches and replace it with the simplicity, power, and precision of the BreakingPoint© 2005 - 2011. BreakingPoint Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. The BreakingPoint logo is a trademark of BreakingPoint Systems, Inc.All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.