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Vietnamese  josh
Vietnamese  josh
Vietnamese  josh
Vietnamese  josh
Vietnamese  josh
Vietnamese  josh
Vietnamese  josh
Vietnamese  josh
Vietnamese  josh
Vietnamese  josh
Vietnamese  josh
Vietnamese  josh
Vietnamese  josh
Vietnamese  josh
Vietnamese  josh
Vietnamese  josh
Vietnamese  josh
Vietnamese  josh
Vietnamese  josh
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Vietnamese josh


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  • 1. Vietnam
  • 2. Where is it?
    • 1.Located in the south eastern Asia.
    • 2.Nearby countries : Kampuchea, China ↓ , Thailand and Cambodia.
    • Kampuchea ->
    • Thailand ↘
    • Cambodia ↘
  • 3. Geography
    • The flat land area↗: less than 20%.
    • The mountains↘: 40% (higher than hills).
    • The hills↑: 40%.
    • The forests->: 42% .
  • 4. Facts about Vietnam
    • About 86 million people .
    • Chinese people: 1.5 %
    • It has been influenced by China and India since the ancient times.
    • Communist country
    • Official language: Vietnamese
    • Others: English, French and Chinese.
    • The Religion:Buddhism->50 million.
    • Catholicism->3 million
  • 5. Pictures of Vietnamese clothing
  • 6. Pictures of Vietnam architectures
  • 7. Vietnamese Festivals New Year's Day February third Revolutionary Day September second National Day Ho Chi-Min birthday date                                                 
  • 8.
    • Vietnam War
  • 9.  
  • 10. Vietnam War
    • After world war II, Vietnam was divided into 2 parts.
    • North: France
    •  Viet Cong
    • South: Emperor Bao-Dai
    •  1955 South Vietnam
  • 11. The beginning of the war
    • In 1959, Viet Cong decided to unify the whole Vietnam -> secretly sent lots of armies to the southern part.
    • In August, 1961 Berlin Wall-> was built.
    • In September, 1961, Soviet Union started nuclear weapons testing-> again.
    • 1.+2. -> John Kennedy↗ decided to help South Vietnam to show America’s determination to be against Soviet Union.
  • 12.
    • Gulf of Tonkin Incident: In1964, an American warship, Turner Joy was attacked. United States Congress approved that President Johnson was able to send armies to Vietnam any time.
    • -> America was in the Vietnam War
    • Tet Offensive: In 1968, Viet Cong started attacking almost all the cities of South Vietnam
    • 1972, the last one of American army left Vietnam.
    • In 1975, the Vietnam War ended.
    • On July second, 1976, the whole Vietnam was unified.
  • 13. Vietnamese Water Puppet
    • In holidays, weddings or other important times.
    • A pavilion with one-meter-deep water.
    • The people controlling the puppets are behind bamboo curtain.
    • Use poles and lines to control.
  • 14. The Origin of the Puppets
    • Farmers in northern Vietnam (where are many rivers) played puppets as an amusement.
    • In the twelfth century, the emperor saw it and admired, so it became very popular.
    • It can only be played in clear water-> it’s harder and harder to watch it in the river.
  • 15. Vietnamese food culture 越南飲食文化
  • 16. The Differences between Vietnamese and Chinese Food
    • It has been influenced a lot by Chinese cuisine.
    • Fish sauce is used instead of Chinese soybean sauce.
    • More herbs and spices are used than Chinese food.
    • Lemons are used a lot.
    • Less oil but more vegetables.
  • 17. Famous Food
    • Balut: duck egg with chick and yolk
    • It looks disgusting↗, but with delicious flavor↑.
  • 18. Famous Food
    • Spring roll
    • Sauce: lemon juice, sugar and fish sauce.
    • ->-> ->->
  • 19. Famous Food
    • Rice noodle soup: it’s very similar to Taiwanese Haka rice noodle soup.