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Zm_Siavonga High school_12


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Published in: News & Politics, Sports
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Zm_Siavonga High school_12

  2. 2. SPORTS AS A UNIFYING FACTOR Spor ts is truly a unifying factor amongst the people and nations at large. For example an African Footballing icon called George Weah from Liberia proved it by bringing his war- tone nation to a stand still by having a game of football that saw young rebel soldiers throwing away their guns andammunition for a soccer ballJackson Sindamu & Lawrence Mufaya George Weah
  3. 3. CULTURE AND EDUCATION CULTURE The barriers are not even recognized as athletes are picked not by color or creed but by their ability to EDUCATION become VICTORS in the spor ting activities….Others Most players don’t need and even become citizens of different countrise or endup don’t have college or high having dual citizenship….. education but they are all considered as being able to make a difference to life’s social and economic re-shape. This includes alleviating levels of poverty in the communities that the players come from.Marks Shiwanga
  4. 4. BRINGING PEOPLE TOGETHERSporting activities bring  people from all walks of life to a central thought. Several countries have chance toshow case their talented athletes… From where they come from, they bring supporting individual through the media.Tv,radio,cable,newspaper, street talks…….all bringing the spirit of
  5. 5. Co-operation The staging of the Olympic simply show how theworld can get UNITED and work as a UNIT. The various countries stage the show through a body that selects fairly and other countries agree. Meaning Unity is seen through the Olympics Committee…. Mutual respect from the committee trickles to the participating countries…showing Total CO-OPERATION
  6. 6. healing POWERThe activitists have always used sports to heal and mend broken pieces in mankind’s everyday activities……This is event in South Africa’s history…Nelson Mandela used a game of RUGBY to foster PEACE to his country men and women…..The Olympics are not an exception as they foster that through finding amicable ways to bring about UNITY around….