Vietnam war


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Aparicion, Mallarino, Lomano

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Vietnam war

  1. 1. Vietnam War<br />1955 - 1755<br />Jorge Aparicio, Nicolás Lomanto, Camilo Mallarino<br />
  2. 2. Whatwasthe Vietnam War?<br /><ul><li>ConflictbetweenCommunism and Capitalism
  3. 3. ThewarstartsonNovember 1 of 1955
  4. 4. The US government viewed involvement in the war as a way to prevent a communist takeover of South Vietnam.</li></ul>- Communist governments take power in Cambodia and Laos.<br />- War between two countries to take power of territory. <br />
  5. 5. FrenchParticipation<br /><ul><li>The war started, because French was in Vietnam territory, and when Russia attack French, The USA involves in the war.
  6. 6. After one period of time, France get out of the war and USA and Russia become in civil, and political war.</li></li></ul><li>Vietnam War Facts.<br /><ul><li>58,148 Americans were killed and 304,000 wounded out of 2.59 million who served.
  7. 7. Two-thirds of the men who served in Vietnam were volunteers, two-thirds who served in World War II were draftees.
  8. 8. Usa lose the war in all ways.</li></li></ul><li>Development 1955-1965<br /><ul><li>During 1955 china-soviet pledge more aid to north Vietnam and Diem rejected the agreement of becoming president of south Vietnam.
  9. 9. In 1956 the French left Vietnam, and the US government began training troops in south Vietnam.
  10. 10. 1957 First communist attack against the capitalists.
  11. 11. 1960 John F. Kennedy elected as US president. The Vietcong guerrilla was formed.
  12. 12. 1962 Cuban missile crisis, and Diem´s palace bombed by the communist part.
  13. 13. 1963 Kennedy and Diem assassinated.
  14. 14. 1965 US troops reach 200000 and first marines arrive to Vietnam coasts.</li></li></ul><li>1965-1970:<br /><ul><li>1968 Martin Luther King assassinated. Paris peace talks begin. Nixon elected as the new president of the States.
  15. 15. 1969 Vietnamization process or policy begin to take place in Vietnamese territory leaded by Nixon. Ho Chi Minh dies.
  16. 16. 1970 Pentagon papers published.</li></li></ul><li>1970-1975:<br /><ul><li>1971 Thieu re-elected in south Vietnam.
  17. 17. 1972 US troops cut by 70000. Nixon re-elected president and secret peace talks revealed.
  18. 18. 1973 Cease fire signed in Paris. Last American troops left Vietnam.
  19. 19. 1975 Last American evacuate as Saigon felt to the communists.</li></li></ul><li>1975-1980:<br /><ul><li>1976 North and south Vietnam united as a communist state. Jimmy Carter elected as US president.
  20. 20. 1978 Vietnam entered to the United Nations. Vietnam invade Cambodia.
  21. 21. 1980 Ronald Reagan elected as US president. </li></li></ul><li>1980-1997:<br /><ul><li>1982 Vietnam Memorial Wall dedicated in Washington D.C.
  22. 22. 1985 Vietnam Veterans honored throughout the US parades.
  23. 23. 1997 US and Vietnam restore diplomatic relations and exchange ambassadors.</li></li></ul><li>Bibliography:<br /><br /><br /><br />