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Sn_Anne Marie Javouhey_different levels


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Sn_Anne Marie Javouhey_different levels

  1. 1. Anne Marie JavouheyHigh SchoolP.O Box 7035Dakar – Senegal221 77 531 06 27 OLYMPIC TRUCE COMPETITIONIntroductionWe are very pleased to participate to this competition since it gives us the opportunityto express our talents and feelings and to get in touch with other people. We are agroup of five (5) students of different levels but with the same goal which is tocollaborate to peace through the Olympics. Our school is named Anne MarieJavouhey. It is a lovely place about 2000 students, in Senegal, Western Africa.Beyond this contest, we are open to build partnership with other schools worldwide.DescriptionOur activity is made up of many interesting activities such as an opening Speech, amotto, an oath and a flag and a gift. The main theme of that work is centered onpeace, friendship and the true values of the Olympics. It sounds as a hopeful appealin a divided world we want to make better.ParticipantsAdji Khady Ndoye Opening SpeechDaniel Amidou Coly Flags and giftsTening Marie Sarr Flags and giftsAstou Thioune MottoCheikh A. Der Oath Mr. Alouise Diedhiou Coordinator Teacher
  2. 2. Opening Speech by Adji Khady Ndoye Dear Audience, Dear Athletes,We all need to know. We need to know that we are not only here to concur.We are also here to bring peace. Yes! To bring peace. Because our world needs peace. Without peace there is no love. Without love there is no unity. Without unity there is no strength. We all know that we need strength to save the world. Nowadays our world, our home is in danger. We must stand up together and save the world before it gets late. So please everybody, let us live in peace! Thank you!The Olympic OATH by Medoune Dia“ On behalf the athletes,I swear that we shall take part in these Olympics,Respecting and abiding by the rules that govern them,In the true spirit of sportsmanship, for the glory of sport and thehonor of our countries.”
  3. 3. THE MOTTO OF THE OLYMPICS by Astou Thioune “Effort – Progress – Performance – Brotherhood”When a sporting event of this dimension is organized andincludes many countries competing, it is quite normal that allparticipants be sensitized about their behaviour in the ground.THE FLAG OF THE OLYMPICS by Tening Marie SarrPeace and Love can be compatible with Sport.A GIFT FOR ATHLETES by Daniel ColyHere is lovely gift any athlete can receive. Peace and Unity aresymbolized in it.