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We at Comverse provide CSPs with the vehicles to grow from wholesale connectivity suppliers, to smart data providers and beyond – true connected service enablers and providers.

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Company Overview

  1. 1. Company Overview
  2. 2. Optimize Your Success in the Hyper-Connected World through Service Innovation and Smart Monetization In today’s hyper-connected world, communications have grown far beyond connecting people to one another – and now bridge people, applications, the Web, social media and a growing variety of devices. Communication service providers (CSPs) are naturally well positioned to play a significant role as the hub of this increasingly connected ecosystem. We at Comverse provide CSPs with the vehicles to grow from wholesale connectivity suppliers, to smart data providers and beyond – true connected service enablers and providers. Meeting Your Needs Comverse addresses your need to stake a claim in the emerging value chain, enhance the user experience, generate new revenue streams, cut costs and differentiate yourself from the competition. Enhanced Customer Experience Become a Digital Lifestyle Player – and Increase Revenues Today's Web-savvy customers expect a rich and engaging experience across all dimensions of communications. Comverse helps you become a leading digital lifestyle player. Energize your customer experience by modernizing traditional services and launching rich new services leveraging the cloud and social networks – with converged customer management and control across any service and touchpoint. Inspire enthusiasm and brand loyalty with a differentiating, consistent superior customer experience. Personalize choice and control by enabling your subscribers to monitor and manage usage and balance information in real time through any convenient touchpoint (including social), set plan characteristics, alerts, offers, etc. 2 Company Overview IP/4G Evolution Harness the Immense Growth in Data, Reduce Costs, Enrich Services, Increase Revenues IP/4G networks deliver unprecedented mobile data bandwidth and an exceptional user experience – all at a lower cost per megabit. Drawing from expertise and leadership in service innovation and smart monetization, Comverse 4G solutions help you evolve your services to secure generous ROI for 4G investments. Leverage existing networks as you evolve to 4G/all-IP to harness the exponential growth of data usage, preserve and enhance existing services – while offering rich new services and creating innovative 4G business models. Supporting both 3G and 4G networks, Comverse Digital and Value Added Services offers a solid bridging strategy for moving
  3. 3. from legacy to all-IP networks; abstracts differences between smart and feature phones and simplifies support of multiscreen users; Comverse ONE BSS + Policy powers service-aware charging and smart data monetization. Smart Monetization & New Business Models Better Capitalize Network Assets and Services; Stake a Role in Emerging Value Chains Smart Monetization Harness the immense growth in data. Smartly increase data profitability and accelerate monetization across the entire broad ecosystem through tight BSS/PCRF integration, a marketing-friendly policy creation environment, embedded analytics capabilities & more. New Business Models Stake a significant role in emerging value chains as a true connected service enabler. Transcend traditional telecom boundaries by embracing exciting opportunities in the digital domain. Evolving fields of opportunity for business growth today are as numerous as the industries becoming increasingly connected. Increase business, marketing and charging agility to beat competition and profitably exploit new networks, markets, lines of business, business models and high-value M2M/OTT/content/app partnerships. Marketing Agility More Personalized Interactions Cement Your Relationship with Your Subscribers With marketing increasingly key to business success in the big data era, information is one of your greatest assets. Leverage your unique real-time understanding of your customers and their activities it to deliver an exceptional customer experience and to generate new revenues with more personalized interactions: real-time notifications and targeted marketing crosschannel (including the social media) for upselling, churn prevention, etc. Optimization and Efficiency Optimize the capabilities, performance, cost efficiency and success of your system In today’s competitive environment, it is mission-critical to fully capitalize on your investment in your BSS and communication solutions – plus reduce costs. Optimize the capabilities, performance, cost efficiency and success of your system and offerings through system modernization and consolidation, communication convergence, BSS convergence, virtualization/ cloud/ SaaS, and managed and professional services. Company Overview 3
  4. 4. A Portfolio of Value Comverse’s comprehensive product portfolio innovatively addresses your needs for Converged Communications – including digital and value-added voice and messaging services for consumers and enterprises – as well as for Converged BSS and active customer management, smart data monetization through policy control – all enabled by our managed and professional services. Comverse provides its solutions in a variety of delivery models, including in-network, managed, hosted or cloud based. Comverse Product Portfolio Comverse Converged Communications: Digital and Value Added Services In an increasingly digital world, connected devices are a central means through which we live our digital lives. By evolving traditional communication services to the digital domain, you can become a significant player and influencer in the digital life of your subscribers. Comverse Digital and Value Added Services combine renowned expertise in telecom and IP-communications with the vision and commitment for rich services and exciting opportunities in the digital era. • Comverse mVAS: Fully virtualized and modular single foundation converging SMSC, MMSC and Next-Generation Voicemail (NGVM) systems for significant CAPEX & OPEX savings, simplified operation and a path to IP messaging and RCS services. • Comverse dVAS: Evolves traditional communication services to native IP versions of messaging and voice 4 Company Overview services with seamless fallback to circuitswitched services when an end-to-end IP connection is not available. • Comverse RCS+: A rich portfolio of new IP communication services, extending operator services to any device, any OS platform, any network. A complete range of RCS 5.1 services (standalone messaging, one-to-one chat, group chat, file transfer, content sharing, social presence information, geo-location services, IP voice call and IP video call) – with full visual voicemail connectivity, social networks, and archiving services. • Comverse IP Communications: A full CSP Voice-to-IP solution for consumers and enterprises, fully SIP compliant, enabling CSPs to provide carrier grade telephony services on the data channel and extend telephony services over fixed/ mobile networks. 'Comverse Converged BSS & Active Customer Management and Policy Turn your business support systems (BSS) into a strategic asset for marketing, competitive
  5. 5. differentiation, growth increased profitability. enablement and A single unified system providing true convergence for any network, service or payment type, the solution can be deployed through deployment modes aligned with your specific needs, and enhanced with selfservice, sales & marketing automation and mediation functionalities and more. Accelerate monetization and market innovation with our unique PCRF-compliant business policy engine, fully integrated with Comverse BSS/OSS and enforcement. Comverse BSS includes: • Comverse ONE®: Spanning policy to billing with a telco-specific approach to CRM, Comverse’s market-leading singlesystem telco-grade BSS solution fuels business transformations and entry into new lines of business, delivering a consistently superior customer experience. • Comverse Kenan: Comverse Kenan FX postpaid billing solution delivers flexible, proven and powerful customer care, fulfillment, and billing applications to communication providers and e-businesses worldwide; complete customer lifecycle management for consumer and enterprise customers, supporting rapid expansion into new service lines and business models such as WiFi offload, vouchers and machine-tomachine (M2M). • Comverse PCRF and Analytics: Comverse Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF) allows service providers to manage and monetize their networks smartly, utilizing a wide range of networkrelated and subscriber-related information. Its advanced policy creation environment facilitates swift and intuitive definition of business and monetization scenarios and use cases: segmented data plans, traffic & quota management, roaming & bill shock prevention, personalized alerts and promotions, congestion control and more. • Comverse Share: A cloud-based offering that enables a service provider to connect its BSS ecosystem with social presence, bringing a more relevant, personalized interaction channel to its subscriber base. Comverse Global Services Safeguard and boost your success with an extensive range of services that enable you to achieve and maintain speed, performance and optimal use of capital and resources. Comverse Post-Go Live Services include: • Maintenance Services: Software & hardware support services that ensure maximum system utilization and uptime • Managed Services: Comverse helps customers improve their efficiency, cost and bottom line with a wide range of Post Go-Live Managed Services, in a selection of business and engagement models • Professional Services: Beyond maintenance and management, business consultancy for growth. Draws from global market expertise to help service providers upgrade the user experience, accelerate innovation, expand to new business models, reduce costs/ create operational efficiencies These services put the most professional and knowledgeable experts at your service, enabling you cut your costs and accelerate time-to-market. Company Overview 5
  6. 6. Leading and Shaping the Telecommunications Market convergence with in-network and virtualized cloud/ SaaS delivery expertise, Comverse has been cited as a leader year after year by independent industry analysts for excellence in both “vision and execution.” Established 1984 Headquarters: Wakefield, MA, USA Comverse’s leadership in innovation is maintained with a strong commitment to product evolution to meet and exceed the needs of our global customer base. To ensure that products hold their value and technological edge far into the future, Comverse invests heavily in research and development. The Comverse Commitment Comverse is committed to being the global partner-of-choice for business enablement, providing outstanding productized solutions and services that unleash the value of the network for communication service providers. More Versatile Communications Comverse has been introducing new concepts and technologies that transform the marketplace for more than 30 years. True to its name, which combines “communication” and “versatility,” Comverse continues to shape people’s lifestyles and the way they communicate. Comverse Innovation Comverse Innovation is a dynamic center of creativity that blends inspiration with nextgeneration technology. Trailblazing concepts and solutions shape the future experience and improve business results for our customers – keeping them on the cutting edge. Delivery Comverse’s highly efficient industrialized approach to streamlined deployment is a differentiator that delivers significant value to customers. With globally proven best-practice delivery methodology minimizing the need for resource-heavy system integration and customization, systems are up and running swiftly with rich functionality. Complementing leadership in all aspects of 6 Company Overview Research and Development Leadership in Organizations Industry Standards Comverse champions an open ecosystem that removes barriers to service usage and adoption to optimize the user experience, drive ARPU and create profitable new opportunities for all parties. Comverse’s extensive experience and leadership in defining industry-wide standards for technologies and services is underscored by its prominence in key standards bodies (OMA, ETSI, 3GPP, TMF, OMTP, RCS and others). Partners & Alliances Comverse enhances the value it brings to customers by joining forces with leading technology vendors and business partners to enhance its end-to-end solutions with innovative technologies, best-in-class components and next-generation services. Industry Recognition and Awards For excellence in products, technologies and professional services, Comverse hjs received scores of awards from analyst and research groups, industry publications, events and worldwide organizations in the telecommunications market.
  7. 7. Maximizing Performance and Growth around the World If you use a mobile phone, chances are you use Comverse services. More than 450 communication and content service providers in over 125 countries serving more than two billion subscribers use Comverse solutions to generate new revenues, strengthen customer loyalty and improve operational efficiency. Ranked #1 globally in multimedia value-added services, Comverse MMSC solutions have been deployed by more than 70 operators worldwide, including numerous tier-1 carriers. Comverse Mobile Internet solutions have been deployed by more than 60 operators worldwide, and today handle more than a third of US mobile Internet traffic. Ranked #1 in global VAS messaging market share with a strong second-place SMSC global market share position, Comverse systems annually handle trillions of messages for hundreds of service providers around the globe – including in the world’s most messaging-intensive markets. These goals have been achieved with a superior solution portfolio, high-quality professional services and an extensive network of local support, including more than 90 local offices in countries around the globe. Ranked #1 in global converged charging market share, Comverse Billing and Active Customer Management solutions serve 500 million subscribers worldwide, and support 18 of the world’s 25 largest telecom providers. Comverse BSS supported one operator’s growth from 40 thousand to over 50 million subscribers over the course of eight years. Ranked #1 globally in voice value-added services, Comverse Voice platforms deliver advanced services more than 400 operators worldwide with more than a billion subscribers. Comverse leads the Visual Voicemail market with more than 60% of the commercial launches worldwide – significantly outpacing all competitors. Company Overview 7
  8. 8. About Comverse Comverse® is leading global provider of telecom business solutions that enable communication service provider success in the hyper-connected world through service innovation and smart monetization. The company’s proven and innovative product portfolio includes BSS, Policy Management (PCRF) and Enforcement and Digital & Value Added Services – all backed by Managed and Professional Services. Comverse’s extensive customer base spans more than 125 countries with solutions successfully delivered to over 450 communication service providers serving more than two billion subscribers. Comverse’s solutions are available in a variety of delivery models, including on-site, cloud, hosted/SaaS and managed services. Copyright 2013 © Comverse, Inc. All rights reserved. Information contained herein is not a commitment, promise or legal obligation to deliver any products, features, or functionality. Any use of or reference to Facebook or Facebook images or logos does not constitute or imply an endorsement or sponsorship by Facebook of Comverse or the Comverse Share service, or any association between Facebook and Comverse. When using the Comverse Share services and when creating or using any social application it is the CSP’s responsibility to ensure it complies with policies and rules of the relevant social media site (e.g. Facebook). BR 2013 0453