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New Age Services


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New Age Services

  1. 1. App Store | VAS Managed Services | Multimedia Content Delivery | Mobile Advertising | Mobile Couponing | NFC | Location Based Services | NGIN/SDP | WiMax | IPTV User Experience New Age Services About Tech Mahindra Tech Mahindra is a global systems integrator and business transformation consulting firm focused on the communications industry. Tech Mahindra helps companies innovate and transform by leveraging its unique insights, differentiated services and flexible partnering models. This has helped customers reduce operating costs, generate new revenue streams and gain competitive advantage. For over two decades, Tech Mahindra has been the chosen transformation partner for wireline, wireless and broadband operators around the world. Tech Mahindra's capabilities span across Business Support Systems (BSS), Operations Support Systems (OSS), Network Design & Engineering, Next Generation Networks, Mobility, Security Consulting, Testing, and other areas. Tech Mahindra's solutions portfolio includes Consulting, Application Development & Management, Network Services, Solution Integration, Product Engineering, Managed Services, Remote Infrastructure Management and BPO. Over 34,000 professionals service clients across the telecom eco-system, from a global network of development centers and sales offices across Americas, Europe, Middle-east, Africa and Asia-Pacific. Tech Mahindra is the largest telecom- focused solutions provider and 5th largest software exporter from India. For more information on Tech Mahindra’s New Age Services, please contact: Copyright © 2010 Tech Mahindra: All rights reserved. India Australia Europe Africa Americas Singapore Middle-East
  2. 2. The world of communication is changing dramatically. The demand for digital communications is on the rise with Telcos gearing to address the new market what is today called as “New Age Services” to fit the lifestyle of end-users. Communication service providers are forced to spend thousands or millions of dollars to upgrade their bandwidth and network infrastructure with no certainty that customers will actually pay for it. This disparity is leading to a serious revenue crunch across the board. Tech Mahindra's strategy is to continually develop new services that help service providers move up the value chain to ensure that they are not left out of the race in meeting the growing lifestyle of end-users. During the next decade, the New Age Services, namely – App Store, IPTV, Mobile Advertising, Mobile Couponing, among others, hold the promise of driving success and defining the differentiators for Telecom operators. Introduction Tech Mahindra's Offerings under New Age Services: Apps Store VAS Managed Services Multimedia Content Delivery Mobile Advertising Mobile Couponing NFC Location Based Services NGIN/SDP WiMax IPTV User Experience Service Overview: App Store is now looked upon as must have product in any operators/OEMs armor and has become critical from a branding perspective. Tech Mahindra's CanvasM* App Store is a unique solution designed to provide mobile applications across a variety of platforms and technologies. It works on a hosted model to mitigate risks, get the operator the best of Apps while keeping the costs low. We aim for low cost solution, building superior user experience, powerful search and discovery tools with best in class customer support.Our App Store Solution enables a personalized app shopping experience, besides attracting customers with innovative applications, thus resulting in strong revenue models for communications service providers. Our App Store offerings: ?Advertising support ?Porting Support with M–coder ?Network Applications/Widgets/LBS ?Tools to build Applications & Application development experience ?App Security testing and verification ?Local and Diversified support ?Excellent Marketing support and Analytics App Store Our Value Propositons: ?6000+ applications/all platforms ?Device agnostic/service provider agnostic ?Supports various business models ?Multiple billing channels ?Applications porting support and aggregation ?Partner management and Multi tenancy 2 3 *CanvasM is a JV between Tech Mahindra and Motorola focused on evangelizing New Age Services using VAS within the Communication ecosystem.
  3. 3. 4 5 Benefits for Telcos: ?Saves Telco the difficulty of dealing directly with a vast number of various VAS providers offering numerous services, and instead opts for the services bouquet to be managed by a single player ?Helps Telco to focus on its own marketing and brand building aspects ?Telcos can reduce up to 20% reduction in manpower operating costs with managed services, and increase their revenues from VAS ?Enables operator to generate new revenue without a substantial investment in infrastructure, manpower and capabilities Service Overview: Our Content Delivery Platform (CDP) solution is a complete content aggregation and delivery platform, which enables operators to kick-start a successful mobile content ecosystem. CDP enables creation of content download, information on demand or push information services over a variety of bearers such as WAP, SMS, and Web. Our Solution and Offerings: ?A complete end-to-end solution for Digital Retailing ?Content Delivery via: SMS, MMS, WAP push, Download, Streaming, IVR Manages: Users, Content ?Network services, Billing, Settlement & Reporting Device Detection and Management ?Platform-agnostic, allowing operators to consolidate all of their content services with support for all devices ?Near real time event specific content to mobile subscribers worldwide ?Designed for ease of integration with external systems, including: - Content ingestion (full range of content types) - Messaging systems (SMSC, MMSC) - Billing systems (e.g. Mobile billing, Credit/Debit card) - Web and Mobile Storefronts ?WAP and Web based service portal for white-label offering ?Complete control over Product Pricing & Placement Multimedia Content DeliveryVAS Managed Services Service Overview: Mobile markets across world are intensely competitive and some of them have reached saturation in terms of penetration of addressable markets. With tumbling voice tariffs contributing to declining ARPU rates, mobile operators are actively pushing for growth of the non-voice value-added services (VAS) market. Despite the economic uncertainties, the Managed VAS market worldwide continues to sustain a growth path. However, VAS breadth, maturity and business models vary from region to region. We provide essential ecosystem for Managed VAS in which content developers, content aggregators, platform enablers, and telecom operators are collaborating to create wholesome value rather than being satellite contributors operating from their own silos. We are able to handle all the complexities associated with the integration of multiple technologies, different standards and a myriad of content to help grow operators VAS business. CanvasM has inherited the rich System Integration and Support capabilities of Tech Mahindra. This translates into our ability to manage complex implementations and multi-vendor solutions. CanvasM has comprehensive capabilities to build network, including planning and design, field operations, Network Operation Center (NOC) operations, application and service development, and building of VAS portfolio. Our Services and Offerings: ?Enhancements to current designs and providing new innovative services to subscribers ?Collaborative design with participation of STEL stakeholders and end-users ?Integrated design approach for all the three mediums of service delivery - Television - Mobile - Web ?Track and analyze usage patterns and user behavior for continuous user experience enhancements CanvasM* makes an ideal managed VAS provider because it has a combination of telecom expertise, system integration capabilities, sound financial backing, and flexible business models. CanvasM has Telco graded reliable and scalable solutions and services, which is blended with innovative business models and faster turnaround time along with ability to manage multiple VAS ecosystem partners like content providers, application providers etc. makes win- win prepositions for service providers and end consumers. *CanvasM is a JV between Tech Mahindra and Motorola focused on evangelizing New Age Services using VAS within the Communication ecosystem.
  4. 4. 6 7 Our offerings and value propositions: ?Compatible with all WAP- enabled mobile phones?Mobile ad-serving ?Customizable retail store - fronts with the?Contextual marketing and promotion operators' look and feel and promotionalmanagement offers?Customizable search result display ?Flexible pricing plans including free, payoptions on the handsets once, pay per download, pay per use, pay?Implicit and explicit personalization per period, subscriptions, and trials Mobile Advertising Service Overview: The Mobile Advertising platform of CanvasM* gives both consumers and B2B marketers the ability to target and reach their audiences demographically, geographically, by industry or profession, and job title. Users can be targeted for specific advertising segments depending on the user profile and interests. A combination of both CanvasM mobile advertising solution and mobile search feature can substantially increase ARPUs for operators. The mobile advertising revenue is paid for content that is displayed with, in front of or behind content; it doesn't include spam on SMS, IM or e-mail. There are five core areas of mobile advertising: ?Mobile websites: Mobile website ads include any banner or text advertising that is displayed on a WAP page or web page that is rendered and/or shown on a mobile phone ?SMS/IM: An SMS/IM mobile ad is any ad that is included with SMS or IM content or peer-to-peer messaging. SMS is the main way that messaging is done in most places in the world, but in some countries like China, IM is a very popular way to message on mobile phones ?Search/maps: Search/map mobile ads are advertising that is associated with searching on mobile phones, and advertising related to maps on mobile phones. Some search capabilities also allow users to reference a map. Right now, search advertising is much larger than map advertising, but it is expected to grow as location-based services mature ?Downloadable applications and games: Downloadable application and game mobile ads are banner, text and video ads that are shown inside downloadable applications and games. Often, these applications provide access to the internet to retrieve content. Advertising on these applications and games has been popular since Apple introduced free games on the iTunes store. The business model for these free games was advertising ?Video and mobile TV: Video and mobile TV ads are any ads that are shown on video clips accessed via mobile websites or video ads that are shown on mobile TV Service Overview: CanvasM’s* Mobile Couponing is a unique product which brought revolution in the global industry and it has changed the way consumers shop. Mobile couponing is getting fancy of marketers who are being held accountable to track and measure the campaign effectiveness and justify the return on investment of campaign. Mobile couponing is increasing because of intense use of internet, SMS, and mobile applications. Increase in smart phone is contributing in rich media coupons, bar coding, and video ads with offer. Couponing has helped marketer to track user's behaviour and offer them the products at right time, at right place and in right context. It has also helped to increase the footfall in the stores. The growth of mobile couponing has been promising with new media growth, increased availability of mobile messaging platform and rich media applications. The trend is expected to project the growth to 300 million global couponing users who will generate the revenue close to $6 billion globally in retail redemption value by 2014. Our Services and Offerings: ?Creating and pushing the coupons ?Free discount coupons ?Scrolling coupon as per user interest ?User shopping pattern analysis ?Integration of loyalty programs ?Rule engine to apply the rule at all levels ?Retail server integration ?Campaign generation tool ?Multi-factor authentication ?Secured environment Mobile Couponing *CanvasM is a JV between Tech Mahindra and Motorola focused on evangelizing New Age Services using VAS within the Communication ecosystem.
  5. 5. 8 9 Near Field Communication (NFC) Service Overview: Near Field Communication (NFC) is a short-range wireless connectivity technology that evolved from a combination of contactless identification and interconnection on Mobile Technology. NFC can be used with a variety of devices, from mobile phones that enable payment or transfer information to digital cameras that send their photos to a TV set with just a touch. The possibilities are endless. Consumer devices with built-in NFC will dramatically simplify the way they interact with one another and revolutionize the usage and usage patterns. CanvasM offers end-to-end mobile commerce and transaction solutions. Depending on customer requirements, CanvasM can provide handset NFC enablement solution and NFC enabled PoS. Service Overview: In this era of converged communications, location is an important parameter in offering personalized services to consumers. CanvasM offers end-to-end capabilities to service providers for providing Location Based Services over their networks. CanvasM offerings include location based infrastructure, middleware, applications, map engine, and SI services. Location Based Services Technology and service offerings: ?Carrier grade, multilayered, scalable platform to enable secured mobile transactions across all access channels - NFC, SMS, USSD, GPRS, IVR ?Strong proposition with open architecture to inherit to any existing system ?Backend with AMS, TSM, SCMS, OTP, CA System, NFC-OTA system, wallet service system ?client/wallet for users to transact ?Multi Lingual Support for all the applications ?Chip technology based accessory for NFC enablement for most of the handsets ?NFC enabled PoS with multiple delivery capabilities ?Customized solution development ?Localization ?Sourcing of deployment infrastructure ?Deployment and system integration ?Managed Services ?Technical and non-technical support Sample Use Cases: NFC is meant for Tap-n-XX, such as Tap-n-Get, Tap-n-Go, Tap-n-Pay, Tap-n-Order etc. It can be put in multiple devices and used for multiple purposes such as: ?Pay for purchases at checkout counter by tapping your NFC phone on the PoS machine ?Get Information and place order by touching Smart Posters ?Using NFC phones to buy and print tickets (Airline, Movies, Museums, etc.) ?Linguistic support using NFC (Tap-N-Translate) ?Loyalty card on mobile (Tap and Top-up and Redeem) ?Coupon wallet on mobile and redeeming using NFC ?Financial Inclusion account in mobile wallet for multi-function micro payment ?Core banking on mobile with NFC ?Tap-N-SMS, Tap-N- Dial, Tap-N-Download, Tap-N-Locate are applications for senior citizens ?Print a photo from camera by holding it close to the printer ?Paying toll by tapping at the NFC phone ?Pay bus fare by waving NFC Phone ?Share Business Cards with a touch ?Authenticate at entry points by tapping the NFC phone ?Potential to revolutionize financial inclusion exercise by reducing authenticated cash-in, cash- out and balance check operations by mobile illiterate consumers to a simple Tap Value Propositions: ?One-stop Shop for Solution, Hardware, Deployment & System Integration and Managed Services ?Unique NFC technology ?Monetizable NFC based applications and service ?Managing large ecosystem and logistics for mass supply of NFC wafers ?Consulting for M-Commerce deployments ?Flexible Business model ?Bring-in commerce ecosystem partnerships Key Features: ?Standards based Solution for CDMA and GSM network families ?All major algorithms support – E-Cell-ID, NMR, E-OTD, AGPS, Hybrid etc. ?Supports both handset based A-GPS and network based positioning ?System, Service, Partner, CRM, Statistics, Subscriber Management ?Java based architecture ?Drag-and-drop Service Creation Environment for service development ?Text-to-speech and Speech Recognition APIs ?API for 3rd parties' content and application developer ?Auto-transcoding of audio, video and images for application ?Large library of location applications - Fleet/Resource/Asset management - Navigation - Location-based charging - Mobile advertising - Emergency services - M-Poll - Yellow pages - Child tracker - Emergency call routing - Emergency services - Traffic & weather Info - Nearest Point of Interest (ATM, BUS stand etc.) - Maps & Routes or Yellow pages - Tourism information - Mobile gaming - Buddy finder - Match-making & dating - Blogging Service Architecture: End-User Benefits: ?Personalized and localized applications ?Multiple applications to cater personal interest and preferences ?New flavor of innovative application suits all type of users (enterprise, entertainment, community) ?Enhanced user experience Operator Benefits: ?Use existing network infrastructure ?Expand the value added service for location based applications footprint by providing LBS Middleware for service?Easy deployment and service integrations to location flavormanagement with a completely managed offering by CanvasM ?Explore the enterprise and corporate customer base by?Boost Data, Voice, Advertisement offering LBSand Subscription traffic there by increases ARPU ?Lower the Capex and Opex ?Offer additional value added ?New Revenue Stream services coming from 3rd party ?Increase brand loyalty without investment
  6. 6. 10 11 NGIN/SDP Service Overview: In the rapidly evolving, cost-conscious and aggressive world of telecom services, the network operators and the telecommunications service providers are facing the business challenge of moving in step with the fast growing world of new devices, insurgence of IP networks and explosion of new services. A Service Delivery Platform (SDP) is one such entity that provides a complete ecosystem for the rapid deployment, provisioning, execution, management and billing of value added services. The delivery of content, data & voice services is network and device agnostic in an SDP. Tech Mahindra has established strategic partnerships with various vendors to realize the SDP solution and to avail the huge number of market opportunities in this domain. Service Overview: WiMAX enables Wireless Broadband Access anywhere, anytime, on virtually any device. Mobile WiMAX bridges broadband access at home and in the office, allowing end users to take the Internet with them everywhere they go, making the device of tomorrow as connected as the cellular phone of today. Tech Mahindra, being global leader and the largest Systems Integrator in Telecom space offers an end-to-end portfolio of solutions and services to help deploy, integrate, maintain and support WiMAX networks and applications for maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction. WiMAX SDP Offerings: ?Network Services: 800, Number translation, Roaming services, VCC, SMS Services ?Charging Solutions for SDP: Online Charging Solution, Offline Charging Solution ?USSD Gateways ?Applications on: Seamless mobility, Presence, SIP application server ?Content Management solutions including: End-to- end content lifecycle, Graphics & previews, Content categorization, Content management workflows ?Location Based solutions ?Unified Messaging for MMS, SMS, emails, voice, fax, video: Rules based message routing, Messaging protocol translations, Tele-voting applications, Virtual/family mailbox applications ?Applications for business communication services: IP PBX for mobile operators, VPN, Instant Messaging, Conferencing, Voice mail access while roaming, Multi- SIM ?Consumer Services: Ring Back Tones, Call tones – Audio/picture/video played/displayed on the handset of the callee, Multi player gaming, Rules based call routing System Integration services include the following:Next Generation Intelligent Networks (NGIN) offerings portfolio: ?SS7 Signaling: IN – IP Integration( INAP, SCTP,SIP), Roaming Solutions (CAP, MAP, CAMEL), SS7 Offload on to IP, Signaling Gateway solutions ?Legacy Applications: Migration on NGN platforms, IP enabling of legacy applications, Enhancement / maintenance of legacy solutions, IN services in IP domain & vise-versa , Integration & testing Services ?Application Servers: Service Logic Execution Environment, Real time Value added applications, Parlay and Parlay-x frameworks, JAIN Frameworks, Seamless Interoperation with Heterogeneous Networks ?Service Creation/Management: IN/IP service creation frameworks, Service Deployment, Service Retailing solutions, Service Provisioning and Management ?Radio planning ?Integration services - Cell planning, capacity planning, optimization - Existing OSS/BSS - Deployment - End-to-end system including - Performance testing - User Devices ?Application Engineering - ASN - Enabling applications on WiMAX - CSN - Development, feature Enhancement - Network equipment Maintenance and Support including L2/L3- Testing, support and maintenance ?Product engineering services, Security consulting ,?Access solutions , ASN Gateway & Home Agent Managed Services & testing?OSS / BSS solutions - AAA, Policy servers - Provisioning, service assurance - Prepaid/post-paid support
  7. 7. 12 13 IPTV User Experience Service Overview: Service providers seeking to pilot and deploy IPTV and triple play solutions across their networks as a way to build their retail consumer offerings around value-added video-centric services can take advantage of the experience and global reach offered by Tech Mahindra. We play a significant role with both incumbent and emerging service providers and enterprises in the IPTV and triple play areas. Customers include telecom service providers, equipment manufacturers, software vendors, systems integrators, value added services providers, and content providers. Turnkey, End-to-End Solutions along with Individual Offerings: Tech Mahindra's professional services portfolio includes acting as a prime integrator and providing turnkey IPTV solution delivery. Tech Mahindra's key partners for IPTV solutions include Sun, Digisoft, Verimatrix, Mototech, Harmonic, iMake, Envivio, Evertz, Minerva and Microsoft. With these partners, we have set up labs that can be used for training as well as the development of both prefabricated and trial applications. Case Summay A Tier-1 telecom operator in India approached CanvasM for developing, customizing and integrating existing and new mobile applications on the Android platform, within stringent timelines. Business Challenges/Needs The customer was going through a lean patch with its device bundling practice, especially at a time when there were multiple Greenfield operators coming up with MNP and 3G launches. In order to sustain the competitive edge it had built over the last decade, the client was looking at creating a differentiator, based on the first Android powered handset, bundled with a plethora of utility applications. The challenge was to develop, deploy and test all the applications provided by partners (constrained by time and lack of Android expertise), within a short span of time (8-10 days). Business Benefits During the engagement with the client, we worked very closely with cross funcational teams (Marketing, IT-Innovation, N/W Security and Branding). The development and testing activities were monitored on an hourly basis. ?Improved time to market – Leveraging our device practice and expertise for device agnostic application development and porting, the customer was able to reduce time-to-market and launch the applications over Android within a 10-15 day time span ?Operational Efficiency – The engagement resulted in the development and testing of applications for all future devices. We were also able to create an exclusive Apps store front for the client ?Enhanced customer experience – We developed third party applications from scratch with new aesthetics, and adherence to security standards Case Study 1: Mobile Applications for a Tier-1 Telecom Operator Tech Mahindra - CanvasM* Value proposition & Differentiator: ?Quick launch of monetizable innovative VAS Services on continuous basis ?Varied VAS applications along with matchless QOS ?Wider reach across devices with proprietary device agnostic application porting framework ?Ensure QOS for VAS with State of art device testing and certifications labs ?Ready to use frameworks for focus areas of Commerce ?Generate new growth and revenue opportunities ?Off- portal video content delivery on GPRS near real time ?Data optimization clientless solution in India ?Multi player gaming on GPRS in India. ?Android application launch in APAC ?mCoder device porting platform ?Innovation centre and device certification/testing lab ?Proven Location aggregation in APAC region CanvasM is a JV between Tech Mahindra and Motorola focused on evangelizing New Age Services using VAS within the Communication ecosystem. Case Studies
  8. 8. 14 15 Case Summay The customer is a statutory standards body of the government, responsible for the development and growth of the info- comm sector in one of the leading countries in the APAC. It functions as the country's info-comm industry champion, the national info-comm master planner and developer, and as the government's Chief Information Officer (CIO). It is in charge of the nation's 10-year master plan in which one of the key initiatives is Digital Concierge, which focuses on common enablers such as location, payment and interoperability. The client wanted to develop, deploy and manage a ubiquitous Wireless Location Interoperable Platform to offer open access to developers, third-party M-Service Providers and enterprises, for catalyzing the development of a vibrant location-based services market. Business Challenges/Needs ?In line with the vision of an intelligent nation, the customer wanted to build a ubiquitous wireless location interoperable platform ?It wanted to launch location-based applications for consumers, enterprises and public agencies ?The aim of the organization was to publish an industry code of practices for mobile technologies, targeting active and passive location-based services Business Benefits Tech Mahindra proposed a Location Positioning Enabler to allow location interoperability between the operators, thereby enabling developers and M-Service Providers to launch innovative location-based services to uplift the customer experience. Our solutions delivered the following Business benefits: ?Leverage existing relationships – The client was able to leverage existing relationships with telcos, and received LOIs from three telcos to participate in the consortium ?Reduced time to market – It reduced the time-to-market for its developer program, with customized interfaces for location enablers across multiple networks by leveraging the existing ideation factory and the INNOVAS program ?Enhanced operational efficiency – It achieved the outcome based payment milestone based on adoption—the number of partners, businesses, end users and transactions per month Case Study 3: Location Positioning Enabler for a government body Case Summary The client is a leading Hyper Mart Chain in India. They wanted a network independent Mobile Couponing Platform through which they could attract customers and increase foot falls in the store. Our Solution ?CanvasM created an attractive and personalized offer catering exclusively to the target audience of young and tech- friendly mobile users. The solution was promoted through the Web, Wap, E Mails and a Print Advertising Campaign, for customers to avail the coupons ?A system in the back-end was employed to provide the customer the facility to choose from a gamut of services and set their preference for receiving coupons ?A clear differentiator of the solution was its flexibility and network independence. The solution not only provided service to all kinds of customers, but was also designed such that coupons could be sent to the users in 1D or 2D barcode form, as per the handset specification ?Finally, the solution consisted of a system put in place to integrate the POS (Point of Sale) machine with the hyper mart scanner to facilitate redemption of Mobile Coupons Case Study 2: Mobile Couponing Business Benefits With the ubiquity of mobile phones and an increasing number of technically savvy customers,today mobile couponing is an effective way to increase sales and promote consumer loyalty. CanvasM with its unique Mobile Couponing platform and its open architecture has made way for the new age of couponing using barcodes on mobile. The solution provided the following distinct benefits to the client: ?Enhance Customer Reach – CanvasM's Mobile Couponing Platform catered to all type of consumers irrespective of the network, thereby significantly enhancing customer reach ?Personalized Experience – The solution enabled the client to capture the purchase habits of consumers offering a personalized experience for its users Increased footfalls – The loyalty campaigns resulted in high volumes of foot fall thereby increase in revenues ?Real-time Automation – Complete automation of subscriber management with Real-time Tracking of campaign and performance The prospects for Mobile Couponing look good in the near future, with the growth of new media, increased availability of mobile messaging platforms and rich media applications like flash etc. The trend is expected to gain approximately 300 million global users generating close to $6 billion globally in retail redemption value by 2014.