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Mobile advertising brochure 2010

  1. 1. Get off to a quick start with Comverse Mobile Advertising!
  2. 2. Mobile advertising has been gaining momentum with network operators who understand the overwhelming benefits of an in- network system to generate significant new revenues: Operators• : Mobile advertising gives operators the opportunity to create an entirely new business model with significant revenues coming from advertisers. There is a quick path for operators to begin to benefit from these new revenues by leveraging and monetizing their existing network assets. Advertisers• : New media channels provide very innovative and interactive ways to reach consumers in today’s crowded communication space. The mobile phone is the most personal device that exists today, accompanying end users wherever they go, practically 24/7. This makes the mobile environment an attractive and viable way for advertisers to directly and effectively reach their consumers. End-users• : Influenced by the Internet-bred consumption culture, end-users seek free or discounted communication services, and are willing to get relevant sponsored ads in exchange. With the right service bundle, end users can choose the amount of advertisements they would like to get in exchange for services. Mobile Advertising: The Operator Role in an Emerging Value-Chain The new emerging advertising ecosystem is drawing many players to the field. However, the operator can capture a key position in the mobile advertising value chain by leveraging assets that cannot be replicated by any other player: Subscriber Knowledge• : The mobile operator, extracting information from the network, knows exactly who the end user is, their location, behavior and browsing patterns (behavioral targeting), and more. This puts the operator in a unique position to profile its subscribers and use the information for better targeting, both for the advertiser (better returns) and for the end user (meaningful, relevant ads vs. spam). Subscriber Relationship• : The operator has a customer care and billing relationship with the end user. This enables the operator to bundle services in order to enhance advertising monetization and offer easy self-care management of service such as opt-in/opt-out. Multiple Channels• : Full control over the various mobile communication channels enables the operator to offer: A unique, broad and rich inventory for advertisers (P2P SMS,-- A2P SMS, ringback tones, interstitial ads, banners and more) Operator’s Advertising Inventory Messaging • Push SMS/MMS • Person to Person • Mobile IM • System Notification Browsing • On-Portal Banners • Off-Portal Interstitial • Off-Portal Header/Footer • Web Voice • Pre-call Clips • Ringback Tone Advertising • IVR Services • Voicemail Video • Clips • VOD • Mobile TV • IPTV • Live Streams Billing • Real-time Prepaid • Monthly Bill • Top-Up Notifications Clients • Games • H/S Applications • On Device Portal • Active Idle Screen • SDK for Developers Real Time Location Information Rich Multi-Channel Mobile Advertising
  3. 3. Better, innovative and flexible advertising pricing options-- The best user experience possible including opt-in and opt--- out alternatives to respect privacy The ability to recommend the best channel to reach an-- individual user The ability to reach all users through various channels: from-- voice advertising on voice calls to multimedia advertising on IPTV Value to Subscribers• : The operator can offer subscribers incentives for agreeing to receive advertising, increasing attractiveness of the medium and user responsiveness. With the right profiling, the end user receives meaningful ads (and not spam) in a controlled environment (e.g. up to four ads a day) The Value of an End-to-End In-Network Approach to Mobile Advertising Comverse’s Mobile Advertising is a comprehensive end-to-end in-network solution. Designed as a fully productized solution, it serves as the “ad brain-engine” and uses the network for advanced targeting capabilities. As a modular, scalable and future- proof carrier-grade solution, it meets operators’ growing needs for the long-term. Operators have strategic lucrative assets that present an extremely appealing offering to advertisers and other content providers. For example, only operators control a rich set of channels for multi- channel direct advertising. If any channel (SMS, MMS, Voice, and others) is not available, Comverse’s solution can supplement what is needed. In addition, when working with Comverse’s Mobile Advertising solution, operators may offer advertisers effortless planning and buying of inventory with an easy-to-use self-creation campaign wizard. Every campaign is powered by advanced targeting and analytical capabilities to ensure the relevant ad goes to the right person. And just as important, Comverse’s solution is scalable so that the operator’s system grows as more and more advertisers sign on to participate. With the Comverse solution, the operator can advise the advertiser as to which channel works best for each user. Since the operator already has all of the provisioning in place, the issues of subscriber buy-in and permissions to mobile advertising are easily and quickly addressed, making it more appealing to advertisers. Advertisers also benefit from running campaigns centrally. Control from one place has important advantages, such as running a campaign through several channels at once in an efficient way with immediate access to comprehensive real-time metrics, making it possible to fine-tune the campaign and create customized offers on-the-fly. When working with Comverse Mobile Advertising solution, the end-user maintains control by using the operator self-service portal, where users can easily customize and manage their advertising preferences: how, when and what kind of advertising they would like to receive. This feature is extremely important, enabling users to feel that they can protect their privacy at any level at any time. Forward-looking operators enjoy the ability to offer a modular solution that will support their business growth in years to come, including advertising on all triple and quad-play communication forms (IPTV, wireline, broadband, etc.) SMS MMS System notifications WAP Billing RBT IPTV Ad Gateway Network Deliv- ery Engine Interaction Manager Billing & Re- wards User Self Care Profile Enrich- ment Media Market Place Account Mgmt Campaign Mgmt Inventory Mgmt Metrics & Reporting Pricing & Settlements Publishers SME Ad Sales Ad Agencies Traffickers Ad Server User Profile Comverse Mobile Advertising Solution Framework
  4. 4. Why Comverse? Comverse Mobile Advertising provides one central solution that meets the needs of all players: the operator, the advertiser and the user, simplifying and focusing the complex management of the value-chain in a cost- effective way. It offers operators an opportunity to get off to a quick start including full integration with the powerful Comverse® ONE™ Billing and Active Customer Management solution and other Comverse HUB Value Added Services in the messaging, voice, and mobile Internet domains. Comverse brings myriad benefits to operators including: Core Technology:• Both the “ad-brain engine” and the multi-delivery channels for a robust, modular and scal- able carrier-grade, in-network system. Channels Expertise• : Drawing from Comverse’s vast experience and proven technology in the various communications channels, this multi-channel solution integrates synergistically with existing services, provides easy management of advertising through all mobile communication channels and generates innovation in advertising. Network Expertise:• Gained from deploying in-network multi-channel mobile advertising solutions worldwide. Marketing Know-How:• Comverse provides advisory services to operators to make sure they succeed in their launch to end users. Business Operations:• Comverse offers managed services for smooth service take-up. Relationships with Advertisers:• Comverse can help recruit advertisers to increase the demand of mobile advertising. Business and Deployment Models• : Comverse meets the operator’s specific needs by applying the most suitable business & deployment models: revenue share, CAPEX, hosting and in-network deployments. Committed to Innovative Solutions for Operators A market leader and innovator in the value-added services arena, Comverse’s broad portfolio of telco-grade solutions has been improving business results for more than 25 years for over 450 operators globally by keeping them at the cutting-edge of technology. True to our commitment to operators’ success, Comverse stays on the cutting-edge of developments in the dynamic mobile advertising field to constantly maximize operators’ revenue potential. With Comverse Mobile Advertising, operators can easily create new revenue flows and increase other service usage for example: No Money? No Problem!:• An operator can enable service to a prepaid subscriber even if the user is out of sufficient balance in return for receiving ads. Spice Up Your Inventory:• Easily enhance existing advertising inventory to create superior advertising experiences for advertisers and users, such as SMS to MMS and others. Viral Advertising:• Enable advertisers to initiate viral mobile advertising campaigns and measure the aggregated exposure. United Operators:• Enable several operators (in a group or in one territory) to have a shared advertising marketplace, increasing the total inventory and the subscribers’ reach. Comverse Mobile Advertising: The right partner for building the best mobile advertising solution for you. Your best partner for the road ahead. For more information on our products and services, visit our website at: or contact us at: 100 Quannapowitt Parkway Wakefield, MA 01880 USA Tel:+1.781.246 9000 Fax:+1.781.224.8143 Copyright ©2010 Comverse, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Comverse, its logo, the spark design, Kenan and Netcentrex are registered trademarks of Comverse Technology, Inc., or its subsidiaries, in the United States and may be registered in other countries. Other denoted product names of Comverse or other companies may be trademarks or registered trademarks of Comverse, Inc. or its subsidiaries, or their respective owners. The materials presented here are summary in nature, subject to change and intended for general information only. BR 2010- 0245 About Comverse Comverse is the world’s leading provider of software and systems enabling value-added services for voice, messaging, mobile Internet and mobile advertising; converged billing and active customer management; and IP communications. Comverse’s extensive customer base spans more than 125 countries and covers over 450 communication service providers serving more than two billion subscribers. The company’s innovative product portfolio enables communication service providers to unleash the value of the network for their customers by making their networks smarter.