Preslides - Your School Library OER and the future of learning presentation


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Open Educational Resources - A potential foundation for the future.

As more people turn towards opening their work to the world we are confronted with a remarkable challenge. We could change our approach to stewarding content, to encouraging learning and to teaching. We could look at this ever changing landscape of work that others have made and find new and interesting ways of working with these resources. We could decentralize the school and the teacher and connect learners directly with some of the content they are interested in. We could empower teachers to the point where they feel comfortable reusing and remixing these resources to promoted collaboration and life long learning in their students. We might also take these new resources and fit them in with existing objectives, use them to leverage our current curriculum and teaching plans. We could promote the centralization and standardization of these resources into national/provincial/state curricula. These are the decisions that stand before us... how to deal with the change from knowledge being scarce, to it being abundant.

If OERs have the potential of being the dictionary of our era. If it will be the common language, the new knowledge base upon which we work, what effect will this have on the traditional stewards of that
knowledge. Wither the librarians? What literacies will be necessary and what are the potential effects of the decisions that we make about how we deal with the new knowledge. This presentation will be a
facilitated conversation around the continuum between openness and standardization, between collaborative learning and content focused study in the context of this amazing new OER landscape. What's that going to look like? Here is an example of a previous online presentation of this kind that I did on community learning. Come and join the fun but be ready to participate and the audience will be the most important part of this

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Preslides - Your School Library OER and the future of learning presentation

  1. 1. Doodle here. And here. Maybe add a picture?
  2. 2. What's a library?
  3. 3. What's a librarian?
  4. 4. What is the librarian's role in learning?
  5. 5. How has 'the digital' changed the role of the librarian in schools?
  6. 6. What's a literacy?
  7. 7. How are digital literacies different from other literacies?
  8. 8. What's an OER (Open Educational Resource)?
  9. 9. What role do OERs have in the future of learning and libraries?
  10. 10. What literacies will librarian's need to deal with OERs?
  11. 11. What is currently being done to prepare the library for the digital future?
  12. 12. What still needs to be done to prepare for the digital future of libraries?
  13. 13. Participant wall