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Personal and Confidential
July 18,2414
Dr. Thomas Apple
University of Hawai'iat M6noa
Dr. Thomas Apple
July 1 8,2014
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resulted in confusion and misunderstanding of the direction in which you plan to ...
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Lassner evaluation


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Lassner evaluation

  1. 1. ffiYilYitri#W sysrEM Personal and Confidential July 18,2414 Dr. Thomas Apple Chancellor University of Hawai'iat M6noa 2500 Campus Road, Hawai'i Hall202 Honolulu, Hawai'i 96822 Dear Dr. Apple: This serves to document my rating for you for the 2013-14 academic year evaluation period. The evaluation is based on your self-evaluation our discussions throughout the year including at our regular meetings, the impacts of your decisions and actions internally and externally, and your 360 evaluation survey results. During these past 10 months, we have met, including on a more regular basis over the past months, to discuss matters and progress for the campus under your executive leadership. As the chief executive officer, you are responsible for setting the strategic direction of the campus; identifying campus-wide priorities; leading and motivating your executive and managerial team of vice chancellors, deans and directors in achieving goals and objectives; working effectively with internal and external groups; making sound decisions in the best interests of the campus and University; and retaining the confidence of your team and constituents. ln our regular meetings I have often shared suggestions and ideas regarding how I believed you could be a more successful leader of the campus. Executive leadership of our largest campus requires a high functioning senior leadership team. You stated in your self-evaluation that you "have not been able to build a team spirit" at your vice chancellor level. You mentioned that you are still in "the learning phase to understand the culture of UH and how one gets things done in a less-metric-based environment." As the chief executive officer and based on the credentials and expectations at time of appointment, the reasonable expectation was that you would be able to lead, direct and manage effectively and at a senior level providing a vision and inspiring your leadership team to support that direction, certainly within two years. ln your self-evaluation, you reflect that coaching and support provided over the past months to you in working with your leadership team and the Deans has proven beneficial. However, there is not a cohesive strategy for forward progress shared among your senior leadership and the Deans. Nor are there implementation plans for tactics that you have announced. Your decision-making in developing and moving strategies and initiatives forward has been less than satisfactory. Your identification of critical issues and campus priorities, as well as understanding the impact of your decisions and pronouncements, has adversely impacted the momentum and continued success of the campus in achieving necessary goals and objectives. The intended direction of your decisions and statements has appeared inconsistent and has 24214 Dole Street, Bachman I Honolulu, Hawai'i 961 Telephone: (808) 956-8: Fax: (808) 956-5i An Equal Opportunity/Atrirmative Action Institul
  2. 2. Dr. Thomas Apple July 1 8,2014 Page2 ot2 resulted in confusion and misunderstanding of the direction in which you plan to lead the campus. As the chief executive officer, your representation of the University to key stakeholders within our internal and external community is critically needed and has been less than satisfactory' The campus requires a champion tb inspire our internal and external community members. to support tire oireition in which you steer tire campus. While you have been diligent in attending open meetings with the campus community and iegular meetings with various-faculty, and other grorpr, tne lfforts have noi been adequate to garner.the level and kind of support for your initialives necessary in an environment of collegiality and shared governance. Critically, the fiscal integrity of the campus has declined over these past two years. Over the past yeir, we have disclssed the financial stability of the campus and ideas to achieve financial itaoitity. While you have invested campus resources and taken action in several efforts with intent io move important initiatives forward, these actions have not been part of a coherent financial strategy. And implementation follow-through on actions has been inadequate. You have stated V*i intent to consolidate and restructuie to capture opportunities, but such ideas were shared in an ad-hoc manner with little to no evidence of overall strategy or vetting with necessary groups and individuals, and without implementation plans. The results have been less than salisfactory and have placed your campus at risk of continued decline. Communication has been less than satisfactory in working with internal and external groups. The foresight and planning to ensure the Boird and campus leadership. is advised and in support of-critical actions ii lacking, which has thus led to situations in which your necessary supporters were unaware of your decisions and initiatives. After much consideration of your self-assessment, progress over the past year, our discussions and your 360 evaluation survey results, I have rated your performance as less than satisfactory' Sincerely, / h^^rtP*David Lassner President c: System Office of Human Resources