Ways to boost utilisation of Open Data by citizens


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Proceedings from the Workshop of Share-PSI 2.0 project on "Raising awareness and engaging citizens in re-using Public Sector Information"

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Ways to boost utilisation of Open Data by citizens

  1. 1. Raising awareness and engaging citizens in re-using PSI Yannis Charalabidis University of the Aegean Greece W3C - Share PSI 2.0 Workshop, 17th March 2015, Timisoara, Romania Daniel Pop West University of Timisoara Romania
  2. 2. Topics of the Workshop • How can public bodies engage the potential reusers of their data and/or services ? • Which methodologies, channels, technical platforms have been used ? • What methods are available to reusers of your data to send feedback about published data ? • How do you handle feedback received so as to improve your data ? • Should data producers track use of, and demand for, data? If so, how? … or …
  3. 3. Ways to boost utilisation of Open Data by citizens
  4. 4. Way #1: Give them a home • An open data portal has to offer the ability to citizens / users to create and maintain a profile • Allow easy login via social media
  5. 5. Way #2: Make them customers / Create an Open Data marketplace • When a citizen cannot find the dataset he is looking for, he can put a request that is channeled to the appropriate administration
  6. 6. Way #3: Make them opendata publishers • Allow for upload of datasets by users
  7. 7. Way #4: Allow working on datasets / make them curators • A dataset can be processed by a user and then republished as a new version. Datasets can be visualised, extended, linked by users
  8. 8. Way #5: Give them incentives • Measure and publish popularity of the users, based on their activity • Give incentives for data usage / utilisation (e.g. free tickets to community events, free parking to most prominent users) • Organisation of competitions / datathons with prizes for the best applications • Organisation of data journalism competitions for users
  9. 9. Other Ways ? #6 • Rationale: people care about services – not data. Also, we never ask them. • So, involve them upfront: organise meetings of interest groups (e.g. fin, env, etc) among interested citizens and entreprises • Questionnaires, too, for initial screening of ideas and people
  10. 10. Other Ways ? #7 • Rationale: companies have different viewpoint than citizens. Need quality, support, etc • So, provide something like that for companies and utilisation will be higher. • Build communities
  11. 11. Other Ways ? #8 • Rationale: people might want to “make a story” acting like data journalists, but they might not have the skills needed • So: make small groups among citizens to work around open data, generating small or larger stories
  12. 12. Other Ways ? #9 • Rationale: citizens without the proper knowledge cannot take advantage of incentives targeting (mainly) developers • So: invest in training citizens on basic digital skills (make a web site, work with a dataset, write a story, etc)