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Join Cerium Networks for an up close and personal look at how the Office 365 suite enables collaboration that is essential to business innovation before, during, and after any of your meetings. This event will feature a live demonstration of many of the platforms that enable productive virtual meetings in a distributed, mobile world.

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  • Human communication and interaction makes or breaks meeting culture.
  • BeforeCreate a culture of accountabilityDuringAudio conferencing can kill meeting culture so keep meeting minutes visibleLeader location means every team member is important and every member is heardLifespan at com drops by 30%After- Meeting minutes, project documentation, business plan, team directory, assigned tasks to-dos, and timeline
  • Note to Presenter: This slide acts as an example of the model modern business. Take time to point out the various elements in the images and how they directly relate to the challenges from the previous slide. Talk Track This is how a modern business works. It follows you and your team wherever business takes you. From the conference room, to the living room, to the meeting room, it’s always available. All of your files, contacts, calendar events, even your apps are accessible from virtually any location and any device. It’s protected. Productive. Available. And flexible. It’s faster. More powerful. And more mobile than ever. And it’s all connected through Windows 8.1 Pro and Office 365. And you get all this for approximately $1000 a device and $15/month per user.
  • Deploy collaboration technology to support your meeting needsEnsure that all participants and info is represented optimally and easily accessibleEnable access to info before, during, and afterTools that make accountability visible; track objectives and progress as well as commitments and accomplishmentsHave a single clear purpose and the right tools/facilities for each meeting
  • Remain in control, online and on-premisesExchange enables you to tailor your solution based on your unique needs and ensures your communications are always available while you remain in control; on your own terms—online, on-premises, or a hybrid of the two.Do more, on any deviceExchange helps your users be more productive by helping them manage increasing volumes of communications across multiple devices and work together more effectively as teams.Keep the organization safeExchange keeps your organization safe by enabling you to protect business communications and sensitive information and to meet internal and regulatory compliance requirements.
  • No matter what journey you’re on, we have a path and destination for you. This journey starts on-premises where we have flexible and simple options to deploy large low cost mailboxes on efficient storage of your choosing and help keep your system highly available for your organization.However, nearly every IT organization is investigating cloud-based services. By leveraging the power of the cloud in the right way, organizations can reduce their IT costs and shift time from maintenance to value-adding activities. Email is one of the leading workloads that organizations are moving to the cloud. Exchange Online provides powerful features and we have evolved what we have built in Exchange 2010 and that we already manage millions of users on. Many of you have already made the decision to move to the cloud and would like to do so quickly, perhaps to retire aging servers or storage hardware.You can do so with a fast path to the cloud in order to realize the cost, resource and efficiency benefits Exchange Online gives you, with built-in high availability and redundancy. We have migration tools that can move you to the cloud quickly – whether that’s over night, over a weekend or over a relatively short period of time for your organization. Some of you wish to maximize existing investments, work on updating LOB applications and adhere to business timeframe considerations so you want to progress to the cloud on your terms while allowing your users to continue to be productive. You can get the best of both worlds with an Exchange hybrid deployment which combines both on-premises and online with the capabilities you would expect from Exchange. When you consider cloud vs. on-premises deployments, the choice isn’t an either/or choice. You can maintain a hybrid deployment for as long as your business needs it. You can maintain mailboxes on-premises while you can scale your environment with mailboxes in Exchange Online– for example, providing email services to subsidiaries, retail outlets, field sales and production departments that haven’t had email services before. Or you can use Exchange Online to handle mergers and acquisitions. With Exchange in your environments, you can move mailboxes back and forth between on-premises and Exchange Online if requirements and needs change. And if/when you decide to move all of your mailboxes to the cloud, you can easily do so on your terms and within your timeframe.
  • Slide purpose: Introduce that Office 365 is your complete office in the cloud.How to present this slide:Keep in mind that most people, when they hear “Office 365”, only hear “Office” and think “Word, PowerPoint, Excel”. And when they hear “cloud”, they think “web apps” only, thinking this is only a browser-based version of Office, similar to Google Apps. So it’s important to take your time and labor on these 2 points specifically. Transition from the previous slide by saying, “We understand what technology you need to help you manage the business challenges you are facing. We are excited that there is a new offering in the market that has been designed specifically for you….”Talk trackOffice 365 is your complete office in the cloud.First of all, when we say “complete office”, we mean the Office apps that you know and love – Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook. With Office 365, you get these same apps as you have always used them, as desktop apps. The difference is, you are now subscribing to Office. This means you will always get the latest version of these Office apps on your desktop (for use whether you are online or offline), but also Office Web Apps for editing in the browser and Office Mobile for viewing and editing from your Windows Phone or iPhone.But there’s so much more you get with Office 365. You get Office, [click] plus all these services and benefits. You get cloud-based productivity services hosted by Microsoft, including business-class email, file sharing, and HD video conferencing, all working together and connected to Office so you have anywhere access to everything you need to run your business. And these are all enterprise-level services optimized for smaller businesses, so it’s easy to set up and manage, with a financially-backed SLA and 24/7 technical phone support for critical issues. Office 365 is your complete office in the cloud and the best way to acquire the new Office. Here are the reasons why [click to the next slide].
  • Microsoft Modern Office Live

    1. 1. 4
    2. 2. Who is Cerium? FOUNDERS Roger Junkermier, President Bill Junkermier, DVP of Operations Chris Clausen, Director of Technology Jim Wilson, Principal, Acct Executive Jamie Harris, Principal, Acct. Executive 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 2012 2013 ·-----· Founded with Emploees Certified Certified Platinum Cisco (Avaya) Partner Tl MELINE Launched Portland, Boise Montana Markets Expanded W-WA Market Launched Microsoft Practice Certified Cisco Master Specialization (UC and Security 100 employees Achieved Gold Certification (Exchange and Messaging) Launched Cerium Cloud Achieved 20% CAGR 4 years in a row Launched Cerium Express, Opened Billings, MT Achieved PSLP Certification KEY HIGHLIGHTS @ 800+ Enterprise-level Clients, @ Platinum Avaya, Master, Silver Cisco, Microsoft Gold Certified @ 8 locations, 140 associates @ Over 5,000 projects deployed
    3. 3. “We chose Cerium to help us enable our Microsoft meeting culture. Now our fire teams can mobilize to be on site 3 minutes faster. “ - CIO, large WWA Public Entity 6
    4. 4. At Attunix, delivery excellence begins with company excellence We believe in delivering real business results through technology solutions • Award winning business & technology provider • Experienced & proven delivery consultants • Capabilities for today’s business challenges • Headquartered in Bellevue, WA
    5. 5. Modern Office Modern Systems             Portals & Collaboration Business Solutions Cloud Computing Business Connectivity Services Business Intelligence Mobility Intelligent Systems & Devices M2M Industry Solutions (OEM +) Intelligent Device Management Systems Integration Big Data & Business Intelligence
    6. 6. and now
    7. 7. Meeting tools must enable the tasks for the meeting type at hand
    8. 8. Before • Calendar Invites • Objectives, Supported by Agendas • Distribute/Share Background During • Perform Meeting Roles • Keep Minutes Visible • Leader Location After • Post an archive • Follow through on “To-do”s
    9. 9. Let’s set the stage Work Road Off-site
    10. 10. Not all meeting are alike Deploy visual aids and tools Create a workspace Create accountability Meet to achieve a goal
    11. 11. Outlook OneNote • Schedule Meetings • Set meeting type • Site Mailboxes • Agenda and objectives • Meeting minutes Lync SharePoint • Audio/Video/Web conferencing • Chat rooms for ongoing collaboration • Remote access • Personal and team backgrounds • Project documentation • Assigned tasks • Timelines SkyDrive Pro Yammer • Cloud archive • Enterprise social network
    12. 12. Exchange Online Office 365 E3 E4 Business Plan Business Plan Plan 2 Lync Online Lync Online or On-Premise OneNote SharePoint Online OneNote Plan 2 Outlook Outlook
    13. 13. Remain in control, online and on-premises Do more, on any device Keep the organization safe Tailor your solution based on your unique needs Manage increasing volumes of communications Protect business communications and sensitive information Ensure your communications are always available Work together more effectively as teams Meet internal and regulatory compliance requirements
    14. 14. Exchange deployment on your terms Hybrid On-premises
    15. 15. Enterprise-ready Unified communications platform
    16. 16. Lync Server Lync Hybrid Lync Online
    17. 17. POCs, Pilots, Network, Voice, Video Enterprise Assessments Rollouts Immersive Video Solutions Managed Services Contact Center Enterprise Voice Infrastructure Training Curriculums
    18. 18. PLANNING PROOF OF CONCEPT PILOT Interactive Solution Briefings Cost-effective, technical evaluation and validation without production implications Controlled production rollout to define user profiles, device investments, training, support, etc. 1 Network Assessments Voice and Video Assessments 2 3 ENTERPRISE ROLLOUT 4 Launch across all department and user groups via phased migration or flash cutover RUN STATE 5 Establish a support strategy that balances troubleshooting with system optimization
    19. 19. Turnkey SharePoint Online solution with focus on quick adoption / ROI Customized roadmap that enables you to meet your business goals Guaranteed delivery in weeks with fixed schedule, and fees Online delivery that reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) & increases Return on Investment (ROI) “Forrester examined the Return on Investment for Office 365, and concluded "Office 365 delivered an ROI of 321% with a payback period of 2 months for the composite midsize organization."
    20. 20. 1) Discovery Session During this meeting we will introduce you to our process, and conduct initial discovery. We will capture your business goals, current pains, and gather a baseline of where you land in our SharePoint Maturity Model. 2) Product Overview & Demonstration We will then provide a tailored overview presentation and demonstration that shows you the power of SharePoint Online. This is also a great time to ask questions about the product. 3) Tailored Plan During this meeting will answer any open questions, discuss where you fall in our SharePoint Evolution Scale, and review our QuickStart packages. We will then create a tailored implementation with fixed costs, and schedule.
    21. 21. Enable and improve mobile productivity Increase employee sat & retention Simplify and save with peruser licensing Enable new ways of collaboration with social, voice & video Reduce costs of video conferencing, telephony and travel Keep critical business data protected Streamline legal discovery Comply with industry and government regulations Reduce SW deployment & updates costs with streaming technology Accelerate adoption of online services Reduce IT operations costs with common tools