Corporate Overview<br />
About<br />Perennial Systems is a business and technology services company delivering IT solutions, consulting, systems in...
Offerings<br />Software Engineering and Quality Processes<br />Health Care<br /><ul><li>EHR
Patient Portals
Medico-Insurance</li></ul>Media & Publishing<br /><ul><li>Media Streaming
Enterprise Content     Management
Workflow Management</li></ul>Education<br /><ul><li>LMS and LCMS
SCORM  and AICC Compliant Content
Virtual Classroom</li></ul>Business Mobility Services<br />Mobile Applications<br />SaaS Enablement<br />Cloud Services<br...
Engagement Model<br />Build-Operate Transfer Model<br />Time and Material Model<br />We build and operate an offshore faci...
People<br />
People<br /><ul><li>Trained and qualified manpower
Soft skills trainingas well as lessons on ethical values being given to employees regularly
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Perennial systems corporate overview presentation


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Perennial systems corporate overview presentation

  1. 1. Corporate Overview<br />
  2. 2. About<br />Perennial Systems is a business and technology services company delivering IT solutions, consulting, systems integration and outsourced development services. We create value by successfully integrating people, business and technology to create effective, sustainable and scalable business ecosystems <br />Founded in early 2006, Perennial Systems is a part of Bafna group of companies, in business since 1952. The Bafna Group is a diversified group with businesses in real estate and infrastructure development, non-conventional energy (wind-mills), biotechnology and pharmaceutical.<br />
  3. 3. Offerings<br />Software Engineering and Quality Processes<br />Health Care<br /><ul><li>EHR
  4. 4. PHR
  5. 5. Patient Portals
  6. 6. Interoperability
  7. 7. Medico-Insurance</li></ul>Media & Publishing<br /><ul><li>Media Streaming
  8. 8. Enterprise Content Management
  9. 9. Workflow Management</li></ul>Education<br /><ul><li>LMS and LCMS
  10. 10. SCORM and AICC Compliant Content
  11. 11. Virtual Classroom</li></ul>Business Mobility Services<br />Mobile Applications<br />SaaS Enablement<br />Cloud Services<br />Product Engineering Services<br />User Experience Engineering & Rich Interface Development<br />Knowledge Management & Reuse<br />
  12. 12. Engagement Model<br />Build-Operate Transfer Model<br />Time and Material Model<br />We build and operate an offshore facility for the client & when model reaches maturity with certain size and duration, we transfer the complete ownership to the client.<br />Define the business model and work hand in hand with our client. The client pays a fixed hourly rate.<br />Outsourced Development<br />Centre Model<br />Fixed Priced Model<br />The customer pays a pre-negotiated fixed price for the complete project, which in turn is linked to well-defined deliverables.<br />Extension of the customer's software engineering facility. The customer pays fixed monthly rate for the Team.<br />
  13. 13. People<br />
  14. 14. People<br /><ul><li>Trained and qualified manpower
  15. 15. Soft skills trainingas well as lessons on ethical values being given to employees regularly
  16. 16. Employee Development Program for knowledge sharing and continual up gradation of skills
  17. 17. Risk management training given to team for specific processes to own the responsibility and act proactively
  18. 18. Three months notice period to safe guard the projects in hand
  19. 19. NDA contracts to protect the confidential project and client information
  20. 20. HIPAApolicies training for all employees</li></li></ul><li>Process<br /><ul><li>Flexibility to align development with the project and the business need of the customer
  21. 21. Certaintythroughstrict adherence to ISO 9001:2008 standards that deliver assurance, eliminate redundancy and mitigate risks
  22. 22. Protectionthrough Comprehensive security policies covering multiple levels of security by laying emphasis on IPR,NDA (with clients), reciprocal NDA (with employees), Secured network access via VPN to authorized employees and clients
  23. 23. Maximum ROI through regular assessmentand quality checks</li></li></ul><li>Process Tools<br />Category Tools<br />Methodologies<br />Requirements Traceability Matrix<br />Change Requests and Impact Analysis<br />Requirements and Change Management<br />Rational Unified Process and Use Case Modelling<br />Rational Rose and Microsoft Visio<br />Design Tools<br />SRS Review by functional Review Teams<br />Design Review by Technical Review Teams<br />Integrated Validation and Verification<br />Work Product Reviews<br />Waterfall Development Methodology<br />Code Review , Build Tools<br />FxCop for .NET <br />JProfiler for Java Code Profiling<br />.NET Memory Optimization tools<br />Code Smith Code Generator for .NET<br />Flex Cover, Emma For Java, Hudson, CruiseControl, SWFScan<br />Agile – SCRUM Development Process <br />Tools & Methodologies<br />Configuration Mgmt.<br />Microsoft VSS, CVS<br />Microsoft Project, Microsoft Project Web Access, Inhouse Timesheet tracking application, Project Status Reviews<br />Project Scheduling and Tracking<br />Collaboration Tools<br />GotoMeeting, LiveMeeting, Skype, VOIP, Wikis, Webex, Meetguru<br />Unit Testing Tools : NUnit for .NET, JUnit for Java, FlexUnit for Flex, Mercury QuickTest Pro 8.0<br />Functional and Regression Tests: Mercury QuickTest Pro 8.0, Mercury WinRunner, Selenium<br />Load and Performance Tests: OpenSTA, ANTSLoad, WAPT, Mercury LoadRunner, Microsoft Application Center Test Bug Tracking and Issue Management: Bugzilla, Mantis BT<br />Testing Tools<br />
  24. 24. Infrastructure<br /><ul><li>Hardware Infrastructure:Redundant network connections, routers and switches from CISCO. In house team of technical administrators accompanied by 3 years contract with DELL.
  25. 25. Power Backup and Availability:Our office is available 24 / 7 for the employees with online backup and security systems in place.
  26. 26. Internet Connectivity: Two dedicated leased line for our development facility supported by a backup broadband, wireless link.
  27. 27. Dedicated Servers for application Hosting, Testing and Client presentation:we have co-location servers with one of the best data centre in USA having multiple OC3 connectivity and all the latest Firewall installed.
  28. 28. Communication Infrastructure:Facility for video conferencing/ 24 x 7 VOIP calling for onsite-offsite-client team coordination. Conference room is available for team meetings. Additionally, telephones are provided on the desks to facilitate easy communication.
  29. 29. Contingency and Disaster Recovery:Backup to an offsite location in addition to the cloud storage (encrypted) of important data has been created for any kind of eventuality should the main centre be rendered unusable. Power supply at the main centre as well as the offsite location have inbuilt redundancies.</li></li></ul><li>Services: Mobile Apps<br />Mobile Phone Platforms<br />“In Perennial systems, we found a perfect IT partner who understands our business’s need for speed, user acceptance and scalability allowing us to remain competitive.” <br />- COO, Modus Communications<br />
  30. 30. Services: Web Apps<br />Web Technologies<br />RIA Technologies<br />“Perennial’s flexible business model and transparent approach has made this partnership grow stronger over the last two years.”<br />- Founding Partner, Lucidity Consulting Group LP.<br />Cloud Technologies<br />
  31. 31. Services: Product Engineering<br />Technology Partnership<br />“They have successfully taken care of all our required IT services, allowing us to focus on our core business. Their processes helped us scale quickly, reducing costs and time to market.”<br />-Project Manager, Trouve Media Inc.<br /> <br />
  32. 32. Reasons to Partner with us<br />Team of Technology Experts- Rich Business Domain Experience to understand your needs- Cross technology development experience available under one roof.- Consulting in identifying requirements, planning and scoping a solution.- Helping in making the right choice for technology and platform. <br />Tested Process- ISO 9001: 2008 certified with well established Quality processes. - Project Management Matrices for continuous improvement.- Quality experts with more than 12+ years of experience.<br />Blended Onshore and Offshore delivery model- Individualized attention by our specialized onsite resources for delivery support.- Scalable offshore delivery for economy in time and cost.- Onshore presence ensures better collaboration and control over the project.<br />User Centric Development Methodology- Scientific, creative, innovative design approach.- Application usability part of our development life cycle. - 10+ years of usability experience.<br />4<br />
  33. 33. Clients <br />Few 3rd Party Clients<br />
  34. 34. Thank You<br />USA offices<br />2013 Glenmere Drive, Allen,<br />Texas 75013, USA<br />Ph: +1 214 550 0465<br />1053 Jacqueline Way, <br />San Jose, CA 95129<br />Ph: +1 408 480 2730<br />France office<br />7 Rue De Nathanya,<br />06300 Nice, France<br />Ph: +33 06 29 60 03 61<br />India office<br />Office #1, MahavirPark Complex,<br />Pune SataraRoad, Pune - 37, India<br />Ph: +91 20 24211286<br />Contact Information<br />To know more, how we can deliver <br />more value from IT <br />to your business, contact us<br />Email:<br />Visit:<br />