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  • Partners: Use this slide to introduce your company and your offerings
  • Instruction to presenter: This is a possible script that can be used and modified for each presentation. You don’t have money to burn. You want tangible benefits that will increase revenue, reduce costs, and help people get more work done, without adding operational burdens that further prevent strategic decision making. It is an ongoing challenge to select and use the right IT technology and infrastructure for your organization. By working with a partner and Microsoft, you have a cost-effective resource at your fingertips to help analyze your business needs and determine how technology can help meet them in the short and long term.We can help assess your needs and design a strategy to get or keep your IT network healthy enough to meet the demands of your day-to-day operations while also meeting your budget, support, and training needs.
  • Use some of the following questions to identify the most pressing needs of your customer.Where in your business are there information and computer security needs that could be better met? (Protect your data, protect your business)What are you doing to back up your critical business information? If there was a computer failure, how would you recover? (Protect your data, protect your business)If you could improve your employees’ efficiency when they’re working on computers, how would you do that? Better management of information? Software that’s easier to use? What else? (Get more done in and out of the office.)Do your employees have mobile access to critical applications and information? If not, how could that access help your business? If they do have mobile access, what could be done to make it better and more productive? (Get more done in and out of the office.)What kinds of process challenges do you face? If you had an IT solution that could help you manage business processes better, what would it look like? (Empower your people with business solutions)What business applications are you currently using, if any? What additional day-to-day capabilities would be useful to you? (Empower your people with business solutions)Solutions:Protect your data, protect your business Security, backup, infrastructure protectionGet more done in and out of the office Desktop productivity and mobilityFind and win new business—and delight your customers CRM applications, online search, and marketingEmpower your people with business solutions Connected and adaptable business solutions
  • Let’s now drill down on “Online” services. Online services is a set of enterprise class software delivered as subscription services hosted by Microsoft and sold through partners. Our goals is to create a service option for every one of our business software products. The initial set of services we are offering focus on the business productivity capabilities that includes Exchange Online, Office SharePoint Online, Office Live Meeting, Office Communications Online, Exchange Hosted Services and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. Exchange Hosted Services are attached services that include filtering, archiving, encryption and continuity. We plan to add many more Online services to this portfolio in the coming months.The Business Productivity Online Suite, shown here, includes Exchange Online, Office SharePoint Online, Office Communications Online, and Office Live Meeting. Office Communications Online is currently available as part of the dedicated offering and a multi-tenant offering of the service will be added in early 2009.
  • Beyond just hosting our software, we have made key investments to create a set of unique values for online services. The key pillars are streamlined communication, simplified management and business class security and reliability. The text shown are the key value prop in each pillar category. By providing the latest business productivity capabilities delivered from a single service platform, end users can truly enjoy an integrated experience. End user will be able to access these services over the web, through their laptop/desktop or mobile devices. They can also securely access these services over the internet without VPN. End user will be able to have presence awareness of their colleagues and partners and be able to collaborate seamlessly between emails, documents and over conferencing and instant messaging. From the IT administration perspective, our service will be managed from a single administration portal. Administrators will have a single place to go to view operational statistics, provision new users and track any support issues. All services will be backed by a 99.9% SLA with financial guarantees and included in each service is a premium disaster recovery service that will allow fast switch over to a geographic separated datacenter in case of primary datacenter failure. We also perform regular scheduled independent audit to ensure our service is SAS 70 compliant and highly secured. Stable, dedicated infrastructure; hosted in Microsoft datacenters99.9% guaranteed service availability with financial penaltiesDynamic scale for additional capacityIncreased agility and user productivityEvergreen technology management – the latest Microsoft technologies and releases at no additional chargeSingle sign-on experience through Active Directory synchronizationSimple, predictable monthly fees and straightforward on-boarding costsRobust business continuity/disaster recoveryStrategic relationship with Microsoft provides innovation in use of Microsoft technology and extensive insight into Microsoft products
  • With Microsoft Online, we have put together a suite of always up to date business productivity capabilities. This will help many of our customers that have not been able to take full advantage of our software’s integrated capabilities because of the various versions of the applications they run on premises. With Microsoft Online, we are giving end users the ability to have a wide range of methods to communicate and collaborate. Users can start from any forms of communication and switch to another. For example, an user can switch from email exchange to instant messaging and then move to a web conference or start with instant messaging and then move to email or conferencing. They will access to emails, contacts, documents whether they are online or offline such as using our Sharepoint synchronizing feature with Outlook or connect via a wide array of active sync mobile devices or through web portals.
  • Customer who buy Microsoft Online Services are looking to simplify how they consume and manage technology. To satisfy this need, we have designed and integrated, easy to use Company Portal and Administration Center for the IT pro to help them manage, support and configure not just one , but all their Microsoft Online Services in one place. The Company Portal is design for the IT Pro to manage his/her subscriptions and trial accounts for all of our Online services. Customer can expect a consistent operational processes of learn, try, buy, use and renew. Once the service is activated, the IT Pro will manage the service via the Administration Center. Key capabilities of the Administration Center includes:Unified management from one placeUser managementCo-existence with your on-premise ExchangeAccess to data migration toolsSupport issues and trackingService HealthConfigure service settingsIn addition to IT pros, end users also want a consistent and integrated experience when they use these services. The Microsoft Online Sign-On Tool and My Company Portal make it easy for end users to mange their identity and access services their company has subscribed to.
  • For reasons such as data compliance, customization requirements, flexibility, etc., customer may want to deploy a hybrid approach between online and on-premise. Another key value we provide is the flexibility to choose your deployment model between on-premises and online by geography, workload or roles. In this example, the customer decides to deploy Exchange Server in their own datacenter for users in their headquarter and have their branch office users subscribe to Exchange Online. To enable a seamless experience such as a single address book, we provide a tool to synchronize entries in your on-premises directory with our Online directory. With this tool, any changes you make on your directory are synchronize with our directory such as changing adding or deleting a user, change user attributes, etc. For SharePoint, in this example, customer can choose to deploy a set of site collections on their on-premise SharePoint deployment and another set of site collections is deployed on SharePoint Online. In this case, no matter where the users are at, they can access to sites from both site collections.
  • With our services, customers don’t have to spend time or effort in deployment and start to be productive quickly. Customers don’t have to worry about updates and upgrades. Our services help transform IT from being a cost center into a strategic asset.
  • One area that we are very conscious of is the importance of security and availability. We want to ensure that customer feel confident that we are protecting their data and the service is highly available. Our service runs on a set of datacenters that are managed by a centralized organization within Microsoft that are making major investments in datacenter spaces and capabilities. We deploy our service on the latest hardware and network equipments in a N+1 architecture to enable failover capabilities as well as saving your data in a separate geo-redundant location. We are regularly tested by a third party CyberTrust to ensure our infrastructure is secure against attacks. We follow ITIL/MOF in our operational processes and we are in the process of getting our SAS-70 audit to ensure we have strictest level of control. Above all, we will provide 24x7 IT Pro support and our service availability is backed by a 99.9% uptime SLA with financial penalties if we fail to meet the SLA. Physical security is but one part it. When you look, we ultimately need to make sure that since we are providing an internet based service, we are protecting customer’s data in a variety of ways. We look at this as multiple layers of protection. Microsoft is actually providing 9 layers of logical security for our customers and their service and data. Filtering Routers: these are implemented to protect against any traffic we do not see as well constructed. One of the great benefits of providing a focused service like BPOS is we actually set up the routers to protect against any form of malform data. We block at an aggregate at the edge. Firewalls are set up as deny all. Behind the firewalls we have an Intrusion Detection System. We have a very sophisticated correlation engine for any intrusion alert that we’re tracking 24 hours a day. Below the IDS, we have a level System Level Security. When you look, the service operations organization actually has broad based, dual factor authentication. This means each individual within a support and service operations team have either some sort of secure ID card or a RSH secure ID token that is coupled with their role. Each individual must have a user ID and password and must apply a pin with their secure ID token. Based on the role they have, we grant access per individuals to the service.  Application Authentication: when you get below the System Level Security, the customers actually have application level authentication. We have a very sophisticated mechanism by which we provide access to data. The structure of the service provides users access to only those capabilities they are designed to have. In the reseller model where a partner is actually providing the service to the customer, they have a level of application authentication that sits over top of that which the customers have. So we’re able to provide a very rich set of security protocols for our customers, as it relates to authentication to the different services.Microsoft, as most people know, has a good history as relates to security and trustworthy computing. Our services are actually designed to make sure that we apply those security methods not only to the software, but we also treat that software as a service. So when we do our threat walling and follow the Windows initiative, we’re thinking about our applications as if they are delivered through the Internet. We apply a significant level of counter measures, such as buffer overflows and SQL injection, we make sure that the applications we’re running are sandboxed so you can’t activate elevated levels of security or access a higher level of authentication when you’re actually doing work within our application. Virus Scanning is provided for multiple set of capabilities. We actually virus scan at all over our server levels, we have in place intrusion detection at the host and we’re scanning our content via Microsoft ForeFront.Then we have Separate Data Networks. When you look inside the data center, So what when we do our threat walling and follow the Windows initiative. These are implemented in a form that breaks it apart. For example, the data bases are on a separate sub net then from the actual content server or something that is an internet facing device.When you look, even though we are an internet facing service, very few devices have direct access to the internet. All of the servers are on some form of non-routable subnet space. Finally you are authenticated into the data. The data itself is never stored on the physical servers, we run separate data networks and the data is stored on dedicated storage devices. So when you look at the content, the content is actually being sent from dedicated storage devices, which allows us to provide significant levels of backup as well.
  • PARTNER: Use this space to showcase one of your customer successes with products and services that apply to this campaign.Key elements of the showcase are:Situation (what was the customer challenge, industry, background, desire/need)Solution (what services, products, technologies were used to address those challenges; what specific features were used to address the key customer needs; map features highlighted back to challenges you talked about in the situation to show how the solution works, not just what it is composed of)Benefits (what was the end result; how did the solution impact the customer)Additional case study links from
  • Microsoft Online Services offers two options, Standard and Dedicated. Today, Standard is available only in the US but in early 2009 will be available more widely. Your account manager can provide you with the latest roadmap. If your business has less than 5000 seats and cost efficiency and getting up and running with the greatest possible speed is a key focus for your IT department, Standard is the right service. Standard may also be the right service if you have more than 5000 seats, unless you need advanced server features or a dedicated environment. A dedicated hardware environment requires the Dedicated service option. Due to the higher cost, the dedicated option is optimized for customers over 20,000+ seats but with a minimum of 5000 seats purchased.
  • Enterprise class software delivered as subscription services hosted by Microsoft and sold through partners3 Tenets:Provide customer choiceSell through partnersDrive toward server/service parityBPO is in the family of Microsoft Online Services and includes Exchange Online, Office SharePoint Online and Office Live Meeting, Office Communications Online. Exchange Hosted Services are attached services that include filtering, archiving, encryption and continuity.Standard version – shared environment; no minimums and no maximums; cheaper; OCS not included although part of roadmap and will be includedDedicated version – dedicated environment; additional server features; minimum 5000 seats
  • 1) BPO Suite offers a 38% discount off of standalone services 2) EHS Filtering and Forefront for Exchange included in Exchange Online Standard 3) Forefront for SharePoint included in SharePoint Standard 4) Exchange Online & SharePoint Online have Additional Storage Add-On SKU’s in 1GB increments 5) Basic Suite includes Outlook Web Access and SharePoint site access only 6) Additional discount based upon volume licensing level 7 ) Step-up license available from current CALs
  • Our service is designed to reach out to your entire organization and not just your information workers. As part of our service, we will introduce a reduced function service designed for in-frequent users. Examples of these users are factory workers, truck drivers who are not regular users of email but still need to be in touch with what is going on and be able to read content posted on SharePoint. Both Exchange Online and SharePoint Online will have deskless worker offering. The Exchange Online Deskless Worker will have Outlook Web Access Light experience and a 100MB mailbox. The SharePoint Online deskless worker will have read only access to content posted on SharePoint.
  • Aligns with your existing EA, Select and Open Value agreements Additional annual cost for dedicated environment with Service Subscription License (SSL) Customers must be current on their software assurance payments to have rights to purchasing the Step-Up USL Customers must continue to renew SA on their existing licenses in order to remain eligible for the Step-Up USL Step-Up Licensing is applicable to the SSL (5k license pre-requisite for the Dedicated service) Customers who purchase the step-up retain rights to the perpetual CAL if they are in L&SA Agreement
  • Partner revenue streams start at the resell or host level. At that level they will conduct a transaction and capture the margins. However, as they move up in the revenue path along the different engagement types, they will be able to capture higher margins and turn the transaction into a more stable and more profitable recurrent model with managed services centered on support, desktop management, and optimization. The path for revenue growth is easy to get into and the potential for higher margins increases significantly as you move into managed service offerings. Once a customer buys a product and is paying for it monthly, they are more likely to buy additional services on a similar subscription basis. Increasing your revenues and margins can be easily done by reselling the product and layering your own managed services on top of it to make it a successful solution offering in your portfolio.
  • In our first release, there will be feature gaps between our standard and dedicated service with our on-premises server features. Overall time, we will have server feature parity except for the case of deskless workers. In general, our dedicated option will be able to provide a broader array of capabilities especially in the case of SharePoint.
  • Business Productivity Online is comprised of 5 core services. In 2007, we introduced the dedicated version of the Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and Office Communication Online to customers greater than 5000 seats along with the latest versions of Office Live Meeting and Exchange Hosted Services. Starting in H2 2008, we will introduce a standard version of Exchange, SharePoint Online that is available to customer of any size. We will also offer a beta version of the standard Office Communications Online. In H1/2009 we will be offering international version of these services and starting in H2 2009 and in 2010, we will be upgraded with the next generation of server technology as part of Office Wave 14. We will regularly new feature releases to keep our customer up-to-date with the latest productivity capabilities.
  • Microsoft Online Services

    1. 1. Business Productivity from Microsoft® Online Services<br />
    2. 2. Agenda<br />Introduction<br />SMB Business Challenges<br />Considerations When Making IT Investments<br />How Technology Can Deliver Business Results Faster<br />Overview of Solutions<br />Enable Anytime Anywhere Access*<br />Provide Business Class Security, Reliability and Uptime<br />Improve Key Business Processes<br />Pricing and Licensing<br />Next Steps<br />Appendix: Additional Resources<br />*Where internet connectivity available<br />
    3. 3. Who We Are<br /><ul><li>Northstar Technology Solutiosn provides CIO services focused on the small business sector.
    4. 4. For ten years as a technology consultant in the Outsourced IT Services industry, I have assisted with the evaluation, discovery, development and implementation of technical projects for over seventy-five clients in numerous industries.  
    5. 5. My goal is to listen to your business plan and to provide feasible options to develop a technology plan that successfully integrates with your business plan. </li></li></ul><li>SMB Business Challenges<br />“I want to focus on my core business, not my IT”<br />Better Cost Control<br />Reduced ITManagement Burden<br />Faster Returnof Business Value<br />Business-ClassService Levels<br />
    6. 6. Key Considerations By Customers When Making IT Investments<br /><ul><li>What does my business need and how can technology help me meet my goals?
    7. 7. How long will the solution take to be deployed? What are the steps to deploy successfully?
    8. 8. How much will the solution cost? What about deployment and maintenance?
    9. 9. Will my organization need more IT resources to support this solution?
    10. 10. How quickly will our people be able to learn and use the solution?
    11. 11. Who stands behind the technology to protect our investment?
    12. 12. Can the solution easily scale to meet the changing requirements of my business?</li></li></ul><li>Key Strategic IT Priorities<br />Provide Business <br />Class<br />Security,<br />Reliability &<br />Uptime<br />Enable Anytime<br />Anywhere <br />Access*<br />Improve key business processes<br />*Where internet connectivity available<br />
    13. 13. Enable Anytime Anywhere Access<br />*Where internet connectivity available<br />
    14. 14. Microsoft Online Services<br />Enterprise class software delivered via subscription services hosted by Microsoft and sold with partners<br />Business Productivity Online Suite<br />
    15. 15. Key Investment AreasBusiness Productivity Online Suite<br /><ul><li>Anywhere access*—desktop, mobile, Web
    16. 16. Seamless user experience across workloads
    17. 17. Team collaboration and conferencing
    18. 18. Real-time communication</li></ul>Streamlined <br />Communication<br /><ul><li>Always up-to-date technology
    19. 19. Lower rollout and run rate cost
    20. 20. Improved agility and resource utilization
    21. 21. Active Directory® synchronization</li></ul>Simplified<br />Management<br />$<br /><ul><li>Data hygiene supported by multi-layered antivirus and spam filtering
    22. 22. Highly secure data access for users via HTTPS
    23. 23. Geo-redundant data center architecture with Cyber-trust and SAS70 compliance</li></ul>Business-Class Security and Reliability<br />*Where Internet connectivity available<br />
    24. 24. Integrated Capabilities<br />StreamlinedCommunications<br />Communicate and collaborate seamlessly across applications and devices<br />E-mail<br />Web Conferencing<br />Instant Messaging<br />Document Sharing<br />Presence<br />Calendaring<br />Work Flow<br />Mobility<br />Offline Access<br />Archiving<br />
    25. 25. Ease of Use<br />Simplified Management<br />Unified access point for all Online services<br /><ul><li>Trial and Buy
    26. 26. User Management
    27. 27. Settings
    28. 28. Support
    29. 29. Tools
    30. 30. Single Sign On
    31. 31. Application Access
    32. 32. SharePoint Links
    33. 33. Downloads
    34. 34. Password Reset</li></ul>IT Pro<br />End User<br />Anywhere* Access without VPN<br />$<br /> Web Access<br />Rich Client Access<br />Subscription and Trial<br />Service Administration<br />* Anywhere internet access is available<br />
    35. 35. Flexible Deployment Choices<br />Branch Office<br />Simplified Management<br />Giving IT the flexibility to choose Online deployment by geography, workload or roles<br />$<br />HQ<br />
    36. 36. Always up-to-date capabilities at a predictable cost<br />Accelerate Speed To Value<br />Simplified Management<br />Key Benefits<br /><ul><li>Up and running quickly
    37. 37. Latest software
    38. 38. No more server upgrades
    39. 39. Subscription-based
    40. 40. Predictable cost
    41. 41. Optimize productivity</li></ul>$<br /> Software + Services Accelerate the Journey<br />Basic<br />Rationalized<br />Standardized<br />Dynamic<br />IT Is An Efficient Cost Center<br />IT Is A Business Center<br />IT Is A Strategic Asset<br />IT Is A Cost Center<br />
    42. 42. Provide Business Class Security, Reliability & Uptime<br />
    43. 43. Secure, Encrypt & Retain Messages<br />SPAM<br />COPY<br />Protect from spam and malware, satisfy retention requirements and encrypt data to preserve confidentiality<br />Business Class Reliability and Security<br />Internet<br />(Optional)<br />COPY<br />(Optional)<br />
    44. 44. Highly Secured Datacenters<br />Delivering highly secure, private, and reliable computing experiences based on sound business practices<br />Business Class Reliability and Security<br />Key Features<br /><ul><li>Geo-redundant datacenters
    45. 45. N+1 architecture
    46. 46. 9 layers data security
    47. 47. CyberTrust certified
    48. 48. Secure access via SSL
    49. 49. ITIL/MOF operational practices
    50. 50. 24x7x365 support
    51. 51. Backed by 99.9% uptime SLA</li></ul>Filtering Routers<br />Firewalls<br />Intrusion Detection System<br />System Level Security<br />Application Authentication<br />Application Level Counter-measures<br />Virus Scanning<br />Separate Data Networks<br />Authentication to Data<br />
    52. 52. Provide Business Class Security, Reliability & Uptime<br />Guaranteed Uptime<br />99.9% uptime service level agreements<br />Excludes planned downtime<br />
    53. 53. Provide Business Class Security, Reliability & Uptime<br />Access Control<br />ISA for pre-authentication <br />Authentication and content encrypted via HTTPS<br />Strong user passwords<br />Forefront for SharePoint (Server side anti-virus – Microsoft Antimalware Engine, Kaspersky Antivirus Technology, Norman Virus Control, Sophos Virus Detection<br /><ul><li>Data separation between organizational units through strong security boundary of Site Collections
    54. 54. Active Directory (AD) provides secure and reliable user management</li></li></ul><li>Provide Business Class Security, Reliability & Uptime<br />Data Backup<br />SQL Mirroring<br />Raid 1+0 for content, search and logs<br />Data Protection Manager (DPM) backups<br />Backup and Recovery<br /><ul><li>Data backed up once a day
    55. 55. Backup retention for two weeks</li></ul>Backup replication into secondary data center<br />
    56. 56. Improve Key Business Processes<br />
    57. 57. Improve Key Business Processes<br />Improve operational efficiency and reduce costs<br />Illustrative Key Processes<br />Sales Proposals Generation<br />Customer Service<br />Product Development<br />
    58. 58. The Need For A Sales Proposals SolutionEnterprises can struggle to meet deadlines accurately with a time-consuming process using a number of disparate systems<br />Challenges: Keeping up with the volume and complexity of information flow<br /><ul><li>Submit more proposals without adding resources
    59. 59. Keep a central repository of templates, reusable content, working documents, and completed proposals
    60. 60. Focus efforts on the most promising leads, based on systematic evaluation of risk and return
    61. 61. Create proposals that comply with customers’ standards and government regulations
    62. 62. Collaborate with internal and external resources while enabling workflow governance and intellectual property security</li></ul>Contributors<br />Sales Manager<br />Approver<br />Customers<br />
    63. 63. Winning New Business Solution Description Enterprises can benefit from a centralized and structured proposals solution<br />Benefits of a Sales Proposals Solution<br /><ul><li>Streamline the proposal process
    64. 64. Enable higher quality content creation by using repeatable content
    65. 65. Properly evaluate incoming requests to engage the highest value opportunities
    66. 66. Meet deadlines and speed up content creation
    67. 67. More effectively manage best practices, content libraries, and completed proposals</li></ul>Contributors<br />Approver<br />Sales Manager<br />Customers<br />
    68. 68. Account Manager<br />Customer Service Representative<br />VP<br />Customer<br />Subject Matter Expert<br />Why Organizations Need To Deliver An Efficient Responsive Service<br />Current Scenario: Lack of Responsive Service <br /><ul><li>Required information not available to customer representatives on time
    69. 69. Unable to route issue escalations efficiently
    70. 70. Poor customer experience resulting in loss of customer and lowered sales
    71. 71. Not using collected customer service information to improve product or service
    72. 72. Higher operational costs </li></li></ul><li>i<br />i<br />Account Manager<br />Customer Service Representative<br />VP<br />Customer<br />Subject Matter Expert<br />Example Solution Description<br />Benefits of a Responsive Service Delivery Solution<br /><ul><li>Improved customer responsiveness through better customer and product information views
    73. 73. Better collaboration options for routing complex customer issues
    74. 74. Centralized information capture for service and product improvements
    75. 75. Consistent tracking and integrated data access for response level monitoring</li></li></ul><li>The Need For A Collaborative Product Development Solution<br /> Typical Engineering Change Process<br />Customer feedback triggers change<br />Engineering team decides appropriate process or design change<br />New product or service is sent to customer for feedback<br />New product or service is sent to customer for feedback<br />Internal and external suppliers are notified <br />Engineering receives updated designs<br />Customer<br />Engineering<br />Customer<br />Engineering<br />Suppliers<br />Challenge: Slow Time to Market<br /><ul><li>Prolonged product development cycle
    76. 76. Higher product development costs
    77. 77. Cannot work with development teams outside of the U.S.
    78. 78. Complicated and obsolete product line
    79. 79. New products not meeting customer needs</li></li></ul><li>Collaborative Product Development Solution Description<br />Benefits of a Collaborative Product Development Solution<br /><ul><li>Faster time to market
    80. 80. Enhanced collaboration for global engineering teams
    81. 81. Reduced development costs
    82. 82. Better customer satisfaction
    83. 83. Improved product portfolio</li></ul>Procurement Manager<br />Suppliers<br />Production Manager<br />Design Engineer<br />Product Manager<br />Program Manager<br />
    84. 84. Customer Case Study <br />How can a growing company acquire enterprise-class software without the resources to create and maintain it?<br />Offload the burden of IT management and infrastructure responsibilities to Microsoft Online Services.<br />Partner Profile<br />Minnetonka, MN<br />45 photo memory stores nationwide<br />9 years old<br />“As soon as we saw what Microsoft Online Services was offering, and at what price, we knew that this was a perfect fit. ” <br /> - Dave Bardwell, System Administrator, Archiver’s<br />Benefits<br />Quick and easy upgrades from cumbersome and outdated technology, without overstressing limited IT resources.<br />Shared calendars, global address book, home access to e-mail, and all the benefits of streamlined communication, with no on-site hardware to support. <br />Case Study: Archiver’s: Online Services Delivers Enterprise-Class Communications to Growing Retail Business<br />
    85. 85. Customer Case Study <br />How can a company with long-term, complex contracts maintain an intricate document infrastructure at low cost?<br />Deploy SharePoint Online, to provide enterprise-class functionality with minimal capital expense.<br />Partner Profile<br />Westmont, IL<br />Clean energy and recycling company<br />“The SharePoint Online solution…was significantly more attractive than an in-house approach because it offered a lower cost of ownership, yet the same benefits and features.” <br /> - Aaron Walters, CFO, Recycled Energy Development<br />Benefits<br />Virtual storage reduces hardware costs and electricity consumption, and helps provide a greener solution.<br />Online solution cuts implementation time, and reduces both the capital cost of implementation and the staffing costs for ongoing server support. <br />Case Study: Recycled Energy Development: RED Saves Green Using Online Document Management Service<br />
    86. 86. Pricing and Licensing<br />
    87. 87. Standard and Dedicated Versions<br />Dedicated<br />Standard<br /><ul><li>Single customer per architecture
    88. 88. Businesses greater than 5,000 seats
    89. 89. Optimize for 20,000+
    90. 90. Customer needs most server features
    91. 91. Multiple customers, one architecture
    92. 92. Customer needs rapid deployment
    93. 93. No seat limit
    94. 94. Cost efficiency a key focus </li></li></ul><li>BPO Suite Discount<br />Sum of Components = $ 24.25<br />$ 2.50<br />$ 4.50<br />38% Discount<br />$ 7.25<br />$15.00<br />$ 10.00<br />Office Comm<br />Online<br />Exchange <br />Online<br />SharePoint<br /> Online<br />Office<br />LiveMeeting<br />BPO Standard Suite<br />
    95. 95. Retail Pricing<br />Exchange Online Standard<br />$10.00<br />Business Productivity Online Suite<br />Includes:<br />Exchange Standard<br />SharePoint Standard<br />Office Communications<br />Live Meeting Standard<br />$15.00<br />Office SharePointOnline Standard$7.25<br />38%off<br />Office Communications Online (IM and Presence)—Not in V1$2.50<br />Office Live Meeting Standard$4.50<br />Exchange OnlineDesklessWorker1 $2.00<br />Deskless Worker Suite<br />$3.00<br />SharePoint OnlineDesklessWorker1 $2.00 <br />1 Available in H1/2009<br />33<br />
    96. 96. User Segmentation<br />Information Worker<br /><ul><li> Rich client Outlook connectivity with web access
    97. 97. Full Exchange Online, SharePoint Online capabilities
    98. 98. Larger storage
    99. 99. Active Sync device support</li></ul>Deskless Worker<br /><ul><li> Web access only
    100. 100. Limited Exchange, SharePoint capabilities
    101. 101. Smaller mailbox size
    102. 102. Lower cost</li></li></ul><li>Dual Access License Rights<br />User Subscription License can be used with the service and with on-premisesservers<br />Online Service Rights<br />USL<br />Internet<br />Microsoft Hosted Servers<br />On-Premises Rights<br />*Customers still must buy on-premises Server Licenses<br />Customer Servers<br />SharePoint Example<br /><ul><li>Customer purchases SharePoint Online User Subscription License
    103. 103. Licensed User can use the USL to access the Service
    104. 104. Customer purchases SharePoint Server licenses for their on-premise servers
    105. 105. Same Licensed User can use the USL as a Client Access License to access On-Premises Servers</li></li></ul><li>Microsoft Online Subscription ProgramBusiness Policy Rules<br />Minimum Order<br /><ul><li>5 user minimum on initial order of online service (no minimum thereafter for additional orders of same service)</li></ul>Price Discounts<br /><ul><li>Price volume discounts available
    106. 106. Price promotions may be available
    107. 107. Prices are non-negotiable</li></ul>Billing and Payment<br /><ul><li>Billing will occur monthly over the subscription term (Annual payment option available shortly after launch)
    108. 108. Credit Card payment is available. Invoices only for > $500 per month</li></ul>Annual Subscription<br /><ul><li>Subscription term is 12 months</li></ul>30 Day Cancellation<br /><ul><li>First Subscription Term: Customers have 30 days to cancel, but must pay for the first 30 day period
    109. 109. Subsequent Terms: Customers can cancel with a 30 day notice</li></ul>Auto-Renewal<br /><ul><li>Subscriptions will automatically renew at end of term, unless opted out on</li></ul>Partner Fee<br /><ul><li>Partner designation on the Customer Order triggers fee payments to Partners (must be enrolled through Quickstart) For more information see</li></li></ul><li>Microsoft Online Subscription ProgramLicensing<br />MOSP makes a licensing agreement a click-through experience<br />Microsoft Online Subscription Agreement<br /><ul><li>Evergreen Agreement
    110. 110. Must be signed by Customer before purchase is allowed through the Microsoft Online Services Customer Portal (MOCP)
    111. 111. Click-to-Sign step is a part of the purchase process
    112. 112. No paper based signature or other license documentation necessary at launch</li></ul>Licensing of Subscription Based Services<br /><ul><li>Initial services licensed in MOSP will be user-based
    113. 113. User Subscription Licenses (USLs) are the only license type
    114. 114. USLs can be leveraged as a CAL to access on-premise servers
    115. 115. SSL & DSL not applicable</li></ul>License Agreement<br />USL <br />
    116. 116. Microsoft Online Subscription ProgramOrdering Mechanism<br />Microsoft Online Services Customer Portal (MOCP)<br /><ul><li>URL:, or select ‘BUY’ or ‘TRY’ from
    117. 117. Purchases for Microsoft Online Services are placed either by the customer or with the help of a Partner through MOCP
    118. 118. Additional orders, renewal choices, and activation also occur through MOCP</li></li></ul><li>Range Of Services<br />Partners provide a wide spectrum of services to help customers utilize Business Productivity Online Services effectively<br />Range of Services<br />ManagedServices<br />Customization and Integration<br />Deployment and Migration<br />Assistance with Ordering<br />
    119. 119. Next Steps<br />Assess your business and technology needs<br />Set-up trial of Business Productivity Online Suite<br />Start preparing for deployment and migration<br />
    120. 120. Appendix<br />
    121. 121. Offering Details<br /> Current Feature<br /> Future Release<br />Server Technology<br />Microsoft Online Services<br />Messaging <br />Collaboration<br />Communication<br />
    122. 122. Roadmap<br />H2 2008<br />H1 2009<br />H2 2009/2010<br /><ul><li>International Available
    123. 123. Deskless Worker
    124. 124. Standard US
    125. 125. Dedicated Worldwide
    126. 126. Wave 14 Updates
    127. 127. International Available
    128. 128. Deskless Worker
    129. 129. Standard US
    130. 130. Dedicated Worldwide
    131. 131. Wave 14 Updates
    132. 132. Standard GA
    133. 133. International Available
    134. 134. Standard Beta
    135. 135. Wave 14 Updates
    136. 136. Standard and Pro
    137. 137. International Available
    138. 138. Wave 14 Updates
    139. 139. Service Update
    140. 140. Single Sign On
    141. 141. Forefront Integration
    142. 142. Next Generation Archive
    143. 143. Directory Service Enhancements
    144. 144. Forefront Reporting Integration
    145. 145. Service Update </li></li></ul><li>© 2008 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, Windows Vista and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries.<br />The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.<br />