The 4 P's of Personal Branding - RELOADED edition


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The 4 P's of Personal Branding is a strategic approach to building a solid personal reputation online. This is a reloaded presentation with more stats, more insights, and more ideas for building and growing your personal brand online.

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  • 1- Human interaction [COMPANY LEVEL] demonstrates trust and transparency.2- Leverage the right spokespeople for the right situations.
  • These are my identifiers in pink. Some of you might be entrepreneurs and or philanthropists, or executives, or coordinators.
  • This doesn’t mean that you should be all the things that you are offline, because your job may hold you back from doing that (right now).For example, republican company and you are a democrat or vice versa.
  • 1. The news and politics junkie. Do you find yourself tweeting the latest news updates and blogging about your opinions of current events? If you happen to define your brand with current events and the latest trends, your audience may view you as a the “news junkie.” They will most likely turn to you in order to stay up-to-date in current events. This is great for your brand because you’re viewed as an influencer in your industry and adds credibility to who you are as a professional.2. The opinionated connoisseur. If you find yourself falling into this category, you’re probably someone who is the first to tell your audience about your opinion about the latest Apple product or the Oscars. Additionally, you’re able to combine your opinions about products and events with latest trends in your industry. By doing this, you are creating a personal brand where your colleagues and followers will most likely turn to your personal brand when they need to weigh their personal opinions.3. The self-promoter. The self-promoter is someone who generates a lot of content and promotes it throughout their networks. This personal brand shares their accomplishments and makes it a goal to inform people about their professional life. Do you find yourself consistently producing content and inviting your colleagues to check it out? Then your personal brand could fall into this category.4. The helping hand. This type of personal brand belongs to people who are usually the first to offer advice or be willing to lend expertise to the people in their networks. Whether it’s looking over a colleague’s resume or answering a question, you’re always available to help the people within your network. By helping others, your personal brand can gain a great amount of trust and people can depend on you as a reliable source of support.5. The super networker. The super networker is someone who not only builds their network, but also helps the people in their network meet new people. Whenever you meet a new person as a super networker, you probably find yourself thinking: “I have the perfect person for you to meet because they will provide some great advice for you!” Although this personal brand may appear similar to the “helping hand,” as a super networker you’re more focused on connecting your new connections with your colleagues and opening the door to opportunity for them.
  • Digittize your experiences to create a footprint. If you don’t’ tell your story, someone else wil tell it for you and today the conversation is moving faster online than offline.
  • Media = the main means for mass communication.Stats via workfolioPolly
  • From
  • Acting in advance to deal with an expected difficulty.
  • Being a good influence, means being consistent with your messaging. Before you decide to go on a rant, Does this seem dramatic
  • Being a good influence, means being consistent with your messaging. Before you decide to go on a rant, Does this seem dramatic
  • Being a good influence, means being consistent with your messaging. Before you decide to go on a rant, Does this seem dramatic
  • Unless you are known for and you know you are the most unpleasant person in the world. Don’t make the internet your diary.
  • It’s important to advocate, but negativity is not good. PoliticsReligious beliefsWork angst Cell phones, cable companies, and airlines.
  • The 4 P's of Personal Branding - RELOADED edition

    1. 1. The 4 P’s of Personal Branding PLUS  A  FEW  TIPS  AND  TRICKS  FOR  GROWING  A  PERSONAL  BRAND  THAT  RESONATES    
    2. 2. EDUCATION