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The fall of the a. of c

The fall of the a. of c






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    The fall of the a. of c The fall of the a. of c Presentation Transcript

    • The Articles of Confederation
    • Articles of Confederation
      • Former colonies needed a form of government.
      • What kind would it be?
      • What kind did we have before?
      • What kind would it be this time?
    • Articles of Confederation
      • Weak central government
      • States had the most power
        • Why is this a good thing?...Bad?
      • Measures passed by Congress, however, required the approval of 9 of the 13 states.
      • Each state had the same number of votes…1
    • Articles of Confederation
      • It could not raise money by collecting taxes;
      • it had no control over foreign commerce;
      • it could pass laws but could not force the states to comply with them.
      • In addition, the articles were virtually impossible to amend, so problems could not be corrected.
    • Articles of Confederation
      • Several failures illustrated the new governments weakness:
        • The inability to pay off the debt from the war collectively
        • Discord among states who began taxing each other.
        • The government was powerless to put down Shay's Rebellion , a farmers revolt.
    • Foreign Policy
      • No European Country would support the A. of C.
      • Each State had sent Ambassadors to each European country… and they all tried to stab each other in the back!
      • We owe $80 Million to them… who pays? ( which was 10 years taxes)
      • Nobody!! We haven’t been paying our debt…why?
      • France wants the payments…
      • Trade has NOT improved
      • What about King George of England?
      • If you lost a country, would you want it back? He did!
      • The King was planning on returning to retake the US when he had a rebuilt army.
      • France was interested in Canada…and then the US.
      • Spain was lurking to our west and south…
      • Indians were being used by all other countries to limit our move west.
      • England/France gave Indians weapons and paid to keep the western lands free of American settlers. We couldn’t do much about it.
    • Economy
      • We have a debt.
      • 14 money systems
      • No Gold supply- and $ was based on gold.
      • Uneven taxes… Huge in Massachusetts, NONE in Virginia.
      • Industrial war… by England
    • What Worked…
      • Land Ordinance 1785
        • Land to be surveyed
        • Divided into Townships 6 x 6 miles
        • 36 sq miles (1 sq mile = 640 acres)
        • Land to be sold $1/acre (640 min)
    • What Worked…
      • Northwest Ordinances
        • Plan for adding future states
        • Area north of Ohio River/east of the Miss. River
        • 3-5 states
        • 5,000 males = a territory
        • 60,000 = state
        • New states were equal to older ones
        • No slavery!
    • Last Straw
      • Shays Rebellion
      • If we decided to STOP paying taxes…what would happen?
      • Today, the government has the power to compel…the A. of C. didn’t.
      • Imagine if the government couldn’t enforce a law!!
      • Farmers had to pay taxes in Gold…but were paid for their crops in paper.
      • If you didn’t pay.. Debtors prison
      • Shays led groups to protect themselves
      • They Tarred and feathered tax men
      • Freed anyone in Debtors prison
      • The A. of C. couldn’t do anything!!
      • This “revolt” lasted over a year!!
      • What if other people in other states started to do as Shays did?
      • The message was that if Shays couldn’t’ be stopped…This was the Death of the A. of C.
    • 2 Party System
      • The population started to split into 2 groups- the people that LIKED the A. of C. and the people that wanted it removed.
      • These people were called the Anti-Federalists
      • And the Federalists
      • Which group LIKED the A. of C.?
      • It makes sense if you think about it.
      • Federalists- led by Washington and Hamilton…Adams, Madison…
      • Anti Feds- Jefferson.