12th Annual Partners for Life Virtual Journal


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12th Annual Partners for Life Gala to support the Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation. Celebrating 21 years of saving lives.

The largest annual gathering of Donors and Recipients in the world!

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12th Annual Partners for Life Virtual Journal

  1. 1. Gala Committee SUSAN AND EDWARD BLUMENFELD MITZI AND WARREN EISENBERG Gala Chairs William Begal Laboratory Corporation of America David Blumenfeld Michelle and Bob Nystrom Francie and Brad Blumenfeld Meg Osman and Martin Levion Ellen and Todd Brody Kim and Jason Ostheimer Charles Bronfman Prince Family Foundation Jane and Marvin Brown Donald and Judy Rechler Yael and Ben Englander Larry Scott Histogenetics of Lawrence Scott Events Diane and Adam Katz Renee and Stanley Shapiro
  2. 2. B oard of Directors Bill Begal, Chairman Jay Feinberg, President Warren Eisenberg, Secretary Ellen Seiler Brody, Esq., Treasurer Edward Blumenfeld Martin Levion Daniel Brown, Esq. Chaim Motzen Jerome Fisher Jason Ostheimer Robert Jaffe Ruthie Spector, MD Charles R. Bronfman Jack Feinberg Warren Spector
  3. 3. Special thanks to tonights Master of CeremoniesMAYIM BIALIK
  5. 5. RecognizingTHE MACCABEATS
  6. 6. We proudly salute theGift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation and its commitment to saving lives. Their commitment is a significant step towards saving lives well into the future. The Spector Family
  7. 7. In honor of this evening’s Donor Recipient Pairs Avi and Eli & Richard Gregory and Aderet Marilyn and Ariel We celebrate with all of the Donors and Recipients here tonight!Your selfless and courageous actions are inspirational. Mitzi and Warren Eisenberg
  8. 8. Congratulations to Jay and everyone at Gift of Life Debbie & Steve Prince and family
  9. 9. In Honor of Jay From theJesselson Family
  10. 10. In Support of Gift of Life and in honor of Mitzi and Warren EisenbergSusan & Leonard Feinstein
  11. 11. We are proud to Honor and Support our good friendsSusan and Ed Blumenfeldfor their endless commitment and dedication to the Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation ____ Judy and Donald Rechler
  12. 12. Saving lives, raising consciousness, giving hope and guiding families. Our heartfelt thanks to Jay Feinberg and the greatly committed team of Gift of Life. The Arbess FamilyMarlene, Daniel, Matthew, Ethan & Sophia
  13. 13. “HE WHO SAVES ONE LIFE, IT IS AS IF HE SAVED THE ENTIRE WORLD”From the Talmud and the inscription inside the ring presented to Oskar Schindler THANK YOU • GIFT OF LIFE • THE HEROIC DONORS • ALL REGISTEREDDONORS • THE DOCTORS • THE STAFF • THOSE WHO HAVE GIVEN DONATIONS • ALL WHO ARE HERE TONIGHT THANK YOU, MACCABEATS The Blumenfeld Family ___________________________________________________ SUSAN, ED, DAVID, BRAD & FRANCIE
  14. 14. In tribute of Jay Feinbergfor his lifes work and for the differenceGift of Life has made for people in need of a second chance. Lotte & Ludwig Bravmann
  15. 15. In honor of Avi Karesh and his heroic bone marrow donors.We salute you this evening. Ben Golub
  16. 16. We are proud to Honor our FriendsMitzi & WarrenEisenberg for their hard work and support to theGift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation • • • • • Judy and Donald Rechler
  17. 17. In appreciation to Jay and his teamfor all the work they do. T he B rown F amily
  18. 18. Congratulations on another amazing year. Best wishes, Jason and Kimberlee Ostheimer
  19. 19. In loving memory of Harold P. Bernstein andElayne Bernstein Schwartz Jill and Jay Bernstein
  20. 20. Thank you to Jays parents for starting a grassroots organizationthat has come to be known as the Gift of Life Bone MarrowFoundation.Thank you to the dedicated staff of Gift of Life for theirunrelenting support of both donors and recipients.Thank you to the volunteers who give of themselves day in andday out to support the work of Gift of Life.Thank you to the financial supporters without whom Gift of Lifecould not carry out its life saving work.Thank you to my donor, Yisrael Meir Goldman, who gave me asecond chance at life.And, to Jay, I quote the poet Robert Browning..."Ah, but a mansreach should exceed his grasp, or whats a heaven for?"Evie Goldfine and family
  21. 21. In tribute to Jay Feinberg A luminous role model and inspiration to us and to future generations.Nicole and Raanan Agus
  22. 22. In the spirit of your willingness to give so that othersmay live and in the spirit of the incredible courage and positive attitude you have shown in the face of your own challenges. May you be blessed with long life, health and happiness along with Danielle and Emma. We love you You are an inspiration to us all-- Mom and David, Grandma and Grandpa Lisa, Ari, Ilan and Doron Laura, Etan and Aaron Rikki and Adam
  23. 23. In honor of Avi Karesh who has been both a donor and a recipientand has raised awareness of this vital program. And in honor of his donor. Barbara Novick
  24. 24. We send our love and admiration toJane and Marvin Brown and Jay Feinberg for their inspiration and dedication to the work of Gift of Life. Ellen and Marvin Ochs
  25. 25. In honor of Susan & Eddie Blumenfeld From Harriet and Leonard MayerCynthia and Michael Leiberbaum
  26. 26. In support of Donald Rechler &Edward Blumenfeld for their good work Bert E. Brodsky
  27. 27. With best wishes to theBlumenfeld Family We are proud to support the Gift of Life PARTNERS FOR LIFE Gala The Genatt Family
  28. 28. In honor ofSusan & Edward Blumenfeld for their dedication to theGift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation Renee and S tanley S hapiro
  29. 29. Eli, We are all very proud of you Grandma and Grandpa
  30. 30. In honor ofSusan and Ed Blumenfeld for all they do in support of Gift of LifeBarbara and Philip Altheim
  31. 31. is a proud collaborative partner. Congratulations to Gift of Life on their 21st anniversary. We are immensely proud of your work and achievements. S h u l a E n d r y W a l d e r , OAMand Gift of Life Australia Volunteers
  32. 32. To our Man of the Hour – Avi Karesh:You continue to make us proud – from Donorto Recipient you have shown tremendousgrace under sometimes intense situations.With Danielle by your side and Emma in yourcheering section, you continue to amaze us.May G-d keep you in good health.Love,Mom, Dad, Howard, Ilana, Rebecca,Jeremy, Phil, Rachie & the Gang
  33. 33. In honor ofSusan and Ed Blumenfeldfor the wonderful work they do for Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation ROZ AND MIKE WOLPOV
  34. 34. In honor ofEvie Goldfinefor her dedication to Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation Susie & David Kohen
  35. 35. Congratulations on 21 years In honor of of saving lives. All your efforts continue to help Avi Kareshmany patients and Your strength families in need. With love, and courage Paula Masciulli inspire us all. Leah and AJ Schreiber
  36. 36. In memory ofBarry Mishkin zl Rena andDavid M aryles
  37. 37. Congratulations to Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation!! Keep up the wonderful work and dedication John A. Demetrius, CPA, CGF Demetrius & Company, L.L.C. Certified Public Accountants Wayne Interchange Plaza II 155 Route 46 West Wayne, NJ 07470-6831 (973)812-0100 FAX(973) 812-0750 WEB-SITE: www.demetrius-llc.com Accounting and Tax ServicesAuditing Financial PlanningBanking Estate PlanningProjections Tax Planning andPreparation Business AdvisorMicro Computer Programs Government and Non-Profit
  38. 38. Gift of Life staff In honorsalute all our donors of our dear friendand recipients that join us this evening Avi Karesh with our deepest to celebrate our admiration 21 years of for his courage and faith saving lives. and our deepest love to his devoted family Susan and Bruce Schneider and Family
  39. 39. Thank you Congratulation Thank you to Hildy, Dori, s to the newest and Sarah from Gift of Life group of donors Gift of Life for letting me and recipients for facilitating be part of this who are meeting my donation. important for the first time cause. I met my this evening. May It was an honor recipient this you continue tofor me to be able share the joy and to help my year and it was friendship of this anonymous a moment I will first meeting long recipient. take with me for into the future. the rest of my Warmly, - Vic Amster life. ~ Tzvi KarolyJoanna Brinton
  40. 40. I am forever thankfulto Jay Feinberg and To my recipient, Dear Matthew,his team for theirincredible efforts in Zikhronah: Thank you so much for joining us at theincreasing the donor Gift of Life walk inpool on the May your family’s Florida this year.worldwide registry. memories Spending time withTo my of you be full of you and your family made me feel sodonor, Michael smiles and proud and honoredStriegold, you havegiven me more than laughter. to be part of your life!words can describe You are a trueand I look forward toour reunion each Paige Inspiration to all that you meet.year at the Gala. Lamarche I love you. JillMichael Faust
  41. 41. To all the Brian, To myemployees at We have enjoyed donor: watching youGift of Life Forever grow into a fineI stand in awe young man, and Grateful! of the work are grateful that (and the the Gift of Life “angel” is you do. always near brought our me)Esther Englard families together. Donor 2007 Adam GV
  42. 42. Congratulations to Mazel Tov To Lisa, my amazing donor. Three years ago you all the donors and to Gift of Life gave me the gift of life. recipients of this for their Thank you for getting years dinner. Thank continued success you for sharing yourin helping save lives swabbed in 2005 and for story, courage and around the world. being my miracle match. It challenges with us. I feel very blessed is truly humbling to call Youre truly to spend yet you my friend and part of inspiring. May you another year my family! all be blessed with with GOL and good health and the Faust family much happiness. at this years Love, Michele Gala event. Avraham & Michael Striegold Yocheved Goldhar
  43. 43. Dear Friend, CongratulationsWe’re connected to Gift of Lifeby immune system and all that youand the day thatchanged our lives. In do to helpyour letter you said others in need.April 7, 2011 became Im very proudyour second birthday to be affiliatedso I wish you health, with you all.happiness, and avery happy birthday! Continue the good work!Always,Your Friend and RobertDonor,Nicole Goldstein Eppenstein
  44. 44. To my Donor, Mazel Tov Rich Evans. W ishing evryone, to the Gift of Life A man who puts Bone Marrow others first... Donor and Recipient Foundation on He is a Father, 21 years of saving alike, best of health; Husband, Son, lives. I feel privileged Brother, and Congratulations to be part of such a special organization a DONOR Gift of Life, and wish mywho saved my life... yet another recipient, along with He will be forever all the other in my heart!! year of successes. recipients, continued THANK YOU, RICH, heath and successfor being the person Samuel Aronoff for many years you are. to come!Love you - Danny R. Eric and Sara Pollak
  45. 45. Thank you Thanks to my Thank you to all the donors to my recipient, recipient for Neil Dicker, for teaching that gave the me the true meaning of biggest mitzvah the opportunity a Gift of Life. possible ... You exemplify strength the miracle of to help her. in all that you do and I wish you continued life! We wish all And to Gift of good health and the recipients a happiness!speedy recovery. Life for making I am thrilled to share this one year anniversary of David Mathog it happen. meeting tonight and and look forward to many Lori Yontef Elliot and Mazi many more. Ehrenfeld Love, Mathog Arielle Wachtenheim
  46. 46. Congratulations on 21amazing years of saving H owever can onelives. Wishing you many say or find a wordmore years of continuedsuccess facilitating life Congratul powerful enough tosaving matches. express theJay - may you havestrength & health to ations gratitude acontinue to spear head recipient feels onGift of Life & its most GOL on 12 years receiving stem cellsamazing work. from an anonymousIn memory of Chaia Kleist of making donor. I say ThankA"H who changed our livesmore than she will ever matches You Michael Aaron,know. and saving lives. for truly a Gift of Life.Moshe & Yocheved Berger,GOL Stem Cell Donor May you always be03 & 04, Volunteers, blessed.Ambassadors S hawn Pavese Jean Gantz
  47. 47. I want to thank the It has been In deep Gift of Life for the almost five years appreciation incredible work they since I made my do. I was fortunately of my donor, able to have my donation and I Yisrael Meir brother as my donor. never pass up Goldman, However I want to the opportunity thank Avis to urge people Iwho has given anonymous donor meet to become whom he is meeting me a second tonight for giving him part of thechance at life. the ability to inspire registry. May Gift me and my family to of Life live longHe is my hero. be strong, be positive and that I will beat and prosper.Evie Goldfine this illness - D.R. Sid
  48. 48. Thank you, We are proud Gift of Life Congratulationsto be part of the for making the to Zev Steinberg,Gift of Life family, donation process so easy. my hero –and to celebrate I wish my recipient athis wondrous and refuah sheleima, and to thejoyous occasion. and, Gd willing, look forward to meeting Gift of LifeThank you to all. her after a year. for their My thoughts and Marcy prayers are with her wonderful work. Shyovitz Lieber and her family. and Family Tzvi Lewisohn Anita Spitz-Slade
  49. 49. We are honored to Josh, To my recipient, share in this years 12th I am so excited Annual Partners For Life It has been 10 to meet you Gala. Gift of Life celebrates 21 years of years since you tonight!saving lives. This year we You have already celebrate 9 years with saved my life. influenced my life Brian. This year is a special year for us as I can never profoundly, Brian graduates high and I eagerly school and plans to attend college in the thank you anticipate fall. Thank you Adam- building a our life saving donor. enough. wonderful Thank you Jay for the relationship.Gift of Life Bone MarrowFoundation - Brian Veith Ruthie Ariel Caplan Spector
  50. 50. Mazal Tov Jay and In honor of all the the Gift of Life. donors and recipients Almost 200,000 Five years whose prayers have donors and going strong… May you post-transplant been met through and the wonderful work of continue to find Gift of Life. It is amiracle matches until going strong!!! unique privilege to be the day when no We love you, Jill! counted as a more are needed. member of such aTo know you is to be Thank you to wonderful club. Mayin awe of individuals we all be blessed towhose dedication to Gift of Life! have our prayers the cause is tireless. Matthew, Susie & answered. The Rosenbaums Aderet and YehudaHoward, Cheryl, Miria Michael Welling m, Shira & Ilana Frager
  51. 51. Dear Lindsay, To my hero Jay, Dear Becky,As I told you before I I am amazedbelieved angels are in When you everyday by you.heaven but you proved You have changed donated boneme wrong, by showing the world, and truly marrow to me,our family especially ourson Teja how an angel demonstrated the you saved morelooks like and what she talmudic verse than one life.does to others who are "He who saves Thank you forhelpless due to none of one life,their fault. We’d also being my hero it is as if he savedlike to thank "Gift Of Life" the entire world". and for saving notfor promoting the just one life, buthealing in the world by I am alwaysbringing donors and thinking of you! an entire world.recipients on to one With love, Jaystage. Saila Love, Becky