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CBJ 100th Anniversary Tribute Book

Tribute book designed and published for the 100th anniversary of Congregation Beth Jacob of Plymouth, Mass. (7x9" perfect-bound 76-page 3-color offset printed; created in InDesign and Acrobat Pro, graphics and photos edited in Photoshop, printed from digital plates)

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CBJ 100th Anniversary Tribute Book

  1. 1. • The members of the Congregation Beth Jacob 100th Anniversary Committee gratefully acknowledge the continuing support of Mrs. Rose Sherman Geller •
  2. 2. Beth Jacob Synagogue Officers 2008–2009 Executive Board Sheila Finer, President Fred Sarke, MeMber-at-Large Sherri Sore, 1st Vice President Bruce Schulman, MeMber-at-Large Gary Brooks, 2nd Vice President Mary Waltuch , MeMber-at-Large Paula Keller, recording secretary Barbara Zimman, MeMber-at-Large Arnold Gladstein, treasurer Alan Koplan, assistant treasurer Board of Trustees Elliott Levy, MeMber-at-Large Arnold Gladstein Joanne Levy, MeMber-at-Large Barry Meltzer David Rodman, MeMber-at-Large Larry Winokur One Hundredth Anniversary Committee Sheila Finer Vicki Fitzgerald Alyce Gladstein Arnold Gladstein Karin Goldstein Dan Hirschhorn Ronnie Hirschhorn Meredith Hoffman Barry Meltzer Sherri Sore Cynthia Teles Seth Teles Congregation Beth Jacob, Pleasant Street, Plymouth PO Box 3284, Plymouth, MA 02361 Community Center, Court Street & Brewster Street
  3. 3. Program of Events Friday evening, May 1, 2009 — 7:30 pm Beth Jacob Community Center The Shabbat service will be conducted by Rabbi Lawrence M. Silverman accompanied by Cantor intern Elise Barber. We welcome the Reverend Doctor Peter Gomes as our guest speaker. Beth Jacob Sisterhood will sponsor the Oneg Shabbat following the service. Saturday morning, May 2, 2009 — 10:00 am Beth Jacob Synagogue Rabbi Lawrence M. Silverman will conduct the Shabbat morning service including the Torah service. Members of the congregation and visiting former members will participate. Beth Jacob Brotherhood will sponsor the Kiddush following the service. Saturday evening, May 2, 2009 — 7:00 pm The Pinehills Golf Club A gala dinner dance will feature the music of Tex, Mad Dog and the Cat. A candle-lighting ceremony will honor all past presidents of Congregation Beth Jacob. Sunday morning, May 3, 2009 The Pinehills Golf Club 9:30 am or 1:00 pm Dr. Karin Goldstein will lead two narrated trolley tours of historic Jewish Plymouth. 11:00 am — 3:00 pm Celebrate and share 100 years of CBJ memories at our festive brunch. Also featured will be a silent auction and photo and history displays. We are grateful to all of our friends and advertisers for their generous response which helped make this affair a success. Special thanks to Sisterhood and Brotherhood for their support. Please recognize our business subscribers by patronizing their businesses.
  4. 4. Message from President Sheila Finer All members of Congregation Beth Jacob, past and present, should be very proud of this momentous milestone we celebrate together. One hundred years is quite an accomplishment and we appreciate all the insight, sacrifices, perseverance and dedication our founders had to bring us to this day. Current and future members should reflect on that commitment and desire to be a part of this legacy and strive to keep CBJ and our Judaism alive and well in Plymouth and its surroundings. I thank all of you who joined us for this special weekend of festivities and wonderful memories as well as those who supported our tribute book and continue to support us in all of our endeavors. It has been such a pleasure to reconnect with people who have moved away, but still consider Plymouth their home. Their stories are filled with warmth and love. The “hamish” town and synagogue I fell in love with more than thirty years ago are even more so now. Sheila Finer, President ‫בית יעקב לכו ונלכה באור יי‬ House of Jacob, come and let us walk in the light of the Eternal. Isaiah 2:5
  5. 5. Message from Rabbi Lawrence M. Silverman When I arrived in Plymouth for my interview with the leaders of CBJ, in the spring of 1973, Jack Minsky, of blessed memory, then president of the Congregation, took me under his wing. Knowing that my experience was mostly with big-city synagogues, Jack said that CBJ didn’t have many of the advantages that I had been used to; and he said: “We have something more important. We have good people here. I think you’ll like it here.” From that day to this, Jack was right. It has been an honor for me to be, with you, a vital part of Congregation Beth Jacob. Thank you for supporting Jack’s dream, and mine, and Sheila Finer’s, and the dream of our Founders and of our members and friends representing CBJ’s first hundred years: To be a voice for living Judaism in our Towns; to be a community of Jewish learning; to stand for and teach Jewish values; to instill knowledge, pride, and confidence in our children; and to celebrate the promise of our new century. — “Rabbi Lawrence” —
  6. 6. Northeast Council Rabbi Lawrence Silverman Sheila Finer, President Congregation Beth Jacob P.O. Box 3284, 8 Pleasant Street Plymouth, MA 02361 Dear Friends: A Hundred proud years! We share your pride at reaching this milestone. On behalf of the Union for Reform Judaism Northeast Council, its lay leadership and professional staff, we extend to you and your holy congregation our heartfelt and most sincere wishes of Mazel Tov on this special anniversary. May it continue to be for all who enter, a Beit K’nesset – House of Meeting Beit T’fillah – House of Prayer Beit Midrash – House of Learning May you continue to grow from strength to even greater strength. With all good wishes and Shalom, Edward Burger Rabbi David Wolfman 75 Second Avenue, Suite 550, Needham, MA 02494 P: 781.449.0404 F: 781.449.0419 NEC@URJ.ORG WWW.URJ.ORG/NEC
  7. 7. In Loving Memory of In memory of all former members of Edward F. & Adele C. Baler Congregation Beth Jacob who are no Emil N. & Ann N. Winkler longer with us Gladys Winkler Reuben Annelise Katz Judge & Mrs. Gregory R. Baler In memory of: David & Dorothy Fred & Shirley Greenbaum Schwartz Milton Fried Michael Schwartz Ann & Stephen Fried Joseph Rains In Loving Memory of George Skulsky Elizabeth Rains In Loving Memory of Sara Skulsky Philip Van West Beryl Skulsky Dinah Van West Joseph Van West Louis Coffman In Honor of Saul Sokolow In Loving Honor of Sheila and Carl Hyman Klasky Finer. Gertrude Klasky Arlene & Carl Abramson Miriam Stutman Sidney Stutman In honor of our mother Toby Aharoni Jack Minsky on her 95th Birthday Max Shriber Harry & Barbara Aharoni-Shamir Rebecca Shriber Philip Klasky In honor of our children & Bessie Klasky grandchildren Melvin & Lois Klasky Irene & Fred Sarke In Loving Memory of our dear Congratulations and good wishes in parents, Jennie and Bill Zall, from honor of my parents Aba and Frances their daughters and their families Taub, who came with their young Ina Cutler & Florence Banks son and daughter as refugees to the Congregation in which their relatives, In memory of Grandson Geoffrey the Toabe family, were among the Pease earliest members Ken & Judy Leff Susanne Dubroff
  8. 8. Our Treasures Sarah, Emily, & Adam Schwartz Laura & Michael Fried Michael Schwartz Ann & Stephen Fried chiLdren Wendy, George, Matt, Ronald Klasky Larry, & Heather Phyllis Klasky grandchiLdren Geoffrey, Randy, Nhur Klasky Abby, & Hannah Ian Klasky Ken & Judy Leff Evan Klasky Melvin & Lois Klasky our chiLdren: Atty. Adam John & Kelly Ann Baler Melissa F. John our grandchiLdren: Stacy E. John Andrew Edward Baler, Grace Lori R. John Elizabeth Baler, Kate Frances Baler Jay & Rhonda John Judge & Mrs. Gregory R. Baler our treasured grandchiLdren: Kimberly Strauss Liquori—Jesse & Noah, Leyla, & Hannah Rose Jeremy Grossman Becky Strauss Slater—Hanna & Howard & Linda Grossman Sienna Gordon & Janet Strauss our chiLdren: Our Professional Friends David & Karen Pecorella Miller B&B Autobody Ken & Laura Fixman Shamir Cafe Olio Gil & Jenny Gutierrez Shamir Dr. Sherman Geller our grandchiLdren: Hall’s B&B Michael William Miller Robin Hunter—Incentives to Inspire Seychelle Shamir Longridge Wine & Spirits our great nieces & nePhews: Serious Cycles Chana Leah Ravin Zev Kalman Ravin Eliana Bracha Ravin Akiva Shmuel Ravin Our Friends Harry & Barbara Aharoni-Shamir Geri Connors
  9. 9. Greetings Congratulations on 100 years from Congratulations the granddaughter of Max Toabe—a From the Taskforce for the Homeless founder of the Congregation. Esther Toabe White The Plymouth Area Interfaith Clergy Association (PAICA) wishes Shalom Thanks to CBJ for years of memories! and many Blessings to Congregation Mazal tov for thriving 100 years!! Beth Jacob on the occasion of your Diana & Michael Stillman 100th Anniversary. Plymouth Area Interfaith Congratulations on your 100th Clergy Association anniversary. May God bless you with another 100 years of ministry and service to the community of Plymouth. Your friends at Discovery Church of the Nazarene
  10. 10. We gratefully remember and celebrate the lives of our Founders & Builders & our Families & Friends, of Blessed Memory ‫ז״ל‬
  11. 11. Founders of the Beis Jacob Society Isadore Albert David Karnofsky Max Sadow K.S. Bass Sam Levine Sam Saltz Joseph Berg William Lewis Bernard Seldeen S. Brody Meyer Marcus Abraham Sherman Abraham Cohen Samuel Medved Samuel Shoman Joseph Cohen Alta Meisel Max Shriber Julius Cohen Harry Miller Barnet Skulsky Morris Collier Hyman Miller Chaim Skulsky Israel DeZorett Esser Milner Louis Smith Benjamin Dretler Abraham Nathonson Jacob Snyder Abraham Frim Simon Orentlicher Sam Snyder Samuel Goldberg John Padlusky Jacob Steinberg Nathan Goldsmith David Resnick Hyman Student Louis Goldstein Louis Resnick Max Toabe Alter Greenspoon Morris B. Resnick Michel Toabe Frank Kabelsky Simon Resnick Mendel Zavalcofsky Abraham Kaplowitz Louis Rubinstein Harry Kaplowitz Jacob Sadow Rabbis of Congregation Beth Jacob Rabbi Nathanson Rabbi Gerber Rabbi Steinberg Rabbi Wise Rabbi Friederman Rabbi Schwartz Michel Toabe Rabbi Elephant Rev. Krinsky Rabbi Moseson “Melamed” Nathanson Rabbi Sidney A. Green “Sheched” Steinberg Rabbi Rudolph Lobel Rabbi Lippins Rabbi Lawrence M. Silverman Rabbi Barras Rabbi Yosef Zylberberg Rabbi Goldberg Rabbi Lawrence M. Silverman Rabbi Samuel A. Friedman
  12. 12. A Brief History of Congregation Beth Jacob By Rose Sherman Geller As written for the Seventy-fifth Anniversary of the building of the Synagogue In 1880,  the very first Jewish family arrived in Plymouth. The year 1900, 5660 of the Hebrew calendar, found the Jews of Plymouth worshipping God in the orthodox fashion, with a Sefer Torah that the common funds of the “Minion” had purchased. Daily and Sabbath prayers were held in homes, but at the High Holy Days a hall was hired to accommodate the Jewish Community which consisted of forty families. The early minutes of the meetings held by this group, written in pencil, in Yiddish, in a large ledger, disclosed many conflicts. The larger number of the then forty families were recent immigrants in poor financial circumstances. Although, at times, they separated into two and prayed separately for High Holydays, a small group of courageous men were dedicated to the idea that one synagogue, where all Jews of Plymouth could come to pray, must be built. They formed the Beis Jacob Society and began to work for the erection of a Synagogue. With nothing but hope, these men started a drive for money to purchase a lot from the small dues of $6.00 per year, helped by a contribution from the Hebrew Ladies Aid Society. The March 7, 1910, minutes show that the property had been purchased, a mortgage secured, and the deed given to the Treasurer. Thus, the two main groups had reconciled their differences, and become one in their efforts to build a Synagogue. On July 24, 1910, full power was given to the President to have the cellar dug. On March 12, 1911, the minutes show a motion to pay $75.00 for the “PLAN” and instructions to find out how to go about building a Synagogue. The spirit of the original founders began to bear fruit. In 1911, all of the Jews of Plymouth were members of the same society and actual construction of the Beth Jacob Synagogue was very near. Many ideas for the building were studied and rejected. The final plans that met with the committee’s approval were those that called for a “building, complete with seats, three rooms, a Mikvah, and steam heat.”
  13. 13. In the latter part of 1912, with a celebration in which the whole community participated, the cornerstone was laid for the beautiful house of worship that was to add so much to the spirit of Judaism in the community. Although the building was not complete for the following Rosh Hashonah, services were conducted for the first time in the Beth Jacob Synagogue by Rabbi Nathanson and Rabbi Steinberg. Despite the fact that the interior was not yet beautifully decorated, these holiday services were the most impressive they had ever attended. It is 1913. The whole Congregation stands out in the street eagerly awaiting the arrival of horse drawn carriages—men in their derby hats and topcoats, women in the most elegant finery and large feathered hats, the children in their polished high buttoned shoes. A carriage, drawn by two white horses, pulls up in front of the Synagogue, followed by a second carriage with a team of black horses. Two men dressed in top hats, morning coats, and striped pants descend from the first carriage, tenderly carrying two precious Torahs. Beth Jacob is finally ready to be consecrated as a House of Worship. Opening services are conducted by Rabbi Friederman of Boston, and proudly attended by Jews from many miles around. The building was now complete, a simple exterior with a very modest interior. Our Plymouth pioneers had achieved their goal—Plymouth had a Synagogue—their own House of Worship! With a debt of approximately $14,000 it was necessary to raise two mortgages to assist in the payment, but it was worth it for the congregation faced the future with renewed hope. The education of their children was foremost in the minds of these staunch men and women. Children were taught individually in their homes by such able men as Michel Toabe until a Talmud Torah was founded and conducted by Rev. Krinsky. A succession of Rabbis and teachers followed. They included old “Melamed” Nathanson, “Sheched” Steinberg, Rabbi Lippins, Rabbi Barras, and others. World War I found Plymouth Jewry ready to help and fight for their country. The congregation gave its youth to fight the enemy, and assisted the Red Cross in their humanitarian work. In 1919, a mother and father, happy that their son had been spared, paid off the second mortgage of the Synagogue as their expression of thanks. Other individuals and the Ladies Society had paid off part of the first mortgage. Only a small balance remained. The Hebrew Ladies Aid Society met in homes, sitting around a kitchen table, paying dues of 10¢ a month. These original Social Workers began a Gameles Chesed (charitable fund) supporting the needy—giving out small loans without interest to tide a man over for short periods in business. Their funds proudly purchased the first mantles
  14. 14. (brocade and velvet covers) for the Torahs. Then their funds bought the silver crowns and breastplate to dress and adorn the Torahs, and polished them constantly with their loving hands. Giving Tzedokeh (charity) was our first teaching. As a group they supported national funds and sent their few dollars to Eretz Yisrael, and we continue their teaching today. Individually every home had its own charity box in which to deposit coins in honor of the Sabbath, holidays, and other happy or sad occasions. Giving was a first consideration. The late nineteen twenties was a sad time in the history of the Congregation and the country as well, depressed both financially and spiritually. Interest lagged with the loss of so many of the founding members, and community activity was at a standstill. Many families left the area. At this time our Chedur consisted of approximately fourteen students, and Rabbi Goldberg’s efforts were appreciated. In 1933, the Young Men’s Club was formed. Under the vision and leadership of Katherine Toabe, a Women’s Club was organized one year later. This was a very historic event, since the woman’s organization evolved into our present day Sisterhood, which remains a vital part of our Synagogue. The 25th Anniversary of the Synagogue was observed on October 15, 16, and 17, 1937, under the able leadership of Rabbi Samuel A. Friedman. Better days were upon our Congregation with a formal Talmud Torah and Sunday School now well organized, and regular religious services being held. At this time also, our Rabbi was invited to join the Plymouth Council of Churches, an important step for the comparatively young Congregation. We had become an increasingly important part of Plymouth life, accepted as an equal and integral part of the town’s religious community. The next ten years found Plymouth Jewry slowly adding to their numbers, gradually organizing their Sisterhood and Hadassah, and further formalizing religious education under the direction of such worthy Rabbis as Rabbi Friedman and Rabbi Gerber, still remembered fondly by so many of our families. World War II found twenty-one of our young Jewish men serving their country. They answered the call, bringing them to action both in the Atlantic and Pacific theatres. Our Congregation was blessed and protected, and their were no casualties amongst them. Our young men returned to start their careers and enthusiastically helped us start the beautification of the Beth Jacob Synagogue. Our membership consisted of only
  15. 15. thirty-five families in the early 1950’s. New families were moving into the Plymouth area, and children were being born in that post-war period. The Hebrew and Sunday Schools were growing and expanding slowly. The younger membership represented diverse shadings in thought from Traditional to Liberal Judaism, and once again a precious few held the Synagogue together. Capable spiritual leaders, Rabbi Wise, Rabbi Schwartz, Rabbi Elephant, Rabbi Moseson, and Rabbi Green led the Community forward. Each crisis was met and passed on, only to be confronted with another of greater consequence as we drifted along. A Parish House was purchased in 1959. Members were personally solicited, and enough money was pledged. Once again, the precious few made this important addition possible. 1963 still found the Congregation in financial difficulties, divided as to beliefs, yet ready and united in celebrating three memorable days—May 24, 25, and 26—the 50th Anniversary of Congregation Beth Jacob, under the leadership of Rabbi Sidney A. Green. It was a very special time of love, pride, accomplishment, and reunion—shared by all. The Congregation gradually turned Reform about eighteen years ago to attract and accommodate younger members coming into our area. However, it remains traditional in every respect, so that any worshiper entering our services would feel at home among our men praying in Tallit (prayer shawls) and yamulkehs. Rosh Hashonah finds our band of Pilgrims still crossing the street and walking to the banks of Town Brook, as did our Forefathers in this beautiful setting, carrying on the tradition of Tashlich—Casting our bread upon the waters! Our Congregation grew rapidly under Rabbi Lawrence Silverman. We purchased the United Methodist Church in 1979 for the purpose of having a Community Center to accommodate our expanded membership for High Holyday Services. Significantly, the Bema faces East to make us feel at home during Services. The building was renovated to include a beautiful large auditorium and kitchen to meet the needs of our groups for meetings and functions. It also has six classrooms plus various other rooms used for our Sunday School, with fluctuating enrollment of approximately 65 students in Hebrew and Bible study. We surely have grown from our earliest Chedur Class of five or six young men. Our Community was now well established. We provided a place for prayer, we had our religious schools well established, and yet one thing was missing. All the preceding years we had to travel to other cities to bury our dead. When a portion of the Vine Hills
  16. 16. Cemetery was set aside here in Plymouth, Rabbi Silverman brought earth from Israel, and we held services consecrating our own Beth Jacob Cemetery. As time went along, certain few members realized how precious our original small Synagogue had become. It was now the oldest synagogue in continuous operation in the State of Massachusetts. Once again our ladies took action, and with a substantial endowment from a friend, the Estelle Pokross Sherman Fund was established for the express purpose of preservation of our beloved Beth Jacob Synagogue at 8 Pleasant Street. This fund maintains and preserves the building. Once again, Beth Jacob Synagogue was saved! Rabbi Lawrence Silverman served our community well for a period of eleven years and was followed by Rabbi Yosef Zylberberg as our spiritual leader. On August 1, 1988, we welcomed back Rabbi Silverman to once again lead our Community in this very special year of celebration. Once again the future is promising. People are turning from city living to the coastline of the greater Plymouth area. We look forward to an active increased membership and GOLDEN YEARS! Now upon the occasion of the 75th Anniversary of Beth Jacob Synagogue, the family of Abraham and Sarah Sherman turn over their original pictures of the dedication of the Synagogue in 1913 for display there. It is the Congregation’s hope that the year 2013 will find Beth Jacob Synagogue still growing and prospering, and that the grandchildren and great grandchildren of the Founding Fathers will proudly look forward with joy to taking charge of the 100th Anniversary with the same enthusiasm with which it all began.
  17. 17. In memory of Aba & Frances Taub • Donald Taub
  18. 18. In memory of: Myer & Rose Shwom Jacob & Evelyn Shwom Solomon & Trudy Shwom Sidney Shwom Thelma Shwom • Dallas Paull In honor of David Sollar • Arnold & Siema Sollar
  19. 19. In honor of Our Mother & Grandmother Nancy Kabelsky Cutler And in Memory of Her Family Frank Kabelsky Ida Snyder Kabelsky Lilyan Kabelsky Fannie Kabelsky Adelson Martha Kabelsky Burges Lovingly, Lawrence, Eileen, Jacqueline, & Elizabeth Cutler
  20. 20. Mazel Tov from Father Bill Kremmell Former Pastor of Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha Parish Plymouth Congratulations on your 100th Anniversary from the Friends of Wrentham Developmental Center
  21. 21. Congratulations Congratulations CBJ for 100 years of From the family of great service Joanne & Elliott Levy: • Sheera & Rob Papp from Camp Bournedale Arik Levy & Holly Nugent — Dr. Jaisa Olasky Rita Bailen Arnie Gerson In memory of In memory of Robert S. Bailen Bournedale’s founders Bessie & Morris Shepard Samuel & Ann Gerson Sophie & Nathan Levy We are so happy to be a part of the CBJ community. We may have missed most of its first century, but we look forward to being an active part of CBJ well Congratulations into its next century. Our congratulations & gratitude for & best wishes welcoming us into your family. • With love to all of our “jewels” Alan & Karen Shapiro — Zev, Jeremy, Ethan, Maggie & Sadie • Dan & Ronnie Hirschhorn
  22. 22. Happy 100th Anniversary To Congregation Beth Jacob from the Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren of Louis✡ and Ida✡ Resnick Maurice✡ & Sarah✡ (Wainer) Resnick Lillian✡ (Resnick) & Louis✡ Shulman Stanley✡ Resnick Bernard Shulman Nancy Felder (1) Tamara Bendes (2) Laurie Speicher (2) Willa Gerber (3) Miriam (Resnick) Friedman Morton Shulman Marc Friedman (2) Lynne Shulman (2) Amy Yeager (2) Louis Shulman (3) Bessie✡ Resnick Harry✡ & Sadie✡ Resnick Edith✡ (Resnick) & Nathan✡ Sheinkopf Elaine (Resnick) Etkind Selma✡ (Sheinkopf) Augort Elizabeth Etkind Edward Augort (2) Isabel Etkind (1) Joanne Janesky Susan Etkind (1) Vivian✡ (Resnick) Auerbach Joseph✡ & Pauline✡ Resnick Lisa Schalop (3) Stanley✡ Resnick Andrew Auerbach (3) Bernard Resnick Joshua Auerbach (2) Susan Resnick Michael Resnick Albert✡ & Lillian✡ Resnick James Resnick (3) Arlene (Resnick) Scherer Perlmutter Ellen Himelstein (4) Steven Scherer (1) Bernice (Resnick) Kaufman Laurie Levine (2) Lisa Griffith (1) David Scherer (2) Carol Kaufman (1) Leslie Scherer Mark Kaufman Edward Resnick Sandra Bennett (1) Adam Resnick (2) Rachel Resnick Benjamin✡ & Ruth✡ Resnick Robert Resnick ✡ of blessed memory Douglas Resnick (1) Lloyd Resnick Numbers denote great-great grandchildren Laura (Resnick) Altman Judith Altman Phillip Altman Holly Altman
  23. 23. Mazal Tov ‫מזל טוב‬ A Friend
  24. 24. Congratulations and Best Wishes On Congregation Beth Jacob’s 100th Anniversary • Dr. James & Cynthia Swartz congratuLations to cbJ • Larry & Sue Winokur Patrick, Jayme, Maya & Aiden McDonagh Ken, Eugenia, Michela & Racquelle Winokur
  25. 25. In memory of Barbara & Samuel Gorfinkle Joseph & Sylvia Cohen & family • Congratulate Mrs. Ernest Rotenberg Congregation Beth Jacob In Loving Memory of my Grandparents, Congratulations, one of the founders of Beth Jacob Samuel Shoman—Former President & we thank the Congregation Edith Shoman—Former Sisterhood President for a wonderful religious & their children Annie (Shoman) Goldsmith experience for 40 years Mary (Shoman) Taubel • Betty (Shoman) Kaufman — Maurice Shoman Simon Shoman — Robert Shoman The Starrs • Beverly & Gene Taubel Mazel Tov Muriel Swartz on your first hundred years • & family Arthur & Harriet Goodman & family In Memory of Mazel Tov Elaine Marie Carlson Robert & Ellen Shiff Carrie, Adam & Shauna Gelman February 18, 1937 – February 18, 2009 Jeffrey, Karen, Ava & Alina Shiff ‫ז״ל‬
  26. 26. This new generation of Congregation Beth Jacob can be thankful for the blessings that are ours, building upon the dreams of a hundred years ago and of all the generations in between. We are happy to be part of this special Community. Rabbi Lawrence Silverman & Meredith Hoffman We also remember ALBERT A. SILVERMAN & ZELDA SELYA SILVERMAN, who rejoiced for many years to be part of Beth Jacob’s extended family, and HENRY A. BLACK & ZELDA HODOSH BLACK, who had their own special relationship with Plymouth. Their memories abide as a blessing.
  27. 27. ‫מזל טוב‬ to Congregation Beth Jacob on its 100th Anniversary • The Bromberg–Rosenstein Family
  28. 28. In Memory of Max & Rebecca Shriber Founders oF the Beth JacoB synagogue & Hyman & Gertrude (Shriber) Klasky • Melvin & Lois Klasky Congratulations Beth JaCoB on your 100th anniversary From the family of Zelda & Benjamin Cohen and Deborah Cohen In MeMory oF cBJ Founders Mary & Julius Cohen Barnet & Bessie Skulsky Beloved grandparents & Rose & Harris Cohen Beloved parents
  29. 29. May the future of Rabbi Silverman Kiwanis Club and Beth Jacob be bright and beautiful of Plymouth Rabbi Leslie Y. Gutterman Happy anniversary to Congregation ‫ישר כח‬ Beth Jacob CBJ 100 Years !! From Adele Lelyveld So Nu? & Suzanne Lelyveld Wittenberg God Provides • • With Blessings from In memory of Harry & Barbara Mark Lelyveld Aharoni-Shamir
  30. 30. Mazal Tov on 100 years ! May you go from strength to strength under the leadership of Rabbi Silverman • Rabbi Raphael Kanter Tifereth Israel Congregation, New Bedford Congratulations to Congregation Beth Jacob on 100 years and may the next 100 years be as wonderful • The Edward Sore Family Edward, Sherri, Lisabeth & Nicole
  31. 31. Happy Anniversary Beth Jacob • Barbara & Joel Baron We are grateful for the wonderful relationship which exists between our congregations. We have many joys and sorrows together over many years. Our church has enormous respect for your congregation and Rabbi Silverman. God bless you all • Rev. Gary L. Marks The Church of the Pilgrimage, Plymouth
  32. 32. Thank you to Happy 100th Anniversary Congregation Beth Jacob to Congregation & Beth Jacob Rabbi Lawrence Silverman In memory of for enriching our lives Celia & Abe Goldberg • • The Finer Family From Sandra & Sam Faber & Fred & Sherry Goldberg Carl, Sheila, Michelle, David & Bryna Best wishes In Memory of for now and the Kurt & Trude Weishaupt next 100 years Great Humanitarians & • Friends of CBJ From Beth Jacob alumni Bob & Sandy Lewis • Indian Land, South Carolina
  33. 33. Once you have experienced the sand between your toes in Plymouth, it can never be forgotten. You will be in our hearts forever! Congratulations on your 100th anniversary • Lenny & Wendy Kapiloff & family Ellen, Molly, Robin, Joe & Maggie In loving memory of our great grandparents Joseph & Ida Geneva Berg and their children Celia, Fanny, Simon, Jake & Elmer one of the first Jewish families to settle in Plymouth Remembered by their great grandchildren Joan, Andy, Tony, Jan, Gail, Rona & Jody
  34. 34. In Loving Memory of Congratulations to the Beth Jacob community … Manny Arons a great place for a cBJ treasurer 1954–1998 Bar Mitzvah • • Lucille Arons, Dr. Jonathan Paula, Joe & Dara Keller, & Joanne Russo Cynthia, Seth, Daniel & Adam Teles Our family congratulates CBJ Happy 100th for its century of faith- building and interfaith Anniversary service to the Greater • Plymouth area Betty & David Rodman • & Family Dr. Ray & Milly Russo Dr. Mark & Kimberly Russo Dr. Jonathan & Joanne Russo Dr. Ethan & Kay Russo
  35. 35. Best Wishes from Abraham and Sarah Sherman Founders of Beth Jacob
  36. 36. the Sherman Family Descendants of Abraham and Sarah Sherman Abraham Sherman + Sarah (Toabe) Louis + Ruth (Putnam) Allan + Judith (Krenis) Robert + Debra (Dooling) Isador David + Gail (May) Levi Sadye + Samuel Gereboff Mitchell (died @ 6 months) Hyman + Estelle (Pokross) Adam + Susan (Cushman) Susan + Joseph Stone Jamie Ethan Syrel + Michael Dawson Lindsey Rose + Milton Geller Carole + Saeed “Sam” Jabbawy Nathaniel Michael Benjamin Sherman + Wendy (Hinden) Tobey Jessie Abby Hayley Sherman + Susan (Levin) Jonathan + Jan (Hadley)
  37. 37. In honor of the wedding of “Mazel Tov on CBJ’s 100th” Megan Stillerman • & Alyce & Arnold Gladstein Eric Johnson Robert, Betty & Chana Gladstein • Judyth, Fred & David Stavans Candace & Roy Stillerman In honor of Congratulations to Esther & Irving the Congregation Beth Jacob Isaacson’s on your 100th 85th & 90th birthdays Anniversary • • Dr. & Mrs. Donald Gilbert Jeffrey & Julienne Isaacson
  38. 38. The Parents of laura Finkel and the Grandparents of hannah Finkel Join in Celebrating Congregation Beth Jacob In Loving Memory of our Parents: Charles Beck (Tedda’s dad—the brightest star in our universe) Max Lindeman (Ron's dad—who taught him how to “be”) Shirley Lindeman (Ron’s mom—She of the infectious laugh, we hear her still.) Helen Beck (Tedda’s mom—A woman of valor. She promised she would always be with me and has kept her word.) In Celebration of our Grandchildren: Henry Matthew Lindeman — Hannah Elizabeth Byrnes Sarah Victoria Lindeman — Thomas Alexander Byrnes • Tedda & Ron Lindeman
  39. 39. In Honor of Our Treasured Grandchildren: The Laurence D. Geller Noah, Leyla & Hannah family rejoices with Rose Grossman • Congregation Beth Jacob Howard & Linda on the Centenary Grossman Mazel Tov !! Mazel Tov !! • In memory of Golden Gull Studios 17 South Park Ave., Plymouth MA Past President Dr. I. Harry Keller • from Joe, Paula, & Dara Keller Congratulations! • A Friend of CBJ
  40. 40. L’chaim ! Alfred M. Baum, MD & David Z. Grace, MD
  41. 41. Mazel Tov to Congregation Beth Jacob on its 100th anniversary In memory of Reuben and Adeline Winokur In memory of Harry Keller and in honor of Adeline Keller Our parents who were presidents, active board members, fund raisers, and members of remodeling committees for CBJ and the Community Center *************** From Steve and Jackie Winokur Past president, past brotherhood president, former sisterhood board member, and both Bar and Bat Mitzvahs at CBJ *************** In honor of our children, who were all Bar and Bat Mitzvahs at CBJ: Michael Winokur and his wife Margaret Tracey Gutman Laurie Levin Ramsay Elissa Levin *************** In honor of our grandchildren: Elizabeth Sheldon soon to be our third generation of Bat Mitzvahs at CBJ and Zackary Gutman *************** The four generations of our family send CBJ our best wishes for another one hundred vibrant and fulfilling years.
  42. 42. Congratulations to CBJ Anonymous
  43. 43. To Congregation Beth Jacob For 100 years oF Faith and Community serviCe Congratulations from St. Mary Parish of North Plymouth The LORD bless you and keep you! The LORD let his face shine upon you, and be gracious to you! The LORD look upon you kindly and give you peace! Numbers 6:24-26 •
  44. 44. congratuLations on the first 100 • Dr. Frank & Gloria Finkelstein and children In Memory of Fanny & Max Penn and Ida & Abraham Penn • The Penn Family on Cape Cod
  45. 45. Dr. Barry & Mrs. Fay Meltzer & family wish Congregation Beth Jacob a hearty MAZEL TOV. We are delighted to be witnesses to the 100th Anniversary of the founding of The Beis Jacob Society.
  46. 46. In Loving Memory of Jack Minsky Past PresIdent oF congregatIon Beth JacoB and MeMBer For FIFty years • Harriette Minsky & family
  47. 47. In memory of my grandparents Rebecca & Max Shriber FoundIng MeMBers oF congregatIon Beth JacoB In memory of my parents Gertrude & Herman Klasky MeMBers oF congregatIon Beth JacoB 65 years In memory of Miriam Stutman — sister • The Minsky family
  48. 48. Congratulations on Your 100th Anniversary 33 Summerhouse Drive, Plymouth 508-209-2000
  49. 49. congratulatIons to Congregation Beth Jacob FroM the FIrM We wish you another century of success!
  50. 50. Kingston Animal Hospital, Inc. We congratulate CBJ for its 100 years of dedicated service to its parishioners and the Greater Plymouth area it so nobly serves. Over 62 Years of Hospitality and Caring for the Pets of the South Shore Drs. Ray & Mark Russo and the Staff of the Kingston Animal Hospital
  51. 51.
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  59. 59. Congratulations and Mazel Tov to CBJ We celebrate with you Congratulations on your Centennial
  60. 60. Best Wishes on your Anniversary Congratulations ! CELEBRATE ! CONGRATULATIONS!