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Ascot Rotary - Volume 44 - Edition 2


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The second edition of our Bulletin.

This week we had a number of Guest Speakers as we caught up on what our Rotarians had been upto!

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Ascot Rotary - Volume 44 - Edition 2

  1. 1. Rotary Club of Volume 44—Bulletin 3 July 2012District 9465 MEETING LOCATION: Silks Bar & Bistro, 174 Wright Street, Belmont WA, 6104 Breakfast, Every Tuesday, 3—10 July 2012 7.00 am for 7.30 start. DUTIES ROSTER10 July 2012Welcoming: Mike Bermann RI President for Kimberley Holding 2012-13Grace: Ros McLernonLoyal Toast: Bev Poor is Sakuji TanakaRotary Informer: Jeff StephensonHost Chair: President Michael from the RotaryTopic: Committee Meetings Club of Yashio in17 July 2012 Japan.Welcoming: Hugh Langridge Dianne ReedGrace: Julia TembyLoyal Toast: Kashinee VeerenRotary Informer: Max MorrellHost Chair: Peter Richardson Sakuji’s goal for 2013 is “Peace through Service”.Guest Speaker: “Peace, in all of the ways that we can understand it, isTopic: a real goal and a realistic goal for Rotary. It is not something that can only be achieved through24 July 2012 agreements, by governments, or through heroicWelcoming: Michael Metcalf struggles. It is something that we can find and that Brian Poole we can achieve, every day and in many simple ways.”Grace: Deepti RoopunLoyal Toast: Jodie Sparks “No matter how we use the word, or how weRotary Informer: Kashinee Veeren understand the word to mean, Rotary can help usHost Chair: Hugh Langridge achieve it”.Guest Speaker: Pushpa Pushpalingham-Topic: “The Rotary Foundation—FutureVision” President: Michael Evans31 July 2012 Mobile: 0412 609 131Welcoming: Mike Bermann Gren Courtland Apologies to: Deepti Roopun (Treasurer)Grace: Fred Rae Mobile: 0402 494 565Loyal Toast: Hugh Langridge Informer: Colin Peacock Bulletin Editor: Dianne ReedHost Chair: Garry Jacobs Home: 9459 6605Guest Speaker: TBA TBA
  2. 2. SOME GENERAL NEWS AND OPPORTUNITY TO INFORMATION SUPPORT ANOTHER CLUB The Rotary Club of Attadale is holding a SwimCLUB ASSETS REGISTER for MS on Sunday 16th September in the Melville Aquatic Centre.Ron is asking if anyone has started a Club If you are interested in supporting them, go toAsset Register could they please let him their website: to findknow. out how.Alternatively if anyone has any assets DG Nominee for District 9465:that need to be put on the register alsolet him know. Successful candidate is Brian Eddy from the Rotary Club of Rossmoyne.See Ron with the information.Description, location, value of the asset Any challenges to the nomination must be submitted within 14 days. Contact currentOur District 9465 Insurer is asking that DG Jodie if you have any issues.all clubs put this information so we canmeet the requirements of the InsurancePolicy. Foodbank Foodbank is asking for support—either time or funds to help improve the health and welfare of people in need. To learn more: go to their website: DON’T FORGET:RI International Convention: THE DG’S HANDOVER23—26 June 2013 in Lisboa 7 JULYPortugal. Check your diariesnow! Come along and acknowledge Jodie’s efforts for this year. OLYMPIC GAMES Contact Joanna if you Don’t forget to sign up are going. She’ll tell you for the Olympics to be how to pay, and how held on 21st July at much to pay. Sanderling Stadium— the list will be circulating again next week.
  3. 3. The photo above shows our very own Kimberley Holding sitting in the centre of the photo of the teamthat we sent to Laos. I ran out of room in the last Bulletin, but thought these photos deserved to be included. “Now tell me again why I shouldn’t be worried about what you are going to do to me!!” Might be the thought running through this little girl’s head as she clings to her mum’s hand.The photo to the rightshows the little girl who’shand was severelyburned by the Molotovcocktail; and how thereconstructive surgeryallowed her to be able tograsp with that repairedhand.
  4. 4. What’s up in . . . . . JULY . . . July Birthdays Events2nd Denis Temby District Handover 7 July7th Gerry McLernon Board Meeting 9 July8th Michael Metcalf Ascot Olympics 21 July16th Ronnie Malthouse17th Jeff Stephenson17th Interact 10th birthday27th Shirley Anderson29th Robyn Metcalf FROM THE EDITOR: Attached to this week’s Bulletin is the Host Chair CELEBRATE PEACE IN TIMOR LESTE listing for the year—including the first month for next year’s team. Rotary Down Under is taking a tour of Please check when you are on and start thinking interested Rotarians to Timor Leste for of who you will organise to get as your guest the first District Conference ever held in speaker. that country. The District 9550 Conference will be conducted in Dili from If you are unable to do it for your nominated May 4 to 6, 2013. District Governor Ian week, please see if you can swap with someone Lomas will welcome the RDU tour party, else, and then let me know who you have swapped with. led by Editor Mark Wallace and District 9550 Past Governor Jeff Crofts, to this Once you have organised your guest speaker, can historic event. Contact RDU for more you please let me know so I can advertise it in the details if you are interested. Bulletin ahead of time. Rotary Down Under subscriptions can beFROM THE PRESIDENT: ordered online for those who don’ t want the hard copy magazine clogging up theirAny committee holding functions needs to letterboxes.treat the Calendar as the Bible andconsult before organising anything. Subscriptions costs are the same as thePlease also make sure the Bulletin Editor print copy. It just means you have a informed so the information can be For more information contact the Editor ofadded to the Bulletin. RDU.ROTARY FOCUS for July: This month is: Settling in to the New Rotary Year
  5. 5. TODAY’S MEETING: JULY 3 ROTARY INFORMER:Aidan: gave us a look at some of the Rotary GUESTS:Acronyms that are used regularly. FortunatelyRIP does not mean ‘rest in peace’ but Rotary Art Reed—the chauffeur isInternational President. still in businessDDF—District Designated FundsDOTS— District Officers Training SeminarFRP—Foundation Recognition PointsGETS—Governors-Elect Training Seminar Raffle Winner:IFGR—International Fellowship of GolfingRotarians (Aidan’s new favourite) Di Reed—thanks to Art forMG—Matching Grants cutting the card she had.PETS— Presidents-Elect Training SeminarPROBUS— Professional and Business ClubsROTEX—organisation of ex-Rotary Exchangestudents Julia—reminded us that the II AscotThere are plenty more of them in the District Olympiad will be held on 21 July. ComeHandbook—they are listed on pages 72—74 of and try out against the current recordlast year’s directory. holders who will be there to attempt to retain their titles.Jodie will soon become the IPDG then make themove to join Hugh as a PDG some time later.Sergeants Session: Who got hit this week!Hugh, Jodie, Joanna and Michelle—for conductingtheir own meeting during our meetingHugh—for sitting at the “girls” tableBrian W—for complaining about the lightness of theshiraz he won last week DON’T LET TRUTH GET IN THEGren—for telling us about his conspiracy theory WAY OF A GOOD STORY!?regarding our regalia being used by “others”Kimberley—for commenting on the Sarg’s “badges The story going around the club thisarrangement” morning was that Brian P stayed homeColin - for wanting to rush the start of the meeting to make sure the house was cleanArt—for pulling Dianne’s card out so she won the ready for Marlene’s return from Baliwine raffle today. So how much truth was thereMichelle—for needing two purses—does that mean in that rumour?!!too much money?Max—for bringing his own toast.Story of the Day: A person went to a travel agent, excited about going on aholiday for the first time in many years. They had their bags packed, andcameras slung over their shoulders. When the Travel Agent asked where theywere thinking of going their reply was: “How about giving us a ticket to whereverour luggage is going to end up!”Hope it doesn’t bring back any memories Ronnie?
  6. 6. GUEST SPEAKER. . . . . . . .S We didn’t have A guest speaker today . . . We had a number of them—from within our own ranks. As it was the first meeting of the new Rotary Year we took the time to find out what people had been doing and what they were up to . . . .Ronnie: Has just returned from a holiday in Europe. She hosted agroup of 22 intrepid travellers. They spent 4 nights in Dubai andthen joined a River Cruise down the Danube and Rhine (not theNILE!!) from Amsterdam to Budapest. She said they saw ‘umpteencastles’. They then went on to spend time in Rome and Tuscany.She also said that the dollar goes a long way right now, so it is agood time to travel. . . . . Can anyone recommend a good travel agent? Iwant to go (Ed) Michael E: Went on facebook (hurrah, he’s joined the 21st century!). He en- joyed reading a posting from Joanna . . . . . and then he got Joanna to explain: She said that she didn’t realise that raking the lawn was a romantic moment. She also said that ‘erection medication advertisements were ruining the Tour de France!’.Richo: He’d had an interesting shopper come into the store last week.Size-wise the character he was describing made Colin Peacock look like‘Twiggy’. He thought that the chap’s jaws had been wired together (perhapsfrom a broken jaw?) so his diction was perhaps not as clear as it could havebeen. Despite that they managed to decide that a mattress was required . .and to be delivered on the same day—which it duly was. When it finally wasplaced on the bedbase, it was too large so the gentleman came back thenext day to upgrade the bedbase AND to purchase a TV that went with it. Jodie: The highlights of her year as DG included the warm welcome that was extended to her by all the clubs when she visited them. And she was astounded at the amount of work that Rotary Clubs do to support local and overseas projects. She felt extremely proud of the work done around the District.Aidan: (you know you are going to be ‘picked on’ if you move even one tinypart of your body): Aidan was very impressed by his first visit to Darwinfor the Australian Fellowship of Rotarian Golfers. The Rotary Club ofDarwin did an incredible job of organising the competition. He enjoyedmeeting other Rotarians and trading stories about the projects that arebeing done by members around the country. He reminded us that JeffStephenson won his division; Mike Bermann lost his on a countback, Grenwon a major event, and Jill and her partner won the ladies. Seems likeAscot did very well for itself.Gren: also said that Darwin was a great place to be. He found he had a long lost ‘brudder’ there whoshared the same ‘silver coloured hair’.
  7. 7. HOST CHAIR ROSTER 2012/13 MONTH FOCUS 1ST 2ND 3RD 4TH 5TH JULY Settling In 3rd 10th 17th 24th 31st Stephen Committees Peter Hugh Mike Kendall Richardson Langridge Bermann AUGUST Membership 7th 14th 21st 28th Garry Jacobs Committees Ronnie Max Morrell MalthouseSEPTEMBER New 4th 11th 18th 25th Generations Ron Committees Kimberley Bev Poor Alexander HoldingOCTOBER Vocational 2nd 9th 16th 23rd 30th Service Fred Rae Committees Jeff Julia Temby Joanna Stephenson KendallNOVEMBER Foundation 6th 13th 20th 27th Melbourne Committees Roma Deepti Cup—Gren Gehringer Roopun CourtlandDECEMBER Rotary Family 4th 11th 18th 25th Kashinee Committees Christmas No Meeting Veeren Michael EvansJANUARY Rotary 1st 8th 15th 22nd 29th Awareness No Meeting Committees Mike Brian Poole Peter Bermann RichardsonFEBRUARY World 5th 12th 19th 26th Understanding Michelle Committees Max Morrell Janet Kendall Holding MARCH Literacy / 5th 12th 19th 26th Rotaract Dianne Reed Committees Michael Colin Peacock Metcalf APRIL Magazine 2nd 9th 16th 23rd 30th Month Ronnie Committees Aidan Wood Ron Ros Malthouse Alexander McLernon MAY Australian 7th 14th 21st 28th Rotary Health Jodie Sparks Committees Jeff Brian Stephenson Webster JUNE Fellowship 4th 11th 18th 25th Gren Committees Brian Poole Bev Poor Courtland JULY Settling In 2nd 9th 16th 23rd 30th Michael Committees Ros Deepti Kashinee Metcalf McLernon Roopun Veeren
  8. 8. ASCOT ROTARY CLUB CALENDAR FOR 2012-13 July August September OctoberMonday 1 Queens BirthdayTuesday 2Wednesday 1 3Thursday 2 4Friday 3 5Saturday 4 1 6Sunday 1 5 2 7Monday 2 6 3 8 Board MeetingTuesday 3 7 4 9Wednesday 4 8 5 10Thursday 5 9 6 11Friday 6 10 7 12Saturday 7 11 8 13Sunday 8 12 9 14Monday 9 Board Meeting 13 Board Meeting 10 Board Meeting 15Tuesday 10 14 11 16Wednesday 11 15 12 17Thursday 12 16 13 18Friday 13 17 14 19Saturday 14 18 Rotaract Ball 15 20Sunday 15 19 16 21 Rotary RambleMonday 16 20 17 22 thTuesday 17 Interact 10 21 18 23 B’DayWednesday 18 22 19 24Thursday 19 23 20 25Friday 20 24 21 26Saturday 21 Olympics Event 25 22 27Sunday 22 26 23 28Monday 23 27 24 29Tuesday 24 28 25 30Wednesday 25 29 26 31Thursday 26 30 27Friday 27 31 28Saturday 28 29Sunday 29 30Monday 30Tuesday 31THEME SETTLE IN MEMBERSHIP NEW VOCATIONAL GENERATIONS