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Foundationnewsletter Spring2010 4pages


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Foundationnewsletter Spring2010 4pages

  1. 1. Foundations Spring 2010 • Volume 1 • Issue 1 FOUNDATION “The Medical Jewel of the Merrimack Valley” Board of Trustees Gerald T. Mulligan, Chairman Lloyd D. Godson, Vice Chairman Anthony Slabacheski, Treasurer Diane Shikrallah, Secretary Clifford E. Elias, Founding Chair Two Great Events, Robert Bernier Don Corbosiero One Weekend, Steven Crespo, M.D. Susan Desmet One Worthy Cause! Richard Dewhirst Scott Kingsley Friday, May 21-Sunday, May 23, 2010 Martha Leavitt Gary Lee Heather Linehan the following day, on Sunday, May 23rd. The Joseph C. Maher, Jr. Gail Migliozzi walk will begin at 9:00 am and conclude at Ellen Sawyer noon with lunch for all participants. The Cancer John Felci Walk/Fun Run is a 3-mile loop that begins and ends at Holy Family Hospital. Registration is $20.00 per person, and participants are Foundation Staff encouraged to seek donations from family and Catherine Philbin, friends. Chief Development Officer T Heather Linehan, his year, Holy Family Hospital has paired William L. Lane Cancer Management Center Development Officer two great events together to help support Holy Family Hospital’s William L. Lane Cancer the William L. Lane Cancer Management Management Center has been given the Lauren Galimi, Center. The 2nd Annual 24 Hour Spin highest rating by the American College of Development Officer Away Cancer event, a Spin-a-Thon to be held at Surgeons’ Commission on Cancer. Led by Janet Cusick, Latitudes Gym in Methuen, and the 25th Annual Santos Shetty, MD, Radiation Oncologist, we Development Associate Care for Cancer Walk to be held at Holy Family are one of only 19 hospitals in Massachusetts, Hospital will be joined together in May of 2010. and one of only four north of Boston, to garner This year our goal is $125,000 for both events. such a distinction. Our radiation oncology More Stories department was also the first of its kind in the 24 Hour Spin-a-Thon state to be accredited by the American College Inside The 24 Hour Spin-a-Thon will begin at noon of Radiology. on Friday, May 21st, and run until noon on The “Heart Gallery” Saturday, May 22nd. The event will feature live How to Participate of Donated Artwork musical entertainment, food, and a silent auction. Participants for either event may register Instructors from Latitudes Gym will be on hand to online at pg. 2 lead the event and keep the energy high! Teams Once registered on our website, participants of ten or more spinners will share one bike for the may form friend or team pages to track their The Little Boy entire event, and trade off spinning. The goal is to progress, tell their story, form teams, invite Who Could... have the team’s bike constantly moving for the friends or upload photos. pg. 3 full 24 hours. There is a $20.00 registration fee per spinner. A Special Thank You A special thank you to our Lead Sponsors; Volunteer Spotlight 25th Annual Care for Cancer Walk Riverbank, Latitude Sports Clubs and The pg. 4 The 25th Annual Care for Cancer Walk will be held Eagle Tribune.
  2. 2. Message from our Men’s Guild gives Hospital Lobby “Extreme Makeover” Chief Development Officer Holy Family Hospital recently Catherine renovated its front lobby thanks to donations made by the Philbin hospital’s Men’s Guild. The Guild donated over $65,000 to fund As we begin our 60th year of spectacular care for patients in the Merrimack Valley, I would like to the project, which includes a reflect upon the meaning of “Jewel” to symbolize new front desk, flooring, new the celebration of our Diamond Jubilee. The Out Patient receiving area, and Jewel represents something that sparkles with great beauty and value that draws people in to a Dunkin Donuts. The Guild admire its amazing properties. It also exemplifies made this renovation possible unconquerable, enduring, and constant love…..truly through their annual dues and defining what we are about here in the Foundation Office of Holy Family. many events, such as last year’s Spin-A-Thon, which raised over $30,000. I am so proud to be associated with a hospital who’s Chief of Emergency Medicine, Dr. Stephen Crespo, went to Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake The Men’s Guild of Holy Family Hospital is a non-profit organization of devastation. Dr. Crespo and a team spent two weeks approximately 1,000 men. The Guild supports the hospital through an annual in Haiti saving lives, soothing pain and providing membership contribution, presented to the hospital each spring. Director love and care to the victims of this tremendous natural disaster. I will be thrilled when Dr. Crespo positions are available for those Guild members seeking a more active role. To walks into our new Emergency Center, with ground date, the Guild has raised over 3 million dollars for the hospital. If you would breaking anticipated for this spring. like more information, please contact the Foundation Office at (978) 687-0156 Every day, twenty-four hours a day, Holy Family’s ext. GIVE. Emergency professionals deliver critical care to patients with every kind of urgent need. To better serve our community, Holy Family is constructing a new 26,000 square foot Emergency Center to replace our undersized, antiquated, Emergency The “Heart Gallery” of Donated Artwork Department. This new center will provide a large Holy Family Hospital was fortunate to receive a donation of over 20 pieces of and modern facility that will have an efficient artwork from The Art Connection in Boston, MA. A committee of six hospital design. It will house 34 comfortable private rooms staff was on hand to personally choose each piece of artwork that now hangs and enable us to provide state-of-the-art care. throughout the hospital. Each piece of artwork was originally donated by the Did You Know... artist themselves, most artists being from the New England area. • Holy Family has received the National Blue Distinction in both hip and knee joint placement Be on the lookout throughout the hospital for these wonderful new pieces of and spine surgery from Blue Cross Blue Shield. art. Many are on display in our newly renovated front lobby. Other locations include MRI waiting area, Out Patient registration, and the solarium. • Through our Employee Emergency Fund, our Foundation has helped many employees who have suffered personal tragedies or losses this The Art Connection is a nonprofit organization that seeks to enrich under- past year due to the economy or tragedy. served communities by expanding public access to original works of art. Their • We have wisely spent money on our Community art donation and placement program is like a “museum without borders” Safety project and its young children who are in as it places the work of donor artists on the walls of community service treatment for witnessing domestic violence. They organizations. For more information about The Art Connection, please visit have received Christmas presents, books, games and toys, and the joys of pizza parties. • A grateful-patient family was so pleased with the care their Father received on Russell Hall, that $8000 in donations has gone to update patient Cars for Cures: Donate your Car! rooms. Holy Family Hospital has partnered with Route 128 Used Auto Parts and Sales • Through the generosity of the Tufts Foundation of Waltham as recycling partner for our vehicle donation program. DONATE any we are beginning the Healthy Lifestyle program for seniors to help prevent osteoporosis. vehicle-car or truck, operating or not. We just require the vehicle be complete with tires, seats and an engine. Eliminate the hassles of trade-ins, repairs, private sales From the bottom of my heart I personally thank and the lemon law. Receive a free vehicle pick-up and a valuable tax deduction. everyone who has contributed to our Annual Fund. Please call Robyn Williams, Director of Car Donations, TOLL FREE at 1-800-698-4050. Please remember that all money raised in Methuen Please be sure to say you are donating to “Holy Family Hospital.” stays in Methuen for programs and state-of-the-art equipment. The hospital is gift dependent but also gift worthy. Thank you all for making Holy Family Caring can be contagious, so help spread the word about our car donation Hospital your primary beneficiary. program!
  3. 3. The Little Boy Who Could... The value of a donation. It is something to ponder. It can never be too small, and sometimes it is never enough to cure the diseases we are all so eager to wipe out. L ittle Jacob Hurrell is in the first grade continue making the keychains. This little at Golden Hill Elementary School boy is a part of something big….bigger in Haverhill. His mom Bethany is a than most issues for a first-grader. He is receptionist in the William L. Lane pushing forward and planning to sell his Cancer Center at Holy Family Hospital in keychains at some major events such at Methuen. So now imagine the set up of this the Relay for Life. And we hope to have story, about a little boy who likes bugs, sports Jacob be our special guest (along with and toys. His only worries are “how long can his keychains) at our 25th Annual Care for I stay up to watch TV”; or “when do we eat” . Cancer Walk at Holy Family Hospital on That is until he went to visit his mom at work May 23, 2010. one day. This little thinker had an epiphany. P.S. The Question of a Boy We just received a $400 check on Friday, While visiting at the cancer center, his February 12th from the first round of sales eyes darted around and his mind started of Keychains for Cancer. We are pleased churning. He asked such deep questions of to offer Jacob an inaugural copy of this his mother like, “Who gets cancer? Why do newest publication, “Foundations” He’s a . they get cancer?” He asked about medicines, . young man who deserves to see his name treatments, and how people pay for it. Then in print. We hope this story has put a smile he asked his mother the unthinkable… on your face, as it has for all of us. ”Mom, could I have cancer some day?” Enjoy your Day ! Taking Action Janet Cusick Jacob decided to take action. He Development Assoc. constructively started his little program called “Keychains for Cancer” Mom Bethany . purchased a crafters knitting tube and Jacob wraps yarn to create “snakes” or tubes. Jacob’s dad decided to get some metal key rings and voila…the first Keychain for Cancer was born. Jacob sells the colorful symbols of love and support for the bargain price of $2.00. The Project Blooms Now the project is blooming. Family, friends, friend of friends, survivors, and strangers are all interested in buying or helping little Jacob with this wonderful cause. He has plans to Upcoming Events: Save the Date! Friday May 21, 2010 Spin Away Cancer (24 Hour Spin-A-Thon) Sunday, May 23, 2010 Care for Cancer Walk Sunday, August 15, 2010 An Evening with Red Sox Legends Monday, August 16, 2010 Tom Sager Golf Classic Saturday, November 6, 2010 60th Anniversary Diamond Jubilee Gala
  4. 4. Our New Gift Shop is Community Stars Blooming, just in time for “Employees of Raytheon show their giving spirit two ways” Spring… When their beloved coworker, Robert Griffin, suddenly passed away last year, many wanted to The Holy Family Gift Shop is closed for find a way to honor his memory. a short period of time while it gets a The group, headed by Heather face lift. When it opens again later this Yu, organized a Golf Tournament in Bob’s name. The tournament spring it will offer a fresh new look and was held on October 9, 2009 wonderful gifts and many items for you at the Windham Country Club in Windham, New Hampshire. or your loved one who is in the hospital. The event was a huge success The shop will offer wide selections of and raised over $8000. The committee, along with many gifts, products, flowers, jewelry, art, crafts, of Bob’s family, presented their gift cards and fun items to make you Employees of Raytheon donate $8,000 in memory of their coworker, Robert Griffin generous donation to the William L. Lane Cancer Center smile and the one you love happy. Look in November of 2009. The check was presented to Dr. Santos Shetty of the Cancer for news on the opening soon. Center, Lester Schindel - President and CEO and Tony Slabacheski - Program Director Oncology and Women’s Health Services. In December, the Community Outreach Committee donated over $6,000 towards the Family Giving Opportunities Safety Project at Holy Family Hospital. The Committee is comprised of past and current For those who have been fortunate in Raytheon Employees who give their lives, please ask about... back to the community in the name of children’s rights. * Naming Right Opportunities The Family Safety Project * Legacy Giving is a comprehensive, multi- faceted response to the The Community Outreach Committee donates over $6,000 to the Family Safety Project * Estate Planning crisis of domestic/family * Planned Giving abuse. More specifically, the program is a seven-component, pro-active intervention that seeks to provide safety for victims of domestic violence through community collaboration, training and education, prevention and outreach, and perpetrator intervention. The Committee presented their donation to Doug Gaudette, Director of the Family Safety Project and Michelle Penta, a councilor for the department. The department How to Give has already begun purchasing new therapy supplies and toys to benefit the children who attend their sessions. Go online to... Volunteer Spotlight Complete.. a pledge envelope Mr. John Felci Patriot Ambulance John Felci joined the Holy Family Hospital Foundation as a Men’s Guild member over 20 years ago and served as their president from 2006 to 2007. Today, Mr. Felci is still an active member of the Guild, but also volunteers his time in the Foundation office as Chairperson of our Spin- A-Thon and Golf Tournament Committee. In 2009, it was John’s vision to create a Spinning event to raise funds for the William L. Lane Cancer Center at Holy Family. Partnered with Latitude Sports Club of Methuen, 978.687.0156 ext. GIVE (4483) John and his team were able to raise over $30,000 to benefit the Cancer Center. 70 East Street, Methuen, MA 01844 When Mr. Felci is not donating time to the hospital, he works as the Marketing Manager of Patriot Ambulance in Lawrence, Massachusetts and spends time with his wife, two daughters and cat, Taco.