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  1. 1. SHINING UP OUR INDUSTRY ● BACKPACKER & ADVENTURE CONFERENCE 2007●THINK GLOBAL, ACT LOCAL D elegates Dafne Nienhuys , ( ABANG AFRICA) , 33 years, has worked in the Fairtrade Movement in Europe over 5 years before she moved to South Africa. Currently Dafne working as coordinator of Abang Africa Travel & Trust, a specialized Sustainable and projects related tour operator, based in Cape Town working in southern Africa. Roger Airey , (ABE BAILEY LODGE) is involved with Abe Bailey Lodge, Muizenberg. Although from an electronic engineering background, his current passion is to use tourism to grant young people the opportunity to interact with other cultures and to appreciate the natural environment which we have in such abundance in Cape Town. CHRIS MEARS (ACACIA ADVENTURE HOLIDAYS) . Originally from the UK Chris first travelled overland from the UK to South Africa 11 years ago and fell in love with Africa After working for various travel agencies in the UK he joined Acacia in London and now manages the Cape Town office, primarily looking after reservations and marketing but also operations. My name is Zasha Parker (ACCIDENTAL BACKPACKERS) and I am 23 years of age.   My overseas travel experience has provided the motivation for me to venture into the Backpackers sector.   Although I have not started the actual business yet – I have begun to put down my plans about my facility, as well as putting into place the necessary business requirements to begin my new business. I do have firm ideas about what I want from my  Backpackers Lodge:* Urban location – reflective of contemporary South Africa  - youthful / funky / modern industrial * Aimed at the domestic and international markets * Will strive to ensure that the lodge will be linked into the key local and international networks. Sabine Behrmann (Africa Travel Co.) After spending the last 5 years travelling through Southern & Eastern Africa on an overland truck, the next most obvious thing for me to do was find a job where I could share the wonderful experiences I’ve had with everyone else. We pride ourselves in providing fun & educational overland safari tours where passengers get to experience Africa up close and personal, whether it be shopping in a local market or game driving in the many National Parks Africa has to offer. Our tours are planned by staff who have literally ‘been there and done it’ and understand what the backpacker traveller expects from an adventure holiday. Cape Town Printing courtesy of 14-15 June 2007
  2. 2. Ben Jensen (Amabokoboko Sports). Ben Jensen is the Senior Sports Consultant of Amabokoboko Sport and Joined the Fairfield Group in June 2006. IN 11 years the Fairfield Group has grown to be one of the most diverse inbound tour operators in South Africa serving it markets with excellence. His work includes Product design &development, Supplier Negotiations, Quoting, Client Relations, Marketing and Tour Operating. Ben Graduated in Marketing from the University of South Africa in 1998 and Graduated in Tourism from INTEC College in 2000. After traveling extensively over 18 different countries and decided that there is No better place than South Africa and therefore has a passion for his work. SHINING UP OUR INDUSTRY ● BACKPACKER & ADVENTURE CONFERENCE 2007●THINK GLOBAL, ACT LOCAL D elegates Jacques Passier (Alternative Route). Alternative Route was started in 2003 and is now on its eighth edition of publication. During this time I have enjoyed being a part of a dynamic industry. From my first interest with the industry in 1996 as a Port St Johns Backpackers ‘night-manager’ I knew that this was the industry I wanted to be involved with. Johan Smal (Amabokoboko Sports). After being in the motor industry for 16 years, Johan joined The Fairfield Group, looking after the corporate, sport & adventure travel services the Group offers. He spent some time in Japan as a liaison engineer and used the opportunity to play and coach a bit of rugby in Yokohama. He also dived in some of the nice diving destinations and used to do underwater photography until the family appeared on the scene. He has three boys and a beautiful wife and they drive him to be adventurous in life. He believes in always striving to maintain a balance in life and it is important to understand that it is our collective business to create great memories for the tourists and our loved ones. Kathleen Halton (Area 51 Productions). Kathleen Halton doesn’t really exist.  That is, she’s a blonde kick-boxer who minister to ailing plants when they least expect it, and runs up mountains and vanishes into the bush, and travels extensively and studies film and photography and psychology (and she can tell you a thing or two about vodka martinis). John Inglis (Area 51 Productions). John Inglis was delivered by a stork, which is why he developed a passion for skydiving. A stills photographer by trade, John is well known in the Cape Town productions industry, and boasts over 20 years in the trade, during which his work has garnered several awards, both Nationally and Internationally. Cape Town Printing courtesy of 14-15 June 2007
  3. 3. SHINING UP OUR INDUSTRY ● BACKPACKER & ADVENTURE CONFERENCE 2007●THINK GLOBAL, ACT LOCAL D elegates Lee Harris (The Backpack). One of the pioneers of the backpacking industry. Started The Backpack 17 years ago with her friend Toni and from a humble beginning now has a well established 5 star backpackers with 100 beds, amazing travel centre called The Africa Travel Centre and funky café/bar where the world gets together. Geoff Higo (Around About Cars). Geoff's initiation in the backpacker industry began in 1990 by opening The Backpack .He got Daytrippers tripping along with Steve before starting St John's Waterfront Lodge. Together with Monika they saw the gap in Car Hire and since 1995 they have made Around About Cars a force to be reckoned with, in a fiercely contested market. Monika Moser (Around About Cars). After  finishing her MA in Politics and Economics  at  the University of Munich , Monika arrived at The Oak Lodge and like so many, never left.  After extensive work in Backpackers she opened SUNFISH, South Africa's first Waterskiing school. Motherhood made her go into car hire - and that is where she has been happily since 1995. Dan De Lapelin Dumont (Ashanti Travel Centre). A native Capetonian, Daniel completed a tourism diploma before joining Ashanti Lodge and Travel Centre for the first time in 1996. He spent 5 years at Ashanti, mostly in the Travel Centre. His knowledge of Southern Africa is gleaned from first hand experience of travel and his keen interest in the region. Daniel had a 3.5 year hiatus in London working in freight and shipping industry for the expat market, followed by 6 months backpacking on a shoestring in Mexico and Central America. He returned last year, taking up the reins as Travel Centre Manager in October. Dan Cornick (Away With The Fairies). Dan and Gemma Cornick, both from England.  Dan arrived a backpacker in 1997, working in backpackers for 2 years, then bought shares in a partnership with David and Andre Malherbe.  They own Away With The Fairies, Coffee Shack and Sugar Shack. Craig Johnstone (Ashanti Lodge). Craig started Ashanti Lodge with Lisa in 1993. He is involved in the maintenance of the 3 buildings of Ashanti and in future expansion. He has a second business – Journey Lifestyle and Clothing which entails lots of international travel. He also has a three year old son. Juggling time between two successful businesses, his family, and his many friends keeps Craig a very busy man. Cape Town Printing courtesy of 14-15 June 2007
  4. 4. SHINING UP OUR INDUSTRY ● BACKPACKER & ADVENTURE CONFERENCE 2007●THINK GLOBAL, ACT LOCAL D elegates Eve Caubert (The Backpack). Island Girl Eve is a major part of The Backpack and Africa Travel Centre team. This Intrepid traveler, exceptional baker, with a great sense of humor (works for two bosses) and is FRENCH to boot, can and will do it all. Plans to start wearing her red underpants on top of her trousers soon. Sylvia Walters (The Backpack). Winner of Miss Legs competition in 1972. Mother of all Travelers and chief advisor to anyone needing guidance and advice. Making a sale is her forte like selling Ice in Winter.  Most important: Love for workmates - Love for People and especially Love for our South Africa    Steven Baines (The Backpackers Ritz). Steven Baines is part owner of the Backpackers Ritz in Johannesburg and the On The Beach in Durban, along with brothers Mark Baines and Peter Baines. Aged 37, he has been in South Africa and in the tourism industry for over 13 years. Steven has a wife and three children. ? Yael Duncan (The Baz Bus). Backpacking is my passion! I backpacked around the globe for 3 years before returning to SA in ‘99 to complete a postgraduate marketing diploma.  During that year I traveled locally and was blown away by the awesome backpacking destination we have on our doorstep! I approached Baz Bus for a job in 2000 and 7 years later I am still flying the flag! Sharonique Beukes (The Baz Bus). With a great interest in Tourism and a diploma in my pocket, I joined Baz Bus in September 1999. Over the years I have grown from travel consultant to Office Manager and have recently taken on the challenge of General Manager. As my focus has been mainly administrative, I have spent most of this time in the office. I look forward to this opportunity to attend the AGM and meet many industry players face to face. Sonya Crous (The Beach Camp). Sonya was in the Asset Management industry as a Research Assistant and after studying further became a Field Guide. The financial industry managed to pull her back – but only briefly. Sonya has been involved in The Beach Camp for four years as a silent partner and took over the reigns fully in April 2006. She is passionate about people and nature alike and strives for excellence on all levels at The Beach Camp. Cape Town Printing courtesy of 14-15 June 2007
  5. 5. SHINING UP OUR INDUSTRY ● BACKPACKER & ADVENTURE CONFERENCE 2007●THINK GLOBAL, ACT LOCAL D elegates Minnie Desaivre (Beach House Backpackers). I am an old traveler, having spent 3 years in my twenties roaming Europe and the Middle East. Upon my return in 1994, I entered the film and photography industry and spent the next 12 years co-ordinating and managing photo shoots and rental businesses in the industry in Cape Town. Last year my sister bought the Beach House and offered me the position of manager. While I am here, I am also working on a degree in Creative Writing through UNISA. Hopefully I will have many stories to tell one day! I live with my two faithful hounds, Clousseau the Great Dane and Modesty the Ridgeback. Neil Burns (Bednite Pty Ltd). Started Stumble Inn in 1994. Been running it ever since. Likes playing golf, fishing and computers. Lise Burns (Bednite Pty Ltd). Built and started Banghoek Place. Mom of 2 daughters. Organiser of Neil. Likes dancing, art and holiday. Ryan Bluck (The Bok Bus). Born & raised in Cape Town. I have been in the South African travel Industry since 1998 and being a very “hands on” kind of guy I guided many of my own tours. Before starting Bokbus, I travelled the world extensively for 3 years and studied Human Resources and Psychology. I love the out doors settled in the Republic of Hout Bay, Cape Town. Lee Rael (Booksure). I am the General Manager of Booksure. I originally studied graphic design for 3 years and started my own web design business. I have always had an interest in start up businesses having a natural entrepreneurial spirit. I am a service orientated person and take customer satisfaction very seriously. I am a born traveler and have spent 6 months backpacking around South East Asia. I only do something that I believe in wholeheartedly and Booksure is no exception. Cape Town Printing courtesy of 14-15 June 2007
  6. 6. SHINING UP OUR INDUSTRY ● BACKPACKER & ADVENTURE CONFERENCE 2007●THINK GLOBAL, ACT LOCAL D elegates Sean Price (Buccaneers). Sean grew up in the world of tourism. In 1994 along with his family BUCCANEERS LODGE & BACKPACKERS in Cintsa on the Wild Coast Was established. In 1999 in a partnership with Mike Denison AFRICAN HEARTLAND JOURNEYS was formed specialising in adventure tours and Volunteer Programs. Sean is 33 and with his partner Lynne have a 2 year old daughter. Sean Ryan (Bundu Safaris). I was born in Johannesburg and was educated in Randfontein where I met mys high school sweetheart Merle Garnett and are happily married with kids today.  After my Military service I worked for FNB in Johannesburg. After spending 5 weeks traveling around Zimbabwe, Merle & I decided to start our own Safari Company and in July 1994, The Bundu Bus Tours & Safaris was born. Two years later Merle & I decided to get married and now 13 years down the line we have two Sons, Keagan and Connor- the heirs to the Bundu Empire.   Erin Conradie (Cape Agulhas Backpackers). I grew up on a farm in Bredasdorp before going Cape Town to study Jewellery Design and Manufacture. After travelling overseas I went to Stellenbosch to study Public Relations. In 2001 I returned back to Bredasdorp and went into partnership with my mother manufacturing Goose Down Products. Five years after than Malan and I got married and we bought a house in Struibaai. After backpacking SA on our honeymoon we decided that the spot was ideal for backpackers and the market was in need. I am now fulltime at Cape Agulhas Backpackers and I love every moment of it. Malan Conradie (Cape Agulhas Backpackers). Born and bred in Wynberg, Cape Town, I Studied Mechanical Engineering after National Service and specialized in Boat engineering. I have been involved with water sports from a young age and decided to build resort boats after sailing through the Mediterranean. Two years ago I married Erin a local girl from Bredasdorp and we opened the backpackers together. I am currently still designing boats but in my spare time I am taking guests out on my boats showing them 2 of the big five, then we head back to a nice south African Braai. Chantal Karsten (Cederberg Oasis). Chantal started her career in the restaurant industry in 1994. She has been a hostess, FOH manager and operations manager. She applied her skills at the Oasis Backpackers and also took a step out of the kitchen to meet guests and make them feel right at home. Cape Town Printing courtesy of 14-15 June 2007
  7. 7. SHINING UP OUR INDUSTRY ● BACKPACKER & ADVENTURE CONFERENCE 2007●THINK GLOBAL, ACT LOCAL D elegates Geoff Heald (Coast to Coast). Hi my name is Geoff. I started travelling the world when I was 19 years old and spent 6 years travelling through more countires than I have fingers and toes. I have always had amazing jobs but my best was selling pots and pans to west africans in the council estates of London. I love to surf and play very bad golf. Stefan Botha (Daddy Long Legs). I’ve been in the Industry for the last 7 years, starting as tour guide, and later Ops Manager for Ferdinand’s. Two and a half years ago I joined Daddy Long Legs (Pty) Ltd, as GM. I opened our Travel Centre on Long Street, and managed the existing Self Catering Apartments. After that I worked on the Art Hotel Project, and opened in November 2005. I recently moved away from the hotel, and now mainly focus on new projects. Sergio Dreyer (Daddy Long Legs). I have been in the industry for the past five years, I started as manager at Cape Town Deco lodge. I moved abroad in November 2003 and started working at Piccadilly Backpackers in London as a duty manager and later the ops manager. In 2005 I returned and started at Daddy Long Legs Art Hotel as manager, I’m currently the Asst. General Manager. Karin Andersen (Coast to Coast). Born in the sixties and still going strong!! Jody Aufrichtig (Daddy Long Legs). Born in Queenstown, grew up in East London. Went to both Queens and Selborne, Studied at UCT, Qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Ernst and Young. Worked in Corporate Finance. Left the corporate world to start my own private equity business. Have been involved with a Tax Structuring Business, Call Centers, Mobile Business, Mail Order, Retail, Web Marketing, Property Development, Bars and Restaurants and lately the Tourism sector through Daddy Long Legs. Hannes Potgieter (Deco Lodge). Hannes and Robyn decided 7 years ago that what they were doing at the time was boring and uninteresting, when the property  went on the market, we bought it and Deco Lodge was 'born'. We had no experience what so ever and like a mismatched pair of parents, through trial and error and lots of help from the people in the industry, we somehow managed to get Deco Lodge going and growing. Cape Town Printing courtesy of 14-15 June 2007
  8. 8. SHINING UP OUR INDUSTRY ● BACKPACKER & ADVENTURE CONFERENCE 2007●THINK GLOBAL, ACT LOCAL D elegates Michelle Petzer (Didge-Djembe Backpackers). Spent the last few years in this beautiful area called Tsitsikamma – Stormsriver and what an amazing place. I am the manager at Didge – Dijembe Backpackers Lodge and has been a wow experience from the day we started. Have a passion for horses and am actively involved in the horse riding offered from the backpackers Steve Conradie (Drive South Africa). an amateur photographer and nature enthusiast travelled through many African countries, Steve loves to travel and is also quite a skilled Land Rover driver. Upon returning to South Africa, Steve decided that everyone should have the opportunity to experience Africa like he did and started Drive South Africa , a Cape Town based tourism enterprise that specialise in international inbound and domestic travel that range from car- 4x4- and camper rentals, self-drive African safaris, FIT’s, groups and individual travel. Steve is always willing to share his experiences and thoughts with potential Drive South Africa customers. Magdaleen Louw (Drive South Africa). Was born and raised in the beautiful Winelands town Paarl, she moved to Cape Town 7 months ago and loves every minute. Working in the tourism industry for the past 7 years, she loves to travel and to work with people. Her diverse career path ranging from reservationists to office manger continuing through to the marketing field for the past 5 years and currently Marketing & Sales manager for Drive South Africa , enhanced her passion for the industry. She believes that life is all about experiences and an essential part for personal growth. She enjoys the outdoors, love camping, playing tennis, cooking, dancing and reading.  Robyn Heyns (Deco Lodge). Hannes and Robyn decided 7 years ago that what they were doing at the time was boring and uninteresting, when the property  went on the market, we bought it and Deco Lodge was 'born'. We had no experience what so ever and like a mismatched pair of parents, through trial and error and lots of help from the people in the industry, we somehow managed to get Deco Lodge going and growing. Shawn Petre (Detour). Having spent many years roaming around Southern Africa, it was an easy choice to take this passion and experience and open Detour Traveller's Shop. Over the last eight years I have watched the Backpacking market change and mature and I am excited to be a part of this. Cape Town Printing courtesy of 14-15 June 2007
  9. 9. SHINING UP OUR INDUSTRY ● BACKPACKER & ADVENTURE CONFERENCE 2007●THINK GLOBAL, ACT LOCAL D elegates Noma Mbontsi (Ekasie Backpackers). I am a young vibrant woman who’s passionate about tourism. While I was doing a course in Internal Auditing, I fell in love with tourism and decided to enroll for a diploma course in 2004. In 2005 I launched my own business eKasie Backpackers, the first of its kind in the township and opened up a niche market that is calling for Backpackers in the township. Luba Mbontsi (Ekasie Backpackers). My wife Noma is passionate about Tourism and has infected me! I’m in IT (as a developer and consultant) and know all about customer care and service. I’m charming and taking care of people comes naturally, ask my wife. I don’t like failure and have become very much involved in this project, making eKasie a success. Deborah Kleynhans (Eurocentres). I am the Marketing Co-ordinator for Eurocentres Cape Town, an English Language Centre in Long Street.  I studied Travel and Tourism at Cape Tech and then went travelling for 5 years before returning in October last year.  I'm currently busy with my part-time B:Tech Degree.  Bernard Meyer (DTI) . Bernie Meyer is a Deputy Director in the Tourism Unit of the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti). He studied Tourism Management and has almost ten years experience in the tourism sector, most of which was in the private sector. Lize Collins (e’Carz). Born & raised in Hout Bay Cape Town.  Attended AAA School of Advertising. Successfully ran a Construction company building luxury homes in Hout Bay.  Moved onto Real Estate, and finally started with Felix Unite Vehicle Hire in 2004 as a Sales Representative. Currently an Account Manager at e’Carz specializing in Backpackers and Guest Houses. I am passionate about car rental and client relations.  I endeavor to make the car hire process as simple and stress free as humanly possible. Tatia Currie (Fair Trade Tourism SA). Tatia has over ten years of experience working in various areas of development in Southern Africa and overseas. She has studied Permaculture Design and implementation, which includes: sustainable human settlements and livelihoods, agri-tourism and community based tourism. Tatia has worked in rural, peri-urban and urban areas on SMME development and training within the public, private and NGO sectors. Tatia is currently studying (part-time) Sustainable Development at the Sustainability Institute in Stellenbosch University. Cape Town Printing courtesy of 14-15 June 2007
  10. 10. SHINING UP OUR INDUSTRY ● BACKPACKER & ADVENTURE CONFERENCE 2007●THINK GLOBAL, ACT LOCAL D elegates Elmar Z. Neethling (Gibela Lodge). 15 years in backpacker tourism. Started Gibela Safaris 15 years ago and now specialise in study tours and self drives. For the last 4 years Gibela Backpackers have consumed most of my time, but when not busy with travellers spend time with local community developing their skills. Michelle Brooks (Hippo Hide and Happy Hippo). Armed with R5 000 & a dream, Micky & Michelle created the Hippo Hide in 1997. In 2001 we tied the knot, creating a formidable partnership. Now in 2007 we launched the Happy Hippo! So with 2 kids, 2 backpackers, 3 dogs our motto reads; “sleep is for wimps”. Ivenia Stripp (Grass Routes Tours). My name is Ivenia Stripp formally from the town Port Elizabeth. Like every small town girl I always dreamt of success and glamour. I always needed to be better, to make a lasting impression and with precision and accuracy. Outspoken might be a subtle word to describe me and confident to make my point heard. Anthony Doherty (Garden Route Game Lodge). Anthony Doherty married to Natasha Doherty, 2 children, Gemma 3 and Roman 4 months. Grew up in the Western & Eastern Cape. Relocated from JHB to the Garden Route 4 years ago. Been operating the Garden Route Game Lodge for the past 4 years. Reinhardt Slabber (Gekko Backpackers). I am a family man with a wife and 2 young children. We stay on a family Citrus Farm here in the Olifants river valley which is nestled at the foot of the Cederberg Mountains. My wife does the farming bit and they produce Citrus for the Export Market. I on the other hand, look after the mountainous parts of the farm which includes the hiking trails, preservation of Rock Art sites, Heritage sites and the protection of the Fauna and Flora. Gekko Backpackers was established in 2000 to invite people to stop in our area and to experience what a wonderful and rich region we live in. Wilma Koeppen (Ideal Marketing). I have been part of the backpacking industry for the past 15 years. I have done extensive marketing, tours and adventures throughout South Africa and neighbouring countries to learn everything I can about the industry . I love what I am doing and believe in growing with the backpacking industry. Cape Town Printing courtesy of 14-15 June 2007
  11. 11. SHINING UP OUR INDUSTRY ● BACKPACKER & ADVENTURE CONFERENCE 2007●THINK GLOBAL, ACT LOCAL D elegates Edmund Salomons (Inkosana Lodge). Ed gave up law in Pretoria to start a hostel for climbers in the Champagne Valley , Drakensberg . A veteran of Himalayan and Andean expeditions , Ed led overnight hikes in the ’Berg for many years. After 1994, the accent slowly changed from local to overseas hikers and Inkosana became part of the backpacking circuit. Ed is passionate about the Berg and prides himself on placing service delivery as his number one priority. Loren Sampson (Jeffrey’s Bay Language School). Loren was born in Port Elizabeth, but spent a large part of his childhood in Jeffreys Bay at his grandparents house. It is little coincidence that this house is today Island Vibe Backpackers, Loren's first endeavour into the tourism market. This was almost 11 years agoand he along with his brother Lindsay were the first PDI backpacker owners in SA. Over the years the industry demanded (and Loren took up the challenge..) more than a bed and so the expansion into a surf school and more recently the Language School. Jbay Language School was initiated 2 years ago by Loren and partner, Howard Johnson from Eurocentres in CT. Although the school is still young, international interest has grown immensely. Loren lives in Jbay with Taise and their three boys, Kai, Luca and Liam. Gareth Davies (Isinkwe). I am the managing member of a small tourism business in Hluhluwe, KwaZulu Natal, Isinkwe Safaris & Backpackers Bushcamp.  We are a family owned business including father and mother, Ivan and Colleen, and wife Harriet.  I have a baby boy, Tristin and another on the way.  Enjoy outdoors, mountain biking, fly fishing and kitesurfing.     Nico Grobbelaar (Ikhaya Stellenbosch Backpackers). Involved in the Travel Industry for many years, mainly in management of wholesale travel, i.e. Airlines and Tour Operators. Spent time in retail with the SPAR Group in retail operations and then on the other side of the fence as co owner of a store. Moved into the IT field promoting and maintaining online, real-time Medical Aid verification systems to pharmacies, doctors and hospitals and later managed a company selling POS to the medical industry. Run Ikhaya Stellenbosch Backpackers since it’s inception, November 2005. In between the above, also owned, ran 2 pub/eateries. Richard Daneel (Ikhaya Stellenbosch Backpackers). Richard Daneel was a long-time committee member and chairman of SARTAC, and under his chairmanship initiated the SURE TRAVEL concept. Cape Town Printing courtesy of 14-15 June 2007
  12. 12. SHINING UP OUR INDUSTRY ● BACKPACKER & ADVENTURE CONFERENCE 2007●THINK GLOBAL, ACT LOCAL D elegates Lebo Malepa (Soweto Backpackers). A young Soweto born and bred, Lebo began welcoming tourist to his family home in 1999 when tourism was still a fledging industry in the township. At the time he sold craft next to the Hector Pieterson memorial. It was then that Lebo started to show his entrepreneurial skills, developing original projects such as a range of postcards, posters and T- shirts about Soweto. From there, he decided to turn his family home into a guesthouse, so that rather than stopping for a few minutes tourist could stay and experience Soweto differently. In 2003 the backpackers officially opened. Dean Hubbard (Kimberley Hotel Backpackers). Grew up in East London. Worked as a hotelier, 20 years as a trainee through to General Manager for Southern Sun Hotels and African Sky Hotels (East London, Durban, Van der Bijl Park, Port Elizabeth, Oudtshoorn, Wilderness). Traveled UK, Europe, Canary Islands, Reunion, Mauritius for a year. Over the last two years have re developed the landmark Kimberley Hotel in Roeland street and am at present re marketing it to the Bacpacker Market. Also operate a five bedroom, 13 bed backpacker in Tableview by the name of Bayside Backpackers. Mike Gregory (Just Backpacking). Been involved in the internet and backpacking, answering questions on the old travel bulletin boards since the early 90's. Developed in 1995 and maintained one of the worlds first backpacking information web sites for the Southern African region, as a free resource, and now a search engine editor. Brad Greeff (Kei Mouth Backpackers) . Chris Eaton & Brad Greeff were both born and bred in the Eastern Cape & Transkei. After traveling and working abroad for many years, they returned to South Africa, and back to the Wild Coast where they opened “Naturel “ Restaurant & Deli in Kei Mouth, which has now evolved into Naturel Backpackers of Kei Mouth. Chris Eaton (Kei Mouth Backpackers) . Chris Eaton & Brad Greeff were both born and bred in the Eastern Cape & Transkei. After traveling and working abroad for many years, they returned to South Africa, and back to the Wild Coast where they opened “Naturel “ Restaurant & Deli in Kei Mouth, which has now evolved into Naturel Backpackers of Kei Mouth. Cape Town Printing courtesy of 14-15 June 2007
  13. 13. SHINING UP OUR INDUSTRY ● BACKPACKER & ADVENTURE CONFERENCE 2007●THINK GLOBAL, ACT LOCAL D elegates Arno Delport (Nomad Adventure Tours). Born and bred in the Free State I developed a passion for nature. Soon after I started working as a guide for Nomad Adventure Tours. After 4 years of guiding through South and Eastern Africa I soon moved into the office as Sales and Marketing – Africa. With a lot of passion for nature and Nomad I still have the pleasure of sharing my passions for Africa with tourists by making sure they have an experience of a life time. Sadia Nanabhay (Moola Magic). The career ladder has been short – barlady and manager at The Spot Backpackers and later, I-dotter at Alternative Route. My job at Moola Magic is making things sound good, look pretty and being controversial in monthly newsletters. Glenn Jones (Malealea Lodge). B.Comm (Stellenbosch- 1999) Honours in Development Studies (Wits 2004) Post Grad Diploma in Development Studies (Wits 2005). Been involved in tourism since 2002 with Malealea Lodge. Other projects include setting up a lodge in Bulembu, Swaziland in 2004 as well as currently involved in the development of Moorosi Chalets in Southern Lesotho. Zile de Kock (Marine Dynamics). My name is Zilé de Kock.  I was born in Loeriesfontein in the Northern Cape.  I studied at Boland College in Stellenbosch and has been working in the hospitality industry since 1995.  I have been working at Dyer Island Cruises/Marine Dynamics since June 2005, and love the tourism industry. Ricardo Martins (Martins Africa Backpackers). I am 24 years of age and was born and brought up in Tsumeb. I studied at Cape Tech for optical dispensing, but as soon I was in the field I gave it ip and opened a backpackers with my dad. At the moment we have a backpackers, service station and two mini markets. I like hard work and I work every day from 7 in the morning till 9 at night. I am also a perfectionist and my dream is to put my backpackers on the map and also become a tour guide. Cape Town Printing courtesy of 14-15 June 2007
  14. 14. SHINING UP OUR INDUSTRY ● BACKPACKER & ADVENTURE CONFERENCE 2007●THINK GLOBAL, ACT LOCAL D elegates Carla Ferreira (Saltycrax Backpackers) . Born in Durban, grew up in Blouberg, Cape Town. After studying Travel and tourism and travelling I noticed a gap in the xmarket for kite surfers and backpackers along the West coast. At 21yrs together with a business plan and business loan I opened Saltycrax Backpackers, which is now in its second year and doing Great! Francois van Rooyen (Pretoria Backpackers). I was born in Pretoria some years ago, lived here all my life and have always had a passion for the great African Outdoors. As a child I made use of every opportunity to get into the bush and explore and I still take every chance to do so. With a marketing  diploma and corporate background I started 14 years ago in an industry I knew very little about. Armed with a philosophy of value for money, variety of product and customer satisfaction, I intend to do just that in the tourism industry in my country that was in a way new to me as well as to the rest of the world. I am indeed Proudly South African. Charles Dreyer (Nothando Backpackers). I spent 22 years as a military officer in the SANDF. I was first trained as a pilot in the SAAF. After becoming medically unfit for flying I switched to intelligence at Military Intelligence Division where I worked extensively on East Africa. I was medically retired during 1995 with the rank of Colonel. After retirement we bought the two properties in Plettenberg Bay, which we turned into Nothando Backpackers Lodge. Ian Alleman (Owlhouse Backpackers). Fat, bald and 40-something. 1985: qualified as a veterinarian. 1987: courtmarshalled by the former SADF for “conduct unbecoming to an officer”. 1990: launched weather balloons in Antarctic blizzards. 1996: crossed the Congo in a dugout canoe. 1998: decided that Nieu-Bethesda is the place to be and opened the Owlhouse Backpackers. Claudia de Vries (Overlanding Africa). After driving overland trucks around South America and Africa for years, Claudia figured it was time to ‘settle down’ and what better place is there to live than Cape Town? She now runs – an web-based travel agency for overland tours and enjoys the good life in South Africa! Marina Scheffers (SASTS). Marina Scheffers is Inbound Programmes Manager at SASTS Working Adventures and was previously employed  at Stellenbosch Tourism and Information Bureau where she focused on Tourism Development within the Greater Stellenbosch and Winelands areas.  She is proud to be South African and loves sharing this with everyone as you can see! Cape Town Printing courtesy of 14-15 June 2007
  15. 15. SHINING UP OUR INDUSTRY ● BACKPACKER & ADVENTURE CONFERENCE 2007●THINK GLOBAL, ACT LOCAL D elegates Petrus Abrahams (Stormsriver Adventures). Petrus started with Stormsriver Adventures in 2000, working initially as a River Guide, Field Guide and a Canopy Tour Guide. He then progressed to Assistant Operations Manager of Stormsriver Adventures whereafter he was appointed Lodge Manager of Tsitsikamma Backpackers, shortly after the opening of the ‘Eco-friendly’ Lodge. Born and bred in the Tsitsikamma, Petrus grew up in the National Park, where his family worked. Peet thus has an intimate knowledge of the area and offers a highly professional service to clients, with his team of 3 local community women, who run Tsitsikamma Backpackers. Rashid Toefy (SASTS). Managing Director of SASTS Working Adventures for the past seven years. Before returning to SA in 2000, I was the global ISIC Marketing Manager based in Amsterdam for three years. I have travelled to over 40 countries around the world, and will always be an independent traveller…. Kenneth Herrestrup (Simonstown Backpackers). My name is Kenneth Herrestrup im 34 years old. I am come from Denmark and my wife and myself own Simonstown Backpackers. I just recently become a father. In my spare time a spend time with my son Karsten, or drink a beer with some guest. Kathryn Duffell (Stormsriver Adventures). Kathryn recently joined Stormsriver Adventures as P.A. to the Managing Director. Kathryn brings a wealth of experience from the Pharmaceutical Industry, where she held a management position in Sales and Marketing. Kathryn is involved in the global public relations of Tsitsikamma Backpackers and Stormsriver Adventures. Kathryn’s expertise brings a new dimension to both companies, where she is actively involved. Kathryn will drive the e-marketing of Tsitsikamma Backpackers and assist with packaging both companies. Andre Malherbe (Sugarshack Backpackers). Andre Malherbe 15 - 02 – 67. I am a partner in the Sugarshack, Coffeeshack and Away With The Fairies group of backpackers and properties. I am married with 2 kids and live in East London in the Eastern Cape. I enjoy surfing, fishing and travelling. My favourite destination in SA is the Transkei coast and abroad I enjoy Indonesia. Ashley Wilson (A Sunflower Stop). In 1996 after a year of bohemian backpacking, inspired by the many wonderful places and awesome experiences, I returned to create A Sunflower Stop - A synthesis of the best of times and the comforts of home. To own and manage Sunflower has rewarded me in so many varied and unexpected ways!!!! Cape Town Printing courtesy of 14-15 June 2007
  16. 16. SHINING UP OUR INDUSTRY ● BACKPACKER & ADVENTURE CONFERENCE 2007●THINK GLOBAL, ACT LOCAL D elegates Jurie and Isabell van Wyk (Toverberg Guest Houses) . Consists of one wife and two sons. Settled in Colesberg after a quarter of a century of teaching in Malawi and Zambia. Took over Toverberg Guest Houses on return to SA in 2003 and added a Backpackers in 2005. Strive to provide good accommodation and hospitality with a heart. Patrick James Moroney (Tekweni Backpackers Hostel). Born and raised in Toronto, Canada and onto the backpacking trail finishing in Durban, South Africa. Owned da business for 14 years and can be seen propping up the Tekweni bar after 5. Tends to go mysteriously missing on “course:. Married to Andrea and dad to Arthur, Teagan and Taryn. Carrie Dangerfield (Tourism Grading Council). Carrie was born in Birmingham, England on 1st June 1979. After moving to South Africa in 1990, she matriculated in Johannesburg and moved onto completing, in 2002, her Bachelors in Communication & Marketing at Bond University. Carrie has been with the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa for the last 5 years in her capacity as the Website administrator.   Nivashnee Govender (Tourism Grading Council). Nivashnee Govender is the Operations Manager at the TGCSA. She is responsible for the operation of special projects that are identified by the Board of Directors as well as the Executive Director and also provides managerial support the Manager: Grading Administration. Nivashnee has worked within the tourism for many years where she has gained experience in the fields of training and development as well as business development. She holds a Bachelor of Social Science Degree and Honours Degree in Industrial Psychology Ingrid Geertsema (Transfrontier Wildlife Walking Safaris). Born in the Netherlands, Ingrid has been in SA since 2001. Working as a tour guide for three years, Ingrid travelled extensively throughout Southern Africa before she finally settled down in Hoedspruit in 2003. Ingrid combines her love and passion for Africa with a personalised, professional approach and a 100% commitment to not just meet but exceed the expectations of all the guests of Transfrontiers. Ian Kruger (Transfrontier Wildlife Safaris). Since 1994, Ian gained knowledge within the wildlife industry in South Africa’s Zululand and Lowveld regions; Namibia’s Chobe and Kwando regions; and Botswana’s Chobe, Savuti, and Moremi regions. Ian believes in providing an experience that leads each guest towards capturing the spirit of the African bush and local culture. When Ian is not in the bush, he is working on the development of his own walking safari venture Transfrontiers. Cape Town Printing courtesy of 14-15 June 2007
  17. 17. SHINING UP OUR INDUSTRY ● BACKPACKER & ADVENTURE CONFERENCE 2007●THINK GLOBAL, ACT LOCAL D elegates Lynn-George Van Wyk (Wilddog & Crazy Kudu Safaris) . This young man, 34 years, is fun loving and adventurous. I have been working for Wild Dog/CK Safaris for 4 and half years and going from strength to strength. Juggling guiding, marketing and lately consulting in tourism has been the best of my life. I’m a keen traveler and promoting my company is first and foremost on the agenda. Cliff Hunter (Twende Overland Services). Cliff worked as an overland driver in South America and Africa for many years. After a stint in the UK as workshop manager, he decided to swap lukewarm beer for cold Castles. He started his own business: a workshop for overland safari vehicles and is now a busy man, especially since he’s started doing vehicle-backs for international clients. Billy Fourie (Wild at Heart Backpackers). Born in Zambia in 1954 and have an absolute passion and love for Africa, her people and wildlife. Married (30 years) 3 children, 6 grandchildren and been in youth travel 11 years. Own Durban’s largest backpacker lodge (180 beds) a Conservation Volunter Program and English Language School. Employ 25 people. Lee-Ann Lorenz (Wilddog & Crazy Kudu Safaris). My name is Lee-Ann Lorenz and I have been working in tourism for about 8 years now. I have studied Travel and Tourism at Damelin Namibia. I have worked for Wilderness Safaris in Namibia and for Sense of Africa (part of the Tourvest group in South Africa). I have recently joined Wilddog & Crazy Kudu Safaris as office manager. Kevin Record (Wildlife Adventures). WildLife Adventures is a leading, independent African-based adventure safari specialist and operates one of the most advanced and progressive adventure operations. Owner managed by Kevin and Fiona Record since its inception in 1997, WildLife Adventures boasts quality, guaranteed scheduled multi country adventure trips all over Africa. These departures are competitively priced, all inclusive, and excellent value for money. Judy Meeser (Wildlife Encounters). Judy Meeser and her husband Bruce have been active in tourism in the Greater Kruger area for 20 years having had two lodges, a backpack and more recently a walking safaris operation. They now have a lodge in Mozambique and run scheduled departures between the lodge and Nelspruit three times a week. Cape Town Printing courtesy of 14-15 June 2007
  18. 18. SHINING UP OUR INDUSTRY ● BACKPACKER & ADVENTURE CONFERENCE 2007●THINK GLOBAL, ACT LOCAL D elegates Mark Heistein (Otter’s Bend) . Age: Past worrying about anything (50s). Passions: Hiking; cycling; maps; wood; simple tasty food; ice cold beer. Aims: build up a wealth of information regarding alternative travel plans and outdoor activities for tourists. Ambition: Enjoy a simple life style with good company and good conversation and somehow make a living in between. Carmel Dunne ( Carmel has worked in for the past 6 years. She joined the company as a Hostel Support Executive and 3 years later moved into her current role as Hostel Relations Manger giving her overall responsibility for the day to day running of the hostel division where she helps to grow the business and strengthen relations with existing properties. Carmel often represents the company at international shows such as TNT and WYSTC. Andre Van Kets (Tourism Community Development Trust). Andre has lived in Cape Town for 24 years after spending his first 5 years playing with frogs in Pretoria. When not surfing, running or planning his next snowboarding trip, Andre steers business through Drive South Africa’s virtual doors. Andre is a trustee on the TCD Trust and believes tourism and technology can change peoples’ lives! Cape Town Printing courtesy of 14-15 June 2007