AiM Newsletter Issue 1 - A New Wave In The Making


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This Booklet will introduce you to Africa In Me and the Team that is responsible for it.

It will also give you details on the activities run and the Best Epic Moment Stories.

It will also help you implement Africa In Me Campaign in your Entity be it in Africa or Outside.

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AiM Newsletter Issue 1 - A New Wave In The Making

  2. 2. Dear Readers,When we first began work on the Active Contribution Program and Africa inMe in March at Afro XLDS the delegates did not know what we were actu-ally about to achieve. I was working on the branding part of this, which laterbecame “Africa in Me” and it wasn’t until we saw the finished products ofthe various work groups as they came together that we truly understoodthe impact we were creating, the platform we were creating to allow realimpact.In a unique display of unity by African entities, our firm commitment to showthe world what an amazing continent we live on was put down on paper.We decided to show the world the humanity of Africa; The incredible tol-erance of the African people, our beautiful lands, our mountains and ouroceans. We decided not only to bring Africa to the world, but also bring theworld to Africa, and use the world to help Africa.AS PROUD AFRICANS WE HAVE THE ABILITY TO BECOME THEFIRST-CHOICE INTERNSHIP DESTINATION.Active Contribution Program allows us to focus our activities on specificsocial areas, it allows us to work together to tackle the most pressing so-cial issues on our beautiful continent. Africa in Me is the face of AIESECAfrica and Active Contribution Program. With Africa in Me we can managethe way Africa is perceived within the network and beyond, we can showpotential EPs what amazing experiences await them and we can ultimatelyshow entities why they should be sending their interns to our shores.Let us work together, unified as Africans, to achieve AIESEC 2015 and Af-rica 2015. Let us make Africa the first-choice destination for interns.As a proud African,Michael Hubbard.
  3. 3. Countries Implementing africa in me campaign: Mauritius Ethiopia kenya tanzania Nigeria gabon Cameroon ghana senegal botswana rwanda togo mozambique uganda liberia south africa cote d’ivoire burkina faso Benin TABLE OF CONTENT:Page 1 and 2: AiM Team IntroPage 3: ACP Coordinator ProfilePage 4: AIM for non african lcPage 5 and 6: Best Epic MomentsPage 7 and 8: aim for african lcPage 9: AiM in IC IntroPage 10: RecognitionPage 11 and 12: Calendar of Events and Projects
  4. 4. AFrica in me team introduction Michael Hubbard (AIESEC in South Africa) Role: • Local Comittee President Cape Town LC • Team Leader Africa In Me branding Campaign Michael Hubbard began his AIESEC journey as an intern in India, before joining his home LC in Cape Town, South Africa, as VP Communica- tions. He became Africa in Me Manager after developing the heart-shaped Africa logo at Afro XLDS and creating the first website for the launch in Mozambique. Now he’s LCP in Cape Town and manages a diverse and strong virtual Africa in Me team. Nahid Valli (AIESEC in Tanzania, LC IFM) Roles: • Web Administrator/ Moderator Africa in Me Campaign • Senior Musketeer AI GLOBAL SUPPORT TEAM • MCVP IM and COMM AIESEC IN TANZANIA 11/12 Why Join Africa In Me? Living and showcasing international experiences of Africa through the stories shared on various in- ternships taken by AIESECers from all over the world. 1
  5. 5. AFrica in me team introduction Ifeyinwa Elueze (AIESEC Nigeria) Role : • Activity Coordinator for West Africa Africa in Me Campaign • MC Manager 12.13 Non-Corporate Sales & GCDPs Why Join Africa In Me: Committed to showcasing amazing experiences captured in stories and pictures that explore the beauty of global diversity, intergration and develop- ment. Abner Nyarago (AIESEC Egerton) Roles: • AIESEC Uganda National Support Team Incoming Exchange Manager • Content Creator Africa In Me regional Branding Campaign • AIESEC Kenya Regional CR Youth Speak Project. Elena Gaffurini (Italian, living in South Africa) • MCP Ethiopia 11.12 • AIESEC Intern in DHL Supply Chain South Africa, GoTeach Program Coordinator • AiM Partnership development My vision and motivation to be part of AiM: Tell impactful stories of change makers in Af- rica, showcase the richness of our continent and AIESEC relevance in it to make it 1st destination for youth from everywhere in the world. 2
  6. 6. ACP Coordinator Profile“Develop your Leadership Potential” 4 words that caught my attention andtriggered me to fill the application form to join AIESEC in University of Mau-ritius on August 2009. A month later I was a member and became the OCPof the first PBOX run by AIESEC Mauritius. Not only did I realize duringthis journey how AIESEC transformed me, I also saw an opportunity to em-power more Mauritians to impact local communities. LCP was unquestion-ably my next step.The organization has grown very fast during my LCP term. We did not havethe brightest possible start, but as we moved through this AIESEC journeywe capitalized on the different opportunities that cropped up. AIESEC UoMhad only 17 members when the year 10-11 started. We finished the termas the best African LC with almost 400% growth in Exchange and 500%growth in membership.The ICX department had surely gained momentum and it was my nextchallenge to maintain this growth as I applied for MCVP ICX. The posi-tion secured, my next step was to adjust the prevailing structure into amore sustainable one. As the membership expanded, AIESEC Mauritiusdid more projects and built its reputation in the development sector.Aspiring to greatness is what kept me moving forward. Independently, howsmall we are, we can make an impact and finish strong setting legendarybenchmarks. Africa is the land of untapped potential and AIESEC has nev-er been more relevant on this continent. I believe this tremendous growthshowcased by AIESEC Mauritius, can be showcased through ACP by themany other African entities.Here I am embarking on myjourney as ACP coordinatorwhich will unquestionably be afulfilling experience with the“Lions on the Move”.Sean FourmacouACP Coordinator 12/13 3
  7. 7. AIM FOR NON AFRICAN LC Africa in Me - Ambassadorship ProgramThrough this program we want to select students and/or AIESECer who willbe ambassador of our Country in your entity partnering with us for ActiveContribution Program GCDP.WHY Africa in Me Ambassadorship Program:• To Position Africa as first destination of your EP.• To showcase AIESEC Internship Opportunities through Cultural, artisticpresentation.• To receive experienced EPs to support your EP recruiting.• To increase your Brand positioning on campus as a Global organizationfocused on Development and youth led positive impact.WHAT do you need to do?• Select the entities you would like to partner with to send your EPs for “Ac-tively Contributing” internship in Africa.• Approach local media/PR/event management companies to support youdealing with Africa in Me activities in your city and in your campus.• Open TNs for our Eps to come there and follow the guidelines in the nextpages to structure 6 weeks GCDP program to position Africa in Me in yourcampus.• Once there, our EPs would work together with your local Companies andorganization on Event Management to get professional skills as well asincrease the positioning of Africa in Me brand as well as to directly recruitstudents In your campuses for them to be Eps for Active Contribution Pro-grams TNs in our Country.Benefits to your LC:• Showcasing of African cultures to local students.• Increase OGX realizations to actively contribute to United Nations Millen-nium development goals by impacting Africa.• Attract new target of companies [PR, Journalist, Design, Photographer..]• Contributing to ICX growth African Countries.• Changing the view and mind-set about Africa to find in our countries thebest partner for growth. For more information, please visit: 4
  8. 8. Best epic moment 1 I now posses “Africa in Me”Written By: Maja Falkentoft | Country of Origin: Denmark |Country of Visit: Senegal | Exchange: GCDP | Dates: 2012Sometimes one searches to obtain something from souvenirs orplane tickets; past or future travels. Sometimes one wish that timewould stop, so that one can posses the moment. But instead ofpossessing a moment in time or nostalgic imagination, I now pos-ses “Africa in Me”; Africa in my mind; my ideas of the very moment.And as a wise man once said, “The mind-set in which we travel isfar more important than where we travel.” My Senegalese experi-ence has not only given me an internship experience or a nostalgicmemory, but it has contributed to my everyday perceptions andtravelling of thoughts in Copenhagen.I could tell you so many things more, but instead I think youshould just go there.To read the whole story visit the link below: to read more stories like this? 5
  9. 9. best epic moment 2 Stories from Kwamo, GhanaWritten By: Adam Page | Country of Origin: United Kingdom |Country of Visit:Ghana, LC KNUST | Project: Afritour Project |Exchange: GCDP | Dates: June-July 2012I frankly have too many stories to tell from Ghana so I’m afraid I’vehad to prioritise details. But if you do plan to come to Ghana I’dadvise you on the following things. If you plan to eat local food;practise for eating fufu with your hands. If you want to play foot-ball; prepare for a physical game. If you wanna party; get ready toazonto. If you feel like meeting friendly folks; you’ll find AIESECersfrom across the globe. And if you seek excitement; prepare for awonderful if slightly unpredictable country where the people are aswarm as the weather.To read the whole story visit the link below: to read more stories like this? 6
  10. 10. AIM FOR AFRICAN LCePIC Moments “Powerful African stories captured in images”Think about the pictures EP will take during your internship, eachone captures a special moment on your journey but only one willstand out… it will best capture the moment that EP will always re-member from this experience.ePIC Moments requires EPs to tell thestory behind thepicture of their choice,bringing it to life and sharing it with thepeople back home. All LCs of AIESEC inAfrica, will use the images from ePICMoments for promotion of Africanexperiences on EP will besupporting us in this way to better portraywhat Africa truly is, breaking stereotypesand helping us build a new story; all this by doing something assimple as sharing their point of view through photo and the storybehind it! Untold Africa “Stories to inspire”Non-governmental organizations and influential community lead-ers play a key role in building Africa’s future. Their stories often gountold but they can inspire us to play our role in building the futureof our local communities.This activity require EPs to volunteer at an NGO or shadow an in-fluential community leader for at least a day. During this day, EP’srole will be to act as a reporter of what thispeople and organizations do and how theycontribute to the building of a better Africa. Weexpect EPs to create a short video documentary as output, so that we can together get thisstories out in the open and start portraying adifferent face of Africa.Let their stories inspire and capture theexperience to spread the voice and inspireothers around the world. This will be shared andposted on 7
  11. 11. AIM FOR AFRICAN LC Essence “Sensing the essence of Africa”In Africa we embrace life with a high sense of appreciation for eve-rything that allows to use our senses to truly touch and feel in ourbodies the experience of being alive.Your African host LC will provide theEPs with a database of local artistsand craftsmen/women and will havea chance to organize an event for thehosting community.The EP will be expected to become areporter and capture on video andpictures this special activities. Thevideos will be used to showcase EP’s experience and what he/she has learned from the artist chosen.At the same time will help us share with the word the incrediblebeauty behind the art work of these remarkable people in our localcommunities. Activ8 Joy “Playing for a purpose”Sports and games is what unites communities by bringing peopletogether with a common goal in mind. Providing joy and happinessto children is an added benefit and one that will make your experi-ence of Africa complete.By taking part in Activ8 Joy, the EP will organize sports events forthe local community. Another option will be to organize fun days,comprising of games and entertainment for underprivileged chil-dren in our local communities.Share in the joy and capture thisevent forever by recording a videoand making pictures of the festivitiesto be shared with the local organisingcommittee and the people back home. 8
  12. 12. ACP & Africa in Me at IC 2012I had the incredible opportunity to travel to Moscow in August 2012 to at-tend AIESEC International Congress. I was there to showcase Africa in Meand launch it to the AIESEC network. From day 1 the African nations stoodout for their incredible bond and support of each other, as well as their con-stant joy in dancing together.Africa took the spotlight as the most remarkable, diverse and unified regionat IC which I was happy to see. I worked together with Enoch Wong, MCPTanzania and Africa regional chair, to develop an ACP launch.We didn’t know when we would fit it in, if we would even get a slot in theagenda. We kept asking the chairs and it was constantly moved. We devel-oped a video and printed 600 round Africa in Me stickers, hoping we’d getto use them.Finally on the last day of IC we had the chance to showcase our regionalcooperation and strength. As Enoch had stepped out I got to take the stageand we presented ACP briefly as a regional cooperation to greatly enhancethe impact we have on our society before moving into the prepared video.Overall ACP was well-received, there is no such regional initiative any-where else in AIESEC and a lot of people are now watching to see what wemake of it, so let’s make it awesome!Michael HubbardVideo shown at the launch of Active Contribution Program and Africain Me at AIESEC International Congress 2012 in Moscow, Russia. 9
  13. 13. recognitionAIESEC MauritiusCongratulations to AIESEC Mauritius to have successfully implementedthe project “Bringing good NUTRITION your way” falling under the ACPpillar, health improvement. This nutrition project was sponsored by NestléMauritius and mainly aimed at sensitizing tertiary student about good eat-ing habits and lifestyles through workshops run during 3 weeks. A surveywas also conducted during this project about eating habits of young Mau-ritians and zumba sessions were delivered by Maja, an intern who waszumba instructor.AIESEC in TanzaniaWe want to highlight the commendable initiative of AIESEC in Tanzania toalign all the projects being currently run in each LC to the ACP pillars whichare:- Health Improvement | Education & Literacy |Leadership and Careerdevelopment | Economic growth.AIESEC Tanzania has currently 267 available forms for these projects. Akick start for ACP in Africa. 10
  14. 14. calendar of events and projects CONFERENCES:West African Connecting Seminar (WACS 2012)AIESEC in Nigeria29th Oct – 4th NovemberAmplified ConferenceAIESEC Kenya1st – 4th November6th East African Pioneers 2012AIESEC In TANZANIA14th – 18th NovemberNational Leadership SeminarAIESEC South Africa1st – 5th DecemberNational Induction ConferenceAIESEC Cameroon1st- 4th December 11
  15. 15. GCDP OPPORTUNITIES: Education and literacy Realisation Project Name Country &TN Date MauritiusMake a Child Smile 12.11.2012 TN-In-MU-UM-2012-1260EduPower Under- Ethiopia 15.11.2012 priveleged TN-In-ET-AA-2012-58Micro Finance & En- Tanzania 24.12.2012 trepreneurship TN-In-TZ-FM-2012-369Culture and Globali- Tanzania 24.12.2012 zation TN-In-TZ-DS-2012-1909 hEALTH iMPROVEMENT Realisation Project Name Country &TN DateSociety for the NigeriaPromotions of 01.11.2012 TN-In-NG-PH-2012-1477 Morals(Virginhood)Nigerian Youth Aid Nigeria 01.11.2012 Programme TN-In-NG-BE-2012-1661Choose Life Not Mauritius 21.11.2012 Drugs TN-In-MU-UT-2012-177 Cameroon CRISAFRICA2012 01.12.2012 TN-In-CM-UB-2012-1432 leadership and career development Realisation Project Name Country &TN DateCareer and Leader- Tanzania 17.11.2012 ship Development TN-In-TZ-DS-2012-1944Scalabrini Centre- South Africa 07.01.2013 Cape Town TN-In-ZA-UC-2012-54 12
  16. 16. All the stories should be posted in the website ( You can also mail you documented stories to ( All stories must have pictures, the links should be posted with the story. Follow us: Keep yourself Updated: