Kids Fashion Fiesta 2013


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Kids Fashion Fiesta 2013

  1. 1. India Kids Fashion Fiesta Show is much anticipated and our loyal following of fashion and brandconscious mummies look forward to a day out of trend spotting and boutique shopping, giving youthe most efficient way to get introduced, gain popularity and to grow a product line in the everchanging and dynamic children’s market.With a highly targeted marketing campaign, you can rest assured that as an exhibitor or a sponsor,your brand and products will connect with the right audience of parents and children.India Kids Fashion Fiesta Show – India’s most premier Children’s Fashion Show. Kid’s Fashion Show ishome to the latest and innovative brands for children from across India and the globe.“ You’ll see the funkiest and most gorgeous outfits for the kids, bright and brilliant toys, must-haveaccessories, pretty and practical bags and shoes, jewelry, fabulous dress-up costumes…… and somuch more! “The Show brings together a diverse spread of brands, companies and entrepreneurs. Featuring25,000 sq feet of unmatched products & services, hands-on fun activities and superiorentertainment which caters solely to parents & children over two days Fashion Show is Delhi’smost enjoyable children’s and family event.
  2. 2. Fashion Fiesta, Indias only prestigious and exclusive kids show. It is a unique way of highlighting kids fashion. Itpersonifies beauty and elegance, the kids models walking briskly down the runway exhibiting products, enhancingtheir beauty and radiance altogether.This exciting family event can not be missed. The venue will be filled with exciting products and fun-filled activitiesfor children and parents. Many International and National level designers shall be showcasing their kids weardesign.From designers to models, from invites to hosts, from venue to fashion parties, everything at 3 days fashioncelebration would be worth written down in the history of Indias Kids Fashion. Even the Fashion Fiesta music, whichwe are carefully preparing to help convey the seasons mood and attitude, would get noted.We aspire to be an interface for exposure to talented kids and Indian kids fashion industry. Fashion Fiesta is an internationalplatform to the designers, talents and kids brands which sets new international fashion trends among kids fashion industry.
  3. 3. Fashion Fiesta - Indias most premier Children Fashion Show. Fashion Fiesta is home to the latest and innovative brandsfor children across the globe.The Show brings together, diversified brands, companies and entrepreneurs. Featuring five thousand feet of unmatchedproducts & services with hands-on fun activities and superior entertainment. IKFS caters solely to parents & childrenover two days. Fashion Fiesta is Indias most elite fashion extravaganza enjoyable event for children and family.Apparel & Fashion Gifts & LifestyleRoom Decor, Furniture & Accessories Travel & VacationsBaby & to-be Moms Toys, Games, ElectronicsBooks & Stationary Entertainment & Party ServicesSchools, Classes, Workshops & Day Care PublicationsHealthcare & Insurance Gourmet Confectionery & FoodYoull see the funkiest and most gorgeous outfits for the kids, bright and brilliant toys, must-have accessories, prettybags and shoes, jewellery, fabulous costumes and much more!
  4. 4. Your child’s behavior will always reflect your upbringing. If youfail to teach him the virtues that a human being mustpossess, then chances of picking up bad habits is quite likely tohappen. Politeness and courtesy in speech, soft spoken andpatient are those refined qualities that you should nurture inyour kids. Although it’s difficult to cultivate patience withinkids, you can still give a try by making them aware of theharmful consequences of anger and impatience. Rita will teachyour kids to be more confident, Graceful and have a greatsportsman spirit. Your kids will outshine wherever they go.
  5. 5. Day 1 | 14-11-2013 | Shooting & Other Preparation’sMedia Bites For TVs.Photography With Products And Kid Models.Sizing Of The Products With Models.Other Activities, Like Press Release Distribution And Choreography.Day 2 | 15-11-2013 | Designer ShowcaseWorkshop : 10 am : 04:00 pm.Opening Show 07 pm : 07:45 pm.Designer 2 Showcase : 08 pm : 08:45 pm.Finale Of The Day : 09 pm : 09:45 pm.Day 3 | 16-11-2013 | Designer ShowcaseWorkshop : 10 am : 04:00 pm.Opening Show of the day : 07 pm : 07:45 pm.Designer 2 Showcase : 08 pm : 08:45 pm.Grand Finale : 09 pm : 09:45 pm.
  6. 6. The place where all the stars fall togetherand create a beautiful Dream, so, lets notwaste time and will welcome all ourguest from Bollywood who are connectedwith modeling industry, people from addagency & production house to judge kidsfor their bright future in the industry.
  7. 7. To participate in this Fashion Show you need to follow the below criteria:Chetanchal Management Pvt. Ltd.DHANLAXMI BANKAccount No:-09005300009639
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