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Im esecond part

  2. 2.  The cost for the service of creating a civil association varies between $ 7.000 and $ 8.000 pesos, depending of the notice, but these costs include three processes explained here: 1. Get permission to the SER. 2. Prepare the bylaws. 3. Register the statutes protocolized before the Public Registry of Property of your location. If you perform these steps on your own can save up to $ 2,000 dollars, making it very important that you clarify this situation with the notary and establishing the cost of their services. In addition, civil society organizations and government agencies do an ongoing effort to sign agreements with associations of notaries that reduce costs of legal establishment and formalization of minutes. Once you have selected the notary and have clarified the cost and services require, the group should agree: A) The partners who signed the charter. These partners are as you describe in the Article Seven of the model statutes, although in this step include modifications to those have a say in the highest governing body of the organization. In addition to the names, you need to deliver the notary the following data for each of them: 1) date and place of birth, 2) marital status, 3) occupation, 4) home and 5) the information in the official identification which must be submitted to sign the charter. B) The names of persons to serve on the board and decided at Step 5. C) (s) of person (s) to be (n) / la / representative (s) legal (s) of the organization and the place and date of birth, marital status, occupation, address and data their official identification. D) To agree a date for partners to come to the notary to sign the charter. The notary statutes added to the initial clauses which are part of the protocol legal and final clauses or transitional. In the latter specify the names and data from partners and members of the Board and (the) name (s)
  3. 3.  Legal Representative. Later protocolized statutes and give you one or two copies protocolized (requires a notarized copy of the charter in original to get the Federal Taxpayers Registry (Step 10) and it is recommended that people who have legal powers have protocolized copies for several procedures in the request). One of them must be submitted at the Public Registry of Property of your entity. Here again you can choose complete this process by yourself (we will explain the procedure in Step 9) or pay for this service so that the lawyer does it. In this case, he will give you a stamped copy of the registration days. Each time you make a change to the rules, change the board, change the llegal Representative of the organization or the legal powers granted to it should formalize the minutes of Assembly agree where these changes. This means that the notary must certify the record and register it again Public Property. This procedure can cost between $ 2.700 and $ 5.000 pesos, according to the minutes and the notary. However, if you make the Assemblies do not do any of these changes, minutes (or minutes) need not be notarized by the notary. If you meet the quorum law (the requirement for attendance of the majority of associate members) in a Assembly and try other things, you can make valid the proceedings of the Assembly if you include the signature of all partners attending
  4. 4.  IM.E (Municipal Institute of Employment) is an association which is formed by a group of young people concerned about the plight of unemployment in the municipality decided to raise living project which seeks to open this space or place equipped with a diverse range of workshops that focus on teaching a profession that is practical and necessary in the population. It sought to attend the association people 20-40 years old, productive people who are seeking a better economic support not only for themselves but for their families are responsible for providing work to people in need, is responsible for making people feel useful and can do things that allow them to succeed. Helping is our aim and our only satisfaction, through activities plumbing, carpentry, sewing, etc. and also by practices that facilitate these activities. This project is just beginning and we expect to reduce unemployment in the port of Acapulco. We will partner with large companies so that they give us jobs available in your company and we manage to workers It helps people find a job and establish them in a company where they can implement this knowledge for a better income to the economy and contribute to the growth of the country generating more jobs and better living conditions. The Municipal Institute of Employment would provide this support free workshops of different trades, to be led by volunteers seeking to fulfill their social service or only to help these people, these volunteers must meet certain requirements one of the which will be available to attend the courses prior to entering the partnership in order to have knowledge of the profession to teach, so people who attend these workshops will be trained the right way. The Association shall have agreements with companies such as Wal-Mart, Casas Geo, Comercial Mexicana, Superama, Soriana, Modatelas, etc.. Where there will be modules for people to deposit money, it will be a volunteer help, and why these companies would support us with these gifts? Well, people conclude their crafts workshops, these aforementioned companies will give them the opportunity to work within them as gardeners, electromechanical, plumbers, cashiers, etc. mayors. So companies would have a highly trained. With the company would have a special agreement Geo them we would provide help in other ways. The agreement would be to leave the center and meet a good realization of the office, people would be given a residential house in recognition.Thus, the EMI would help improve the lot number of unemployment in Acapulco, to provide a better quality of life for many families, especially in a big way to stabilize the economy. Our Association seeks to create an impact not only on a few, cause that looks especially great impact on young people who unfortunately can not work, even a house, those young people who are still productive with much to give Acapulco, be informed and would provide assistance so they can learn their craft so they can have a financially stable future, but also seeks to build on the great majority of society Acapulco, using radio spots, posters, pamphlets, lectures, conferences, every effort to inform people so these come to our insurance that would give them aid. The I.M.E. and most of all as a people really need such offices, by the government and the people need answers to your questions or tasks, it would be a very big impact to try to help a lot to be so, so that they can help us help them seriously as a mutual aid on the other hand draws the attention of many people and have a good income from people interested in participating in the project, also interested in financial support for the project to grow and have more resources to help other people and buy equipment needed for practice. Its a good cause that usually no one does and we as an association we are concerned about the large number of unemployment in our beloved town of Acapulco The association has established a number of people enrolled in the project, will be like a free invitation to all people living in this beautiful harbor, the doors will be open to anyone who wants to be part of this institution, to provide them with muchsupport and may succeed, but that if people have to meet the necessary requirements to enter the project and receive the necessary help. The beneficiaries we would all persons registered as both of us, but getting people who really want to work and have not been able to get a job either because of lack of experience, age (now usually hire people under age 40), as young people who are in the streets with nothing to do and just begging or cleaning windshields or street at traffic lights, these people may extract all the force and make them work in jobs
  5. 5.  We think that in 5 years, the number of youth trained in our association, will increase, and therefore also need as many teachers and it may be necessary to expand our physical infrastructure to meet demand, it will be necessary to improve our facilities as well as lounges and tools for workshops, and provides a good psychological training to young people from our campus and community. The sustainability plan is to partner or form agreements with companies to support us in carrying out the project, the agreement is to make a change for workers and trades people who are in authority to carry out trades as carpentry, plumbing, electricity, sewing, among other basics, including the completion of social events aimed at raising funds as well as requests for support to the appropriate authorities so that our institution include social programs, and also through the sale of products to develop our students. What makes my association is innovative is that it allows either a trade show carpenter, electrician, plumber, etc and places you in a job either in the same association or you get one and as you get your work with you to develop value forprovide you a home. Few associations are dedicated to teach workshops for youth to work or keep your time spent learning useful things and lower rates of vandalism and crime in the community. N addition to having government-provided scholarships for youth who have not completed school to finish it. The innovation that distinguishes the association is that he had never proposed such a thing in the Port of Acapulco, also no longer would look bad in tourist areas where people were working on the street. Mainly you need IME association is very helpful in other words we need voluntary human resources! The basis of our association are volunteers, they are essential for this project can move forward will receive trainees, students seeking to do their community service or just people who are willing to help selflessly. This could be done first of all with the exact material to raise the work to be performed as would levaran wood, fabrics, tools, electrical and plumbing, and also introduce the humanistic side of psychology to be carried out therapy to help workers We expect the contribution from the state government, we attribute our space, land on which to build our partnership, building materials and labor.
  6. 6.  Human resources would help people who really need serious materials according to the workshop if you proportions carpentry materials would nails, hammer, tools, wood etc. construction it is in our power to be our AC, economically and funds need to be paid to employees look for ways to be free nonprofit We could define institutional advertising, as that which through contracts for advertising, broadcast advertising, creative advertising and sponsorship, with budget of any of the various administrations public (State, Regional, Local) is essentially the following objectives: • Report on the existence, composition and functioning of public institutions, and inform citizens about their rights and obligations. • To promote the exercise of rights or the performance of duties on an equal footing and encourage behavior of citizens in relation to public goods and services of educational, cultural, social, health, promotion of employment or other similar nature. • Disseminate the activities, projects implemented and results obtained in respect of services provided by each public administration within the scope of the tasks and powers, being an instrument useful for the development of the territory to which it is addressed. • Awareness of citizens, promoting behaviors or habits for living, social welfare, public health, and the values ​of freedom, democracy and political pluralism. Also by means of propaganda and advertising, including people who work or assist in our partnership working in non-Mexican companies to establish relationships with them and extending our partnership with others who can help make it known in another country.
  7. 7.  EMI will feature a series of constraints and rules that will be followed in order to join the civil partnership • Stay away from harmful addictions to health. • More than 16 years with parental consent, and be in full possession of his mental faculties. • Willingness to belong to the association and keep their jobs responsibly. • IME support predominantly to people with low income or economic instability. • Follow all school attendance and literacy instruct the institution of free and compulsory. • To behave in a correct and proper in the AC and all other members that make up EMI, in which case you have a pattern of violence will eject the person. • It will expel anyone who discriminates against a member of the BC suffering from economic problems, race, sex, age, physical, and others. • Respect the social objective of EMI, as well as ideology and form of expression of each person. A core usually composed and organized to attract and enthuse others. Thus, increases participation, strengthens the commitment of members and growing social solidarity. The ultimate goal of all civil partnerships is to work for the common good. Without losing sight of this ideal goal, the statute must fix precisely the purpose which will be dedicated, subject to describe, at length and with criteria covering the tasks to be deployed depending on the subject. The offer to provide our association is a service offering. Because we are dedicated to empowering street youth to learn a trade to enable them to cope with everyday life, the services offered will be the list of options for training with the partnership count. For example our services may include training in carpentry, music, painting, theater, sports, etc..
  8. 8.  The demand for all assets and income to get lard from different periods such as economic or material support for the workers of the association, who choose to provide voluntarily and without any purpose. And be aware that revenues are not always the same in all periods because they may decrease or increase. Also the products that we have to acquire this income in accordance with the money that we can consume. The marginal utility in our civil partnership would be measured by the grade youth who are trained to give course you are, and that would value if the course is still attractive to young people who come to him, or if your low income, maybe could make changes in teaching method or switch to another course more attractive, or higher marginal utility for those who are in training. The marginal product taking into count all income available to us over the months, may vary with the economic feasibility of each of the donors with which account, if your income after the month is good is improvements will quickly and good conditions for workers, but if the income is bad it will affect the work of each and will take will be slower. In our partnership income will be by our sponsors, which are companies that help us give jobs to people who really need it. The income of the partnership is very important in determining the usefulness of a period, since the utility will result from the proceeds attributable to expenses and costs related to that income, both revenue and expenses and costs must belong to same period, so the accounting period will always hand in hand with the principle of association, otherwise it could not be referenced in the time to associate one and all. With respect to our A.C. in income and government revenue would occupy would look for corporate sponsors and even the government could ask for support to cover the costs of our AC material would work, housing etc. In our A.C. would occupy the cost with the price of materials, maintenance department, the salary of employees, raising funds for the financing, administration of the company etc.. As marginal as it affects or contributes one more unit of a given element to a variable. This concept is applied in the civil partnership as we know it brings about or affects this as being performed.