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  • Males have more technological gadgets due to the fact males are traditionally regarded as more interested in new technology and the web--> Mintel 2010 This is demonstrated in research in the Internet Usage Experiences section of this report, which shows that males are more likely to have a repertoire of 13+ web activities (27%) compared to females (21%). In this respect, they have a greater opportunity to be exposed to news about the latest gadgets coming to market.
  • For Point 1: However, increasing saturation amongst this group led manufacturers to develop new strategies to widen the appeal of their products. Manufacturers have also looked to design products in a way that make them more manageable in the event of a technical fault. For point 2: Those who claim to know ‘a little bit’ are more likely to own a smaller range of gadgets (one to three) compared to those that know ‘quite a lot’ who are more likely to own ten or more items. For 3: Families are also more likely to own a larger number of gadgets than those in the pre-/no family lifestage. This could be partly because technology is crucial to managing hectic lifestyles, and at the same time, the presence of children, who are likely to prompt parents to buy the latest gadgets, is likely to be a major factor .
  • What does social magazine mean: Social magazine is a term that Flipboard creators came up with which means a news reader type application for the iPad that has the visual appeal of a magazine, along with the social media features common to this era of the Web (integration with Facebook, Twitter and other social apps).
  • Newsmix: A cutting-edge social magazine that retrieves the best news from your friends and from the web., and lets you share your NewsMix magazine with your friends on the web. Disavantages: NewsMix even though you can add your own RSS feeds, you can’t set up a category just for a certain set of feeds. For point 2: the Flipboard user experience: the page-turning features, aesthetically pleasing UI and more fluid browsing. What is The Daily: It is an iPad newspaper launched by Rupert Murdoch in January 2011. The Daily has been touted as the "future of the newspaper" by News Corp.
  • for point 1: by searching for, selecting, processing, using and responding to information. For point 2: by navigating websites, customizing their preferences and communicating with marketers and other consumers by sharing their preferences, experiences with products and service providers and offer recommendation. For point 3: because its effectiveness lies not only on how the marketers message influences the consumer but also on how the consumer shapes the interaction through social media.
  • Point 1: According to McFadden (2010), ‘‘A key element of any advertising campaign is the alignment of the message and the brand with the content and the publisher’’. However, he claims social media is limited in this. Point 2: The advertisers desired audience is targeted, therefore brand message is not seen as a distraction but it is pleasantly welcomed because it agrees with consumers interest. Flipboard solves this problem and provides an opportunity for advertisers to move past the mass market, flashing banner ad world of social networks into the more interesting, immersive, experiential brand opportunities that arise when ads are run adjacent to graphically pleasing content on a platform that favors rich media. Point 5: In traditional media, social behaviors are impossible to track,( according to Haber, 2010) Flipboard studies the amount of impressions, the interactivity and see how often things are shared."


  • 1. Bolutife Alex-Taiwo Nneoma Ekwegh Flipboard: Social Magazine
  • 2. Agenda 1. Introduction 2. Flipboard 3. Secondary research 4. What Flipboard does 5. The battle of social magazines 6. Today’s consumers 7. Benefits to advertisers 8. Key points
  • 3. Introduction
    • What is Flipboard?
    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDARc7jhM8U.
  • 4. Secondary Research
    • Apple iPad while expensive and out of reach for the majority of the mass market, has become a highly desired object by technology lovers.
    • Tablet ownership is also currently niche (at 3% of respondents) - partly due to price but also because they are considered more a luxury than a necessity.
    • Compared to females, males are more likely to have a wider repertoire of technological items.
    (Mintel, 2010)
  • 5. Secondary Research Contd.
    • The latest gadgetry used to be more associated with early adopters, those who are young and male.
    • Technological sophistication has a significant impact on ownership of gadgets.
    • Parents are also less likely to have an active social life, and therefore may have a greater interest in gadgets for home entertainment.
    (Mintel, 2010)
  • 6. Flipboard
    • Flipboard application is referred to as a social magazine’.
    • Flipboard was launched in July 2010.
    • Flipboard won the Apple iPad application of the year 2010.
    • Flipboard is an application that creates a personalized digital and interactive magazine based on the users interests.
  • 7. What Flipboard Does:
    • Flipboard organizes information from various sources the user engages with such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Wikipedia and Google reader.
    • Flipboard provides users with their own real-time personalized magazine filled with newspaper and magazine articles, blog posts, photos, tweets and other content that the user subscribes to on the web.
  • 8. The Battle of Social Magazines Flipboard Vs. NewsMix:
    • NewsMix does not give users much control as Flipboard does.
    • Compared to NewsMix, Flipboard has a more attractive and
    • graphically appealing interface.
    Flipboard Vs. The Daily:
    • Compared to Flipboard, The Daily fails in providing the user with relevant and interesting content.
  • 9. Today’s Consumers
    • In an interactive context:
    • Consumers engage with marketing communications.
    • Consumers receive and provide information.
    • Consumers are at the centre of marketing communications.
  • 10. Benefits To Advertisers: Flipboard enables advertisers to:
    • Match advert with content and publisher through personalization.
    • Create better brand experiences through users interest.
    • Access relevant consumers because their interests are revealed through their likes, Retweets, and RSS subscriptions.
    • Move past the mass market of flashing banner ad world of social networks .
    • Know who is interacting with their adverts and what consumers do with them.
  • 11. Key Points:
    • The world of aggregation apps is a lucrative market, thus more social magazine applications are emerging.
    • The role of social media in marketing communications cannot be ignored.
    • Flipboard offers advertisers a greater opportunity to communicate with their desired target market compared to other forms of traditional media.
  • 12. Thank You Any questions?