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  1. Fixing guy problems. • • @manpacks
  2. “Dave”
  3. Why buy? Limited Time Offers Discovery of New Products Women
  4. People Love Us @grahammurphy @thathoo graham murphy rahul thathoo Sorry, Mom. You're out of a job: Nation, I have solved your problems of underwear. thanks - let there be underwear! @BrionyGunson @natehennings briony gunson nate hennings You can go climb mountains now. No more excuses, @manpacks is awesome. Prompt, direct customer menfolk! RT @thinkl33t: BEST. IDEA. EVER. service. Btwn @manpacks, @zappos, &, I might never have to run errands again. @leolaporte @danielcrenna leo laporte daniel crenna Manpacks—better than a hot stick in the eye. Finally manned up and got a @manpacks subscription. I'm on a horse.
  5. Ken Johnson, CEO Andrew Draper, CTO Product & Business Development Design / Development, Creative • 8 yrs Retail Management & Ops • 15 yrs Web Design & Dev. • Certified Web Analyst • JS/jQuery, CSS, PHP/MySQL Brandon Zeuner Ryan Swager Dave McClure Dan Martell Luc Levesque
  6. Invest now & get your next year of underwear free. Raising $ 500k 70% Committed
  7. Fixing guy problems. • • @manpacks