Collaborative Presentation Fall 2011-12
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Collaborative Presentation Fall 2011-12 Collaborative Presentation Fall 2011-12 Presentation Transcript

  • Google Apps Class where we think in the clouds ....    
  • cammryn Porhola   The Subaru Wrx Sti is one of my favorite cars along with the Lexus LFA. I really like to snowboard and I am a really big car guy. I also like to play xbox too. CammrynP
  • Ethan Ulry  I re     I
  • I'm a fan of photography, cooking, playing and recording music, and camping. I also enjoy air softing and just having a good time. I also do some stop motion on the side if you would like to see my work here is a link  this is a picture of the sunset from the deck at our beach house Gavin J       Vowell
  •         DAVID HOBBIES Watching the Blazers and NBA Playing guitar  Riding my bicycle Learning about sport history FAVORITE SPORT TEAMS Blazers,NBA: Suns,NBA: Pumas,Soccer:Timbers,Soccer.                        
  • Letha Clark This is Me!! I live with my Grandma and my dog, Buffy. I play soccer 24/7. (Or it seems that way to me.) My birthday is October the 12th. I have a crazy obsession with cheese, don't ask, it's complicated. The music I like is: Skillet Within Temptation And many many more!!!!!!! My interests are: Soccer Biking Animals Real and Fantasy Racing I hope to be a vet someday and own a clinic. I love being outdoors and biking through the woods. And I LOVE reading!!! ALOT!!!
  • Maddie Hallas My interests include: Piano Hanging with friends Reading and Writing Editing Pictures Creating Slide-shows I was in Karate for almost 8 years, and I received my black belt in May 2011. I also enjoy cooking and I want to attend Culinary School. Me and my best friend, Olivia Also I'm a sophomore, and this is my 3rd year in CWA
  • Madison Kekacs I want to be a Wedding Photographer!   I love to take pictures. I love the color green,  hanging out with my family, and traveling to Utah to see my family and friends! I like gymnastics.  I have a mini Australian shepherd dog. Her name is Sierra!  . All the pictures on here are ones I took!
  •                           Naomi Froehlich capturing and editing pictures are one of my favorite pass times :)  i assist in a daycare/preschool weekly, i love love love little  kids <3     *i love zebras*   16 years old  african-american native american german dutch irish        people say i am: bright hilarious silly /fun/playful  happy caring  etc. :)
  • Lollipop:Phaha O e s A:D Distracted by everything:P   I LOVE SOCCER:D I am very random:D When I was 2 I said my first big word...expansive....but I never talked when I was younger GO BOSTON RED SOX:P I have a strange obsession with CHEESE:)
  • Sirena Vowell I like to go kayaking, swimming, walking around in the woods barefoot, hiking, reading and doing puzzles.            some of my favorite living things  are snakes  and mastiffs. Sirena Vowell
  • Spencer Rice   My SOUL is in the SKY. Shakespeare     Spencer Rice I like to play Baseball! I'm a trick skier. I do bird hunting! Most of all I love to fly!
  • Tanner G Cars are my passion.  Especially the Audi R8 and it's older cousin, the Audi Rally Quattro. Thankfully tell i can legally drive, i can drive both cars and many more on my XBOX, which is my favorite console. And after driving like a mad man i love to play guitar
  • I really like my xbox cause they really fun to play especially when you have xbox live so you can play with your friends That car down there is a mitsubishi lancer evolution VII WRC its pretty beast I like it cause its fast and agile and again its awsome I like to swim,  snowboard,play videogames, and I like to read and i like cars :P I also like to listen to bands like skrillex, greenday, and linkin park No - name Quinton's slide?  I'm not sure, Mr. Grant Quinton
  • Mr. John Grant  Me, 20 years ago - woohoo! Here, is why I love to fish, caught this beauty on the Yellowstone River Summer filled family activities - camping, hiking, biking Go Beavs !    
  • 1.  What is one good thing about &quot;sharing&quot; when creating a group presentation?  2.  What kind of problems did we have when &quot;sharing&quot;?   3.  How should presentation sides be evaluated?  What are the major components of a &quot;Best&quot; slide?