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Collaborative Presentation Fall 2011-12


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Published in: Sports, Automotive
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Collaborative Presentation Fall 2011-12

  1. 1. Google Apps Class where we think in the clouds ....    
  2. 2. cammryn Porhola   The Subaru Wrx Sti is one of my favorite cars along with the Lexus LFA. I really like to snowboard and I am a really big car guy. I also like to play xbox too. CammrynP
  3. 3. Ethan Ulry  I re     I
  4. 4. I'm a fan of photography, cooking, playing and recording music, and camping. I also enjoy air softing and just having a good time. I also do some stop motion on the side if you would like to see my work here is a link  this is a picture of the sunset from the deck at our beach house Gavin J       Vowell
  5. 5.         DAVID HOBBIES Watching the Blazers and NBA Playing guitar  Riding my bicycle Learning about sport history FAVORITE SPORT TEAMS Blazers,NBA: Suns,NBA: Pumas,Soccer:Timbers,Soccer.                        
  6. 6. Letha Clark This is Me!! I live with my Grandma and my dog, Buffy. I play soccer 24/7. (Or it seems that way to me.) My birthday is October the 12th. I have a crazy obsession with cheese, don't ask, it's complicated. The music I like is: Skillet Within Temptation And many many more!!!!!!! My interests are: Soccer Biking Animals Real and Fantasy Racing I hope to be a vet someday and own a clinic. I love being outdoors and biking through the woods. And I LOVE reading!!! ALOT!!!
  7. 7. Maddie Hallas My interests include: Piano Hanging with friends Reading and Writing Editing Pictures Creating Slide-shows I was in Karate for almost 8 years, and I received my black belt in May 2011. I also enjoy cooking and I want to attend Culinary School. Me and my best friend, Olivia Also I'm a sophomore, and this is my 3rd year in CWA
  8. 8. Madison Kekacs I want to be a Wedding Photographer!   I love to take pictures. I love the color green,  hanging out with my family, and traveling to Utah to see my family and friends! I like gymnastics.  I have a mini Australian shepherd dog. Her name is Sierra!  . All the pictures on here are ones I took!
  9. 9.                           Naomi Froehlich capturing and editing pictures are one of my favorite pass times :)  i assist in a daycare/preschool weekly, i love love love little  kids <3     *i love zebras*   16 years old  african-american native american german dutch irish        people say i am: bright hilarious silly /fun/playful  happy caring  etc. :)
  10. 10. Lollipop:Phaha O e s A:D Distracted by everything:P   I LOVE SOCCER:D I am very random:D When I was 2 I said my first big word...expansive....but I never talked when I was younger GO BOSTON RED SOX:P I have a strange obsession with CHEESE:)
  11. 11. Sirena Vowell I like to go kayaking, swimming, walking around in the woods barefoot, hiking, reading and doing puzzles.            some of my favorite living things  are snakes  and mastiffs. Sirena Vowell
  12. 12. Spencer Rice   My SOUL is in the SKY. Shakespeare     Spencer Rice I like to play Baseball! I'm a trick skier. I do bird hunting! Most of all I love to fly!
  13. 13. Tanner G Cars are my passion.  Especially the Audi R8 and it's older cousin, the Audi Rally Quattro. Thankfully tell i can legally drive, i can drive both cars and many more on my XBOX, which is my favorite console. And after driving like a mad man i love to play guitar
  14. 14. I really like my xbox cause they really fun to play especially when you have xbox live so you can play with your friends That car down there is a mitsubishi lancer evolution VII WRC its pretty beast I like it cause its fast and agile and again its awsome I like to swim,  snowboard,play videogames, and I like to read and i like cars :P I also like to listen to bands like skrillex, greenday, and linkin park No - name Quinton's slide?  I'm not sure, Mr. Grant Quinton
  15. 15. Mr. John Grant  Me, 20 years ago - woohoo! Here, is why I love to fish, caught this beauty on the Yellowstone River Summer filled family activities - camping, hiking, biking Go Beavs !    
  16. 23. 1.  What is one good thing about &quot;sharing&quot; when creating a group presentation?  2.  What kind of problems did we have when &quot;sharing&quot;?   3.  How should presentation sides be evaluated?  What are the major components of a &quot;Best&quot; slide?