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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. SPOT: The Dirty Puppy There was once a puppy named Spot who always liked to play in the mud. He had seen some other dogs doing it and it looked like fun! Spot didn’t like to take a bath, he just wanted to play. He would run around the house, dripping mud all over the floor. Sometimes, he even ate his food all covered in mud.
  2. 2. Spot’s owner would always try to catch Spot to give him a bath. But Spot was just too fast. His owner couldn’t catch him. Spot’s owner nicknamed him “The Dirty Puppy”. Spot was very adventurous and would sometimes explore the neighborhood. He would visit the park and play in the mud beside the stream. He would go next door to visit the other dogs and play with them. He would dig under Mrs. Fern’s flowerbed. Spot was one curious puppy. One day, as he was running around the neighborhood, all covered in mud, a dog catcher grabbed him by the collar, thinking he was a stray! “What a dirty puppy, you are!” exclaimed the dog catcher. “No owner would let his dog become this dirty. I’ll get you all cleaned up in the DOG POUND.”
  3. 3. Spot thought to himself, “Oh no! I should have taken a bath! I don’t want to go to the pound!!” Fortunately, Spot’s owner heard Spot’s cries and told the dog catcher that Spot was his puppy. He said, “He’s not a stray. He’s just a VERY DIRTY PUPPY.” The dog catcher did not believe Spot’s owner. He said, “Okay, prove it.” “Look, he has my name on his collar. Please don’t take him to the pound,” said Spot’s owner. “Oh, there’s a collar? I didn’t see it because of all the mud on his fur.” The dog catcher, realizing his mistake, let Spot go. Spot was very happy to be reunited with his owner. He thought he would never get to see him again and play in the neighborhood.
  4. 4. Spot learned his lesson. He still loves to play in the mud, but every time Spot’s owner tells him to take a bath, he does. He was never called a dirty puppy again. THE END :) Story by: Laura Abad, Gabbey Mendoza, Ada Tayao EDUC 190 WF 8:30-12 Jul 21, 2010 Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License
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