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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Rene Rosario
  2. 2. Airplanes As a child me and my father had a certain connection when it came to airplanes. Airplanes is our hobby , we both enjoy have each other learning and building model planes. When I finally turned ten I was allowed to fly one but my father had to as agree with me that I was ready to fly. He said yes but he also had to be with me in the plane. It was still an amazing and experience ride. But that was the only time I could fly because I had to be sixteen to my again and go for my pilots license.
  3. 3. Bands My favorite bands are Linkin Park , Escape the fate, Hollywood undead, Bullet for my Valentine, Breaking Benjamin. These are my favorite bands because they are rock and all there songs have a certain meaning to it. Also all there logos are cool and they create there logos to the shape of the music. I think that is pretty cool.
  4. 4. Concerts I love going to concerts because I enjoy the music and my friends come with me when I go so we all have fun and listen to our favorite music. Also I love going because when the bands get to the best parts of there song fireworks go off and lights flash everywhere and its colorful and people have more fun which is why people go. Another reason I think concerts are amazing is because just hearing the guitars just make me go crazy , cause I favorite interment. The concerts I go the guitars have and extreme solo and it just amazes me that the guitar can do that , also the sound of the guitars are just divine.
  5. 5. Deck Hockey Deck hockey is my favorite sport I’ve been playing the sport for 6 years and the sports is still amazing and energetic. My brother and I are very good players we practice everyday outside with our nets and hockey sticks so we don’t loose our skill in the game. But other than that we are very skilled. Our parents encourage us to play our best and it works we play awesome games every time we play.
  6. 6. Family My family is one of a kind we play games together and laugh well we just like to enjoy the time we have together. All the time my father tells me I need to do good in school so in the future I have a good life and don’t end up on the street. He teaches us a lesson in life and shows us proper ways to do things and that helps with a lot and that’s why I love my family.
  7. 7. Guitar During my spear time I go into my room and play my guitar. I will usually go on YouTube and look up new songs and try to play them but I need the notes that go with them. I got into guitar by my dad because as he was a child his parent taught him to play and he just carried on the tradition to teach it to his first son.
  8. 8. Husky I have a dog he his a husky I named him shadow because my is very sneak and like to play in the dark. During the winter shadow and I love to go out in the snow and just play around. Shadow is only 2 years old and it feels like I’ve know him for my whole life and I’m glad that my parents got me him for Christmas!!!!!
  9. 9. Iraq Last year my step dad Juan went to Iraq and it was the hardest time of my life because I was scared that he wasn’t going to come back and it bothered me until to 400 days we over and he finally came back. Those days that he was gone I got on my laptop and Skype him and we will see what we have been up to and see how the family is doing.
  10. 10. Key