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Tips & Tricks for for doing work with the government
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Tips & Tricks for for doing work with the government


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Gary Massey, President of Government State & Local Partners, LLC, discusses the value of government contracts and shares his expertise on successfully working with government agencies. …

Gary Massey, President of Government State & Local Partners, LLC, discusses the value of government contracts and shares his expertise on successfully working with government agencies.

Watch the webinar here:

Published in: Education, Business

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  • 1. Tips and Tricks For Doing Work With The Government !"#$%&"'()"*+",-''.*,#'/*00"#1'2,"034"$&'%5'.(62' 734(#$8'63$+0'269(':";3$*,'(",3"0' (")&"<;",'=>1'?@=?'
  • 2. Agenda !! Welcome and introductions !! Keynote speaker: Gary Massey (GSLP) Government State & Local Partners LLC !! BidSync demo !! Q & A !! Award winner of the Kindle Fire
  • 3. Today’s Keynote Speaker !! Gary Massey, President of GSLP: Government State & Local Partners LLC
  • 4. Overview: Government Business !! $1.5 trillion dollars are spent every year by federal, state and local governments on IT services, engineering services, printing services, architectural services, office supplies, food services, capital projects such as highways, bridges and public buildings, not to mention hundreds of other service areas
  • 5. Tips & Tricks: Example of Government Spending !! Top 10 state IT budgets (2012) : CA $4.9B, NewYork $3.7B, Illinois $2B, PA $2B,TX $2B, FL $1.9B, OH $1.7B, MA $1.6B and NJ $1.4B. !! TXTop 5 agency IT budgets (2012): TX HHSC $702M,TXDOT $417M,TX DEPT OF AGING & DISABILITY $206M,TDCJ $142M and TX DEPT OF HEALTH SERVICES $139M.
  • 6. Tips & Tricks: Gaining an inside track to government work… !! 1. Know your products & services !! 2. Prior & present knowledge - RFP, RFO & RFI !! 3. Opportunities: visit agency purchasing departments. !! 4. Help draft & create: RFP, RFP or RFI !! 5. Tack: purchasing department websites !! 6. Acquire: bid otification service that monitors agency daily bid solicitations & alerts you of them.
  • 7. Tips & Tricks: Know what you have and what they want… !! Assess what aspect of government contracting you are targeting to go after !! Understand specifically what the government is actually putting out to bid !! Governments put out 90,000 bids any given month !! Internal tracking versus a bid notification service
  • 8. Tips & Tricks: Become a known entity !! Register your company with each state, county, municipality, and school district. !! For example: If you are inTexas visit with TX Dept. of Information Resources (DIR) and your 24 regionalTexas Council of Governments that you wish to conduct business with.
  • 9. Tips & Tricks: Relationships matter !! Until a relationship is forged, one bid response is just as good as another; when a company is known and trusted, it has more weight. !! Get to know key agency players & internal agency champions. !! Join state procurement associations.
  • 10. Tips & Tricks: Quality Counts !! A professional, well-written proposal with the right information will stand out. Be sure to include everything requested and if there is a budget, stay within. Look at other prior bids. Ask purchasing for proposals they deem were the best.
  • 11. Price is important !! Government agencies are under increased scrutiny because of increased demands for transparency as to how much—and on what—they are spending taxpayer dollars. !! Quality of solution, coupled with references & reputations are critical. !! Pricing is paramount!
  • 12. Tips & Tricks: Leverage transparency !! Go to an agency and find out who has won similar bids in the past, what their prices were and how the bid responses were written. Most states offer sites which show where the money goes as it relates to spending by agency, category, detailed purchase code, payment to vendors & department of transportation payment expenditures. !! Example:
  • 13. BidSync Links !! BidSync has contracted with hundreds of various agencies to be the sole provider of their bids. !! We match the bids to your company’s specifications and send you email notifications.
  • 14. Links Registration Demo !! Please stay tuned as we demonstrate our free Links service.
  • 15. Daily Links Plus Bid Notification Email
  • 16. BidSync Links Plus !! We monitor over 90,000 agencies for new public purchasing opportunities every day. !! As new bid opportunities are posted on the web, BidSync sends you a daily report with links to access the bids.
  • 17. Links Links Plus >@@'AB"$83"0' C@1@@@'AB"$83"0'
  • 18. BidSync Stats !! Over 28,000 Links Plus subscriptions sold !! More subscribers than any other bid notification company !! Industry leading retention rate !! Over 90,000 agencies monitored by our extraction software !! BidSync is on track to release over 1 million bids this year
  • 19. Package Options
  • 20. Q & A !! Thank you for attending!!