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The Benefits of Becoming GSA Certified


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The Federal government is considered to be the single largest buyer of goods and services in the world. Much of this multi-trillion dollar market is transacted through the GSA Schedules program which allows all Federal agencies to purchase products and services at pre-negotiated rates.

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The Benefits of Becoming GSA Certified

  1. 1. 1 The Benefits of Becoming GSA Certified Presented by BidSync and NCI (Nu Cen-tury Inc.)
  2. 2. !"#$%&"'()*+,-"./01/(234/+"4,)"50,6)2,748" #" Jason McCaul Product Manager BidSync Shivonne Laviolette Vice President of Business Development Nu Cen-tury Inc. Presenters
  3. 3. !"#$%&"'()*+,-"./01/(234/+"4,)"50,6)2,748" &" •! Established in 1999 •! Leading provider of bid notification and e-procurement solutions •! Privately held •! Headquartered in American Fork, Utah •! 1,000+ e-procurement customers –! State & local government, higher education •! 700,000+ vendor database BidSync Overview
  4. 4. !"#$%&"'()*+,-"./01/(234/+"4,)"50,6)2,748" 9" •! Established in 2010 by Kevin D. Chace •! Over 50 years combined government marketing, contract processing and proposal writing experience •! Over 1000 clients: GSA, DoD eMall, SeaPort, Bid Writing, Set Asides, Contract Maintenance & Support, Government Marketing •! What separates NCI from other consulting companies? About NCI NCI – Nu Cen-tury Inc. 13219 U.S. Hwy 19th N. Palm Harbor, FL 34684 877.686.5453 "
  5. 5. !"#$%&"'()*+,-"./01/(234/+"4,)"50,6)2,748" :" Government Contracting Overview How the Federal government buys products/services: •!MMiiccrroo PPuurrcchhaasseess:: $3,000 and under credit card purchases •!SSAAPP ((SSiimmpplliififieedd AAccqquuiissiittiioonn PPuurrcchhaasseess)):: $3,000-$150,000 (Set Aside for Small Businesses) •!CClloosseedd CCoommppeettiittiioonn:: Contract Vehicles (GSA, DoD eMall, Seaport) •!SSoollee SSoouurrcciinngg:: Set Asides (8a, HubZone, Veteran, Service Disabled Veteran) •!FFuullll aanndd OOppeenn CCoommppeettiittiioonn:: BidSync Notifications; also known as Open Market
  6. 6. !"#$%&"'()*+,-"./01/(234/+"4,)"50,6)2,748" ;" Government Contracting Overview Registrations and Certifications: •!SSAAMM:: The System for Award Management (required for all government vendors) •!SSmmaallll BBuussiinneessss//WWoommaann OOwwnneedd//MMiinnoorriittyy OOwwnneedd:: Self certifications through SAM that open up set asides for all procurement methods •!88aa:: Socially/Economically Disadvantaged Business (9 year program with specific qualifications) •!88mm//WWOOSSBB//EEDDWWOOSSBB:: Federal program for woman-owned businesses that are under-represented in certain industries •!HHuubb ZZoonnee:: Historically Underutilized Business Zones •!VVeetteerraann//SSeerrvviiccee DDiissaabblleedd VVeetteerraann OOwwnneedd:: Managed through
  7. 7. !"#$%&"'()*+,-"./01/(234/+"4,)"50,6)2,748" <" The GSA Schedules Program What is the GSA? GSA (General Services Administration) assists with procurement work for other government agencies. As part of this effort, it maintains the large GSA Schedule, which other agencies can use to buy goods and services. The GSA Schedule can be thought of as a collection of pre-negotiated contracts. Procurement managers from government agencies can view these agreements and make purchases from the GSA Schedule knowing that all legal obligations have been taken care of by GSA. " "
  8. 8. !"#$%&"'()*+,-"./01/(234/+"4,)"50,6)2,748" =" The GSA Schedules Program What is the GSA MAS (Multiple Awards Schedule)? •!5 year contract, renewable 3 times •!Pre-negotiated rates that can be updated •!Pre-negotiated terms (delivery, payment, etc.) •!Can be used by any Federal agency •!Can be used by certain State agencies "
  9. 9. !"#$%&"'()*+,-"./01/(234/+"4,)"50,6)2,748" >" The GSA Schedules Program How do agencies buy through GSA? •! Online shopping portal offering contractors services and products at pre-negotiated rate;“Point-Click-Buy” •! Searchable directory of contract holders, their terms and conditions, and catalogs •! Closed RFQ system " "
  10. 10. !"#$%&"'()*+,-"./01/(234/+"4,)"50,6)2,748" %$" The GSA Schedules Program eBuy – Request For Quotes
  11. 11. !"#$%&"'()*+,-"./01/(234/+"4,)"50,6)2,748" %%" The GSA Schedules Program eBuy – RFQs
  12. 12. !"#$%&"'()*+,-"./01/(234/+"4,)"50,6)2,748" %#" The GSA Schedules Program eBuy – RFQs
  13. 13. !"#$%&"'()*+,-"./01/(234/+"4,)"50,6)2,748" %&" The GSA Schedules Program GSA Facts •!Every Federal buyer, every Federal agency, around the world, uses the GSA Schedules Program ? saving time and money on procurement •!State & Local government buyers also use the GSA Schedules Program; programs such as Cooperative Purchasing, Disaster Recovery and State MAS Contracts •!GSA spending has risen around 25% every year for the past 5 years! •!The average GSA contractor made more than $266K last year! •!A GSA contract makes doing business with the government easier and more profitable than most imagine! " "
  14. 14. !"#$%&"'()*+,-"./01/(234/+"4,)"50,6)2,748" %9" The GSA Schedules Program Is the GSA right for your business? •!Do you want to open a new market or expand your current one with the largest buyer in the world? •!Can you provide the government with a standard price for your goods and/ or services? •!Can you see your company benefiting from this contract? •!Can you take on additional business? •!Do you see how doing business with the government can be more profitable and much easier than you knew? •!Would you like to have a 5 year contract that is renewable 3 times (20 years of steady business)? " "
  15. 15. !"#$%&"'()*+,-"./01/(234/+"4,)"50,6)2,748" %:" The GSA Schedules Program Do you qualify for a GSA Schedule Contract? •!Have to have been in business at least two years •!Have to sold at least $25,000 worth of products or services per year over the last two years •!Products must be manufactured in a country who has a trade agreement with the U.S. •!The company cannot have had a bankruptcy in the last three years •!All principles of the company cannot have ever been convicted of bid- rigging or a felony in the last three years •!The company cannot have any federal liens against it without a payment plan in place " "
  16. 16. !"#$%&"'()*+,-"./01/(234/+"4,)"50,6)2,748" %;" GSA Application Process •!""Identify the appropriate GSA Schedule through eLibrary •! Download the corresponding solicitation from eLibrary (may redirect you to •! Required registrations: Dun & Bradstreet and SAM •! Prepare a proposal •!Pricing and supporting documentation •!Technical narratives and supporting documentation •!Obtain a Past Performance Evaluation from D&B ($190) •!Obtain an ACES digital certificate •!Include financials •!Obtain letters of supply if applicable •!Submit proposal through eOffer •!GSA contract clarifications and negotiations •!Contract award "
  17. 17. !"#$%&"'()*+,-"./01/(234/+"4,)"50,6)2,748" %<" GSA Application Process What you Should Know •!Every solicitation refreshes/updates every 90 days •!New requirements may show up in refreshes •!When submitting your proposal, all information should be in the templates from the most current refresh •!Double check to make sure whether rates are subject to SCA (Service Contract Act/Davis Bacon) •!For products, make sure to obtain a Letter of Supply from your vendor or manufacturer that reads exactly as in the template •!Include supporting SOWs and invoices for pricing and experience •!It can take up to 12 months for the GSA to review your offer •!80% of offers will require additional information (clarifications) or will be rejected on the first submission " "
  18. 18. !"#$%&"'()*+,-"./01/(234/+"4,)"50,6)2,748" %=" GSA Advantage •! Upload terms and conditions through SIP (Schedules Input Program) •! Upload product descriptions and images through SIP eBuy •! Request a password from Vendor Support •! Monitor RFQs •! Respond to all RFQs even if no quoting •! Save all contacts Capitalizing on your GSA Schedule
  19. 19. !"#$%&"'()*+,-"./01/(234/+"4,)"50,6)2,748" %>" Create a Marketing Plan •! Email campaigns •! Direct mail pieces •! Sales strategy •! Competitive analysis Create a Maintenance Plan •! Store all documents from proposal and award •! Report sales quarterly •! Keep up with current pricing and MAS mods •! Be prepared for your audit Capitalizing on your GSA Schedule
  20. 20. !"#$%&"'()*+,-"./01/(234/+"4,)"50,6)2,748" #$" Many other Federal Contract Vehicles are available •! DoD eMall (Department of Defense Electronic Mall): Must have a GSA •! DAPA (Distribution and Pricing Agreement): Must have a GSA •! SeaPort E: Must have Military experience •! SEWP: IT products State programs available •! CMAS (California Multiple Award Schedule): Does not require GSA but requires GSA pricing •! TXMAS (Texas Multiple Award Schedule): Must have a GSA Additional Contracts andVehicles
  21. 21. !"#$%&"'()*+,-"./01/(234/+"4,)"50,6)2,748" #%" Help is Available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
  22. 22. !"#$%&"'()*+,-"./01/(234/+"4,)"50,6)2,748" ##" Thank you for attending today’s webinar presented by BidSync and NCI. The floor is open for questions. Q&A
  23. 23. !"#$%&"'()*+,-"./01/(234/+"4,)"50,6)2,748" #&" Jason McCaul Product Manager BidSync Shivonne Laviolette Vice President of Business Development NCI (Nu Cen-tury Inc.) Thank you for attending!