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Local.com - Local SEO

  1. 1. Local SEO: Getting On the Map
  2. 2. Who We Are NASDAQ: Local.com IPO Q3 2004 Website launched Q3 ’05 Today Flagship www.local.com local search engine, plus business directories on 700+ regional media sites Patented local search technologies Large market share Growing organic traffic across site and network >20MM unique visitors per month Top 10 in search with growing share Top 3 fastest-growing in local online advertising Advertising revenue model >20,000 small business customers Ad partners include Yahoo!, Superpages.com, Yellowpages.com and many more 1
  3. 3. Overview Don’t Fear the 10/7 Pack • Seriously, it’s there for a reason REAL Content is King • Don’t fake it until you make it, just make it Fight The Right Battles • Don’t take on the big boys BONUS: The Most Powerful Search Tool EVER
  4. 4. Here, There Be Monsters
  5. 5. Don’t Fear The 10/7 Pack What is it?
  6. 6. Don’t Fear The 10/7 Pack What is it? AdWords 10/7 Pack AdWords Ad Extensions
  7. 7. Don’t Fear The 10/7 Pack What is it? • AdWords Pay-per-clicks text ads, the life blood of Google Can be geo-targeted, but rarely are despite Google’s best efforts • AdWords Ad Extensions Map Marker & AdWords with Maps – Relatively new test in the AdWords family, ran only in San Francisco & San Diego – Test completed last week, Google is analyzing data for possible continuation – Flat monthly fee based on location, etc. – Included click and call tracking Traditional AdWords with an address – A little hard to find in the AdWords interface, but worth the effort • 7/10 Pack Similar to Google’s organic listings, but map related Google grabs this data from a variety of sources, but you can also add it yourself via the Local Business Center Usually the most relevant result for a local search
  8. 8. REAL Content is King Content – A great way to get great organic placement
  9. 9. REAL Content is King Content: • A great way to get great organic placement However, you have to make it your own content • Don’t steal your content from the corporate office, the franchise company, industry specialists, etc. While duplicate content is low on the list of poor SEO habits, it certainly doesn’t help • Be the industry expert you are, online Write articles, start a blog, get the word out there If you can’t write a lick, there is plenty of help out there
  10. 10. Fight The Right Battles David & Goliath in local search
  11. 11. Fight The Right Battles David & Goliath in local search • As mentioned previously, be the product and service expert in the form of great content on your site, however, do it locally, not nationally • Target your content via locally relevant articles Don’t just write about “radon”, the EPA has that covered Write about “radon in Phoenix, AZ” because that’s what your customers are looking for when they are shopping for a product or service
  12. 12. The Most Powerful Search Tool EVER
  13. 13. The Most Powerful Search Tool EVER You!
  14. 14. Jeff Ferguson | jferguson@local.com | @countxero THANK YOU!