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  1. 1. 2010 Location Based Services Market Map Richard Warren rwarren@ Tim Ellis tellis@ Tom Heritage www. theritage@ +44 (0)870 874 8700 FirstPartner Introduction r Welcome to the FirstPartner Location Based Services (LBS) Market Map providing an overview of the LBS solution market and ecosystem players. The major LBS market sector dynamics are shown below: Customers The typical mobile socialiser Regular explorers want to Commuters are time Administrations can use Need solutions to deliver wants to know the current combine navigation with The cautious traveller limited and as such LBS for location Market Trends Mobile location of their friends, with Regular access to reviews and Cautious wants the security of want rapid access to e ciency and optimal costs. Tracking of Government dependent tolling, tra c Leading current trends include: recommendations and recommendations, points of knowing where they are Commuters accurate transport Business employees and assets to oyees & Public Sector management, • The increasing range and volume of location enhanced mobile applications, Socialisers guidance to attractions such Explorers interest and local search to Travellers going through access to information, including achieve safety & security emergency response and as restaurants, clubs and gain information on the new route navigation and tra c information and other civil measurement • Growing consumer usage of mobile mapping and navigation services. - 21.1 compliance. events. location current information. public transport data. applications. e Million consumers in the ve largest European markets (Britain, France, Germany, Spain and Italy) used their phones for navigation in Feb 2010 – a 68% year on year increase (comScore) • The challenge to established PND brands by mobile handset and platform vendors • The continued focus by start-ups, Mobile Network Operators, handset Distribution vendors and established Social Networking services on location based social media. Handset Mobile Network Operators PND Vendors Internet Mobile Application Stores Retail Market drivers include the rapid rise in the penetration of GPS equipped smart phones and feature phones, the proliferation of mobile apps that are able to Pre-loading of maps and navigation software has become Premium navigation services are being o ered by Mobile Faced with declining demand and downward price pressure, The Internet is the most widely used consumer channel Now o ered by all leading smart phone vendors and an The focus of this LBS Market On-line and o -line retail is the traditional distribution ine standard on smart phones and increasingly common on Network Operators to stimulate ARPU. Threatened by the PND manufacturers are increasingly o ering connected for mapping, navigation, location aware social obile increasing number of Mobile Network Operators, application Map is the ecosystem around n access GPS and LBS functionality and consumer adoption of those apps. channel for PNDs, handsets and on board maps distributed feature phones. launch of free services by Google and Nokia the model may devices supporting premium value added services o ered networking and other LBS services. stores are the major channel for independent mobile memor via memory cards. consumer LBS devices, Business models for services are as yet unproven and, with the exception of move to inclusion in premium tari bundles. through subscription or hardware bundles. navigation and LBS applications. applications and services. specialist and managed applications, are unlikely to be based purely on a location or navigation value proposition. Google and Nokia’s decision to o er Nokia Ovi Maps Vodafone Find&Go TomTom Via Michelin Apple App Store Carphone Warehouse turn-by-turn navigation free of charge challenges premium pricing models for Samsung Route 66 Orange Orange Maps Navigon TomTom Android Market Carrefour mobile navigation and the established PND vendors. Vodafone has closed RIM BlackBerry Maps Verizon VZ Navigator Garmin Google Nokia Ovi Media Markt t newly acquired Way nder in response. Vendors and service providers need to prove brand and service value to consumers and develop innovative pricing models. Services Platform Trends r Whilst growth in PND shipments is forecast to slow, GPS equipped mobile Navigation Local Search Travel POI & Recommendations Social Networking Entertainment & Leisure Advertising & Marketing People Tracking Telematics & Tracking handset shipments are taking increasing market share. Local search is a dynamic service using live Often combining local information with Location awareness combined with mobility allows Ads are targeted based on a consumer’s Consumer and business applications Applications Including vehicle tracking and Handset Navigation: Navigation is evolving from dedicated in car database directories to search attractions, Travel guides, travel information and social networking, and increasingly enhanced users to track friends and share location orientated ack Games, event guides, sports and leisure apps location (through geofencing). This may be combining geofencing with "panic alerts" control , road pricing, workforce management, • Berg Insight has estimated 2009 sales of GPS-enabled GSM/WCDMA to and leisure devices to encompass a range of planning advice available through mobile integrate location awareness, geotagging with the enhancement of results with augmented reality, services o er rich content and experiences. Specialist services combined with other demographic, include child, vulnerable person and lone and asset management delivered via be 150 million units (15% attachment rate) and forecasts total GPS driving, pedestrian and public transport apps and the internet. and Social Networking features to deliver ocial automatically being ltered based upon the local information and member integrate with Facebook and Twitter which will also preference and contextual information. worker tracking. specialist devices, inbuilt vehicle systems and applications for mobile phones. compelling experiences. enabled handset sales to reach 960 million (60% of all sales) by 2014. user’s physical location. recommedations. o er location awareness on mobile in 2010. mobile handsets. • GfK reports almost 66% of navigation devices in the EU are phone based with 33% being PNDs a Personal Navigation Devices (PND): Latitude • The European PND market has matured quickest. Out of an estimated TomTom Apello ActiveGuru Vicinity Lonely Planet FourSquare Google Geomium Spoonfed Media Spoonfed Mobgeo WaveMarket Family Finder TomTom WORK 40 million units sold in 2008, the European market accounts for Nav N Go MapQuest Multiplied Media Poynt Dopplr Rummble Loopt Hummba Orbster GPS Mission ission Alcatel Lucent/1020 Placecast Reliance Security Protect Combain Mobile AB approximately 45%, America 41% and Asia/ Paci c 13%. However sales Presselite NIM Mobile Commerce Wcities Yelp Gypsii Locr Navteq Buddi Trimble volume in the 5 major European markets declined by12.4% in 2009 (from 10.87 to 9.52 million units) and average selling prices also fell 14.6%. (Source GfK) • ABI Research forecasts that PND shipments will stagnate at 48M units by 2015 with the largest growth in Asian markets. Platforms Monetisation P In Dash Navigation: • 12% of new cars will ship with embedded telematics by 2010 with safety Applications Content Mobile Handsets PNDs and security features such as emergency calling (eCall) and breakdown • Apple • Nokia • TomTom • Navigon The following business models are assistance (bCall) as the most popular LBS applications (ABI Research). Mobile Navigation Software Houses Technology Providers Static Content Dynamic Content • HTC • RIM • Garmin • Netropia being deployed but are challenged by • Fully integrated co branded TomTom navigation solutions are being Vendors o ering Navigation products Software development and Provide technology solutions which Directory listings, PoI information and ectory Fee based or advertising funded • LG • Samsung • Magellan • Navman free o erings. deployed by Renault and Fiat. simplify development of o erings specialist geo referenced data utilised information which gets updated to Mobile Network Operators, consulting for custom mapping, Google • SonyEricsson • Mio • Biota Group such as turn-by-turn voice by third party consumer and business frequently t Handset Vendors and Directly to tracking, geographical information ications applications navigation, location tracking, and Consumers. and location based services. advertising enabled services. Business listings Fuel Prices Tablets Consumer / Leisure Subscription GPS-Integrated Mobile Devices Community facilities Weather • Apple iPad • Sony • Satmap Regular automated payments taken for access Apello Andes B.V. Route Planning MapIT Map Creation Entertainment locations Event Information • Garmin • Satmap premium services, notably turn by turn to EnGIS Technologies Indra Enterprise Solutions LOGIBALL Enterprise Solutions erprise Demographics Tra c information Annual Shipments Global Forecast (2007-20012) navigation. 800 Navigon Maporama Enterprise Mapping VisioGlobe 3D UI Engine Social indicators Restaurant ratings • Lowrance Millions of Units Route 66 Nexus Geogra cs Custom GIS WaveMarket Navigation Engine Local government Booking information • Polar 600 TCS (Networks in Motion) OnPoint Security, GIS and Novasys Mapping, GIS & LBS , s and business data Pay By Use 400 Telmap Caribbean Mapping Spime Navigation • AT&T • NeoSpeech • SVOX 200 TomTom MetaCarta Geographic Search Voice Technologies • Cepstral • Nuance The premium product is usually distributed free of charge, with charges being made per • Atheros • eRide • Qualcomm • U-blox use. 0 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 GPS Chipsets • Broadcom • In neon • SiGe • CSR/SIRF • Mediatek • Texas Instruments r Source: 2008 Park Associates Service Bundling GPS-integrated Mobile Devices: PND, PMP, Mobile Handset & PDA O ering Location Based Services along side another service (such as mobile calls) with Acquisitions and Consolidation joint billing. Defining Location i • Nokia continues to build its capability to deliver its “social location” vision through the purchases of Navteq, Gate5, Bit-side, Dopplr and, Location directories and APIs form the basis of many LBS services. Mapping APIs Digital Maps Digital Imaging Advertising most recently in April 2010, geographic intelligence company MetaCarta. Location Finding Location Sharing & Mashups Digital Map Data is critical for navigation and some location based services. The consumer market is dominated by NAVTQ (Nokia) and TeleAtlas (TomTom). Smaller suppliers serve specialist and niche markets. Satellite and aerial digital images add richness to consumer mapping and Advertisers subsidise the cost of a service or • More acquisitions are expected as other handset vendors seek to navigation services and are essential for Geolocation APIs and services determine the current location of the Digital Mapping, POI and Geodata suppliers ital product in exchange for brand exposure. compete with Nokia and independent navigation providers struggle Location brokering databases/APIs allow Commercial Maps Open Source Specialists many commercial applications. requestor often from a combination of sources including on board increasingly deliver live LBS content to users to share their location with 3rd o to compete with free o erings. ated GPS, MNO generated cell id, Aggregators, or proprietary databases parties and other services independent application developers via service applic comprising cell id , WiFi and/or IP addess and mapping information. delivery platform APIs. New service opportunities F are created along with a rich ecosystem of 3rd Upgrades Regulation party develpers exploting their sector speci c par expertise. Users actively agree to purchase USA network deployment of positioning information capabilities has been enhancements or updated content such as Ovi CloudMade driven by FCC regulation requiring operators to be able to provide subscribers’ maps. location data for safety applications (E-911 directive). Google • Di erent location determination technologies have been required to meet the indoor location x requirements. User privacy requirements are fragmented: • Informed opt-in consent for LBS services required by both Japan (Personal Data Protection Law 2003) and EU (Article 9 of EU directive 2002/58/EC) • USA currently self regulatory by CTIA (Consumer Code) and some state level MNO Infastructure and Applications Location information Technology regulations opt-in legislation. FCC has not currently provided clear guidance. Cell ID Network based, recognises location by nearest cell Solutions deployed by Mobile Network Operators to determine location from the network, deliver against E911 requirements and deliver commercial location based services. iver Mobile Cell ID Cell ID++ E-OTD GPS/ A-GPS E A-GPS Cell ID++ E-OTD Akin to Cell ID, smaller cell radius for greater accuracy Network based, triangulation calculated by receivers GPS Handset based, uses relative satellite information Prepared by WiMAX Standalone Blue WLAN Acatel Lucent Radiant Technologies Polaris Wireless Fixed and Mobile Triangulation GPS Tooth Triangulation AGPS Wix Triangulation Hybrid, uses both GPS and network information Not widely used, similar in nature to E-OTD FirstPartner Ericsson TCS Redknee Openwave Andrew Truposition Accuracy Outdoor Tailored for indoor Standalone GPS Bluetooth WLAN Triangulation GPS operation within a single purpose Recognises location by movement through cells Not widely used, similar in nature to E-OTD Nokia Siemens Networks Qualcomm Richard Warren | Tim Ellis | Tom Heritage E A-GPS Combining GPS, Network and Galileo satellite info. find us at email us at Disclaimer The map includes information compiled from various reputable sources and other methods like structured interviews and surveys, conference material and Industry Bodies information available in the public domain. As data and information sources are outside our control, FirstPartner make no representation as to its accuracy or completeness. All responsibility for any interpretation or actions based on this and Legistlation (USA) Federal Trade Commission European Commission International Association for the Wireless Communication Industry Federal Communications Commission Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications International Telecoms Union European Automotive Digital Innovation Studio National Regulations Self Regulation USA European Union USA USA Japan International European Union By country By company map lies solely with the reader. Copyright 2010