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Love That Book and Multimedia Response

Love That Book and Multimedia Response



IRA 2010 Love That Book, Love Multimedia response to Children's/YA Literature

IRA 2010 Love That Book, Love Multimedia response to Children's/YA Literature
Bridget Dalton, Vanderbilt University and Dana Grisham, CSU-East Bay



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    Love That Book and Multimedia Response Love That Book and Multimedia Response Presentation Transcript

    • Bridget Dalton, Vanderbilt University Dana L. Grisham, CSU East Bay IRA 2010, Chicago, IL April 27, 2010
    •  Welive in a media-saturated, networked world where text is: • multimodal • interactive • socially distributed (Coiro, Knobel, Lankshear, & Leu, 2008; Kress, 2003; New London Group, 1996)
    •  Students use media and the Internet to • respond to literature • create compositions and fanfiction • connect with others in interest-driven communities, both outside of school and in classrooms (Jenkins, 2008; Grisham & Wolsey, 2006; Unsworth,Thomas, Simpson & Asha, 2005)
    •  ForALL learners, including students who are not faring well in schools: • Disengaged • Struggling with academic reading and writing • English language learners (Mayer, 2001; Dalton & Proctor, 2006; O‟Brien, 2001)
    •  Scaffolding  Personalization  Multiple pathways for diverse learners: • Multiple means of representation • Multiple means of expression • Multiple means of engagement • To learn more about UDL, visit cast.org
    •  IRAand NCTE highlight the importance of digital literacies and Internet inquiry in position papers and standards (see http://reading.org)  U.S. TechnologyEducation Plan recently released for comment: Technology is part of the educational reform agenda
    •  TPAC (Technology, Pedagogy, and Content Knowledge, Mishra & Koehler 2006)
    •  Be inspired by students and teachers  Take away ideas , strategies, and tools that will help you: • Connect books with media and technology • Bridge social literacies with school literacies (the “hook”) • Scaffold the learning experience so that all students learn and engage (multiple pathways)
    •  Multimedia Retellings  Voicethread collaborative response  Vocabulary vids  Video Book Trailers  Video rap  Illustrated letters  Wordle responses  Poetry and Image (Phoetry)  Multimedia posters  Author illustrator multimedia project  „This I believe‟ podcasting
    •  Martina, the Beautiful Cockroach: A Cuban Folktale • by Carmen Agra Deedy • Illustrated by Michael Austin  Garage Band recordings of responses to characters  PowerPoint book Dana Grisham and Linda Smetana with 7 gr 3-5 children
    • “Minnie Mouse” talks about Martina the Beautiful Cockroach and her plans to give her “leg” in marriage.
    • Martina‟s Cuban grandmother, Abuela, tells her to test a suitor‟s real nature by pouring coffee on his shoes. “Josephine” talks about how Abuela gives good advice to Martina.
    • After three losers, Perez comes to propose to Martina. “Greg, from the Wimpy Kid” tells us why Perez, the shy little mouse, is the successful suitor.
    •  Read and discussed story beforehand  Children chose their character  Gave a partial retelling (not the whole thing)  Used book illustrations to guide retelling  Adult recorded with garage band and created PowerPoint book (scanned images, inserted sounds, text)  Resulted in tangible product that was shared digitally and in print
    •  Visual scaffold  Models  Structure the process • (ICON Project: Dalton, Proctor, Uccelli, Snow, & Mo, 2007)
    • Create a Folktale Retelling Show Title page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Author’s Note Your PPT retelling will have 9 slides: • A title page • Scenes 1- 7 • Your Author‟s Note Try to use your power words in your retelling: avoid, delighted, hospitality, speechless, and trudge Be creative – use words, images, sound, and color to tell a great tale!
    • Turtle washes up. Turtle went to wash up for dinner. He trudged to the river. When he came back he was dirty still! He had to wash up all over again. Turtle trudged down to the river. Option: Add audio recording 2
    • Author‟s Note By: Mariana I retold each of the scenes in „Hungry Spider and Turtle,‟ and then used sound and color to bring my story alive. I picked my background music and design at the bottom because they reminded me of African art, and this is a folktale from the Ashanti people, who live in Africa. I picked the background color on each slide to help make the setting. The background of the first scene was sandy brown because it was dry and dirty in this part of the story. In the second slide, Turtle was hot and tired so I chose the red-pink color to remind people of how hot he was. I really liked the music I picked for the second slide, because it sounded like African music, but it also made it sound like Turtle was on a mission!
    • Add sound to your slide show 3 ways to use sound: • record your retelling • add sound effect • add music To get started, go to INSERT and • select Movies and Sounds • choose your option • ask someone for help if this is a new skill!
    • Use color to dramatize your story The opening scene in the folktale, “How Coyote Stole Fire” is sad and the weather is cold, so I changed the background gold color to grey. 1. Go to Format 2. Background 3. Choose color 4. Click Apply 5. (be sure to be in normal view, or it will change all your slides!) I also changed the font color to black 1. Highlight your text 2. Click on font color 3. Choose color
    • Ready to Begin? • Save your slide show onto your desk top or CD – Go to „File‟ • Save As • Save into your folder – File name to use: » Your name + your teacher‟s name + Hungry Spider retell » E.g., Bridget D-Camelo-Hungry Spider retell • TIP – save each slide as you go along! • If you want ideas for how to do your retelling, check out Al, Star, or Genie’s ideas in the ‘Notes’ section below! Star’s Thoughts Al’s Thoughts Genie’s Thoughts
    • Caption: Option: Add audio recording 4
    • Retelling Slide Show Self-check • Congratulations! You have a draft and now are ready to review and polish your show • Make sure you have saved your show onto the desktop or CD-ROM • Delete the slides with the directions and save again. • To view your slide show: – Go to view • Slide show • What do you think? Did you tell a whale of a tale? (see your teacher for a more detailed retelling check list). – Review your tale. Do you need to make changes to the content, color, or sound? – Check the mechanics. Do you need to edit spelling, punctuation, or capitalization? • Review TIP: Show your slide show to a friend and get their feedback and help.
    • Spider Can’t Swim. One day Spider was walking, he saw Turtle in his house. Turtle saw him too. Turtle asked spider to dinner. Spider was really hungry so he said yes. Turtle‟s home was in the water but spider couldn‟t swim. He wondered Spider couldn‟t swim what he would do. Option: Add audio recording 4
    • REVENGE After that,Turtle asked Spider if he wanted to come to his house for dinner.Spider eagerly said yes,just like Turtle had planned.Turtle had cooked a delicious meal,but when Spider got there,he couldn’t get to Turtle’s house,which “Come back and help me in the water!!!”said Spider. was underwater. 4
    •  Bee‟sdashboard & invitation
    • Young artist describes his painting and story Older student recites poem High school students respond with music
    • Macbeth Rap: Take the Crown (Youtube) Students at York Mills Collegiate Institute in Toronto
    • Don Cerdo is a messy, grubby pig. You might even call him repugnant, especially if you were down-wind of him! From Martina, the Beautiful Cockroach
    • REPUGNANT: Amy and Rachel, recorded on a flip camera
    •  Letter from the Battlefield, collaboratively composed by 5 graduate education students • Social studies textbook • Gettysburg Address • Google images
    • A Letter From the Battlefield • The Civil War • The Gettysburg Address By 5 graduate education students in Dana Grisham’s writing class
    • President Lincoln’s Address Dearest Mama, There has been a big battle here. You know by now that I didn’t make it through. I’m sending you this letter from the other side. A lot of men died in this battle. I just wish I could see you one more time.
    • Casualties You know, so many of us just wanted to come home. I don’t care what side we were on. We were tired, scared, and lonesome for our families.
    • Lonesome for Home I loved our farm, Mama. I know it was hard work and we didn’t have much money, but we had each other. I wish I could see it just one more time.
    • A Final Good-bye So, Mama, please don’t grieve for me. I’ll be watching over you from where I am now. Your loving son, Billy
    • Edward Tulane http://storytubes.info/drupal/node/23
    •  http://digitalbooktalk.com/ / For a brief how to: http://www.ehow.com/how_4491963_make-book-trailer.html
    • http://www.wordle.net
    • text
    • Most important to me? Honeybees are dying. “Dying” is going to get the most attention.
    • 7 words: honeybees honeybees pollinators dying dying dying protect solution research problem
    • Which Wordle would you choose for a public service ad? A National Geo article? Why?
    • Kevin Hodgson‟s 6th graders glog in response to “3 Cups of Tea” task rubric
    • Maitri Composes with: Color Background Graphics Font Images Layout Video And, oh yes, writing. The whole is more than the sum of the parts
    •  Disney create  Princess and the Frog mashup;  Villains digital painter
    •  When movies based on children‟s/YA literature are released, there are lots of resources that you can save (or bookmark) to use for book connections (images, video, interviews, quotes, text excerpts, etc.)
    •  The Secret Life of Shoes  How did we get there? Models and templates  Resources: image and sound folders
    •  Patricia Polacco  Alma Flora Ada  Brian Selznick  The assignment and assessment
    • podcast
    •  Students are multimedia composers  Multimedia expands and supports students‟ response to children‟s/YA literature  Publishing for an authentic audience makes a difference  Designing for diversity scaffolds all learners
    •  Jumpin! Choose one idea, one tool, and experiment • Experience it yourself before teaching (but don‟t worry about being the expert)  Takean existing project and ramp it up by scaffolding for diversity  Share your work; participate in an online community
    •  BridgetDalton  Vanderbilt University, TN  bridget.dalton@vanderbilt.edu  Dana Grisham  CSU-East Bay, CA  dana.grisham@csueastbay.edu