Poročilo o obisku kongresa 2010 luksemburg 22062010


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Slovenija sodeluje na kongresu EuroCloud-a v Luksemburgu junija 2010

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Poročilo o obisku kongresa 2010 luksemburg 22062010

  1. 1. Dogovori na nivoju EuroCloud<br />Sklepi kongresa<br />Discovery: sharing information and experiences about problems/opportunities/solutions we currently have<br />Discussion: What are the most important actions to be taken to help the industry move forward (short term); and who are the stakeholders to progress those actions (law makers, industry, EuroCloud)<br />Statements: Agree a maximum of 3 statements of actions to be taken and by whom.<br />Security and certification <br />Data Lifecycle is critical- Birth, Marriage, Divorce<br />How to get data out of providers is as critical as the operating issues.<br /> Guidance- for the customer<br />Take advantage of knowledge from other industries that have done this well.<br /> Certification- Collaborate to produce useful standards<br /> Security Standards- Everyone should work together to produce standards.<br /> ROSI- Return On Security Investment (% of revenue spent on security from a SaaS provider is much higher than an IT operation on its own.) <br />Internationalization Europe & beyond <br />Highlight the success of cloud computing, don’t be afraid <br />Lobby the industry & politics to move forward to USE the cloud<br />We need infrastructure and skills and lower barriers to enhance market success <br />Actions:<br />Involve the communities<br />Annual contests<br />By Whom:<br />Eurocloud in close collaboration with members, politics, industries <br />SLA and customer experience <br />Promote best practice around more granular transparency in SLAs (requires a common vocabulary/taxonomy) focused on customer risk management (EuroCloud working with industry and stakeholder customers eg government)<br />Standardization in monitoring, with future aim of enabling an elastic system (work with SOA@SOI)<br />Promote best practice benchmarks for customer-vendor engagements, including when service fails/fades (lay gound to prepare for future regulation of systemic risk) - EuroCloud <br />Legal framework for SaaS and cloud <br />EuroCloud to work with government/authorities to finetune the framework to allow cross-border data flows (data protection, data retention directive) for B2B computing<br />EuroCloud/industry raise awareness of benefits from harmonization of policy frameworks (NB successful self-regulation of the industry preferable to imposed regulation)<br />Begin to develop EuroCloud position on whether law should govern jurisdiction of customer contracts rather than physical location of data and processing? (NB B2C, B2B differences) <br />Fostering and recognising innovation <br />Cloud based technology are innovation enablers (fast and cheap deployment) => Eurocloud could help diffuse best practices<br />Funding from gov / EU is hard to reach for start-ups; working with large corporate is dangerous for innovative SMB => local gov and EU<br />Rhythm of innovation is asymmetric between universities and SMB. Organizing technology transfer from universities to start-ups (technology + skills) is critical . No real innovation ecosystem in Europe (help meeting between VC+universities+enterpreneurs) => Eurocloud <br />Industry alliances and partnership <br />Keep the momentum by strengthening the connections<br />The importance of EC is to facilitate connections between members because we want to build partnership <br />Action items<br />Build membership marketplace<br />Promote the brand<br />Konkretni sestanki in možnosti poslovnega sodelovanja s člani EuroCloud Slovenija<br /><ul><li>Hugo MAGALHAES (Commercial partner) - PTEuroCloud Portugal board member - EuroCloud PortugalLooking for cloud computing companies that want to enter Portugal market and portuguese-speaking countries (Brazil, etc).
  2. 2. Išče cloud storitve za prodajo na Portugalskem trgu (posredovane priložnosti za XLAB, HSL, EuroPlus -> sporoči nadaljne korake
  3. 3. Marco HOUWEN (Commercial partner) - LUCEO - LuxCloud S.A.Cloudclearing platform looking for whitelabel resellers and ISV's looking to become SAAS -> ima Parallels platform v svojem cloud -> išče ISV storitve, ki bi delovale na njegovem cloudu – dogovorjene skupne priložnosti za Zeleno, Špica, Xlab, EuroPlus, ko in če bodo storitve aplikacije delovala na Parallels platformi
  4. 4. Matthieu HUG (Commercial partner) - FRCEO - RunMyProcessBPM, integration and workflow platform as a service. The best rated workflow tool on Google Apps Marketplace. Looking for resellers and independant consultants in Europe to participate in our leads generation program. – dogovorjeno partnersko sodelovanje s Zeleno
  5. 5. Jean-Paul ZENS (Financial partner) - LUPremier Conseiller de Gouvernement, Chargé de direction - Ministère d'Etat - Direction "Médias, audiovisuel et société de l'information"Luxembourg Government -> nudi pomoč s strani države za vsa IT podjetja, ki bi želela poslovati v Luksemburgu
  6. 6. Louis NAUGÈS (Commercial partner) - FRPrésident - RevevolRevevol is an EMEA Google App partner. We provide technical expertise, training and change management for medium and large organizations moving to Cloud based collaboration and communication with Google Apps. Revevol is already present in 9 countries and will expand to more over the coming 12 months -> išče partnerska podjetja ki jih zanima Google App področje, katerih solastnik je lahko
  7. 7. Renaud OURY (Commercial partner) - LUVice-President - CetrelFinancial technology services have become mission critical for successful banking and financial activities. All financial sector professionals rely on safe and secure data centers and IT infrastructure, robust communication network, effectively managed IT services, access to state of the art software and the certainty to find reliable service providers who are experts, act with integrity and share a sense of purpose in co-creating next generation solutions. SIX Group and CETREL, the Luxembourg pillar of SIX Group, have been created by their respective banking communities, represented in its shareholders base of 160 banks, to act as Partners of Trust in fulfilling such missions. The Luxembourg operations, embodied by CETREL, are build on a dual pillar structure of which the first one is the E-Money hub for all payment card related services and the second pillar is dedicated to financial technology services. The E-Money hub is open to card issuers and payment transaction acquirers, as well as merchants to source complete and innovative payment solutions. These can start with access to VISA and Mastercard licenses, the performance of the daily operations, the monitoring of risk and fraud to the set-up of a complete outsourced business service, allowing the client to concentrate on the activities he does best. Acquirers and merchants can also tap into the expertise of SIX Cards & Payments to provide complete point of sale card acceptance infrastructure. The Financial Technology Services are geared towards several of the most critical processes for banks and financial sector professionals. These cover compliant legal reporting, integration of financial data, IT security services and operator services, together with the provision of user contact centers. Taking advantage from the Luxembourg law on e-archiving and its standing as Partner of Trust in the banking community, CETREL is offering electronic content management in SaaS mode - > predstavljajo Saas model za banke, ki bo v enem podatkovnem centru izvajal backoffice za večino Luksemburških bank
  8. 8. Andreas WEISS (Technical partner) - DEDirector - EuroCloud Deutschland_eco e.V.EuroCloud Germany_eco is the Association of German Cloud Computing Industry and represents these in the pan-European EuroCloud network. EuroCloud Germany_eco promotes acceptance and meets the demand for cloud services on the German market. EuroCloud Germany_eco has an open dialog with the European partners of the EuroCloud network to find global solutions and to lay the groundwork for your international business relations. Be there when we achieve better transparency for the user introduce a seal of approval for SaaS support the clarification of legal issues raise provider awareness to user demands set up a marketplace for cloud computing and SaaS solutions build an infrastructure to support provider marketing efforts offer networking opportunities for providers and users facilitate cloud computing competence -> nudijo lahko podporo slovenskemu EuroCloudu, saj so izredno dobro in “bogato” zorganizirani
  9. 9. François VAILLE (Technical partner) - FRExecutive Director - EZC GROUP SABorn from the collaborative needs of highly secured environments, Easy Concerns is a Multi-server, federated SaaS-based Lean Collaborative Platform. It allows IT companies, Large company's IT departments and organization specialists to build up high end, dedicated collaborative solutions with a full range of high value added services (action plan management, document versionning, stage validations, full traceability and archiving, high end security features including a unique federated model for keeping confidential data physically in-house). Typical setups are: Global Quality Management (including suppliers/customers), Service Desk, Audits, Risk Management, New Projects, Military classified information management. We are looking for commercial and service partners WorldWide. –> dogovori o možnem partnerstvu z Zeleno </li></ul>Ostali udeleženci:<br /><ul><li>João LOPES MARTINS (Financial partner) - PTCEO - muchBetamuchBeta is a portuguese start-up that began its activity in July 2008. muchBeta's goal is the development of enterprise-level web-based software (SaaS). We looking for resellers and consultants for our 3 SaaS products: 1. LawRD - www.lawrd.com - is a reporting and management tool for law firms. It gives control over the critical variables on law practice, which are intimately related: the productivity of lawyers and the profitability of the business. 2. Teepin - www.teepin.com - is an idea management and channeling system to bring everyone at any organization together discussing solutions to solve problems and improve everyone's work, lifting the whole organization to the next level. 3. Yoomit - www.yoomit.com - is a very specific application that allows organizations to systematize their meetings, from planning to actions, keeping everything written down in professional-looking minutes and related tasks.
  10. 10. Kevin DYKES – Kevin@scaleup.it -> www.scaleup.it -> www.scaleup.com tel 0049 0 40 95380262 (Technical partner) - DEVP Business Development - ScaleUp TechnologiesScaleUp Technologies is a cloud computing provider offering ultra-flexible public cloud, private cloud & hybrid cloud infrastructures for growth companies. We are the first cloud provider in Germany – focusing on the needs of European customers – and offer global infrastructure scaling through our ‘federated global cloud’ network. We are seeking other regional cloud infrastructure partners interested in joining our federation.
  11. 11. Jean-Stéphane BONNETON (Financial partner) - FRPARTNER - TIME EQUITY PARTNERSTime Equity Partners is a growth capital fund focusing on equity investments in companies operating at the heart of digital revolution.
  12. 12. Yuri COLOMBI (Commercial partner) - LUService Portfolio Manager - eBRC“Professional of the Financial Sector” (P.F.S.) and leader in Business Resilience in the heart of Europe, eBRC delivers “on demand” e-Continuity and e-Agility services in line with the business needs of its clients as well as national and international regulatory requirements.
  13. 13. Robert HARAKALY (Technical partner) - CHManaging director - Harakaly ConsultingCloud technology and *aaS consulting services EuroCloud coordinator for Switzerland
  14. 14. Sylvie CHAUVIN (Commercial partner) - FRPresident - MARKESS InternationalConsultancy and marketing services company specialized in analyzing the impact of the Internet on the transformation and modernization of organizations, private and public. MARKESS International has been publishing many reports on SaaS, on demand markets in France and recently on cloud computing. The company, based in Paris France and Washington DC, assist vendors in optimizing their positionning. Web site : www.markess.fr
  15. 15. Phil WAINEWRIGHT (Commercial partner) - GBCEO - Procullux VenturesBusiness consultancy advising SaaS and cloud providers on positioning, messaging and go-to-market; also industry analyst offering a framework methodology for evaluating cloud platforms; well-known as author of the ZDNet blog 'Software as Services' at http://www.zdnet.com/blog/saas
  16. 16. Jean-Loup JOLY (Technical partner) - FRDirecteur général adjoint - SAB Ingénierie InformatiqueSAB has developed its SaaS product range to provide access to its Global (Core Banking) and Business Line Applications software. We are looking for technical and commercial partners in the main European countries.
  17. 17. Tejn Vanting NIELSEN (Commercial partner) - DKCountry Manager - e-conomic danmark a/se-conomic is the online accounting software specially developed for small and medium-sized companies. It contains all the functions of traditional accounting systems - and a little more. e-conomic exploits all the advantages of being online. This means that you don't need to install space-consuming software, that it's available anywhere, anytime and that you can go on the Internet with your external accountant and/or bookkeeper.
  18. 18. Annie FRERE (Financial partner) - BEDirector - Sigma ConsoSigma Conso is a leading provider in Belux of services and products in the field of financial consolidation, reporting and budgeting (CPM suite). Our activities include consultancy, outsourcing, software development, SaaS solutions and education. To meet our international expansion, we are looking for resellers in Central and Southern Europe.
  19. 19. Daniel BIETTLOT (Financial partner) - LUSales Manager Luxembourg - Verizon BusinessGlobal Worldwide Telecom Operator Caas ( Computing as a service ) - Cloud Computing at worldwide level
  20. 20. Leonard ZAMMIT (Financial partner) - MTDirector - A G Investments LtdWe are an investment company with shareholding in an IT services company which is venturing into cloud computing services in Malta to serve local and foreign businesses.
  21. 21. Marc HEMMERLING (Technical partner) - LUHead of Organisation, Technology and Payment systems - ABBLLuxembourg Bankers' Association Founding member of EuroCloud Luxembourg a.s.b.l.
  22. 22. Etienne DEPASQUALE (Commercial partner) - MTDirector - SapiensysSapiensys is in the process of establishing a compute grid, located in Malta, for the delivery of all three layers of the cloud stack.
  23. 23. Guerin PASCAL (Technical partner) - LUCTO - LUXCLOUDLuxCloud operated open technology platform for the provisioning and delivery of applications and services over the internet via multiple channels
  24. 24. Alexander KARICHENSKYI (Commercial partner) - UAGeneral Director - SL Global ServiceSL Global Service Company is one of the pioneers on the Ukrainian market which is providing services based on SaaS model. Among the service portfolio there are services like Microsoft hosted Exchange, SharePoint, Online Storage, Line of Business applications hosted on our date-center together with consulting service to help SMEs from Ukraine and other CIS countries to improve internal processes and make their businesses more agile in todays competitive environment.
  25. 25. Jeroen DE VRIES (Commercial partner) - NLCEO - Softwear BVSaaS-based Vertical Market ERP / POS platform looking for reseller in Germany and UK.
  26. 26. Theo LOTH (Commercial partner) - NLcoordinator - Eurocloud NetherlandsEuroCloud Netherlands; PR and communication services for IT companies
  27. 27. Marcel ORIGER (Commercial partner) - LUCFO - LuxConnect S.A.LuxConnect is a provider of: - national dark fiber networks and international connectivity - datacenter infrastructure.
  28. 28. Paulo CALCADA (Technical partner) - PTPresident - EuroCloud PortugalEuroCloud Member
  29. 29. Francesco MONDORA (Technical partner) - GBCTO - sensible cloud ltdIntercloud SLA Broker for Europe and North America
  30. 30. Mathias LINK (Technical partner) - LUProject Manager - LuxinnovationLuxinnovation is the National Agency for Innovation and Research and the first-stop shop for research and innovation in Luxembourg. The Luxembourg ICT Cluster, managed by Luxinnovation, is a network that supports the various actors of the ICT sector in Luxembourg with the aim of creating and developing new business opportunities through collaborative Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) projects.
  31. 31. Eric MUSCAT (Technical partner) - MTPartner - KPMGIT and Business Advisors looking to network with players in the Cloud space
  32. 32. Anders TROLLE-SCHULTZ (Commercial partner) - DKManaging Partner - SaaS-it ConsultSaaS-it Consult - SaaS Business enablement consultancy
  33. 33. Bernd BECKER (Commercial partner) - DEChairman - Eurocloud DeutschlandEurocloud Deutschland
  34. 34. Thomas SERCKX (Technical partner) - LUService Delivery Manager - IBM Services Financial SectorInfrastructure outsourcing and managed services PFS
  35. 35. Gerard HOFFMANN (Commercial partner) - LUCHAIRMAN & MANAGING DIRECTOR - TELINDUS S.A.Telindus Luxembourg is the leading market player for the integration of information and communication technologies in the Grand Duchy.
  36. 36. Guy MINELLA (Commercial partner) - LUDIRECTOR, SOURCING & DATACENTER SERVICES - TELINDUS S.A.Telindus Luxembourg is the leading market player for the integration of information and communication technologies in the Grand Duchy.
  37. 37. Jesper LINDHOLT (Technical partner) - DKCEO - Kuadriga ApSOutsourcing company from Denmark with development in Kyiv, Ukraine. Business relationship with Danish company ensures IP rights and confidentiality. European management on-site in Ukraine ensures quality and responsiveness of delivery.
  38. 38. Mark LANGE (Technical partner) - GBSenior Policy Counsel – Microsoft
  39. 39. Benjamin GATEAU (Technical partner) - LUScientific Coordinator - Centre de Recherche Public Henri TudorThe main mission of the CRP Henri Tudor is to strengthen the economical and social tissue of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg with a European open-minded way of thinking. From the beginning, the Public Research Centre Henri Tudor has developed its visions and founding principle gathering its whole activities. "From research to innovation" is the leitmotiv that the Centre has kept in mind at each stage of its development.
  40. 40. Jürgen KOCKELMANN (Commercial partner) - LUCEO - European Data HubEuropean Data Hub (A Group Wagner Company) and CSC Computer Sciences Corp., one of the world’s leading providers of managed IT and Business Services, have signed an agreement to operate in Luxembourg the newly built state-of-the-art Tier IV Drosbach data centre. This agreement brings a unique opportunity not only to Luxembourg but also to the European market. The company European Data Hub, is responsible for the marketing and the operation of the site through a 15 years partnership with Computer Science Corporation (www.csc.com), which provides the expertise, the staff, the experience and the project management gained from its own sites for many years.
  41. 41. Fabrice MAUDUECH (Commercial partner) - LUServices Sales Consultant - Dimension Data Financial ServicesDimension Data Financial Services is specialised in the management of its customers' IT operations through its complete set of Managed Services including an I.a.a.S offering.
  42. 42. Peter MEINEN (Technical partner) - DECTO - Fujitsu Enabling Software Technology GmbHFujitsu offers a portfolio of Cloud technology and Cloud platform services and is looking for partners / platform customers.
  43. 43. Kamel AMROUNE (Commercial partner) - LUManaging Partner - ITOneMedia Business - Luxembourg ICT Company
  44. 44. Laurent CORNET (Commercial partner) - LUIT Architect - IBMIBM - Building a Smarter Planet
  45. 45. Daniel BURTON (Commercial partner) - USSenior Vice President, Global Public Policy - Salesforce.comSalesforce.com is a leading enterprise cloud computing company that is expanding its market in Europe. I am especially in opportunities in the UK, France, and Germany
  46. 46. Pirie JUSTIN (Commercial partner) - GBDirector of Content and Communities - MimecastSaaS Email Management for Microsoft Exchange- Security, Continuity, Archive and Compliance in the Cloud.
  47. 47. Luca DELL'OCA (Technical partner) - CHCTO - SayIT SASwiss company offering saas for online collaboration, backups, RMM and more; also consulting firm for development of cloud computing projects. Working on Switzerland and Italy markets.
  48. 48. Laura DE BIAGGI (Technical partner) - CHMarketing and Sales Manager - SayIT SASwiss company offering saas for online collaboration, backups, RMM and more; also consulting firm for development of cloud computing projects. Working on Switzerland and Italy markets.
  49. 49. Patrice ROY (Commercial partner) - LUDirector - European Data HubWe are a data center provider just launching a brand new TierIV data center in Luxembourg with the latest technology and most advanced inovation in Green Technology. We are seeking for partner interested in taking part in a Cloud Computing project.
  50. 50. David HAGEN (Technical partner) - LUDirection - Commission de surveillance du secteur financier (CSSF)Mission et compétences 1. Surveillance prudentielle La Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier est l'autorité compétente pour la surveillance prudentielle des établissements de crédit, des autres professionnels du secteur financier, des organismes de placement collectif, des fonds de pension, des SICAR, des organismes de titrisation émettant en continu des valeurs mobilières à destination du public, des bourses, des systèmes de paiement et des systèmes de règlement des opérations sur titres, des opérateurs de systèmes de paiement ou de systèmes de règlement des opérations sur titres. Elle exerce également la surveillance des marchés d'actifs financiers. La CSSF a repris les compétences exercées précédemment par l'Institut Monétaire Luxembourgeois (IML) devenu Banque centrale du Luxembourg (BCL) au 1er juin 1998 et a intégré les responsabilités de l'ancien Commissariat aux Bourses. Les changements institutionnels dans la structure et l'exercice de la surveillance prudentielle n'ont en rien modifié le cadre législatif et réglementaire existant. Les objectifs de la surveillance prudentielle exercée par la CSSF envers les entreprises du secteur financier sont les suivants : promouvoir une politique d'affaires réfléchie et prudente, conforme aux exigences réglementaires protéger la stabilité financière des entreprises surveillées et du secteur financier dans son ensemble veiller à la qualité de l'organisation et des systèmes de contrôle interne renforcer la qualité de la gestion des risques. La CSSF examine toute demande émanant d'entreprises ou de personnes désireuses de s'établir au Grand-Duché de Luxembourg pour y exercer une activité financière et requérant l'agrément du Ministre ayant dans ses attributions la Commission. Elle agit exclusivement dans l'intérêt public, veille à l'application et au respect des lois et réglementations concernant le secteur financier et s'assure de la mise en œuvre des conventions internationales et des directives européennes dans les domaines qui tombent sous sa compétence. Il lui a été conféré le droit de requérir auprès des entreprises surveillées toute information utile à l'accomplissement de ses missions. La loi portant sa création l'a chargée par ailleurs de participer sur le plan communautaire et international aux négociations relatives au secteur financier et d'assurer la coordination de l'exécution des initiatives et mesures gouvernementales visant une expansion ordonnée des activités du secteur financier. 2. Supervision publique de la profession de l'audit La CSSF est l'autorité compétente pour la supervision publique de la profession de l'audit. A ce titre, la CSSF assume la responsabilité de l'octroi du titre de "réviseur d'entreprises" et de "cabinet de révision", de l'agrément et de l'enregistrement des réviseurs d'entreprises et des cabinets de révision effectuant le contrôle légal des comptes et les autres missions qui leur sont confiées par la loi du 18 décembre 2009 relative à la profession de l'audit à titre exclusif et de l'enregistrement et de la supervision publique des contrôleurs et entités d'audit de pays tiers. La CSSF est également responsable de l'adoption des normes d'audit et des normes relatives à la déontologie et au contrôle interne de qualité des cabinets de révision agréés et de la formation continue. En particulier, la CSSF est chargée de la mise en oeuvre d'un système d'assurance qualité auquel sont soumis l'ensemble des réviseurs d'entreprises agréés et cabinets de révision agréés pour les missions de contrôle légal des comptes et toutes autres missions qui leur sont confiées par la loi du 18 décembre 2009 relative à la profession de l'audit à titre exclusif.
  51. 51. Stefan SCHNORR () - DEDeputy Director General Information Society, Media - Germany - Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology
  52. 52. Giorgio BETTI (Commercial partner) - ITVice President + Sales&Marketing Dir. - EuroCloud Italia + Bedin Shop SystemsEuroCloud Italia + SaaS for Retail looking for partners and distributors in each European Country
  53. 53. Ricardo OLIVEIRA (Commercial partner) - PTCTO - Eurotux Informatica, SAIaaS/PaaS looking for customers / resellers outside Western Europe
  54. 54. Gaspar TORRIERO (Commercial partner) - CHDirector - sayIT SAVirtualization, security, networking, developing and training company based in Switzerland.
  55. 55. Thierry FROMES (Commercial partner) - LUGeneral Manager - MicrosoftMicrosoft Corporation, Europe
  56. 56. Claude DEMUTH (Technical partner) - LUBusiness Development - P&TLuxembourgP&TLuxembourg ready for Cloud computing !!
  57. 57. Steven DE SCHRIJVER (Commercial partner) - BEHead of IT & New Media Department - LorenzIT lawyer assisting companies providing sercices in the cloud
  58. 58. Guillaume SCHOTT (Technical partner) - LUTechnical Manager - Logica Luxembourg S.A.-
  59. 59. Liautaud PIERRE (Commercial partner) - FRManaging Director - euroLPlooking for Cloud Computing companies' submission for ETT Cloud Computing Cummit - 17-18 november 2010, Geneva Switzerland
  60. 60. Shiva Kumar SWAMY (Technical partner) - USExecutive Vice President - Zylog Systems Limited(ZSL)Zylog Systems Ltd(ZSL) is a global Systems Integrator and Software Solution Provider specialized in designing and delivering Cloud and SaaS based applications and services to the ISVs and Enterprises worldwide. ZSL has more than 4000+ employees working for our global clients and technology partners in US, Canada,UK,France,Germany, Switzerland and India.
  61. 61. Peter SODERMANS (Technical partner) - LUSenior Consultant - Luxembourg for ICTLuxembourg is a prime location for content and data management as well as headquarters. The right mix of legal, financial and technical resources and skills made Luxembourg the place for electronic activities in Europe. Many world-renowned companies are taking advantage of this privileged environment.
  62. 62. Céline FLAMMANG (Financial partner) - LUAttachée de Gouvernement, Communication, société de l'information - Ministère d'Etat, Service des Médias et des CommunicationsLuxembourg Government - Luxembourg for ICT
  63. 63. Lynn SCORPIONE (Financial partner) - LUEmployée Communication - Service des Médias et des CommunicationsLuxembourg Government - Luxembourg for ICT
  64. 64. Anne-Catherine RIES (Financial partner) - LUConseiller de direction adjoint, Affaires juridiques, dossiers UE, promotion/prospection - Service des Médias et des CommunicationsLuxembourg Government - Luxembourg for ICT
  65. 65. Amal CHOURY (Commercial partner) - LUCEO + Chairwoman Eurocloud Luxembourg - e-Kenz S.A.complete turnkey SAP solution for SME, SAP (Systems, Applications and Products) in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode enables a more efficient deployment and maintenance with a substantially reduced assistance SAP in SaaS mode Co-Founder of Eurocloud Luxembourg
  66. 66. Michèle BRAM (Financial partner) - LUConseiller de direction 1ère classe - Service des Médias et des CommunicationsLuxembourg Government - Luxembourg for ICT
  67. 67. Jeannot BERG (Financial partner) - LUAssistant personnel du Ministre - Ministère d'Etat - Service des Médias et des CommunicationsLuxembourg Government
  68. 68. Christophe BIANCO (Technical partner) - LUVP @ General Manager EMEA – Qualys
  69. 69. Krista BURNETT (Commercial partner) - GBUK Influencer Relations Manager - RightNow TechnologiesCustomer experience vendor
  70. 70. Carlos FREIRE (Technical partner) - PTExecutive Director - Carnegie Mellon University PortugalThe Carnegie Mellon Portugal program is launching three new innovation networks, whose goal is to consolidate and expand the successful cooperation among all partner institutions and industrial affiliates. For this purpose, three different thematic events sponsored by FCT, one for each innovation network, shall join corporate executives and members of the scientific community: 1) Innovation Forum on Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection (NET-SCIP) 2) Innovation Forum on Future Internet Services and Technologies (NET- FIT) 3) Innovation Forum on Services and Technologies for Interactive Media (NET-STIM)
  71. 71. Camilla FISKER (Technical partner) - DKProject manager - Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and InnovationA part of the Danish government. I am responsible for our cloud computing initiatives.
  72. 72. Jean-Marie SPAUS (Commercial partner) - LUDirecteur - P&T LuxembourgTelecom Operator
  73. 73. Bernard DRAPPIER (Technical partner) - LUDistrict Manager - EMC LuxembourgEMC provides the systems, software, and services to leverage one of your most strategic assets—your business data. Our goal is to optimize your information infrastructure to meet growing demands for enterprise content management, security, archiving, storage, and virtualization. </li></ul>Zapisal: Dalibor Baškovč<br />Predsednik GIZ EuroCloud Slovenia<br />