Atos Collaboration Solutions: 'Did You Know...?'

Oct. 29, 2019

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Atos Collaboration Solutions: 'Did You Know...?'

  1. Atos Collaboration Solutions Driving Customer Innovation and Transformation October 2019
  2. Atos Collaboration Solutions help organizations around the world innovate and transform their operations. Here is a selection of examples that may surprise or even inspire you.
  3. 3 Did you know … … we created the world’s largest team collaboration implementation at Siemens AG, with over 385,000 users united around the globe
  4. Did you know … 4 … we empowered a major South American fast food restaurant to service 1,700 sites in 12 countries from one data center
  5. 5 Did you know … … that we enabled Wakefield U.K. region to avoid 225,000 miles per year in commuting and travel through unified communications
  6. 6 Did you know … … we enabled Stuttgart Airport to bring live service agents to touch screen kiosks in the terminal to help travelers find their way
  7. 7 Did you know … … that we invented the Unified Communications category in 2003 with the announcement of OpenScape
  8. 8 Did you know … … that we were the first to offer WebRTC-based social team collaboration to enterprise customers
  9. 9 Did you know … … that we provide accessibility features for individuals with visual, auditory, speech, cognitive or learning impairment
  10. 10 Did you know … … that we enabled a major Portuguese bank to automate outbound overdue credit collection calls
  11. 11 Did you know … … that we enabled the German Employment Agency to cut their air conditioning by 90% by consolidating 1,500 PBXs to 11 servers, saving €3M per year
  12. 12 Did you know … … that we helped Belgian manufacturer Solvay save 30% on communications costs among 27,000 employees in 61 countries
  13. 13 Did you know … … that we helped a major European maritime agency coordinate 18,000 rescue and assistance operations
  14. Did you know … 14 … that we have joined up Machines and People to communicate in natural language conversations driven by collaboration and AI technologies
  15. 15 Did you know … … that we are enabling the State of California to transform a 25 year-old emergency system to a mobile and multimedia Next Generation 9-1-1
  16. 16 Did you know … … that we provided emergency communications for the recovery efforts following the Hurricane Sandy disaster on the U.S. east coast
  17. 17 Did you know … … that we enabled FIAT to unite 80,000 employees across three continents on one unified communications network
  18. 18 Did you know … … that we were first to provide our enterprise customers with 99.999% carrier-grade reliability for voice systems
  19. 19 Did you know … … that we’re helping St. Francis County USA to modernize 9-1-1 services to receive text, video, social, SMS in addition to voice communications
  20. Every organization that relies on teamwork can benefit from better communications and collaboration. To discover how you could innovate and transform your business, contact us at