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Crime And Thriller Audio Books
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Crime And Thriller Audio Books


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Browse thousands of best-selling crime and thriller audio book titles at

Browse thousands of best-selling crime and thriller audio book titles at

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  • 1.
  • 2. Crime & Thrillers / True Crime
  • 3. Crime & Thrillers / True CrimeAnatomy of Greed Crime BeatAuthor AuthorBrian Cruver Michael ConnellyReader ReaderMel Foster VariousPrice Price$ 24.95 $ 22.38Brian Cruver first entered the "Death Star," Enrons office Crime Beat presents stories as fascinating as they arecomplex, in March 2001. He was twenty-nine years old, an chilling, from the serial killer of young models who cuts aeager MBA ready to cash in with Enron. swath across the country, masquerades as two people until his hoax finally breaks... You There Alone DC ConfidentialAuthorSuzanne OMalley Author Christopher MeyerReaderBecky Ann Baker Reader Christopher MeyerPrice$ 15.95 Price $ 14.25In the tradition of In Cold Blood, Suzanne OMalley exposesthe human mystery of the most horrifying crime in recent KGB honey traps in Russia; inside stories on Number 10 andhistory and the legal drama surrounding it. the Foreign Office; and of course life behind the scenes with Blair and George W. Bush ... The Devil Escape from AlcatrazAuthorSheriff David Reichart Author J. Campbell BruceReaderDennis Boutsikaris Reader Patrick CullenPrice$ 20.99 Price $ 19.95Sheriff David Reichert --- "My twenty-year quest to capture theGreen River killer." Mobster Al "Scarface" Capone, "Machine Gun" Kelly, Robert Stroud ada the Birdman: only the most violent, desperate criminals were sent to Alcatraz Island—"The Rock". Also referred to as "Hellcatraz... Page 2 of 47
  • 4. Crime & Thrillers / True CrimeFacing the Wind Lucky - UnabridgedAuthor AuthorJulie Salamon Alice SeboldReader ReaderSandra Burr Alice SeboldPrice Price$ 24.95 $ 19.95A true story of family tragedy and reconciliation. The critically acclaimed memoir from the #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of the Lovely Bones. River, Running Red Mob: Stories of Death and Betrayal from Organized CrimeAuthorAnn Rule Author VariousReaderMichele Pawk Reader VariousPrice$ 15.95 PriceIn the most extraordinary journey Ann Rule has ever $ 16.25undertaken, Americas master of true crime has spent more Stories of the inner workings of the chaotic, violent and oftenthan two decades researching the story of the Green River surprisingly human world of organized crime.Killer. Murder in BrentwoodKilling Pablo AuthorAuthor Mark FuhrmanMark Bowden ReaderReader Jeff RiggenbachMark Bowden PricePrice $ 23.95$ 15.95 For O. J. Simpson to get away with murder, an innocent copOn July 22, 1992, Colombian druglord Pablo Escobar walked and brilliant detective had to be destroyed. That was theout... strategy of the Simpson defense. But as certainty about Simpsons guilt grew, so... Page 3 of 47
  • 5. Crime & Thrillers / True CrimeMy Life Among the Serial Killers Too Late to Say GoodbyeAuthor AuthorHelen Morrison Ann RuleReader ReaderHelen Morrison Karen ZiembaPrice Price$ 16.95 $ 29.95Dr. Helen Morrison has profiled over 80 serial killers around Jenn Corbin appeared to have it all: two dear little boys, athe world. What she has learned about them will shatter every posh home in one of the upscale suburbs of Atlanta,assumption youve ever had about the most notorious killers expensive cars, a plush houseboat, and a husband.known to man. of a KillerAuthorPatricia CornwellReaderLorelei KingPrice$ 12.75Using the first-hand expertise she has gained through writingthe bestselling Dr Kay Scarpetta novels, Patricia Cornwell hasused... Doubt: Horror in HockingCountyAuthorDon CanaanReaderClay LowePrice$ 9.95In October 1982, Annette Cooper Johnston and her fiance,Todd Schultz, both teenagers, disappeared from their Logan,Ohio homes. Page 4 of 47
  • 6. Crime & Thrillers / Detective Crime & Thrillers / Detective Page 5 of 47
  • 7. Crime & Thrillers / DetectiveA Question of Blood Back StabberAuthor AuthorIan Rankin Tim CockeyReader ReaderJames Macpherson Patrick Girard LawlorPrice Price$ 15.99 $ 21.49A shooting incident at a private school just north of Edinburgh. Hes suave, hes sexy, hes cool ... and hes an undertaker.Two seventeen-year-olds killed by an ex-Army loner who hasgone off the rails. Best of Sherlock Holmes, The: 1Angels Flight AuthorAuthor Arthur Conan DoyleMichael Connelly ReaderReader John Gielgud & RalphDick Hill Richardson PricePrice $ 16.75$ 24.95 The first volume of classic Sherlock Holmes stories on audio.#6 - LAPD Det. Harry Bosch is chosen to lead a high-profile Recognised as the ultimate dramatisation of Conan Doyle’smurder investigation. famous stories, these recordings have been acclaimed since their reissue... Thief, The Best of Sherlock Holmes, The: 2AuthorNoah Charney Author Arthur Conan DoyleReaderSimon Vance Reader John Gielgud & Ralph RichardsonPrice$ 24.95 Price $ 16.75<b><i>Rome:</i></b> In the small Baroque church of SantaGiuliana, a magnificent Caravaggio altarpiece disappears The second volume of classice Sherlock Holmes stories onwithout a trace in the middle of the night. audio. Recognised as the ultimate dramatisation of Conan<b><i>Paris:</i></b> In the basement vault of the Malevich Doyle’s famous stories, these recordings have beenSociety, the curator is shocked to discover the disappearance acclaimed since their reissue..of the Societys... Page 6 of 47
  • 8. Crime & Thrillers / DetectiveBest of Sherlock Holmes, The: 3 Black & BlueAuthor AuthorArthur Conan Doyle Ian RankinReader ReaderJohn Gielgud & Ralph James MacphersonRichardsonPrice Price$ 16.75 $ 13.25The third volume of classic Sherlock Holmes stories on audio. Rebus is juggling four cases trying to nail one killer - whoRecognised as the ultimate dramatisation of Conan Doyle’s might just lead back to the infamous Bible John.famous stories, these recordings have been acclaimed since reissue... Black Book, TheBest of Sherlock Holmes, The: 4 Author Ian RankinAuthorArthur Conan Doyle Reader James MacphersonReaderJohn Gielgud, RalphRichardson & Orson Welles Price $ 13.25Price$ 16.75 KGB honey traps in Russia; inside stories on Number 10 and the Foreign Office; and of course life behind the scenes withThe final volume of classic Sherlock Holmes stories on audio, Blair and George W. Bush ...guest starring Orson Welles. Recognised as the ultimate of Conan Doyle’s famous stories, theserecordings have ... Blacklist AuthorBetrayal in Death Sara ParetskyAuthorJ.D. Robb Reader Sandra BurrReaderSusan Ericksen Price $ 24.95Price A novel as passionate, complex, and powerfully entertaining$ 24.95 as its acclaimed heroine. Dallas suspects her husband, Roarke, is a hit manstarget. Page 7 of 47
  • 9. Crime & Thrillers / DetectiveBlood Orchid Cape PerdidoAuthor AuthorStuart Woods Marcia MullerReader ReaderSusie Breck and Dick Hill Dick Hill and Joyce BeanPrice Price$ 24.95 $ 24.95Blood Orchid is the third adventure of one of Stuart Woodss The critically acclaimed author of the Sharon McCone seriesmost engaging characters, Chief of Police Holly Barker. delivers a riveting new mystery about a small town pitted against a foreign corporation. in the Library, The Cards on the TableAuthorAgatha Christie Author Agatha ChristieReaderJoan Hickson Reader Hugh FraserPrice$ 16.99 Price $ 16.99The respectable Bantrys invite Miss Marple to solve themystery… before tongues start to wag... Indeed, what began as an absorbing evening of bridge was to turn into a more dangerous game altogether… of the Dead, The City of BonesAuthorDouglas Preston and Lincoln AuthorChild Michael ConnellyReaderScott Brick Reader Len CariouPrice$ 34.98 Price $ 15.99An FBI agent, rotting away in prison for a murder he did notcommit... His brilliant, psychotic brother, about to perpetrate a When the bones of a twelve-year-old boy are found scatteredhorrific crime... A young woman with an extraordinary past... in the Hollywood Hills, Harry Bosch is drawn into a case that brings up... Page 8 of 47
  • 10. Crime & Thrillers / DetectiveCold Moon, The Collectors, The (Abridged)Author AuthorJeffery Deaver David BaldacciReader ReaderKerry Shale Tom Wopat and Maggi-Meg ReedPrice Price$ 16.75 $ 20.99A stunning new Lincoln Rhyme thriller takes Lincoln and a world of high-stakes espionage that threatens to bringAmelia on a journey of unbearable suspense, by the number America to its bestselling author. Read by Kerry Shale. Copper Beeches, TheCold Paradise AuthorAuthor Sir Arthur Conan DoyleStuart Woods ReaderReader David Ian DaviesDick Hill PricePrice $ 5.00$ 24.95 The strange behavior of her new employer forces a youngStone Barrington becomes involved with a case he thought governess to entreat Holmes to investigate.was buried years ago. Cross (Unabridged)Cold Pursuit AuthorAuthor James PattersonT. Jefferson Parker ReaderReader Peter Jay Fernandez and JayPatrick G. Lawlor O Sanders PricePrice $ 27.99$ 24.95 When a case triggers a connection to his wifes death, AlexA hard hitting thriller of murder, vengeance, and secret may have a chance to catch her murderer after all thesepassions. years. Will justice be served at long last? Or is this the culminating scene in hi Page 9 of 47
  • 11. Crime & Thrillers / DetectiveDarkness More Than Night, A Death of a StrangerAuthor AuthorMichael Connelly Anne PerryReader ReaderMichael Beck David ColacciPrice Price$ 12.25 $ 24.95The victim was a scuzzball who six years earlier had been For the prostitutes of Leather Lane, nurse Hester Monksarrested by Harry Bosch for murder but then released clinic is a lifeline, providing medicine, food, and a modicum ofuncharged by the DAs office peace - especially since lately their ailments have escalated. in the Clouds Detective Gunny Marks USMC RET. Episode 3 Point is TwelveAuthorAgatha Christie Author Not KnownReaderHugh Fraser Reader Not KnownPrice$ 16.99 PriceWhat Poirot did not yet realize was that behind him, in seat $ 2.95No.2, sat the slumped, lifeless body of a woman... Gunny Marks investigates the murder of Bandra Doyal. of a Blue Movie Star Disappearance of Lady Carfax, TheAuthorJeffery Deaver Author Sir Arthur Conan DoyleReaderLorelei King Reader David Ian DaviesPrice$ 14.25 PriceRune, the quirky, irrepressible heroine of Manhattan Is My $ 5.00Beat, is struggling to become a filmmaker in New York, Holmes rescues Lady Frances Carfax, who fallen into theshooting a documentary about a series of bomb attacks on clutches of a phony preacherthe adult film industry. Page 10 of 47
  • 12. Crime & Thrillers / DetectiveDouble Take: An FBI Thriller Fleshmarket CloseAuthor AuthorCatherine Coulter Ian RankinReader ReaderSandra Burr and Phil Gigante James MacphersonPrice Price$ 24.95 $ 14.25Catherine Coulter mixes murder, treachery, and breathtaking An Illegal immigrant is found murdered, a teenager hassuspense in the roller-coaster ride of the year. disappeared from home and then theres the small matter of the two skeleton. The scene begins to look like an elaborate stunt - ParkAuthor Free FallMichael Connelly Author Robert CraisReaderMichael Brandon Reader James DanielsPrice$ 14.25 PriceIn 1993 Marie Gesto disappeared after walking out of a $ 24.95supermarket in Hollywood. The case was quickly elevated byLAPD commanders from the Missing Persons squad to the Private detective Elvis Coles new client draws him deep inHomicide Division... gang territory and into the crosshairs of the LAPD. park (Unabridged) Frost At ChristmasAuthor AuthorMichael Connelly R.D. WingfieldReader ReaderLen Cariou David JasonPrice Price$ 27.99 $ 12.75A man accused of two heinous killings is willing to come clean Detective Inspector Jack Frost, Denton Police Force’sabout several others in a deal to avoid the death penalty. One scruffiest officer, knows they only have a limited time to findof these is the murder of Marie Gesto. her... Page 11 of 47
  • 13. Crime & Thrillers / DetectiveGood Hanging, A, and other stories Hercule Poirot: Lord Edgware DiesAuthor AuthorIan Rankin Agatha ChristieReader ReaderJames Macpherson Hugh FraserPrice Price$ 15.49 $ 16.99Eleven terrific stories starring Detective Inspector John After all, how could Jane have stabbed Lord Edgware toRebus: an outstanding creation (Daily Telegraph). death in his library at exactly the same time she was seen dining? And what could be her motive now that the aristocrat had granted divorce... Garden, TheAuthor Hide & SeekIan Rankin Author Ian RankinReaderBill Paterson Reader Bill PatersonPrice$ 13.25 PriceBill Paterson gives a vivid and assured reading of Ian $ 13.25Rankins best novel yet, retaining the laconic wit of the novelbut bringing his own knowledge of Scottish place and Only Rebus seems to care about a death which looks morecharacter. like a murder every day, about a seductive danger he can almost taste, appealing to the darkest corners of his mind. Frost Hound of the Baskervilles, The .AuthorR.D. Wingfield Author Sir Arthur Conan DoyleReaderDavid Jason Reader David Ian DaviesPrice$ 12.75 Price $ 15.00Questions, questions and more questions. And so very few answers … David Jason, who plays D I Jack Frost in the The most famous of Conan Doyles classic tales of mysteryTV adaptation, brings R D Wingfield’s characters to vivid life and detectionin this compelling audio Page 12 of 47
  • 14. Crime Thrillers / DetectiveKnots Crosses Man with the Twisted Lip, TheAuthor AuthorIan Rankin Sir Arthur Conan DoyleReader ReaderBill Paterson David Ian DaviesPrice Price$ 12.25 $ 5.00And in in Edinburgh of all places. I mean,you never think of Neville St. Clair has vanished from an opium den and Holmesthat sort of thing happening in Edinburgh, do you...? That is called in for the huntsort of thing is the brutal abduction and murder of two young Manhattan is my BeatLet it Bleed Author Jeffery DeaverAuthorIan Rankin Reader Lorelei KingReaderBill Paterson Price $ 14.25Price$ 12.25 Can the unsolved bank heist of a million missing dollards be discovered by clues in an old black and white movie?Struggling through another Edinburgh winter, Rebus finds sucked into a web of intrigue that throws up morequestions than answers. Mazarin Stone, The AuthorLions Game, The Sir Arthur Conan DoyleAuthorNelson Demille Reader David Ian DaviesReaderBoyd Gaines Price $ 5.00Price The master detective is on the trail of the stolen crown jewel$ 20.99 known as the Mazarin Stone John Corey of Plum Island fame returns to take onone of the most incredible serial killers of all time—a youngArab, known as The Lion. Page 13 of 47
  • 15. Crime Thrillers / DetectiveMercy Murder Must AdvertiseAuthor AuthorJodi Picoult Dorothy L. SayersReader ReaderMegan Dodds VariousPrice Price$ 16.75 $ 18.49The fantastic new novel from bestselling Jodi Picoult, now on When copywriter Victor Dean falls to his death on the stairs ofaudio. Cameron MacDonald has spent his life guided by duty. Pyms Advertising Agency, everyone assumes it was anAs the police chief of a small Massachusetts town... accident. His replacement doesnt think so, and begins asking a lot of questions... Three-Quarter, The Murder on the Orient ExpressAuthorSir Arthur Conan Doyle Author Agatha ChristieReaderDavid Ian Davies Reader David SuchetPrice$ 5.00 Price $ 16.99Cambridge Varsity Rugger star Godfrey Staunton hasdisappeared under mysterious circumstances With tension mounting, detective Hercule Poirot comes up with not one, but two solutions to the crime... Causes Mysterious Affair At Styles, TheAuthorIan Rankin Author Agatha ChristieReaderJames Macpherson Reader Hugh FraserPrice$ 12.25 Price $ 16.99The Edinburgh Festival is in full swing and no one wants tocontemplates terrorism in the thronging city streets, Rebus With impeccable timing Hercule Poirot, the renowned Belgianjoins an elite police unit which must smash any terrorist cell. detective, makes his dramatic entrance on to the English crime stage... Page 14 of 47
  • 16. Crime Thrillers / DetectiveMystery of the Blue Train Night Gardener, TheAuthor AuthorAgatha Christie George PelecanosReader ReaderHugh Fraser George PelecanosPrice Price$ 16.99 $ 20.98The prime suspect is Ruth’s estranged husband, Derek. Yet The haunting story of three cops-one good, one bad, onePoirot is not convinced, so he stages an eerie re-enactment of broken-and the murder that reunites them in a showdownthe journey, complete with the murderer on board… decades in the making... of the Dead, The Noble BachelorAuthor AuthorIan Rankin Sir Arthur Conan DoyleReader ReaderJames Macpherson David Ian DaviesPrice Price$ 14.25 $ 5.00The Naming of the Dead is both the stunning new novel from The groom loses his bride ten minutes after the wedding andNumber 1 bestseller, Ian Rankin, and a potent mix of action Sherlock Holmes has to find her.and politics set against a backdrop of the most devastating in recent Britis One Good TurnNight Frost Author Kate AtkinsonAuthorR.D. Wingfield Reader Robin Atkin DownesReaderDavid Jason Price $ 17.49Price$ 12.75 BEAUTIFUL SUMMER DAY , crowds lined up outside a theater witness a sudden act of extreme road rage - anA serial killer is terrorising the senior citizens of Denton, and ingenious plot from Whitbread Book of the Year Author.the local police are succumbing to a flu epidemic... Page 15 of 47
  • 17. Crime Thrillers / DetectivePaul Temple and the Tyler Mystery Problem of Thor Bridge, TheAuthor AuthorFrancis Durbridge Sir Arthur Conan DoyleReader ReaderAnthony Head David Ian DaviesPrice Price$ 18.49 $ 5.00While on patrol outside Oxford, two policemen notice a stolen A sensational deduction stands at the heart of this excellentcar parked in a layby On further investigation, they discover story of passion and unrequited lovethe body of a young woman huddled in the boot, strangled a headscarf... Reckless AbandonPeril at End House Author Stuart WoodsAuthorAgatha Christie Reader Tony RobertsReaderHugh Fraser Price $ 24.95Price$ 16.99 Stone Barrington is, once again, right at home in New York City; but this time he is joined by the tenacious Holly BarkerUpon discovering a bullet-hole in Nick’s sun hat, Hercule from Orchid Blues, the lady police chief of Orchid Island,Poirot decides the girl needs his protection. At the same time, Florida.he begins to unravel the mystery of a murder that hasn’t been Yet.. Red-Headed League, ThePop Goes The Weasel Author Sir Arthur Conan DoyleAuthorJames Patterson Reader David Ian DaviesReaderDavid Keith and Roger Rees Price $ 5.00Price$ 10.49 One of the most perplexing of all the wonderful Conan Doyle storiesHere is a chilling villain, a love story of great tenderness, and plot of relentless suspense and heart-pounding pace. Page 16 of 47
  • 18. Crime Thrillers / DetectiveShadow Man Sherlock Holmes Audio Collection, TheAuthor AuthorCody McFadyen Arthur Conan DoyleReader ReaderMegan Dodds Basil RathbonePrice Price$ 14.25 $ 12.75Find Him, Face Him, Fear Him. Smoky Barrett has to find the This outstanding collection is for all who have read the booksShadow Man before its too late... of Arthur Conan Doyle and seen the movies with Rathbone, the actor most often associated with the role of the worlds greatest detective Holmes and the DarlingtonSubstitution Scandal Sherlock Holmes: Adventure of The DevilsAuthor FootDavid Stuart Davies Author Sir Arthur Conan DoyleReaderDavid Ian Davies Reader David Ian DaviesPrice$ 15.00 PriceWealthy art collector Lord Hector Darlingtons priceless $ 5.00painting, The Adoration, has disappeared Watson lays out the truth behind the infamous Cornish Horror case. Holmes and the ReichenbachFalls Secret Sherlock Holmes: His Last BowAuthor AuthorDavid Stuart Davies Sir Arthur Conan DoyleReader ReaderDavid Ian Davies David Ian DaviesPrice Price$ 5.00 $ 5.00Holmes reveals the truth of what really transpired at theReichenbach Falls A meeting between German operatives during World War One threatens Englands freedom. Page 17 of 47
  • 19. Crime Thrillers / DetectiveSherlock Holmes: Shoscombe Old Place Sherlock Holmes: A Scandal in BohemiaAuthor AuthorSir Arthur Conan Doyle Sir Arthur Conan DoyleReader ReaderDavid Ian Davies David Ian DaviesPrice Price$ 5.00 $ 5.00Holmes thriller replete with haunted crypts, ancient corpses Holmes is hired by the King of Bohemia to recover blackmailand personal intrigue. evidence. Holmes: The Lions Mane Sherlock Holmes: A Study in ScarletAuthor AuthorSir Arthur Conan Doyle Sir Arthur Conan DoyleReader ReaderDavid Ian Davies David Ian DaviesPrice Price$ 5.00 $ 7.00Holmes comes out of retirement to solve a mysterious case of The worlds first consulting detective assists in themurder investigation of a bizarre poisoning case. Holmes: A Case of Identity Sherlock Holmes: Adventure of The Abbey GrangeAuthorSir Arthur Conan Doyle Author Sir Arthur Conan DoyleReaderDavid Ian Davies Reader David Ian DaviesPrice$ 5.00 PriceThe disappearance of the groom on the way to their wedding $ 5.00brings the bride to Holmes door. Holmes suspects a murdered mans wife is hiding the truth behind her husbands death Page 18 of 47
  • 20. Crime Thrillers / DetectiveSherlock Holmes: Adventure of The Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of theHonourable Cracksman Beryl CoronetAuthor AuthorMatthew Elliott Sir Arthur Conan DoyleReader ReaderDavid Ian Davies David Ian DaviesPrice Price$ 5.00 $ 5.00A thief discovers a body while entering through a chimney Priceless British royal crown left as loan collateral is stolen.and contacts Holmes. Holmes: Murder By Moonlight Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of theOther Mysteries Blanched SoldierAuthor AuthorAnthony Boucher, Denis Green Sir Arthur Conan DoyleReader ReaderBasil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce David Ian DaviesPrice Price$ 17.95 $ 5.00Witty, fast-paced and always suprising, these great radio Holmes must discover why a young soldier iseems/i toplays, written by the prolific writing team of Anthony Boucher have disappeared.and Denis Green, are as fresh today as they were then. Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of theSherlock Holmes: The Adventure of Black Blue CarbunclePeter AuthorAuthor Arthur Conan DoyleSir Arthur Conan Doyle ReaderReader David Ian DaviesDavid Ian Davies PricePrice $ 5.00$ 5.00 A stolen jewel, fabulous and renowned, is discovered in theHolmes investigates the bizarre, violent demise of Captain crop of a Christmas goose!Peter Carey by harpooning. Page 19 of 47
  • 21. Crime Thrillers / DetectiveSherlock Holmes: The Adventure of The Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of TheBruce-Partington Plans Norwood BuilderAuthor AuthorSir Arthur Conan Doyle Sir Arthur Conan DoyleReader ReaderDavid Ian Davies David Ian DaviesPrice Price$ 5.00 $ 5.00A government worker appears to have sold top secret The murder case against Holmes new client grows so strongsubmarine plans to spies. it seems to defy the detectives gifts. Holmes: The Adventure of The Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of TheCreeping Man Priory SchoolAuthor AuthorSir Arthur Conan Doyle Sir Arthur Conan DoyleReader ReaderDavid Ian Davies David Ian DaviesPrice Price$ 5.00 $ 5.00Holmes puzzles over the links between a dogs behavior and Holmes is desperately asked to rescue the kidnapped onlythat of its loved and respected master. son of the Duke of Holdernesse. Holmes: The Adventure of the Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of TheIllustrious Client Retired ColourmanAuthor AuthorSir Arthur Conan Doyle Sir Arthur Conan DoyleReader ReaderDavid Ian Davies David Ian DaviesPrice Price$ 5.00 $ 5.00Holmes risks his life to save a highborn girl from an ill-fated The case of a depressed husband and his unfaithful wifemarriage. leads Holmes to unexpected results. Page 20 of 47
  • 22. Crime Thrillers / DetectiveSherlock Holmes: The Adventure of the Sherlock Holmes: The Boscombe ValleySolitary Cyclist MysteryAuthor AuthorSir Arthur Conan Doyle Sir Arthur Conan DoyleReader ReaderDavid Ian Davies David Ian DaviesPrice Price$ 5.00 $ 5.00A young lady on a bicycle is being constantly followed by an Holmes must extricate a son from an utterly damning caseunknown male cyclist. against him of murdering his father. Holmes: The Adventure of The Sherlock Holmes: The Cardboard BoxThree Students AuthorAuthor Sir Arthur Conan DoyleSir Arthur Conan Doyle ReaderReader David Ian DaviesDavid Ian Davies PricePrice $ 5.00$ 5.00 A horrified young woman receives a small package andCopied test answers bring Holmes onto a prestigious school discovers it holds fresh human remains.campus to avoid a terrible scandal. Sherlock Holmes: The Engineers ThumbSherlock Holmes: The Adventure of AuthorWisteria Lodge Sir Arthur Conan DoyleAuthorSir Arthur Conan Doyle Reader David Ian DaviesReaderDavid Ian Davies Price $ 5.00Price Holmes takes on the case of an engineer who has escaped$ 6.00 employers with his life but minus his thumb.Visitor to Wisteria Lodge awakens one morning to discover else has vanished. Page 21 of 47
  • 23. Crime Thrillers / DetectiveSherlock Holmes: The Final Problem Sherlock Holmes: The Leather FunnelAuthor AuthorSir Arthur Conan Doyle Sir Arthur Conan DoyleReader ReaderDavid Ian Davies David Ian DaviesPrice Price$ 5.00 $ 5.00Holmes determines to close in and end the career of criminal The horror of Arthur Conan Doylegenius Professor Moriarty. Holmes: The Five Orange Pips Sherlock Holmes: The Musgrave RitualAuthor AuthorSir Arthur Conan Doyle Sir Arthur Conan DoyleReader ReaderDavid Ian Davies David Ian DaviesPrice Price$ 5.00 $ 5.00A desperate young man asks Holmes to solve two relatives Sherlock Holmes must decipher an ancient ceremony to solvedeaths before he shares their fate. two baffling disappearances. Holmes: The Golden Pince-Nez Sherlock Holmes: The Naval TreatyAuthor AuthorSir Arthur Conan Doyle Sir Arthur Conan DoyleReader ReaderDavid Ian Davies David Ian DaviesPrice Price$ 5.00 $ 7.00A crime with no motive puzzles the great detective. Holmes must solve the strange, baffling case of a treaty stolen from a young diplomat. Page 22 of 47
  • 24. Crime Thrillers / DetectiveSherlock Holmes: The Red Circle Sherlock Holmes: The Sign of the Four (mp3)AuthorSir Arthur Conan Doyle Author Sir Arthur Conan DoyleReaderDavid Ian Davies Reader Derek JacobiPrice$ 5.00 PricePasts catch up with victims and their persecutors as well in $ 24.49this moving Holmes adventure. The great detectives melancholy mood is lifted by the arrival of attractive Mary Morstan at 221B, Baker Street... Holmes: The Resident Patient Sherlock Holmes: The Speckled BandAuthorSir Arthur Conan Doyle Author Sir Arthur Conan DoyleReaderDavid Ian Davies Reader David Ian DaviesPrice$ 5.00 PriceHolmes is called in to find out why a doctors benefactor is $ 5.00now the most frightened man in town. A father accuses his son in anger of a theft and finds more than he possibly expected... Holmes: The Second Stain Sherlock Holmes: The Veiled LodgerAuthorSir Arthur Conan Doyle Author Sir Arthur Conan DoyleReaderDavid Ian Davies Reader David Ian DaviesPrice$ 5.00 PriceHolmes must recover a highly inflammatory stolen document. $ 5.00 A circus woman, her face once mauled by a lion, trusts only Holmes with the truth behind the attack. Page 23 of 47
  • 25. Crime Thrillers / DetectiveSherlock Holmes: The Yellow Face Six Napoleons, TheAuthor AuthorSir Arthur Conan Doyle Sir Arthur Conan DoyleReader ReaderDavid Ian Davies David Ian DaviesPrice Price$ 5.00 $ 5.00The puzzling case of the strange and unnatural yellow face A mystery surrounding the destruction of casts of Napoleon turns to murder. Episode 1- One More Season Please Stockbrokers Clerk, The Adventure of theAuthor AuthorNot Known Sir Arthur Conan DoyleReader ReaderFull Cast Production David Ian DaviesPrice Price$ 2.95 $ 5.0051 year old baseball great Brian Swanders needs one more Mr. Hall Pycroft has found a new job, but all is not quite as ityear to fullfill his contract. should be. Blaze Sussex Vampire, TheAuthor AuthorSir Arthur Conan Doyle Sir Arthur Conan DoyleReader ReaderDavid Ian Davies David Ian DaviesPrice Price$ 5.00 $ 5.00Will Sherlock Holmes be able to solve the case of the Holmes investigates what appears to be a case of vampirismvanishing race horse. in an upper class home. Page 24 of 47
  • 26. Crime Thrillers / DetectiveSympathy Between Humans Three Gables, The Adventure of theAuthor AuthorJodi Compton Sir Arthur Conan DoyleReader ReaderMarie St. Clair David Ian DaviesPrice Price$ 24.95 $ 5.00Detective Sarah Pribek is drawn into a new investigation even A strange case of an offer to buy a house and everything in itas she is haunted by the case that changed her forever. Skein, The Three Garridebs, The Adventure of theAuthor AuthorDavid Stuart Davies Sir Arthur Conan DoyleReader ReaderDavid Ian Davies David Ian DaviesPrice Price$ 10.00 $ 5.00Arthur Conan Doyles Sherlock Holmes comes face-to-face A perplexing mystery with $15MM at stake, but bonly/b ifwith Bram Stokers Dracula you have the right name, The Tooth NailAuthor AuthorCatherine Coulter Ian RankinReader ReaderSharon Williams James MacphersonPrice Price$ 24.95 $ 12.25A refugee from society comes to the aid of a mute little girl Drafted down to the Big Smoke thanks to his supposedand her mother expertise in the modus operandi of serial killers, Rebus is going to have to deal with the predations of a violent maniac. Page 25 of 47
  • 27. Crime Thrillers / DetectiveTouch of Frost, A Twelfth Card, TheAuthor AuthorR.D. Wingfield Jeffery DeaverReader ReaderDavid Jason Kerry ShalePrice Price$ 12.75 $ 14.25A rapist on the loose, a young girl missing, a robbery at a Schoolgirl Geneva Settles research project into her slaveleisure complex run by a low life, and an old man knocked ancestor Charles Singleton unearths more than just andown by a driver who wouldn’t stop … interesting story. Music Valley of Fear - Part 1: The Birlstone MysteryAuthorMichael Connelly Author Sir Arthur Conan DoyleReaderDick Hill Reader David Ian DaviesPrice$ 24.95 Price#5 - LAPD homicide detective Harry Bosch investigates what $ 5.00looks like a Mafia hit. Holmes investigates a grisly shotgun murder whose evidence is not all it seems Angel Visions in DeathAuthorGreg Iles Author J.D. RobbReaderDick Hill Reader Susan EricksenPrice$ 24.95 PriceWith the masterful command of suspense that made Blood $ 24.95Memory and The Quiet Game runaway bestsellers, Greg Iles As technology and humanity collide, Dallas searches theis back with his most dramatic tale yet - the story of two darkest corners of Manhattan for an elusive killer with afriends torn apart by the ... passion for collecting souls... Page 26 of 47
  • 28. Crime Thrillers / DetectiveWatchmanAuthorIan RankinReaderRoger AllamPrice$ 15.99Miles, pursuing dreams of beetles and moles, is given onelast chance for redemption — a trip to Belfast, which quicklybecomes a flight of terror, murder and shocking discoveries. Fire (Unabridged)AuthorNelson DemilleReaderScott BrickPrice$ 39.98Detective John Corey and his wife, FBI Agent Kate Mayfield,must unravel a terrifying plot of American cities locked in thecrosshairs of a nuclear device. FrostAuthorR.D. WingfieldReaderDavid JasonPrice$ 12.75Denton is currently having more than its fair share of crime.But Frost’s main concern is for the safety of a missingschoolgirl... Page 27 of 47
  • 29. Crime Thrillers / Thrillers Crime Thrillers / Thrillers Page 28 of 47
  • 30. Crime Thrillers / Thrillers37th Hour, The American, TheAuthor AuthorJodi Compton Andrew BrittonReader ReaderBernadette Quigley Christopher LanePrice Price$ 24.95 $ 24.95They say that after 36 hours its nearly impossible to find a The Senate Majority Leader brazenly assassinated in themissing person.... nation’s capital. A high-rise apartment complex brought down by a suicide bomber. The most feared terrorist network aided by the most surpris... the Dead Were StrangersAuthor Angels in the GloomEthan Black Author Anne PerryReaderJames Daniels Reader Michael PagePrice$ 24.95 PriceConrad Voort, the sexy and charismatic NYC detective, takes $ 24.95on a dangerously invisible killer in the most textured, complexand commercial Ethan Black thriller yet. The third installment of Anne Perrys acclaimed World War I series set in the trenches of Belgium and France as well as on the homefront. AphroditeStephen Coonts Author Russell AndrewsReaderJohn Kenneth Reader Buck SchirnerPrice$ 24.95 PriceAmerica finds herself under attack from one of her own $ 24.95nuclear submarines, and only Jake Grafton stands betweenthe deadly cargo and its intended target, Washington D.C. Whenever this word is whispered someone dies... Page 29 of 47
  • 31. Crime Thrillers / ThrillersArt of Deception, The Big Gamble, TheAuthor AuthorRidley Pearson Michael McGarrityReader ReaderRidley Pearson Dick HillPrice Price$ 24.95 $ 24.95New York Times bestselling author Ridley Pearson is back A multi-layered, adrenaline-pumped novel of crime andwith a brand new, suspenseful Lou Boldt novel. punishment set against the beauty and pristine majesty of one of our countrys most magnificent landscapes. Black DogsAuthorTed Bell Author Ian McEwanReaderJohn Shea Reader Steven MackintoshPrice$ 24.95 Price $ 16.99Fearless intelligence operative Lord Alexander Hawkematches wits with a cunning and bloodthirsty psychopath in a In 1946, a young couple set off on their honeymoon. Fired bydesperate race to avert an American Armageddon. their ideals and passion for one another, they plan an idyllic holiday, little do they know whats in store..., The Black Echo, TheAuthorAndrew Britton Author Michael ConnellyReaderChristopher Lane Reader Dick HillPrice$ 29.95 Price $ 24.95Maverick CIA agent Ryan Kealey must fight against his ownagency while the clock is ticking on a devastating attack on #1 - Harry Bosch -- hero, maverick, nighthawk, LAPD cop --U.S. soil… tracks a killer. Page 30 of 47
  • 32. Crime Thrillers / ThrillersBlack Water Transit Blood Is the SkyAuthor AuthorCarsten Stroud Steve HamiltonReader ReaderBruce Reizen Jim BondPrice Price$ 24.95 $ 24.95Jack Vermillion is a businessman with a problem: a son with a When a fire is done, whats left is only half-destroyed. It iscriminal record who is in trouble again. This time, Jacks kid is charred and brittle. It is obscene. There is nothing so ugly inlooking at twenty-five to life in maximum security. all the world as what a fire leaves behind. Sound Blood MemoryAuthor AuthorJames W. Hall Greg IlesReader ReaderDick Hill Joyce BeanPrice Price$ 24.95 $ 29.95The stunning new thriller from the master of crime fiction -- New York Times bestselling author Greg Iles returns to thefeaturing the long-awaited return of Halls enigmatic hero, haunting Southern landscape he knows so well with thisThorn. magnificent psychological thriller. Bloody MaryAuthor AuthorStephen White J. A. KonrathReader ReaderDick Hill Dick Hill and Susie BreckPrice Price$ 24.95 $ 24.95Psychologist and New York Times bestselling author Stephen The second novel in the funny, frightening world of LieutenantWhite ratchets up the thrills in Blinded, a new novel of Jacqueline “Jack” Daniels.psychological suspense - his most compelling and powerful Page 31 of 47
  • 33. Crime Thrillers / ThrillersBody of David Hayes, The Buried EvidenceAuthor AuthorRidley Pearson Nancy Taylor RosenbergReader ReaderDick Hill Sandra BurrPrice Price$ 24.95 $ 24.95Years ago, drained by the overwhelming demands of As a dedicated district attorney, Lily Forrester presents themarriage to a high-profile cop, Lous wife Liz had an perfect image of a defender of justice. Only she knows theextramarital affair with David Hayes. dark secret of what happened six years ago. Collector, The By Order of the PresidentAuthor AuthorJeffery Deaver W.E.B. GriffinReader ReaderKerry Shale Dick HillPrice Price$ 14.25 $ 29.95Lincoln Rhyme is strapped to his bed and actually planning Introducing a brand-new series from Griffin, featuring a hero -his suicide when he gets a call he cant ignore from his old and a subject - as cutting-edge as todays headlines.partner in the force. Cage of StarsBone Harvest AuthorAuthor Jacquelyn MitchardMary Logue ReaderReader Hope DavisJoyce Bean PricePrice $ 14.98$ 24.95 No writer today illuminates the struggles of families—and theBone Harvest is a bold, brilliant thriller that carries the listener crises that can tear them apart—better than #1 New Yorkdeep into the heart of the Wisconsin bluffs country, into the Times bestselling author Jacquelyn Mitchard. A first-ratehearts of its people - and to a startling conclusion. storyteller (Newsweek) Page 32 of 47
  • 34. Crime Thrillers / ThrillersCalifornia Girl Carrier, TheAuthor AuthorT. Jefferson Parker Holden ScottReader ReaderPatrick G. Lawlor Dick HillPrice Price$ 24.95 $ 24.95An emotionally wrenching tale of three brothers and the brutal Jack Collier is a brilliant but troubled Ph.D. candidate atact that irrevocably changes their lives. Harvard - the kid from the wrong side of the tracks. But he has an idea that will make medical history. Crimes Case of LiesAuthorStuart Woods Author Perri OShaughnessyReaderBarrett Whitener Reader Laural MerlingtonPrice$ 24.95 Price $ 24.95Someone is out to kill the nations high-level politicos in thiselectrifying new thriller in the bestselling Will Lee series. Nina Reilly’s investigation into an unsolved murder takes her on a dark journey strewn with old crimes, bitter truths, and heart-stopping danger. of Twilight, AAuthor Cat Dancers, TheLaurell K. Hamilton Author P. T. DeutermannReaderLaural Merlington Reader Dick HillPrice$ 24.95 PriceHavoc lies on the horizon; the very existence of the place $ 24.95known as Faerie is at grave risk An ingenious thriller of murder, revenge, and mystery in remote wilderness, by the acclaimed author of The Firefly and Hunting Season Page 33 of 47
  • 35. Crime Thrillers / ThrillersChild in Time, The Colonel, TheAuthor AuthorIan McEwan Patrick A. DavisReader ReaderAnton Lesser Robert LawrencePrice Price$ 18.75 $ 24.95The Child in Time opens with a harrowing event. Stephen A former Air Force investigator comes out of retirement to findLewis, a successful author of childrens books, takes his 3- a killer.year-old daughter on a routine Saturday morning trip to the Concrete Blonde, TheClear and Present Danger Author Michael ConnellyAuthorTom Clancy Reader Dick HillReaderJ. Charles Price $ 24.95Price$ 29.95 A breathtaking thriller that thrusts you into a blistering courtroom battle - and a desperate search for a sadistic killer.Tom Clancys thriller is based on Americas war on drugs . . . the covert - and shocking - U.S. response. Conflict of InterestCold Fire Author Nancy Taylor RosenbergAuthorDean Koontz Reader Joyce BeanReaderCarol Cowan and MichaelHanson Price $ 24.95Price$ 24.95 A veteran female district attorney is attempting to reconstruct her shattered personal life when she is suddenly plunged intoReporter Holly Thorne is intrigued by Jim Ironheart, who has a moral, legal, and emotional nightmare.saved 12 lives in the past three months. A master - San Diego Union-Tribune. Page 34 of 47
  • 36. Crime Thrillers / ThrillersCry No More Dark JusticeAuthor AuthorLinda Howard Jack HigginsReader ReaderJoyce Bean Michael PagePrice Price$ 24.95 $ 24.95Caught between growing passion and imminent peril, Milla Filled with all the dark suspense and sudden action for whichsuddenly finds herself the hunted - in the crosshairs of an Jack Higgins has become famous, driven by characters ofinvisible, lethal assassin who aims to silence her permanently. complexity and passion, Dark Justice shows the master at the peak of his powers. and Run DarksideAuthorRidley Pearson Author P. T. DeutermannReaderDick Hill Reader Dick HillPrice$ 24.95 Price $ 24.95A spell-binding thriller pitting a U.S. federal marshal againstthe mob’s most resourceful killer – in a race to save the A dangerous predator may be loose on the grounds of thewoman he loves. U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis... Wells Dead of NightAuthor AuthorMarcia Muller Randy Wayne WhiteReader ReaderSandra Burr and J. Charles Dick HillPrice Price$ 24.95 $ 24.95A sinister novel filled with intrigue and suspense! Explore the The “spellbinding story-spinner” (St. Louis Post-Dispatch) andways in which people and passions twist, turn, and kill. New York Times–bestselling author of Tampa Burn returns with a stunning novel of ecoterror and personal revenge. Page 35 of 47
  • 37. Crime Thrillers / ThrillersDead Run DeceitAuthor AuthorP. J. Tracy James SiegelReader ReaderBuck Schirner Dylan BakerPrice Price$ 24.95 $ 20.98The Monkeewrench gang returns in another caustically funny, Tom Valle, a small time news reader finds himself knee deepfrighteningly real thriller. in scandal and corruption after unearthing the truth about an apparent accident. The question is will anyone believe him? Sleep Deep Black: JihadAuthorGreg Iles Author Stephen Coonts and Jim DeFeliceReaderSusie Breck Reader J. CharlesPrice$ 24.95 Price $ 24.95An intricate and emotionally resonant story from one of themost versatile thriller writers at work today. A faceless enemy, a war waged on faith... Collectors, The Driven to DeathAuthorJack Kerley Author Engle and BarnesReaderDick Hill Reader VariousPrice$ 24.95 Price $ 9.95In 1972, on the day of his sentencing, renowned artist andserial killer Marden Hexcamp is shot dead in the courtroom. He looks frantic, terrified! Whats going on? Hes signaling forMembers of his Mansonesque band of followers are help, looking over his shoulder as if. . . David is screaming!imprisoned or simply disappear. Something is chasing him. . . and it isnt stopping... Page 36 of 47
  • 38. Crime Thrillers / ThrillersEcho Park (Abridged) First Billion, TheAuthor AuthorMichael Connelly Christopher ReichReader ReaderLen Cariou James DanielsPrice Price$ 20.98 $ 24.95In 1993, Marie Gesto disappeared after walking out of a Black Jet Securities latest and most ambitious deal couldsupermarket in Hollywood and it was an investigation Bosch destroy everything that Gavallan has worked so hard to build.couldnt close. Garden of Eden and Other CriminalFinders Keepers Delights, TheAuthor AuthorMark Bowden Faye KellermanReader ReaderMark Bowden VariousPrice Price$ 15.95 $ 20.98Finders Keepers is not only a gripping true-life thriller, it is the From New York Times bestselling author Fayeremarkable tale of an ordinary man faced with an Kellerman,one of the finest sisters in crime.extraordinary dilemma, and the fascinating reactions - Jack Jill AuthorAuthor James PattersonAndy McNab ReaderReader John Runinstein and BalirColin Buchanan Underwood PricePrice $ 12.75$ 12.75 Alex Cross is back. Awakened in the middle of the night, heWhen Stone goes back to Finland, however, and from there confronts a violent murder only blocks from his house; ainto Estonia, he finds himself caught between implacable beautiful little girl, six. fatally beaten.opposing forces – to whom he is nothing more than a pawn ina much bigger game... Page 37 of 47
  • 39. Crime Thrillers / ThrillersJudge and Jury Maidens Grave, AAuthor AuthorJames Patterson Jeffery DeaverReader ReaderJoe Mantegna Kerry ShalePrice Price$ 27.99 $ 14.25James Patterson spins an all-out heart-pounding legal thriller Stark against the prairie stands an ancient slaughterhousethat pits two people against the most vicious and powerful that still reeks of decades of spilled blood. It is here that coldmobster since John Gotti, Judge Jury is a stunning feat... killer Lou Handy will bring his hostages. Moon, The Mask MarketAuthor AuthorChuck Hogan Andrew VachssReader ReaderJohn Slattery David Joe WirthPrice Price$ 17.95 $ 24.95The prize-winning author of Prince of Thieves delivers another Burke is back – stalking the dark alleys of his past in searchknock-out thriller! The Killing Moon is Chuck Hogans richest, of a vanished woman…and some truths about himself.most satisfying thriller yet. Metro GirlLife Support AuthorAuthor Janet EvanovichTess Gerritsen ReaderReader C.J. CrittMegan Gallagher PricePrice $ 14.95$ 10.95 Number-one New York Times bestselling author JanetDr. Toby Harper works the night shift in an emergency room. Evanovich moves into the fast lane with Metro Girl, a thrilling,She spends her daytime hours alone with her mother who high-octane misadventure with high stakes.suffers from Alzheimers disease. Page 38 of 47
  • 40. Crime Thrillers / ThrillersMission Song, The (Unabridged) Murder at the Opera: A Capital Crimes NovelAuthor AuthorJohn Le Carre Margaret TrumanReader ReaderDavid Oyelowd Phil GigantePrice Price$ 27.98 $ 24.95By turns thriller, love story, and comic allegory of our times, With her newest Capital Crimes novel, New York TimesThe Mission Song recounts Salvos heroically naive journey bestselling author Margaret Truman once again plumbs theout of the dark of Western hypocrisy and into the heart of depths of a hallowed national institution – this time thelightness. Washington National Opera. Fear Murder of Roger Ackroyd, TheAuthor AuthorGreg Iles Agatha ChristieReader ReaderJay O. Sanders Hugh FraserPrice Price$ 24.95 $ 16.99The operator of a sexually explicit on-line service is accused But the evening post brought Roger one last fatal scrap ofof committing a series of vicious murders--and his daring plan information. Unfortunately, before he could finish the letter, heto prove his innocence will endanger everything he holds was stabbed to death…dear... Official PrivilegeMr Paradise AuthorAuthor P.T. DeutermannElmore Leonard ReaderReader J. CharlesRobert Forster PricePrice $ 29.95$ 19.95 Intrigue and deception thwart the investigation of a NavyWith a cool cast, snappy dialogue, and all the twists fans murder scandalcrave, Mr. Paradise is Elmore Leonard at home in Detroit and than ever. Page 39 of 47
  • 41. Crime Thrillers / ThrillersPact, The PhantomAuthor AuthorJodi Picoult Terry GoodkindReader ReaderMegan Dodds Sam TsoutsouvasPrice Price$ 16.75 $ 29.95A riveting, timely, and terrifying novel from an acclaimed writer Enter the unique world of Terry Goodkind. A world of highwho skillfully intertwines the intimate perceptions of Anne adventure, brilliant storytelling, and people you will neverTyler with the dramatic tension of John Grisham... forget., The Righteous Men, TheAuthor AuthorJames Grippando Sam BourneReader ReaderJohn Rubinstein Kerry ShalePrice Price$ 12.95 $ 18.75Jack Swyteck, a brilliant Miami defense attorney has spent There cant possibly be a connection.Thats the instinct of Willyears rebelling against his father, Harry, now Floridas Monroe, a young, British-born reporter for The New Yorkgovernor. A twisted psychopath has other plans! Times – until the morning his beautiful wife Beth is kidnapped... Temple and the Kelby Affair Run, TheAuthorFrancis Durbridge Author Stuart WoodsReaderAnthony Head Reader Ken HowardPrice$ 18.49 Price $ 14.95The great radio detective lives again in a brand new readingby Anthony Head. Will Lee has finally established himself at the heart of American government as the respected Senator from his home state of Georgia. Page 40 of 47
  • 42. Crime Thrillers / ThrillersSandstorm Sleeping with FearAuthor AuthorJames Rollins Kay HooperReader ReaderDennis Boutsikaris Kathy GarverPrice Price$ 16.95 $ 24.95An inexplicable explosion rocks the antiquities collection of a New York Times bestselling author Kay Hooper returns with aLondon museum and the race begins to determine how it relentless thriller that brings her listeners face-to-face withhappened, why it happened, and what it means... fear itself... Match Point Snow BlindAuthor AuthorPaul Ulrich P. J. TracyReader ReaderPaul Ulrich Mel FosterPrice Price$ 7.95 $ 24.95As the U.S. and China compete for control of Saudi Arabia’s An explosive thriller from the freshest, quirkiest voice on theoil, an American diplomat risks betraying his country and a mystery scene. The Minnesota winter heats up when aSaudi woman risks her life – for love. The two never meet. snowman-building contest turns deadly... Adversary, The Stationary Bike, TheAuthor AuthorAgatha Christie Stephen KingReader ReaderHugh Fraser Ron McLartyPrice Price$ 16.99 $ 14.25Their advertisement says they are ‘willing to do anything, go A riveting riff on artistic frustration, midlife mortality, and hard-anywhere’. But their first assignment, for the sinister Mr won redemption, Stationary Bike is a thrill ride that couldWhittington, plunges them into more danger than they ever come only from the mind of Stephen King.imagined… Page 41 of 47
  • 43. Crime Thrillers / ThrillersStolen Season, A Vanishing PointAuthor AuthorSteve Hamilton Marcia MullerReader ReaderJim Bond Susan EricksenPrice Price$ 24.95 $ 24.95The seventh in the series by an Edgar Award-winning author In her latest adventure, newlywed Sharon McCone mustescalates with all the unrelenting tension and furious energy tackle the cold case of a missing woman and face her ownthat have won Steve Hamilton a special place in crime fiction. worst fears: what can happen when a marriage goes bad - or turns deadly. Vig, TheAuthorKaren Robards Author John LescroartReaderJoyce Bean Reader David ColacciPrice$ 24.95 Price $ 24.95Sparks fly between a police chief and a reporter who arethrown together when a brutal killer comes out of hiding after Payback is murder...fifteen years. Wildest Dreams Wild Fire (Abridged)Author AuthorPeter Abrahams Nelson DeMilleReader ReaderLaural Merlington Scott BrickPrice Price$ 24.95 $ 20.99Mackie dreaded the mail. From the simple beginning, Peter This work of fiction is based on a rumor, repeated on theAbrahams opens the curtains on a mesmerizing world down Internet, about a government plan very much like the one Ion the Mexican border, a world of complex and passionate call Wild Fire...people. Page 42 of 47
  • 44. Crime Thrillers / Horror Suspense Crime Thrillers / Horror Suspense Page 43 of 47
  • 45. Crime Thrillers / Horror SuspenseBlack Cross Cerulean SinsAuthor AuthorGreg Iles Laurell K. HamiltonReader ReaderJay O. Sanders Cynthia HollowayPrice Price$ 24.95 $ 24.95January 1944. Two men embark on a murderous mission into With her New York Times bestselling Anita Blake, Vampirethe heart of Germany to destroy a devastating new Nazi Hunter novels, Laurell K. Hamilton wraps readers up in storiesweapon... of suspense and sensuality. Cerulean Sins is no exception. in the Night CreepersAuthor AuthorRochelle Krich David MorrellReader ReaderDeanna Hurst Patrick G. LawlorPrice Price$ 24.95 $ 24.95A thrilling new suspense series starring the intrepid Molly Creepers, David Morrell’s gripping joyride of a thriller, depictsBlume, a crime writer for a Los Angeles tabloid. every harrowing second in eight hours of relentless suspense. It will haunt listeners for many nights to come. Farm, The Day of the DeadAuthorPatricia Cornwell Author J. A. JanceReaderJill Eikenberry Reader Tim JeromePrice$ 10.95 Price $ 21.95Only Scarpetta can interpret the forensic hieroglyphics at theBody Farm - an unusual laboratory equipped with fresh and In the majestic and merciless Southwestern desert,rotting corpses - that reveal this cases horrific solution. experience the chill of true terror. Page 44 of 47
  • 46. Crime Thrillers / Horror SuspenseDay of the Dead - Abridged Night Terrors: BlacklistAuthor AuthorJ. A. Jance Mark KalitaReader ReaderJ. R. Horne Full CastPrice Price$ 16.95 $ 2.00Go into the majestic and merciless Southwestern desert to An anthology of horror and suspense.experience the chill of terror. of Malfi, The NIGHT TERRORS: Byrons TaleAuthor AuthorJohn Webster Eric BusbyReader ReaderRobert Stephens, Alec Full CastMcCowen and castPrice Price$ 12.75 $ 2.00Barbara Jefford, Robert Stephens and Alec McCowen lead a A mysterious man, a mysterious woman, and supernaturaldistinguished company in this haunting performance of forces come together in a fantastic tale of intrique andWebster’s powerful tragedy of murder, revenge and thwarted suspenselove. NIGHT TERRORS: Ghost County USANIGHT TERRORS: And God Looked AuthorAuthor Chris SnyderPaul Mannering ReaderReader Full CastFull Cast PricePrice $ 0.00$ 2.00 Skyler Bradstreet just wants to get home, but he ends upDeep in the swamp lands of Louisiana, there sleeps an passing through a township with too many skeletons in theancient god who still watches over his creations…and god closet.looked. Page 45 of 47
  • 47. Crime Thrillers / Horror SuspenseNIGHT TERRORS: Last Call NIGHT TERRORS: The House in the ClockAuthor AuthorChris Snyder and Erika Gilbert Paul ManneringReader ReaderFull Cast Full CastPrice Price$ 2.00 $ 2.00Shanna and Karen are typical teenage girls. Tonight, A new family moves into an old house and finds that thehowever, Shanna, while babysitting two darling children, previous occupants left a few things behind.receives one…last call. NIGHT TERRORS: TheyNIGHT TERRORS: Love and Murder AuthorAuthor Paul ManneringElie Hirschman ReaderReader Full CastFull Cast PricePrice $ 2.00$ 2.00 Global devistation and too many people crammed together inMoney can cause people to do terrible things. So terrible in a nuclear fallout shelter…something has to give.fact, that they might find it necessary to visit…the confessional NIGHT TERRORS: Voices of the SoulNIGHT TERRORS: The Bug Doctor AuthorAuthor Elie HirschmanSteve Schirra ReaderReader Full CastFull Cast PricePrice $ 2.00$ 2.00 Mysterious deaths, a voice over artist with an impossibleRoss has everything he could want, but it could all be number of voices, and a down on his luck detective combinesnatched away in an instant. It all depends on the findings of… to bring you a dark tale of lost souls.the bug doctor. Page 46 of 47
  • 48. Crime Thrillers / Horror SuspenseOpen Season Web of Evil (Unabridged)Author AuthorLinda Howard J.A. JanceReader ReaderKate Forbes Karen ZiembaPrice Price$ 17.95 $ 23.95On her thirty-fourth birthday, Daisy Minor decides to make A twisted and lethal drama of heart-pounding suspense, Webover her entire life. But her fun turns to danger when she of Evil asks the question: If hell hath no fury like a womanwitnesses something she shouldnt - and becomes the target scorned, just what punishment could that fury unleash?of a killer. When the Wind BlowsRight Hand of Evil, The AuthorAuthor John SaulJohn Saul ReaderReader Joyce BeanBill Weideman PricePrice $ 24.95$ 24.95 Out of the night, out of the past, the terror comes...When theTerror waits in the old mansion inherited by the Conway Wind Blowsfamily. of EvilAuthorJ.A. JanceReaderKaren ZiembaPrice$ 17.95J.A. Jances new series, begun in the New York Timesbestseller Edge of Evil, continues with a powerhouse tale ofsuspense. Page 47 of 47