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  3. 3. Fiction"Shoot, Minnie, Shoot!" The Story of the Abiding Darkness: Book One of The Black1904 Fort Shaw Indian Girls, Basketballs or White ChroniclesFirst World Champions AuthorAuthor John Aubrey AndersonHappy Jack Feder ReaderReader Lillian ThayerAnna Fields PricePrice $ 23.95$ 21.95 It is 1945 in Mississippi’s cotton country, and Missy Parker isIn 1903, among the three hundred Indian children living at a seven years old, strong-willed, and very precocious. When aboarding school in a remote valley in Montana were a handful demon targets Missy and creates havoc throughout her familyof teenage girls. They quickly learned to play basketball and and community, an enthralling struggle between good and evilresoundingly crushed all opponents, including men’s and emerges, in this, the first book in The Black or...women’s university teams. In less than one year after... Action!1812 AuthorAuthor Robert CortDavid Nevin ReaderReader Grover GardnerGeoffrey Howard PricePrice $ 26.95$ 39.95 Author Robert Cort, the producer of fifty-two films that haveThe war of 1812 would either make America a global power grossed more than $2 billion at the box office, has written asweeping all the way to the Pacific or break it into small novel that is not only a page-turning family drama but also anpieces bound to mighty England. It was a second revolution of inside account of Hollywood and how movies are reallysorts to prove to t... made. New Classic Edition AddieAuthor AuthorGeorge Orwell Lee ThompsonReader ReaderSimon Prebble Johanna WardPrice Price$ 23.95 $ 16.95Orwell depicts a gray, totalitarian world in which privacy does The time is the mid-1880s when much of Florida is a virtualnot exist, news is manufactured according to the authorities wilderness. Addie ekes out a living from her canteen at thewill, and those with unorthodox ideas are brainwashed or put convergence of two primitive railroads. When Addie meetsto death. Orwells 1949 nightmare vision of the world we were Burke, the owner-ope...becoming is still the great modern classic of... Page 2 of 476
  4. 4. FictionAegypt An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge and Other StoriesAuthorJohn Crowley Author Ambrose BierceReaderJohn Crowley Reader Jonathan ReesePrice$ 29.95 PriceIs there more than one history of the world? This is the $ 14.95question Pierce Moffett is seeking to answer when, jilted and This collection of fourteen of Ambrose Bierces short stories isnewly jobless, he gets off a bus by chance and steps a good example of how his writing jars the listener out of aunawares on a path toward the longed-for country of our comfortable complacency with its improbable twists of plot,oldest dreams and most unanswerable desires and toward a tone, or pe...magnificent... An Unfinished Season: A NovelAlentejo Blue AuthorAuthor Ward JustMonica Ali ReaderReader William DufriesAnna Fields PricePrice $ 19.95$ 16.95 An Unfinished Season captures the postwar moment of theMonica Alis stunning second book is a collection of stories 1950s, a time of rabid anticommunism, worker unrest, andset in the Alentejo province of Portugal, linked by characters government corruption, when even the small-town familyand by a vivid sense of place and time. Teresa is a could not escape the nationwi...beautiful young girl from the village resisting an arrangedmarriage. The Potts are a family of ex-patriots trying... Anonymous LawyerAn Atomic Romance AuthorAuthor Jeremy BlachmanBobbie Ann Mason ReaderReader Ray PorterMark Bramhall PricePrice $ 16.95$ 16.95 Meet Anonymous Lawyer. He’s the brilliant but ruthless partner at one of the world’s largest law firms. And he’s justReed is an engineer at a uranium-enrichment plant. Despite started a weblog to tell the world about what life is really likehis fathers tragic death at the plant, Reed stays on, proud of at the top of his profession. The secret blog is fun untilhis work. As for radioactive incidents hes endured, Reed someone inside the firm discovers he’s its author.prefers to think... Page 3 of 476
  5. 5. FictionArch of Triumph Battle Flag: The Starbuck Chronicles, Vol. 4Author AuthorErich Maria Remarque Bernard CornwellReader ReaderRalph Cosham Tom ParkerPrice Price$ 29.95 $ 29.95Ravic, a German doctor and refugee living in Paris in 1939, Distinguishing himself at the Battle of Cedar Mountain,has been treating some of the citys most elite citizens, all the Confederate Captain Nate Starbuck sees his careerwhile searching for the Nazi who tortured him back in jeopardized through the suspicion and hostility of his brigadeGermany. Although... commander, the grandiose Gen... of Miss Jane Pittman, The Beautiful Miscellaneous, TheAuthor AuthorErnest J. Gaines Dominic SmithReader ReaderTonya Jordan Paul Michael GarciaPrice Price$ 16.95 $ 19.95This is a novel in the guise of the tape-recorded recollections Dominic Smith’s novel explores genius and loss, failure andof a black woman who has lived 110 years, who has been redemption, and a son’s struggle with the crushing weight ofboth a slave and a witness to the black militancy of the 1960s. his father’s expectations.Gaines has cre... Beggar in Jerusalem, AAwakening Storm AuthorAuthor Elie WieselJonathan Lowe ReaderReader Frederick DavidsonBarrett Whitener PricePrice $ 14.95$ 16.95 Elie Wiesel’s tale is of the days following the Six-Day War,Michael Rivers still has nightmares of the preacher who when a survivor of the Holocaust visits the reunited city ofterrorized his childhood. Now when a new child is threatened Jerusalem. At the Western Wall in the Old City, heby the controlling televangelist, Michael must confront his own encounters the beggars and madmen who congregate therepast. every evening and who force him to confront the ghosts of his past... Page 4 of 476
  6. 6. FictionBest Revenge, The: A Novel of Broadway Better Than I Know MyselfAuthor AuthorSol Stein Virginia DeBerry and Donna GrantReader ReaderChristopher Lane Lisa Rene PittsPrice Price$ 16.95 $ 36.95Ben Riller is the most successful producer on Broadway, but When Carmen, Jewell, and Regina first cross paths, they planhis newest production is in danger of closing before it opens. to keep on walking. They had little in common. But each hasWhen he turns for advice to his late father, he becomes what the other needs, and through the years of betrayal andinvolved with two generations of wonderful underworld secrets, they un...characters who force him to choose between moral and Beyond The Gathering StormBet Your Bottom Dollar: A Bottom Dollar AuthorGirls Novel Janette OkeAuthorKarin Gillespie Reader Marguerite GavinReader PriceCarrington MacDuffie $ 16.95Price As a youth, Henry was rescued from terrible circumstances by the Delaneys. Their love and care for him helped to heal$ 19.95 those painful memories, and he now has grown into a youngWelcome to the Bottom Dollar Emporium of Cayboo Creek, man of character and ...South Carolina, where everything from coconut mallow to Clabber girl Baking Powder costs only a dollar, andcoffee and gossip are free... Big Sur AuthorBette Jack KerouacAuthorLyn Cote Reader Tom ParkerReader PriceAnna Fields $ 14.95Price "Big Surs a humane, precise account of the extraordinary ravages of alcohol delirium tremens on Kerouac, a superior$ 16.95 novelist who had strength to complete his poetic narrative, aElizabeth "Bette" Leigh Black comes of age in the years task few scribes s...before WWII. Although money is scarce in the aftermath of Depression, her home with her mother, Chloe, and herstepfather is happy. But a... Page 5 of 476
  7. 7. FictionBlack Flower, The Bob the GamblerAuthor AuthorHoward Bahr Frederick BarthelmeReader ReaderBrian Emerson Adams MorganPrice Price$ 23.95 $ 14.95 In the madness and violence of a great battle and its Tricks of chance make up the fabric of this novel about wisingaftermath, Bushrod Carter tries to act his part as well as he up better late than never. Peopled with dazed casinocan. He must confront his soul and learn from his comrades denizens, body-pierced children, and hourly employees in fulland from a young girl... revolt, it tells the refreshing story of a couple who, after tumbling out of their middle-class Garden of Eden,... Ground, The: The StarbuckChronicles, Vol. 3 Book Of Kings, TheAuthor AuthorBernard Cornwell James ThackaraReader ReaderTom Parker Robert Whitfield PricePrice$ 26.95 $ 39.95It is only weeks after the Second Manassas in September While Europe drifts toward Nazism, four students share an1862, and in General Lees army the Northern renegade apartment in Paris. Thackara brilliantly forges the stories ofNathaniel Starbuck must prove his loyalty once again. As these four men whose lives mirror the larger picture, while theRobert E. Lee takes the war no... listener fol... at the Mizzen Born ConfusedAuthor AuthorPatrick OBrian Tanuja Desai HidierReader ReaderSimon Vance Marguerite GavinPrice Price$ 16.95 $ 29.95Napoleon is defeated at Waterloo, but the ensuing peace Dimple Lala has spent her whole life resisting her parentsbrings Captain Jack Aubrey the desertion of half his crew. traditions. But now shes turning seventeen and things areJack and Stephen’s South American expedition becomes a more complicated than ever. Shes still recovering from a year-desperate affair, until Jack, again the daring frigate old break-up, a...commander of old, stakes all on a desperate solo night raid the... Page 6 of 476
  8. 8. FictionBrandons, The Broken GroundAuthor AuthorAngela Thirkell Kai MaristedReader ReaderNadia May Johanna WardPrice Price$ 23.95 $ 26.95The Brandons is replete with youthful nonsense and middle- After living in America for many years, Kaethe Shalk returnsaged folly. People will fall in love with the wrong person, and to Berlin to search for the daughter she lost. Now in theall are determined to misunderstand each other. The metaphorical broken ground left by the demise of the BerlinBrandons and their frie... Wall, she encounte... Free By the Grand CanalAuthor AuthorLauraine Snelling William RivireReader ReaderPam Ward Simon VancePrice Price$ 19.95 $ 14.95When her reckless driving brought unimaginable tragedy, In the aftermath of the First World War, Hugh Thurne, aMaggie Roberts found herself in prison grieving for her lost British diplomat involved in the peace negotiations, findsson. There she learned to work with horses. Back in society, solace in his rented palazzo in Venice rather than returning toshe meets Gil, a single father looking for a new form of his wife and the c...therapy for his disabled son. Soon the distrust and old... Candles BurningBroken for You AuthorAuthor Tabitha King and MichaelStephanie Kallos McDowell ReaderReader Carrington MacDuffieAnna Fields PricePrice $ 29.95$ 26.95 In this Southern saga begun by Michael McDowell andExuberant, heartbreaking, and alive with a potpourri of finished after his death by Tabitha King, seven-year-oldeccentric and irresistible characters, this novel explores the Calley and her mother find themselves exiled to Pensacolasaving graces of surrogate families and shows how far the Beach after the brutal murder of her father. There a womantiniest repair jobs ... awaits their presence—for Calley is no normal little girl. Page 7 of 476
  9. 9. FictionCanterville Ghost and Other Stories, The Catherine CarmierAuthor AuthorOscar Wilde Ernest J. GainesReader ReaderDonada Peters S. Patricia BaileyPrice Price$ 12.95 $ 14.95Oscar Wilde was a prolific and spontaneous storyteller who Catherine Carmier is a compel-ling love story set in aonce declared, “I cannot think otherwise than in stories.” Here deceptively bucolic Louisiana countryside, where blacks,are a handful of his shorter works that demonstrate his range, Cajuns, and whites maintain an uneasy coexistence. Afterversatility, and skill as a storyteller, too often overshadowed living in San Francisco his reputation as a dramatist, critical... Chasing the Devils Tail: A Mystery ofCarly Storyville, New OrleansAuthor AuthorLyn Cote David FulmerReader ReaderAnna Fields Dion GrahamPrice Price$ 16.95 $ 23.95Carly grew up in the late twentieth century in the home of her In the raucous, bloody, red-light district of Storyville, Newindependent mother. Scarred by a childhood trauma, Carly Orleans, in 1907, a murderer is preying on the prostitutedecides to face her fears head on by joining the Army, where population, marking each victim with a black rose. As Creoleshe finds love. Wounded, she is sent home to Ivy Manor and detective Valentin St. Cyr delves into the mystery, hethe care of three generations of women who endured their... encounters a colorful cast of characters drawn from history. Me Down Chloe: The Women of Ivy Manor, Book1Author AuthorM. J. Hyland Lyn CoteReader ReaderGerard Doyle Marguerite GavinPrice Price$ 19.95 $ 16.95John Egan is a misfit, a twelve-year-old in the body of a grown Chloe is born at the dawn of the twentieth century into all theman with the voice of a giant. With his sensitivity to the privilege a young girl could desire--except her parentschanging vibrations within himself and his parents unconditional love. After embarking on marriage, motherhood,disheartening marital ... and a career, h... Page 8 of 476
  10. 10. FictionCigar Roller, The Cold Sassy TreeAuthor AuthorPablo Medina Olive Ann BurnsReader ReaderStefan Rudnicki Tom ParkerPrice Price$ 14.95 $ 26.95Amadeo Terra, former cigar-factory worker, is confined in a In the small town of Cold Sassy, Georgia, on July 5, 1906,Florida hospital after a paralyzing stoke. His body no longer things take a scandalous turn. On that day, fourteen-year-oldworks, but his mind is very much alive. One day, the taste of Will Tweedys adventures begin and an unimpeachably pious,mango on his ... deliciously irrev... Being an Account of the Fall and Confederacy of Dunces, AVengeance of Harmachis, the Royal AuthorEgyptian, As Set Forth by His Own Hand John Kennedy TooleAuthorH. Rider Haggard Reader Barrett WhitenerReaderWilliam Sutherland Price $ 29.95Price "A green hunting cap squeezed the top of the fleshy balloon$ 23.95 of a head. The green earflaps, full of large ears and uncut hair and the fine bristles that grew in the ears themselves, stuckCleopatra lies asleep. Harmachis looks down at the most out on eit...gorgeous woman he has ever seen. One arm pillows herhead. Her dark hair flows all around her, and her lips are in a smile. Her limbs are draped in a gauzy robe.The sight of Cleopatra’s beauty strikes the young Egyptianlike a... Confession, The Author Beverly LewisClose QuartersAuthor ReaderLarry Heinemann Marguerite Gavin PriceReader $ 16.95Richard Ferrone The Confession is the second book in a trilogy set in a quiet Amish community. Shunned from her home and alone in aPrice world of strangers, Katherine Mayfield longs only for the$ 23.95 gentle, loving embrace...From the moment his first novel was published, Larry joined the ranks of the great chroniclers of theVietnam conflict. Here, in the stripped-down, unsullied patoisof an ordinary soldier... Page 9 of 476
  11. 11. FictionCopperhead: The Starbuck Chronicles, Vol. Cry for the Strangers2 AuthorAuthor John SaulBernard Cornwell ReaderReader Mel FosterTom Parker PricePrice $ 24.95$ 29.95 Could such a lovely little town hold something so evil?In the summer of 1862, Captain Nathaniel Starbuck is againin the thick of Civil War action. Accused of being a Yankee, he must prove his innocence and find the real spy.Failure could lead to ... Damnation Street AuthorCoronation Summer Andrew KlavanAuthorAngela Thirkell Reader Andrew KlavanReader PriceNadia May $ 24.95Price They are two sworn enemies with a single obsession: a woman on the run from them both.$ 14.95 is seventeen-year-old Fannys journey from her nativeNorfolk to London, where she takes up residence with herclose friend Emily Dacre and Emilys father in a Queen Streetapartment for six w... Dark Paradise Author Tami HoagCraven Street: Ben Franklin in London ReaderAuthor Joyce BeanYuri Rasovsky PriceReader $ 24.95Elizabeth Montgomery, George An idyllic small town hides dangerous secrets in this classicGrizzard, Sir Nigel Hawthorne, romantic thriller from New York Times bestselling author TamiPrice Hoag.$ 12.95 of AudioFile magazine’s Earphones Award. Thismeticulously researched five-part historical radio dramareveals the multi-faceted, complex Franklin’s little knownadventures in London before the Revolution. For fifteen years,he lived on Craven Street off the Thames, where heestablished... Page 10 of 476
  12. 12. FictionDeniable Man, A Dharma Bums, TheAuthor AuthorSol Stein Jack KerouacReader ReaderPatrick Cullen Tom ParkerPrice Price$ 19.95 $ 16.95Susan Whitcomb, a brilliant New York trial lawyer, is Two ebullient young men are engaged in a passionate searchcatapulted into the vicious world of international terrorism for dharma, or truth. Their major adventure is the pursuit ofwhen she learns that her father, an Army general, has been the Zen way, which takes them climbing high into the Sierrasassassinated. Suddenly she finds herself a pawn in a deadly to seek the of escalating complexity, with both life and love in the... Diamond, TheDesolation Island AuthorAuthor Julie BaumgoldPatrick OBrian ReaderReader Simon VanceSimon Vance PricePrice $ 26.95$ 19.95 Throughout history, diamonds have held an incomparableCaptain Jack Aubrey is sailing the Leopard to Australia with a sway over the human imagination, inspiring passion,hold full of convicts and a Dutch man-of-war to windward. obsession, and lethal greed. Julie Baumgold’s The DiamondUndermanned and outgunned, the Leopard sails for her life brings to life the amazing story of The Regent diamond andinto the freezing ... the colorful, powerful figures who have owned and coveted it. ... Oasis, The: Anton Rider Trilogy,Book Three DisobedienceAuthor AuthorBartle Bull Naomi AldermanReader ReaderFred Williams Roe KendallPrice Price$ 29.95 $ 19.95All the treacherous intrigue and drama of Rommel’s desert For Ronit Krushka, thirty-two and single and living onwar in Africa come vibrantly to life in this novel of historical Manhattans Upper West Side, Orthodox Judaism is aadventure and romance. While Anton and Wellington Rider suffocating culture she fled long ago...fight to protect Egypt from the Nazi forces, alliances shift, deceive, and danger lies in the desert night. Page 11 of 476
  13. 13. FictionDisorder Peculiar to the Country, A Dollar Short, A: The Bottom Dollar Girls Go HollywoodAuthorKen Kalfus Author Karin GillespieReaderJames Boles Reader Carrington MacDuffiePrice$ 24.95 PriceA black comedy about terrorism, war and conjugal strife. A $ 16.952006 National Book Award Nominee... It isn’t every day a movie star steals your husband. When that day comes for Chiffon Butrell of Cayboo Creek, South Carolina, she looks to the Bottom Dollar Girls to help her out of one fine mess. A rollicking, hilarious novel of friendship and sisterhood, A Dollar Short is a delicious...Dog Of The South, The Portis Double or NothingReader AuthorEdward Lewis M. D. BaerPrice Reader$ 16.95 a full castThe Dog of the South is the story of Ray Midge as he tracksdown his runaway wife, Norma, via her credit card receipts. PriceThe trail leads from Arkansas through Mexico and into $ 9.95Honduras, where Midge s... North San Diego County. A gifted pianist. A beautiful violinist. A multi-million dollar land deal. A story of intrigue, mystery and murder in the comic-noir tradition. This “audio movie” combines narration, full cast dialogue, music, and layeredDollar Daze: The Bottom Dollar Girls in Love sound design created specifically for audio for a... Gillespie Dress Lodger, TheReaderCarrington MacDuffie Author Sheri HolmanPrice$ 16.95 Reader Nadia MayThis third installment of the popular series about the BottomDollar Girls from Cayboo Creek finds their love in bloom.Attalee is hot and heavy with her beau, Dooley. But Elizabeth Priceis pining for h... $ 26.95 Young Gustine is a dress lodger, a prostitute who rents a beautiful blue dress from her landlord to attract a higher class of clientele. By day a potters assistant, by night a courtesan of the str... Page 12 of 476
  14. 14. FictionDrive Fame IslandAuthor AuthorJames Sallis Jonathan LoweReader ReaderPaul Michael Garcia Kristoffer TaboriPrice Price$ 12.95 $ 19.95Driver works as a stunt driver by day and a getaway driver by This off-beat adventure novel merges Survivor and Thenight. He drives, that’s all—until he’s double-crossed. Apprentice with Lethal Weapon and pits a former travel writerPowerful and stylistically brilliant, <i>Drive</i> has been posing as a reality-TV producer against a wily Caribbean-hailed by critics as the "perfect piece of noir fiction" (<i>New island dictator heading ...York Times Book Review</i>) and an instant classic. Far From the TreeEagles Cry: A Novel of the LouisianaPurchase Author Virginia DeBerry and DonnaAuthor GrantDavid Nevin Reader Fran L. WashingtonReaderGeoffrey Howard Price $ 24.95Price Upon the death of their father, a family is pulled back to his$ 36.95 hometown.French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte has gained control of Orleans. As France forces the young nations handeconomically and politically, the greatest minds andvisionaries of a young America str... Far Side of the World, The Author Patrick OBrianEagles Daughter, TheAuthor ReaderJudith Tarr Simon VanceReader PriceAnna Fields $ 23.95 The War of 1812 continues, and Jack Aubrey sets course forPrice Cape Horn on a mission after his own heart: intercepting a powerful American frigate outward bound to play havoc with$ 26.95 the British whaling ...This is the delightfully intimate story of the tenth-century princess Theophano, wife of Otto II, the HolyRoman Emperor. When her husband dies in battle,Theophano becomes regent for her... Page 13 of 476
  15. 15. FictionFear of the Dark For Such a TimeAuthor AuthorWalter Mosley Elyse LarsonReader ReaderMichael Boatman Vanessa BenjaminPrice Price$ 22.38 $ 26.95Fearless Jones and Paris Minton, stars of the bestsellers Cousins Giselle Munier and Jean Thornton were as close asFearless Jones and Fear Itself, return in a high-velocity, sisters until the outbreak of World War II. Then Jean joins thelarger-than-life thriller about family, betrayal, and revenge. Red Cross and Giselle the French Resistance. When Giselles life is endange... School, The Fortune of War, TheAuthorMuriel Spark Author Patrick OBrianReaderNadia May Reader Simon VancePrice$ 12.95 Price $ 19.95College Sunrise is a vaguely disreputable finishing school inSwitzerland. Rowland Mahler and his wife, Nina, run the Captain Jack Aubrey, R.N., arrives in the Dutch East Indies toschool as a way to support themselves while he writes, find himself appointed to the command of the fastest and best-somewhat falteringly, a ... armed frigate in the Royal Navy. He and Stephen Maturin sail back to Eng... Me Down Friday Night Knitting Club, TheAuthorShelby Foote Author Kate JacobsReaderTom Parker Reader Carrington MacDuffiePrice$ 19.95 Price $ 23.95A stark tale of a crime of passion, Follow Me Down tells thestory of Luther Estis, a respectably religious Mississippi The Friday Night Knitting Club gathers every week to knit andfarmer who runs off to a deserted island with a young girl and chat over their stories of love, life, and everything in between.brutally kills... When the unthinkable happens, they realize they’ve created not just a knitting club, but a sisterhood. Page 14 of 476
  16. 16. FictionGate of Angels, The Green Hour, TheAuthor AuthorPenelope Fitzgerald Frederic TutenReader ReaderNadia May Celeste LawsonPrice Price$ 14.95 $ 16.95As a student at Cambridge University in 1912, Fred Fairly is a In this elegant and sensual love story set in Paris and Newman of the modern age, his universe governed by the laws of York, Dominique, an art historian, is at a turning point in herphysics. Science, he is certain, will soon explain everything. life, torn between her love for Rex, a passionate idealist, andInto Freds... Eric, who... Bag Chronicles, The Grown-ups Halloween, A: Fantasies and Fables for the Philosophically FiendishAuthorHilary De Vries Author various authorsReaderLaura Hamilton Reader a full castPrice$ 26.96 Price"... Hamilton perfectly captures the authors sarcastic tone and $ 14.95takes her hip dialogue to another level with her vast cache of Gore, sex, horror, literature, and edifying morals — what moreaccents and attitude." could you want from an audiobook? Blackstone Audio presents an eclectic mix of stories, plays, and sketches dedicated to the thinking paranoiac. Project, TheAuthor Haunted in DeathJohn Saul Author J.D. RobbReaderMel Foster Reader Susan EricksenPrice$ 24.95 PriceThe entire town of Eastbury, Massachusetts knows thatsomething dark is killing their children, one by one; they never $ 24.95expected The God Project. Lieutenant Eve Dallas investigates a murder that takes place in a building reputed to be haunted, only to find that sometimes murder can have an otherworldly cause. Page 15 of 476
  17. 17. FictionHaussmann, or the Distinction Him Her Him Again the End of HimAuthor AuthorPaul LaFarge Patricia MarxReader ReaderEric Bauersfeld Hillary HuberPrice Price$ 26.95 $ 16.95LaFarges stunning novel of love, betrayal, and exploitation is A neurotic young graduate student looking for distraction frombased on themes involving the life of the great city planner her doomed thesis is inexplicably swept off her feet by aGeorges-Eugène Haussmann, who tore up a still medieval narcissistic philosophy professor. Former Saturday Night LiveParis and transfo... writer Patricia Marx brings us this addictively readable novel about one woman’s comic obsession with her first... Twist Hope before Us, TheAuthorLia Matera Author Elyse LarsonReaderAnna Fields Reader Vanessa BenjaminPrice$ 16.95 Price $ 26.95Attorney Willa Janssons mother has gone off to Cuba. Willafigures its just a harmless pilgrimage. But when her mother Uncovering a diabolical Nazi plot, Marge Emerson is secretlydoesnt return with the rest of her peacenik tour group, Willa reassigned to a medical post in France where she meets arisks her car... conscientious objector whose outspoken belief in God challenges her own fragile... Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer among theAuthor IndiansMichael Frayn Author Mark Twain and Lee NelsonReaderFrederick Davidson Reader Grover GardnerPrice$ 23.95 PriceMartin Clay, an easily distracted philosopher, and his arthistorian wife are assessing the value of three dusty $ 16.95paintings, when Martin chances on to one of the worlds lost This sequel to The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, begun bytreasures, begrimed wit... Mark Twain in 1885 and finished by Lee Nelson, is a story of adventure, wit, and wisdom in which Huck, Tom, and Jim head west on the trai... Page 16 of 476
  18. 18. FictionHunting Unicorns Invisible MonstersAuthor AuthorBella Pollen Chuck PalahniukReader ReaderChristopher Cazenove and Anna FieldsGabrielle de CuirPrice Price$ 19.95 $ 14.95The patrician Bevan family clings to British tradition while She’s a fashion model who has everything—until a suddenwrestling with taxes, tree blight, and family skeletons. Rory, freeway “accident” leaves her disfigured and incapable ofthe youngest son, runs a business that rents out the grand speech. Enter Brandy Alexander, Queen Supreme, onemansions for w... operation away from becoming a real woman, who will teach her that reinventing yourself means erasing your past and making up... Dying LaughingAuthor Ionian Mission, TheChristina Stead Author Patrick OBrianReaderAnna Fields Reader Simon VancePrice$ 39.95 PriceThis novel of betrayal and self-delusion recreates the political $ 23.95turbulence of the American Left and the clamor and menaceof the McCarthy Right. Emily Wilks is a woman of enormous Jack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin, veterans now of manybut mercurial en... battles, return in this novel to the seas where they first sailed as shipmates. But Jack is now a senior captain commanding a line-of-battle sh... the Shadow of the ArkAuthor Isabels BedAnne Provoost Author Elinor LipmanReaderMarguerite Gavin Reader Grace ConlinPrice$ 19.95 PriceRising waters forced Re Janas family from their home to the $ 19.95desert, where there arose Noahs ark, a boat ofunprecedented proportions. As she falls in love with the The unpublished, fortyish, and recently jilted Harriet has fledbuilders son, Ham, Re Jana bel... wintry Manhattan in response to a mysterious ad in the New York Review of Books: "Book in progress? Why not share my Cape Cod retreat... Page 17 of 476
  19. 19. FictionJane Eyre Jordan CountyAuthor AuthorCharlotte Bronte Shelby FooteReader ReaderSusan Ericksen Tom ParkerPrice Price$ 29.95 $ 19.95In this classic, a governess--after a sad childhood--still hopes The seven stories in Jordan County move backward in time,for happiness. from 1950 to 1797, and through the lives of diverse characters. With a deep knowledge of the ways in which history shapes human lives, and ... 101Author Journey to the Center of the EarthJohn F. Szwed Author Jules VerneReaderGrover Gardner Reader David ColacciPrice$ 16.95 PriceJazz 101 makes jazz, with all its intricacies of artistry and vast $ 24.95array of forms, accessible to readers through Szweds fluid,entertaining prose. Infinitely readable and highly entertaining, Vernes classic about a quest to reach the very core of theJazz... earth Is Here Katies KitchenAuthor AuthorCharles M. Sheldon Dee WilliamsReader ReaderAdams Morgan Nadia MayPrice Price$ 19.95 $ 19.95What if, suddenly, Jesus appeared on the streets of your city? Just before World War I, when her friend and businessThats the scenario of Jesus Is Here, Charles M. Sheldons partner, Edwin Brown, dies, it seems like Katherine Carterssequel to his classic novel In His Steps, the book that own world has ended. With little money but full ofintroduced the worl... determination, Katherine takes ... Page 18 of 476
  20. 20. FictionKeepers of the House, The Letter of Marque, TheAuthor AuthorShirley Ann Grau Patrick OBrianReader ReaderAnna Fields Simon VancePrice Price$ 19.95 $ 19.95Abigail is the last keeper of the house, the last to know the This twelfth installment in the Aubrey-Maturin series offersHowland familys secrets. Now in the name of all her brothers another tale of great narrative power and suspense. In theand sisters, she must take her bitter revenge on the small- early 1800s, the British Navy stands as the only bulwarkminded Souther... against the militant... the House Life before Her Eyes, TheAuthor AuthorEllen Baker Laura KasischkeReader ReaderChristine Williams Carrington MacDuffiePrice Price$ 29.95 $ 16.95When newlywed Dolly Magnuson moves to 1950s Pine Diana stands before the mirror, preening with her best friend,Rapids, Wisconsin, her restless imagination is seized by an Maureen. Suddenly, a classmate enters holding a gun, andabandoned house, which leads her to meet the troubled JJ seventeen-year-old Diana sees her life dance before herMickelson. Both Dolly and JJ are soon to discover the truths eyes. In a moment, the future she was just imagining isof their own lives and feelings. sealed by a horrific decision she is forced to make. A Novel Light in the Piazza, TheAuthor AuthorLyn Cote Elizabeth SpencerReader ReaderAnna Fields Hillary HuberPrice Price$ 16.95 $ 9.95Linda Leigh Sinclair is born into the privilege of Ivy Manor, but In 1953, Margaret Johnson and her beautiful daughter, Clara,her overwhelming desire for freedom for herself and others are touring Italy when Clara embarks on a whirlwind romanceleads her into the modern civil-rights movement. Choosing the with a young Italian man. But there is a family secret: Clara isdangerous ... not all tha... Page 19 of 476
  21. 21. FictionLike Gold Refined Lords of DisciplineAuthor AuthorJanette Oke Pat ConroyReader ReaderMarguerite Gavin David HilderPrice Price$ 16.95 $ 36.95Virginia loves her life, living on the farm. But what troubles her Conroys powerful best-seller sweeps us into the turbulentis the gradual physical decline in Grandma Marty and world of four young friends and their days of hazing,Grandpa Clark. And their lovely daughter Mindy, who has heartbreak, pride, and betrayal. The novels hero, Willblessed their home ev... McLean, must boldly confron... With Intent Love In A Dry SeasonAuthor AuthorMuriel Spark Shelby FooteReader ReaderNadia May Tom ParkerPrice Price$ 14.95 $ 16.95Loitering about London in 1949, with intent to gather material Love in a Dry Season describes an erotic and economicfor her writing, Fleur finds a job as secretary to the odd triangle in which two wealthy and fantastically unhappyAutobiographical Association. But when its pompous director, Mississippi families, the Barcrofts and the Carrutherses, areSir Quentin, s... joined by an open-faced f... Stay in a Distant Land, A Maggies MarketAuthor AuthorChieh Chieng Dee WilliamsReader ReaderJames Yaegashi Roe KendallPrice Price$ 14.95 $ 19.95In this funny and inventive novel, the Lums are a death- It’s 1935, and Maggie Ross loves her life among thestalked Chinese-American family living in Orange County, stallholders in Kelvin Market where she lives with her husbandCalifornia. Ever since Grandpa Melvin was inspired to join the and their young family above Mr. Goldman’s custom tailors.U.S. Army after watch... But when her husband disappears one day, her world collapses. Maggie has no way of telling why he left her so suddenly,... Page 20 of 476
  22. 22. FictionMagician, The Martian Child, TheAuthor AuthorSol Stein David GerroldReader ReaderTom Parker Scott BrickPrice Price$ 16.95 $ 14.95This is a tale of two magicians, of high school extortion and Gerrold, a science fiction writer from California, adopts a sonviolence, and of a criminal trial in which the guilty go free. who has a slight behavioral problem. He believes himself to be a Martian. Gerrold begins the long, involving work of trying to earn t... Ambersons, TheAuthor Master and CommanderBooth Tarkington Author Patrick OBrianReaderGeoffrey Blaisdell Reader Simon VancePrice$ 19.95 PriceWinner of the Pulitzer Prize when it was published in 1918, $ 26.95The Magnificent Ambersons chronicles the changing fortunesof three generations of an American dynasty. The family This first novel in the series establishes the friendshipserves as a metaphor for the old society that crumbled after between Captain Aubrey, R.N., and Stephen Maturin, shipsthe Industrial Revolution while a middle-western town spread... surgeon and intelligence agent, in the thrilling setting of a British man-of-war ... Who Loved Children, The Master, TheAuthorChristina Stead Author Colm TóibínReaderC. M. Hbert Reader Geoffrey HowardPrice$ 36.95 Price $ 26.95Sam and Henny Pollit have too many children, too littlemoney, and too much loathing for one another. As Sam uses The Master tells the story of Henry James, the famousthe childrens adoration to feed his own voracious ego, Henny novelist who left America to live in Europe among privilegedwatches in bleak desp... artists and writers. Tóibín captures the loneliness and longing, the hope and despair of a man whose forays into intimacy inevitably failed him. Page 21 of 476
  23. 23. FictionMasters Of Atlantis Mauritius Command, TheAuthor AuthorCharles Portis Patrick OBrianReader ReaderBrian Emerson Simon VancePrice Price$ 19.95 $ 19.95Following the enthusiastically received reissues of Charles Captain Jack Aubrey is ashore on half pay without aPortiss The Dog of the South and Norwood comes the command, until Stephen Maturin arrives with orders forrepublication of Masters of Atlantis, Portiss "white comedy" of Aubrey to mount an expedition against the French-heldsecret societies, lo... islands of Mauritius and La Réunion.... Meadow, TheAuthor AuthorBarnaby Conrad James GalvinReader ReaderBarnaby Conrad Patrick LawlorPrice Price$ 14.95 $ 16.95The morning of Pacotes last fight, the city of Sevilla waits, Through short vignettes, Galvin depicts the long history of aheavy with anticipation. But Pacote finds he is afraid and mountain meadow along the Colorado-Wyoming border. Hisfears disgrace in the ring. Time, once his friend, now presses intimate portraits show us the three men who lived on thehim on to th... meadow—App, Ray, and L... Me If You Can Memento MoriAuthor AuthorSusan Elizabeth Phillips Muriel SparkReader ReaderAnna Fields Nadia MayPrice Price$ 25.95 $ 16.95Continuing on from Susan Elizabeth Phillips brilliant first Elderly Lettie Colston receives an anonymous phone callnovel, This Heart of Mine. reminding her that she must die. Soon ten of Letties friends also get the call. A bizarre investigation reveals a network of deception that ... Page 22 of 476
  24. 24. FictionMommy Tracked Must Love DogsAuthor AuthorWhitney Gaskell Claire CookReader ReaderKate Reading Carrington MacDuffiePrice Price$ 19.95 $ 16.95Praised for her “smart, funny, sexy, and refreshingly real” Life after divorce for Sarah Hurlihy consists of juggling her jobnovels, Whitney Gaskell delivers a warm, witty, and wise new as a preschool teacher and the demands of her interferingstory of Anna, Grace, Juliet, and Chloe, four women coping family. Then her bossy big sister decides to place a personalwith the challenges of motherhood, men, and each other. ad for her,... Wife Natural SelectionAuthor AuthorJuliet Waldron Dave FreedmanReader ReaderCeleste Lawson Brian EmersonPrice Price$ 26.95 $ 26.95Mozarts wife aroused strong feelings among her A shocking biological discovery. A previously unknowncontemporaries. Maturing from child, to wife, to hard-headed predatory species. Evolving just like the dinosaurs.widow, Konstanze paid her husbands debts, provided for Now. Today. Being forced out of its world and into mans for atheir children, and relentlessly... violent first encounter. We... Choice NorwoodAuthor AuthorClaire Cook Charles PortisReader ReaderCarrington MacDuffie Barrett WhitenerPrice Price$ 14.95 $ 12.95There was a time when March Monroe thought she and her Sent on a mission to New York by Grady Fring, the Kreditdaughter, Olivia, would never really cut the cord. Now, Olivia King, Norwood Pratt has visions of "speeding across theis off to college, and March is secretly doing the same thing. country in a late model car, seeing all the sights." Instead, heIts a high-voltage shock when they run into each other as gets involved with ...student interns at the local radio station. Page 23 of 476
  25. 25. FictionOnce Upon a Summer PasadenaAuthor AuthorJanette Oke David EbershoffReader ReaderMarguerite Gavin Lorna RaverPrice Price$ 16.95 $ 39.95"I got so riled up when I heard Grandpa and Uncle Charlie Pasadena, David Ebershoffs sweeping, richly imaginedtalkin about findin a fella for Auntie Lou!...I couldnt just sit novel, is set against the backdrop of Southern Californiaback and watch our special family get broken up…Then, during the first half of the twentieth century and charts itswhen that poor pr... rapid transformation fr... People Picasso Flop, TheAuthor AuthorSol Stein Vince Van Patten and Robert J. RandisiReader ReaderMarguerite Gavin Tom WeinerPrice Price$ 19.95 $ 14.95Three very different men are in love with the same woman, For a deal he can’t refuse, professional poker player JimmyFrancine Widmer. Francine, twenty-seven, beautiful, Spain agrees to tutor a cocky girl named Kat in the game ofintelligent, and resourceful, insists on running her own life. Texas Hold’em. The unlikely pair battle their way to the WorldSuddenly, control of Fra... Poker Tour Champi Story Pillar of FireAuthor AuthorLarry Heinemann Judith TarrReader ReaderRichard Ferrone Anna FieldsPrice Price$ 16.95 $ 39.95The only man in Alpha Company to survive a cataclysmic This fictional novel of ancient Egypt is set in the turbulentVietcong attack, Paco Sullivan is sent back to the U.S. with years of the reigns of the Pharaoh Akhenaten and hishis legs full of pins, daily rations of Librium and Valium, and successors. The long history of ancient Egypt has no moreno sense of what ... mysterious reign than th... Page 24 of 476
  26. 26. FictionPrime of Miss Jean Brodie, The Rapture in DeathAuthor AuthorMuriel Spark J.D. RobbReader ReaderNadia May Susan EricksenPrice Price$ 12.95 $ 24.95This classic is the darkly intriguing story of an eccentric Three apparent suicides draw Eve Dallas into the world ofScottish teacher and the intense relationship she develops virtual reality.with her students. While her outspoken praise for art, passion, daring inspire an almost cult-like reverence in her youngprotégées, her politics and frank sensuality lead... Real Mother, The AuthorQuiet Strength, A Judith MichaelAuthorJanette Oke Reader Melissa LeoReaderMarguerite Gavin Price $ 19.95Price This is Judith Michael’s most poignant exploration of the$ 16.95 pressures and joys facing modern adults and children, in a story that will resonate with everyone for its universal themesThrough the years, Virginia Simpson had learned that and discoveries.Grandma Marty was right. When God allows something to be from you, He replaces it with something better. ButVirginias inner strength tha... Reckoning, The AuthorQuiller Salamander Beverly LewisAuthorAdam Hall Reader Marguerite GavinReaderSimon Prebble Price $ 16.95Price Shunned from the Amish life she once knew, Katherine$ 16.95 Mayfield finds solace in the delights of the modern world. Unknown to her, a long-lost love is searching for her, andIn this adventure in the series, eponymous agent Quiller is soon she will be compelled...sent to Cambodia, where there is fear that the murderous party known as the Khmer Rouge will fight toreturn to power. His only ally is a sexy photojournalist who iswaging her own personal war against the Khmer Rouge. Page 25 of 476