sub genre research


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sub genre research

  1. 1. Magazine cover analyse
  2. 2. BAUER MEDIA • • Bauer Media is a multinational media company founded in 1875 by the BAUER family which circulates over 38 million magazines on a weekly basis. Bauer media has been responsible for big names such as: KERRANG, Q, and MOJO. Headquartered in Germany, BAUER operates worldwide providing many countries with a variety of different genre magazines I think BAUER media would be an appropriate publisher for my magazine, as it caters to a range of readers that may be interested in my genre of magazine, for example KERRANG is a similar sub genre and has become the worlds biggest selling rock magazine. Therefore the advertisement and reputation of the publisher will encourage readers to buy my magazine as they will be aware of the success of current magazines However a problem with using BAUER media as my publisher would be that their could be a risk of cutting sales of mother music magazine or my magazine not getting enough sales because magazines such as ‘KERRANG’ are also published by this producer.
  3. 3. KERRANG I have chosen to do Rock as my sub-genre. A popular magazine that specialises in this sub genre is ‘KERRANG!’ • KERRANG is a UK based magazine that is dedicated to rock music. It was published by Bauer media group in 1981. where is specialised in the new wave of British heavy metal and the more recent rise of hard rock. • After the first launch with AC/DCs Angus Young on the front cover the magazine was released fortnightly but demand for the Rock magazine grew, and in 1987 they published the magazine weekly • Over the years KARRANG grew in popularity as they followed the new musical trends that emerged over the years such as thrash magazine, and grunge. • The target audience for this magazine is people interested in the subgenre of rock either male or female.
  4. 4. MOJO • MOJO • MOJO is a Alternative rock magazine that was published in 1993 by EMAP, but then later taken over by BAUER magazine. • The monthly magazine focuses on the classic rock genre, by having iconic artists such as Bob Dylan and john Lennon, they focus they on the reckless, heavy metal artists that would be featured in magazines such as KARRANG. Targeting more towards the classic rock lovers, who are passionate about the sub-genre
  5. 5. Q magazine • Q magazine is a popular music magazine that was first published in 1986 by EMAP but then later taken over by BAUER. • The monthly magazine offers reviews and rating on: albums, festivals and films • The magazine is up to date with all popular artists and their music • More recently in 2008 Q launched a radio station to focus on the popular music genre
  6. 6. Similar magazines • Rock sound ROCK SOUND has inspired my chosen sub genre as it features similar artists and music that I hope to include in my magazine. Although this magazine focuses more on the heavy metal rock, mine will take a different approach and go more alternative rock based bands. But still including some of the heavy rock bands to appeal to a wider target audience. ROCK SOUND tends to use a different colour font each week, making it appear original, where as mine will keep the same colour masthead each week, allowing the readers to recognise the masthead which therefore will make my magazine more memorable I feel that the edgy boisterous fonts and images tend to edge more towards a male target audience whereas mine will cater for both sexes, I will do this by including bands with both male and female artists and articles that appeal to both sexes
  7. 7. SPIN MAGAZINE SPIN magazine has been an inspiration for my magazine as it features bands of a similar genre such as my chemical romance, paramore and green day. Out of all the magazines I have looked at SPIN is what I would like to base my magazine on as it features more alternative rock rather grunge or heavy model, which is a main feature of other rock magazines, Spin keeps consistent font which is a feature id like to include in mine, as well as this the colour schemes and layout does not overpower the main image, but instead keeps the magazine looking professional and stylish. Another feature of SPIN that appeals to me is that the magazine features a variety of bands that appeal to a wider target audience, it does not only focus on certain stereotypical rock bands. This is something I would like my magazine to include. I like how distinctive the SPIN logo is which makes it memorable to readers, this is something I will look into when designing my masthead. A common trait of spin magazine is that they use mid/long shots as their main images where as I will experiment with using close ups as my main images Overall I feel that SPIN uses many techniques such as direct address, a variety of house colours which make the magazine so successful.
  8. 8. Target audience • • • • • • • • • • • • Age range-16-25 Gender-Male and female Sub genre-Alternative Rock Class-Middle class or working class Jobs-creative jobs, or still In education Sexuality- All types Bands they may be interested in: My chemical romance BLINK182 Paramore Greenday Foo fighters My target audience have unique taste in clothing, with aspects of the rock stereotype
  9. 9. Question ideas • What magazine would you be most likely to buy? KERRANG, ROCK SOUND, SPIN, Q, ROLLING STONES(quantitative) • How often would you buy a music magazine? DAILY, WEEKLY, FORTNIGHT, MONTHLY, NEVER(quantitative) • What would you be willing to pay for a music magazine? 50p-99p, £1.00-£1.99, £2.00-£2.99, £3.00-£3.99, £4.00-£4.99, £5.00+(quantitative) • How often would you like a music magazine to be released? WEEKLY, DAILY, MONTHLY, FORTNIGHTLY(quantitative) • In your opinion what appeals to you most about music magazines? (quantitative) • • What genre of music do you like the most? (quantitative) In your opinion what do you like to see featured in a music magazine? (Qualitative) • What bands would you like to feature in a music magazine? (Qualitative)
  10. 10. Research in to history of genre • • • • • • • Rock originated in the united states in the 1950’s, it was first associated with a form of dance , and a word that connoted sex in some songs. Rock is said to have started by the combination of other genres of music such as: Jazz, blues and R&B. Since the 50s rock has become incredibly popular genre of music with the influence of rock and alternative rock bands such as: the beetles, ACDC, rolling stones, and black Sabbath and the more the more recent bands such as: foo fighters, green day and Paramore Many new sub-genres of music have come about which originate from rock such as: Grunge Screamo Heavy metal Alternative rock
  11. 11. Possible names and bands for my magazine TERMOIL SLAM Names MOSHPIT MAYHEM FRENZY ENVY Possible bands to feature in my magazine RAMPAGE