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Future Media

Future Media



Future Media, Media 3.0, Social Media, Social Networking Sites, ...

Future Media, Media 3.0, Social Media, Social Networking Sites,
collaborative projects (Wikipedia)
blogs and microblogs (Twitter, the SMS of the Internet)
content communities ( YouTube, Slideshare)
social networking sites (Facebook, LinkedIn)
virtual community services (AOL)
virtual game-worlds (e.g., World of Warcraft)
virtual social worlds (e.g., Second Life)
virtual city worlds(e.g., Intelligent Communities)



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    Future Media Future Media Presentation Transcript

    • ENCYCLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE Web Platform: Social Media and Networking Sites: Wikipedia, Slideshare, You Tube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, VKontakte, etc. FUTURE SOCIAL MEDIA INVESTMENT PROJECTS --------------------------------------------------------------------By http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/eis-ltd http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/eis-ltd Azamat Sh. Abdoullaev ООО "Энциклопедические Интеллектуальные Системы“ (Moscow/Russia, Skolkovo Innovation Center ) "Энциклопедические Системы“ EIS Encyclopedic Intelligent Systems Ltd (EU) http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/eis-limited-28850348 Vision, Innovation and Technology shape the World to come http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/creating-the-future-tomorrows-world http://www. slideshare. net/ ashabook/ creating- the- future- tomorrowshttp://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/smartworl-dabr http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/innovation-platform http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/iworld-25498222 http://www. slideshare. net/ ashabook/ iworld-25498222 http://iiisyla.livejournal.com Infusing Intelligence into the Social Media and Social Networking Services
    • EIS SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • WORLD X.0 :: Global Community X.0 > Human X.0 > Government X.0 > Society X.0 > Nation X.0 > City X.0 > Science X.0 > Technology X.0 > Industry X.0 > Infrastructure X.0 > Network X.0 > Telecom X.0 > Internet X.0 > Web X.0 > Service X.0 > Media X.0 > … • • • EIS Encyclopedic Intelligence, EI, is designed as an open innovation and disruptive technology platform. EI is a universal intelligent environment for building AI systems and Intelligent Governance Platforms for smart territories and intelligent communities (a world, nations, cities and local settlements of the future). The Encyclopedic Intelligence Web Platform is a unifying intelligent environment for the Social Media and Virtual Communities and Networks EIS SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM 2013 Azamat Abdoullaev EIS Ltd
    • SOCIAL MEDIA OF THE FUTURE: From Media 2.0 to Media 3.0 • What is Wrong with the current Social Media and Networking Sites, or Media 2.0, and Why do we need Media 3.0 ? • • • • • 1. privacy theft, poor data control, massive spamming, e-tracking, third party violations, social media intelligence (USA NSA/CSS’s overhaul spying program case, http://www.nsa.gov/)  http://www.nsa.gov/ 2. social media content ownership abuses and sharing personal data with secrete agencies (USA NSA/CSS’s overhaul spying program case) 3. social media addiction, decline of real interactions, harming interpersonal communication 4. Large social-networking sites are silos, “walling off information posted by their users from the rest of the Web” (Tim Berners Lee). 5. social sites tend to grow too big and become an online monopoly limiting innovation (Tim Berners Lee). . • Privacy and Security • In June 2012 cryptographic hashes of approximately 6.4 million LinkedIn user passwords were stolen by hackers publishing the stolen hashes online; this is now known as the 2012 LinkedIn hack As of September 2013, the Twitter's data showed that 200 million users send over 400 million tweets daily, with nearly 60% of tweets sent from mobile devices, of which 40% tend to be “pointless babble”, others, “a short burst of inconsequential information“, and only 4% make news. AP’s account hacking caused about $134 billion loss of the stock markets by a false tweet on attacking B. Obama. • • • • • • • • By its intelligent design, open standards and protocols, as HTML, HTTP, URI, the web’ content is to make a single interconnected information space, while social-networking sites, as Facebook, LinkedIn, Friendster , present a threat to the web’s universality and decentralization, creating closed worlds which are centralized and isolated. IP addresses of any country could be blacklisted by the US social networking sites according as the US export and re-export control laws and regulations Fundamental fault of social networking sites is lack of any interoperability, particularly, semantic, demanding common category systems (as Wikipedia’s), semantic intelligent platform and smart data filtering applications. Sources: Tim Berners-Lee, Long Live the Web: A Call for Continued Open Standards and Neutrality, Scientific American, (2010), 303 (6), 80–85. US panel: Overhaul NSA spying program; http:// http:// www.rappler.com/world/regions/us-canada/46212-us-review-panel-urges-wide-ranging-nsa-spying-overhaul; , www.rappler.com/world/regions/us-canada/46212-us-review-panel-urges-wide-ranging-nsa-spying-overhaul; http://www.nsa.gov/) http://www.nsa.gov/ EIS SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM 2013 Azamat Abdoullaev EIS Ltd
    • Future Social Media • Future Social Media and Social Networking Site should be more: • Instrumented • Interconnected • Intelligent • Innovative • Inclusive • http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/iworld-25498222 EIS SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM 2013 Azamat Abdoullaev EIS Ltd
    • SOCIAL MEDIA: Definition, Benefits, Issues and Technologies • • • • • • • • • • A set of Internet applications using Web 2.0 and mobile technologies to create and exchange user-generated content between organizations, communities and individuals Benefits: democracy, openness, access, reach, scope, frequency, usability, immediacy, and flexibility; creativity, interaction and learning; interactive communities; real-time web and location-based mobile services; vital tool in social innovations and political changes Issues: face-to-face interactions, privacy, transfer of information from one to another, disparity of information, trustworthiness and reliability of information, concentration, ownership of media content, and the meaning of interactions; poor interoperability between social networks Safety and security, exposing children to subculture, images of adults habits, alcohol, drugs and tobacco, pornography, or sexual behaviors Technologies and communications techniques: Internet forums, weblogs, social blogs, microblogging, wikis, social networks, podcasts, photographs or pictures, video, rating and social bookmarking; blogging, picture-sharing, vlogs, wall-posting, music-sharing, crowdsourcing and voice over IP;  Social media monitoring tools, specialized networking tools and applications Community media technologies (combining industrial and social media) Social network aggregation, Cloud computing platforms, Interoperability tools (OpenID, OpenSocial) EIS SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM 2013 Azamat Abdoullaev EIS Ltd
    • EIS SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM • • • • • • • • collaborative projects (Wikipedia) blogs and microblogs (Twitter, the SMS of the Internet) content communities ( YouTube, Slideshare) social networking sites (Facebook, LinkedIn) virtual community services (AOL) virtual game-worlds (e.g., World of Warcraft) virtual social worlds (e.g., Second Life) virtual city worlds(e.g., Intelligent Communities) EIS SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM 2013 Azamat Abdoullaev EIS Ltd
    • A-LIST OF VIRTUAL COMMUNITIES Rank Name Registered users Active user accounts Date of stat Date launched Country of origin 1 Facebook 1+ billion 1 billion September 2013 February 2004  United States 2 Tencent QQ 784+ million 712 million September 2012 February 1999  China 3 WhatsApp 400+ million 400 million December 2013 June 2009  United States 4 Google+ 540+ million 300 million October 2013 June 2011  United States 5 Twitter 500+ million 200+ million December 2012 March 2006  United States 6 LinkedIn 225+ million 160 million June 2013 May 2003  United States 7 Tencent Qzone 597+ million 150 million September 2012 2005  China 8 Odnoklassniki 205+ million 148 million April 2013 March 2006  Russia 9 Skype 663+ million 280 million January 2013 August 2003  Estonia 10 Sina Weibo 500+ million 100+ million February 2013 August 2009  China 11 Tumblr 110+ million 100 million May 2013 February 2007  United States 12 Instagram 100+ million 100 million[21] February 2013 October 2010  United States 13 Windows Live 100 million 100 million December 2012 November 2005  United States 14 Dropbox 100+ million 100 million November 2012 September 2008  United States 15 Nimbuzz 150+ million 100 million June 2013 April 2007  Netherlands 16 VKontakte 220+ million 100 million April 2013 September 2006  Russia 17 LINE 150+ million 150 million May 2013 2011  Japan 18 Yahoo! Groups 115 million members September 2010 1998 EIS SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM 2013 Azamat Abdoullaev EIS Ltd  United States
    • EIS ONTOLOGICAL PLATFORM: Fundamental Categories • • • • • • • • Category:World <http://www.encyclopedicintelligence/World> Category:Thing <http://www.encyclopedicintelligence/Thing> Category:Entity <http://www.encyclopedicintelligence/Entity> Subcategories: Substances, <http://www.encyclopedicintelligence/Substance> States, <http://www.encyclopedicintelligence/State> Changes, <http://www.encyclopedicintelligence/Change> Relationships <http://www.encyclopedicintelligence/Relation> • These categories are viewed as the most fundamental ontological categories in the real and virtual worlds containing every possible thing under their category trees. • • SOURCE: Azamat Abdoullaev, Reality, Universal Ontology and Knowledge Systems: Toward the Intelligent World http://www.igi-global.com/book/reality-universal-ontology-knowledge-systems/859 http://www.igi-global.com/book/reality-universal-ontology-knowledge-systems/859 EIS SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM 2013 Azamat Abdoullaev EIS Ltd
    • WIKIPEDIA Fundamental Categories • • • • • • • • • • • • • Category:Contents (The top level of Wikipedia's overall category system, containing both articles and other Wikipedia project pages. This category has the following 4 subcategories, out of 4 total) Subcategories C ► Concepts (24 Categories, 42 Pages) http:// www.encyclopedicintelligence/World/Entity/Life/Mental Life/Concept L ► Life (19 C, 21 P) http://www.encyclopedicintelligence/World/Entity/Life M ► Matter (22 C, 22 P) http://www.encyclopedicintelligence/World/Entity/Substance/Matter S ► Society (69 C, 35 P) http://www.encyclopedicintelligence/World/Entity/Relation/Society All Things are divided as: physical entities (matter), biological entities (life), social entities (society), and intellectual entities ( concepts). These categories are viewed as the most fundamental ontological categories containing every possible Wikipedia article under their category trees. Retrieved from "http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Category:Fundamental_categories&oldid=545975283" EIS SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM 2013 Azamat Abdoullaev EIS Ltd
    • SLIDESHARE CATEGORIES • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Education Technology/Internet Advertising/Marketing/PR Medical/HealthCare Computers/Electronics Design Presentations/Communications Finance/Insurance NGO/PublicService Media/Publishing Construction/Architecture Government/Military Human Resources/Recruitment Hospitality/Leisure Photography/Arts • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Automotive Telecom/Mobile Legal Tourism/Travel Agriculture/Forests Entertainment/Sports Real Estate Environment Energy/CleanTech Consumer Goods Retail Airlines/Aviation Mining/Metals Apparel/Fashion Private Equity & Venture Capital EIS SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM 2013 Azamat Abdoullaev EIS Ltd
    • SOCIAL NETWORKING: Meeting People on the Internet • • • • • • • • • • A social networking service is a Social Web and mobile platform to: build social networks or social relations, share over the Internet ideas, posts, interests, activities, events, backgrounds, links, or connections, make profile representations and friendly or professional links, create groups of common interests or affiliations, upload or stream live videos, multimedia content, blogs, and hold discussions in forums, use individual-centered services, applications and technologies • Technologies and communications techniques: podcasts, photographs or pictures, video, rating and social bookmarking; blogging, picture-sharing, vlogs, wall-posting, music-sharing, e-mailing, instant messaging, voice over IP, etc.  mobile phone users can create profiles, make friends, create chat rooms, keep private conversations, share content, photos and videos, and blogs and to build own mobile community EIS SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM 2013 Azamat Abdoullaev EIS Ltd
    • LinkedIn Categories • Advanced as the world's largest professional network with 250 million members in over 200 countries and territories around the globe, it is unsystematically partitioned into the “Follow” Categories:. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Accounting 110,176 followers Best Advice 621,028 followers Big Data 210,988 followers Big Ideas & Innovation 1,493,140 followers Big Ideas 2014 26,362 followers Business Travel 427,006 followers Customer Service 485,086 followers Economy 1,091,774 followers Editor's Picks 455,269 followers Entrepreneurship & Small Business 1,220,023 followers Father's Day Advice 27,990 followers Finance and Banking 168,053 followers Financial Crisis: Five Years Later 33,762 followers Fortune Women Summit 35,556 followers Green Business 193,074 followers Healthcare 840,821 followers Higher Education 726,781 followers http://www.linkedin.com/today/ Leadership & Management 2,148,430 followers Technology 1,980,371 followers EIS SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM 2013 Azamat Abdoullaev EIS Ltd
    • ENCYCLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE PLATFORM APPLICATIONS • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Global Ontology of the World, or Digital Aristotle; World Encyclopedia; Big Science Knowledge Base; World Knowledge Graph vs. Google’s Knowledge Graph; Smart Web Search Schema; Human knowledge integration systems and semantic networks; Generic reasoning mechanisms and units; World data processing physical cognitive systems, from smart transducers and intelligent sensors to all-purpose cosmic robonauts; Natural language understanding software packages; Knowledge intensive embedded reasoning systems; Intelligent content systems for the Internet, as online smart encyclopedias, catalogues, taxonomies, vocabularies, and terminologies; Generic reasoning platforms and intelligent search technology for the Semantic World Wide Web, interactive home TV, etc.; Encyclopedic intelligent applications, as i-business smart technologies, global web trading systems, forecasting business systems, business management i-consultancy, etc.; Social Media Global Platform; Integrated intelligent solutions for i-Government, i-Learning, i-Science, i-Health, and i-Business; Business intelligent technology providing generic industry solutions and autonomously implementing commercial processes, activities, transactions, and trading operations (e.g., logistic management systems, inventory management modules, enterprise resource planning agents, export-import brokering agents, etc.); Digital Earth; Intelligent City Operations, Control and Command Centers;  Smart City Management Platform; Urban Operations Cloud System; Digital Cities in the Sky Sky/Cloud Computing Cities, Virtual Cities in the Sky, Cities In the Sky™; Global Networks Platforms; Intelligent Community Platforms; i-Europe Platform, i-Cyprus Platform; i-Russia Platform; i-Moscow Platform; I-World Platform EIS SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM 2013 Azamat Abdoullaev EIS Ltd
    • GLOBAL COOPERATION • • • • • • • • • • EIS Encyclopedic Intelligent Systems Limited Company, Moscow, Skolkovo Innovation Center Participant, is a valid owner and creator of the ENCYCLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE Platform Products. EIS Ltd is open for a cooperation to design, develop, and distribute the ENCYCLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE Platform of different scales and kinds, from smart sustainable communities to intelligent information technologies and computing knowledge applications. The company is planning to grant brand licences under intellectual property laws to authorize a use for its Intelligent Intangible Assets to prospective partners, to develop the EIS Platform systems, applications and services. Considering the type of legal entities and the form of knowledge transfer, the scale of cooperation and the scope of territories, the terms and conditions, knowledge transfer fees, royalties, and renewal provisions will have been properly stipulated, including other specifications and limitations deemed vital to the licensor. Below is an example of the licensed product process steps: Licensor is informed by a prospective partner on the product categories to be licensed Licensor negotiates a knowledge transfer license and fees with the best licensees Licensees develop concepts, prototypes and final production samples and submit for approval Licensor approves licensed products for public development, software coding and programming, and commercial sale Licensees sell licensed knowledge products or intelligent services In all, the forms of cooperation involve consultancy, licensing, cooperative R&D or contract R&D agreements, and spin-offs. EIS SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM 2013 Azamat Abdoullaev EIS Ltd
    • EIS ENCYCLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE PLATFORM • • • ENCYCLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE I: http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/ encyclopedic-intelligence ENCYCLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE II: http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/encyclopedic-intelligence-24260973 ENCYCLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE III: http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/encyclopedic-intelligence-global-marketing ENCYCLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE IV: http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/encyclopedic-intelligence-big-science-and-technology ENCYCLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE V: http:// www.slideshare.net/ashabook/global-intelligence-26413485 ENCYCLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE VII: http ://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/network-software EIS ENCYCLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE: GLOBAL INNOVATION AND DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM: http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/innovation-platform EIS SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM 2013 Azamat Abdoullaev EIS Ltd
    • CONTACT EIS SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM 2013 Azamat Abdoullaev EIS Ltd
    • ООО "Энциклопедические Интеллектуальные Системы" • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Предметом уставной деятельности Общества является: является: исследование, разработка и коммерциализация единой платформы интеллектуальных городов, инновационных кластеров, экоградов, умных эко-проектов и инновационных застроек; исследование, разработка и коммерциализация цифровых моделей интеллектуальных городов, виртуальных интернет и веб городов с умными системами, процессами, услугами; исследование, разработка и коммерциализация цифровых моделей умных интеллектуальных городов и регионов; исследование, разработка и коммерциализация интегрированных моделей эко-градов, эко-полисов и эко-комлексов: жилых, коммерческих и промышленных; промышленных; исследование, разработка и коммерциализация интегрированных моделей и прототипов умных городов, регионов и стран; исследование, разработка и коммерциализация умных экологических городов, их основных комплексов, структур, систем, элементов и компонентов; исследование, разработка и коммерциализация интегрированных инновационных систем, инновационных кластеров, исследовательских и технологических парков; исследование, разработка и коммерциализация экологичной инфраструктуры инновационных эко-городов, застроек, кварталов, комплексов и отдельных зданий; исследование, разработка и коммерциализация интеллектуальной инфраструктуры инновационного эко-города, высокотехнологичного городского комплекса; исследование, разработка и коммерциализация интегрированных интеллектуальных инженерных, оптических телекоммуникационных и возобновляемых энергетических сетей; исследование, разработка и коммерциализация виртуального многомерного проектирования городского пространства, объектов гражданского и промышленного строительства, интеллектуальных инженерных сетей и коммуникаций; исследование, разработка и коммерциализация интеллектуальных информационных моделей, систем, услуг и технологий; исследование, разработка и коммерциализация интеллектуальных компьютерных моделей, систем, услуг и технологий; исследование, разработка и коммерциализация универсальных систем научного и технологического знания; исследование, разработка и коммерциализация интеллектуальных энциклопедически систем в форме физических роботов, виртуальных интернет систем и компьютерных программ; EIS SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM 2013 исследование, разработка и коммерциализация будущих интернет технологий и семантических сетей. Azamat Abdoullaev EIS Ltd