grid cluster web service computing web services tools and technologies for web service computing service oriented architecture service oriented architecture models and systems cloud computing web service computing theory and models web service computing metrics and standards utility and cloud computing models and systems business service systems theory and models web service utility and cloud computing models and systems • t • web service computing theory and models • busine business service systems bioinformatics availability utility data mining business service domains and to the outside virtualization in the context o the storage area presence choreography tools and technologies empirical studies on web service computing cloud computing models web service practices deep learning uncertainty issues empirical studies qualitative and quantitative studies and analysis semantic web services user preferences web service selection service composition trust metrics and standards evaluation and quality models computer vision machine learning web and business information services and systems uncertainty issues and studies in web service prac process algebra formal methods ws-bpel 2.0 web services orchestration information retrieval ranking fuzzy logic qos social bookmark spam collective knowledge consumer-generated media (cgm) social bookmarking (sbm) nlp e-learning xml security query optimisation management communities application systems neural networks bayesian network semantic approaches qualitative and quantitative s simulations and developments governance and e-learning • virtualization • seman sla management and enforcement  resource provisio virtual compute clusters  consolidation nosql dat mobile devices  social clouds (social networks in and locality  mobile clouds for new millennium parallel processing  virtualization on platforms infrastructure and platforms  design tool for clo mobile devices • social clouds (social networks in and locality • mobile clouds for new millennium parallel processing • virtualization on platforms infrastructure and platforms • design tool for clo • cloud application multimedia etc  big data tools and systems  big privacy and trust  big data applications models and algorithms  big data infrastructure an big data techniques knowledge and semantic approaches web and business simulations and developments of web service comput web service domain specific case studies and appli utility and cloud computing models and systems  t web service computing theory and models  business big data evaluation genetic algorithms saudi arabia open learning mobile web experience mobile web solutions mobile solutions enterprise mobility mobile internet mobile web mobile computing simulation unified modeling language template interaction pattern reusability service level agreement (sla) business rules business process dynamic rule execution sampling rsvp mpls ds field ip throughput round trip time traffic dominantrole negotiation policy attachment policy semantic web xml web service systems reinforcement learning predictive learning business information services lexical semantics simulations web service domain models and algorithms  big data tools and systems privacy and trust  big data techniques multimedia etc  big data infrastructure and platf 5g and networks for big data  big data analytics multimedia applications using web services • feder architectures and frameworks • web languages & web security and intellectual property rights • inform privacy composition) • emantic web inference schemes • sem invocation discovery semantic web mining • semantic web services (servi semantic interoperability rules • data integration and mash ups • unstructur linking and reconciliation) • semantic integration merging web 3.0 • semantic case studies • ontologies (crea taxonomies • collaboration and social networks • s • semantic query & search • semantic advertising a cloud application sla management and enforcement • resource provisio virtual compute clusters • consolidation nosql dat evaluation and quality models of web service compu operational semantics. machine learning and ai for big data cloud and grid computing for big data wireless network mobile host smart phone information extraction service oriented architecture (soa) jxta aspect-oriented programming (aop) feature-oriented programming (fop) aspect-oriented programming design pattern design patterns autonomic system restful resources weighted average mean(wam) rating metrics database multi-dimensional model km metrics metrics model tour planner backtracking pert dynamic composition & bilingual and cross-lingual word embeddings. universal concepts word embedding evaluation tasks word embedding model mobile web services. quality of service (qos) social network analysis (sna) command injection xml schema xslt web application security xquery sql injection xpath injection service integration business logic model web service mediation metrics performance functional similarity self-adaptive security policies business rules approaches. coercive attack replay attack soap message supply chain management web service adaptation malicious soft security hard security bootstrapping and recommendation system biocatalogue web services discovery trust model. security access model relational databases schema based storage corba soa web service computing theory and models business s semantic processing & nlp question answering (qa) natural language processing supervised machine learning domain specific case studies virtual compute clusters domain specific case theory and models utility and cloud computing parsing/grammatical formalisms distributed computing quality models software performance engineeri business service systems theor web service computing theory big data analytics and social media multimedia etc big data applications internet of things social networks linked object web ranking fusion based rank (fbr) web objects terrorist network http stateless graphql uri restful api phishing spam operational semantics security and privacy for iot service-oriented architecture in cloud computing 5g and networks for big data parallel processing android soap rest mobile network virtualization sql xpath queries relational database xml rules security requirements object-oriented search engine parallel migrating web crawler web crawling similarity measure. bag-of-words bag-of-features quantization dense sift feature content-based image retrieval semantic web service frameworks web service description language (wsdl) web portal integration architecture approaches. soa architecture platform specific integration architecture platform independent integration architecture model driven architecture homographs sense disambiguation technique knowledge management systems (kms) globalization web service ecosystem online service supply chains classification data mining & semantic web services graphical user interface criminal network analysis (cna) computability and traceability evaluation. business logic property evaluation system software performance engineering web service adaptation and behavioral incompatibil qos similarity smart industry mobile web service characteristics of cloud computing architecture of cloud computing and parameter tampering attack. oversized attack xml rewriting attacks soap ontology ada concurrent program fdr2 model-checker ws-bpel scdl behavioral verification service-component architecture composition planning selection method execution method discovery method collaborative behaviour geo-social networks spatial analysis recovery decisions location affinity qos factors failure recovery security patterns aspect oriented programming. language specific crawler myanmar language web interoperability social web fuzzy system runtime adaptation qos attributes. soa framework service based application bpel dcom soap. knowledge management systems autonomic computing cloud computing paradigms business process integration web analytics text mining knowledge processing service systems developments information services domain specific case studie computer graphics image & signal processing information processing medical signal acquisition digital image processing security engineering secure cloud computing quantum cryptography key management information hiding fuzzy systems data integrity cryptographic protocols digital forensic authentication blockchain cryptography quantitative studies specific case studies mobile web services music search service-oriented architecture file systems security techniques machine learning and ai electronics and signal process cloud and grid computing gdp programming languages knowledge representation artificial intelligence classification data mining data mining foundations knowledge and semantic approac ui uml system engineering criminal network analysis (cna traceability evaluation computability evaluation system business logic property spoken language processing speech recognition and synthes nlp and machine learning chunking/shallow parsing behavioral incompatibility linguistic resources ontology nlp and ai verification security assessment vision recognition signal & image processing reactive distributed ai automatic control cad design & testing probabilistic reasoning business rules approaches cloud computing architecture resource provisioning nosql data stores consolidation computing systems compression dialog systems machine translation knowledge based methods morphology phonology transmitter web service practices and syst other related topics internet mutation schema definition language we web service computing theory a security and privacy for iot  iot-enabled innovat ) • ubiquitous computing security • web 2.0 securi replay attack etc session hijacking mim e-mail fraud • internet security & applications • multimedia etc • big data tools and systems • big privacy and trust • big data applications models and algorithms • big data infrastructure an • internet of things • security and privacy for io and ontologies • social media and web analytics • open linked data retrieval • knowledge processing • natural languag neural languages and nlp • information extraction • argumentation mining and applications • big data semantics-driven language processing. natural vs. artificial intelligence natural logic i. consider the prototype of a user interface (ui)  cloud application algorithms and applications  bioinformatics  com and compression security requirements engineering and web applicat big data tools and systems privacy and trust big data security big data search and mining big data management big data mining big data infrastructure and platform models and algorithms data storage and management in cloud computing connectivity and networking iot-enabled innovation and entrepreneurship cloud storage and file systems consolidation nosql data stores security techniques for the cloud virtualization on platforms in the cloud web service description language (wsdl). music search. quality function deployment fuzzy logic/ neural networks ui elements uml models qos similarity &user preferences security assessment and verification. mutation. schema definition language (sdl) and compression. • cluster utility and cloud computing models and systems too trojan protection worms e-mail fraud virus ad hoc and sensor network security peer-to-peer ne network and wireless network security mobile electronics and signal processing for iot cloud based rule-based syllable segmentation state similarity web service compositions similarity measures otp. uddi wsdl soap rmi processor-farm methodology. distribution methodologies multi-core processor distributed crawling virtual machines web crawler web search engine discovery and recommendation. symbolic reputation semantic tagging data representation wsdl file meta level re-planning parallel and distributed processing hadoop mapreduce web applications security requirements engineering uml 2.0 terrorist network. security assessment and verification compression. parameter tampering attack xml rewriting attack service oriented architecture. rule-based syllable segmentation. similarity measures; web service compositions; sta design algorithms security. business service systems theory and models service
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