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Script of a fictional theater play written by Haroon Rasheed & Abdul Rehman Talat

Script of a fictional theater play written by Haroon Rasheed & Abdul Rehman Talat

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  • 2. “ Fear holds us prisoner,Hope sets us free.”
  • 3. To our mothers.- Haroon Rasheed & Abdul Rehman Talat
  • 4. 4 Innuendo – By Haroon Rasheed and Abdul Rehman TalatTable of ContentsSetupSynopsis 5Plot 6Character Profiles: Positives 8Character Profiles: Negatives 9Songs 10ScriptPrologue 11ACT I: Damsel in Distress 12ACT II: Trail of Tears 18ACT III: Prisoner of Karma 21ACT IV: Prodigal Recipe 25ACT V: Karma 34Epilogue
  • 5. 5 Innuendo – By Haroon Rasheed and Abdul Rehman TalatSynopsisWhere all paths that lead to morality and righteousness come to an end, Innuendo begins. Amystical world reigned by the most dominant emotions that we carry in life. The epitome ofinnuendo is the endless battle, between good and dark emotions, that we wage withinourselves. Where there’s light, darkness looms as well and emotions that survive this battledefine who we are.Each character represents a mirror image of our everyday demeanor that compels us to seekout our moral or wicked thirsts. In this realm of anarchy and chaos, compassion and harmonyhave outlived their worth and everything is entwined in vanity and material affections. Fearchallenges your pride and you surrender to its call, Hate is dissolved in the air that we breatheand our judgments are driven by its venom, and Mischief plays its part to make this world sinkdeeper in madness.But all is not lost. There is still Hope, though it is slowly fading away, the unquenched yearningfor Love is still keeping the meadows in bloom. Wisdom is worshipped but without faith, yet itfinds a way to whisper the true path to the lost in the most unimaginable ways.The defiance of Love and Hate for each other has carried on since forever, and the inevitabledestruction they leave behind has shaped the world in its present state. The desire for peaceand a world where infamy knows no pride will keep the darkness at bay and light shall prevailonce again.
  • 6. 6 Innuendo – By Haroon Rasheed and Abdul Rehman TalatPlotACT I: Damsel in DistressEnvironment: Forest, woodsA woman is sitting in the middle of a dark forest, lost and helpless, looking for her beloved. Lovepassing by hears her cry. Love himself is in despair after losing his loved one; Hope, and cannotresist the woman’s call for help. She tells him her sad tale, that her beloved abandoned her andshe set out on a quest to find him.Love tries to console her which leads to her asking Love about his miserable state. Love who ishurt starts to confide in her and becomes vulnerable. Fear (who cannot be seen by anyone)shows up and provokes Love’s biggest fears for Hope, how she deceived him and left him alone.That influences him and weakens his resolve, and somehow he starts believing in the idea.(Fear to be considered a threat to love, the symbolism involved is that fear in love causesdoubt...and love alone can become a victim).The woman who was deceivingly trapping Love succeeds and as it turns out she is Mischief(Hate’s Mistress) and with the help of fear she overpowers Love. Hate himself shows up andfaces him. Love finds out that it was Hate and Mischief who had taken Hope away. NeverthelessHate has his way and KILLS love.ACT II: Trail of TearsEnvironment: Destroyed villageWith Love dead, Hate and Mischief are on a rampage destroying everything in their wake.Feelings are rushing by screaming for help, sadness is all around. Bravery and Penance enterthe village looking bewildered. They can hardly believe their eyes. They come across Grief andSorrow (Mimes) who tell them how Hate and his minions came looking for Hope and razed thevillage to the ground. They also narrate how Hate and Mischief captured Hope and took heraway.
  • 7. 7 Innuendo – By Haroon Rasheed and Abdul Rehman TalatACT III: Prisoner of KarmaEnvironment: Dungeon, Dark PrisonHope is sitting on her knees, chained in a prison cell. She’s afraid, not for herself but for Love.Mischief tells her that Hate has killed Love and wants her to join them. Hope doesn’t believethat she is telling the truth and thinks that Love is still alive and will come to save her. To incitefear in her, Mischief asks her three minions (Greed, Envy and Cowardice) to escort Hopeoutside and show her the destruction they have caused and what happens to those who don’tyield to Hate.ACT IV: Prodigal RecipeEnvironment: Destroyed villageThe trio (Greed, Envy and Cowardice) get into an argument as they escort Hope to the village.Hope sees the opportunity to escape but gets caught. Penance, Mr. Modest and Bravery showup and the fight between the two trios (Both Good and evil) begins. Meanwhile Peace shows upon the scene all stoned. Realizing that Peace is the key to victory both sides try to convince himto join their camp. In the show down that follows, the good feelings succeed to rescue Hopeand destroy bad feelings with the help of Peace.ACT V: MirageEnvironment: Throne Room, Hates castleMischief deceives Hate as well and captures his throne. With Hate at her feet she rules theworld. Hope storms into her castle with her friends to defeat Mischief once and for all. Seeingthis she casts a spell on the gang and freezes them. This works on all the feelings except Hope.Fear tries to weaken Hope by his methods as well but fails. Dumbfounded by this, Mischieforders her slave, Hate to kill Hope. Hate, who is fighting with a good voice within himself,struggles to do so. During all this confusion a collision between Hate and Fear occurs whichcauses Fear’s jar of nightmares to fall and break. This causes an explosion which causesMischief to lose her mind and transforms Hate into Love. With evil feelings defeated, Love andHope rule the world again.
  • 8. 8 Innuendo – By Haroon Rasheed and Abdul Rehman TalatCharacter Profiles: PositivesLOVE:Tall, handsome, well dressed (Like worn in 16thcentury banquets-tight pants-cuffs sticking outof the jacket-all whites), long haired, elegant inspeaking, soft and drunken accent, invitingpostures (spreading arms), usually talks whilekneeling down (as if proposing) when not evennecessary, trusts everyone blindly, not toointelligent, holds a rose in one hand.HOPE:Female character, attractive looking, dressed asif a Dove or a white bird, has wings, frayed andshredded dress, tiresome look on face, projectsself-esteem and courage but lacks the desire tostand up to the enemies (knowing she wasabandoned by everyone), stares at the groundwhile she talks, coughs occasionally as if ill.BRAVERY:Warrior, heavy built, wears armor, determined,goal oriented and absolute focus on the job athand, natural leader, other feelings look up tohim. He speaks in a very loud tone, kind of likethe medieval knights. Has a crush on Mischiefbut doesn’t show it, very loyal to Love.PENANCE:Female character, very intelligent and witty,speaks harshly, holds a book of moral codes inher hands, imposes judgment on the enemiesfor defying the moral laws, makes them realizehow shameful there acts have been and theyshould repent now or face the consequences,grayish outfit (symbolizing piousness), inspirespenance in others.MODESTY:Well dressed, patience in the tone, Humblelooking, acts like a celebrity, walks in gives outautographs, posses for photographs, inspirationto all, (Cowardice is the biggest fan and getsbeaten up for it), feels sorry for Penance attimes (tells her to get a life), Enemy toEnvy, Infatuation for himself (can be aweakness used by Envy). Used to be in love withHope…but Love stole her away, showscontempt for Love.GRIEF & SORROW:Brothers, dressed in a black and white stripedshirts like French Mimes (Hats and whiteGloves, black pants). They are both mute,looking sad but funny expressions. Mimiceverything they see.PEACE:A mid-1960s sub cultural Hippie, dressed in acolorful long shirt and white trousers. Looksshabby, long haired, short beard, wears sunglasses, bandana and handmade jewelry.Devout follower of the divine philosophy ofpiousness and spiritual splendor and tranquility.Lead the peace movement back in the days andwas reprimanded for it. Now he doesn’tbelieves in his own cause anymore and lives lifeindulging in drugs.
  • 9. 9 Innuendo – By Haroon Rasheed and Abdul Rehman TalatCharacter Profiles: NegativesHATE:Tall and Bulky, beast of a man, bald or shorthaired, dark spots around the eyes, flaringnostrils with each breath, Stares in the samedirection constantly and intensely, Redcostume, hands shaped like claws, brokenhandcuffs with chains hanging on each wrist likehe’s an escaped prisoner. Heavy roughaccent…Murmurs gibberish when speaks butthe words are still audible and can be deduced,sweating a lot, drools and wipes mouth with hisarm every now and then. Walks with heavysteps…fast paced, needs a pill to calmdown. Affectionate towards Mischief (still nottrusting her – symbolizing hate clouds yourjudgment and you lose trust in everything)MISCHIEF:Slender looking, almost as tall as Hate, longblack hair, wears a long slim black gown, Gothlook (i.e. mascara around the eyes), witty,shrieks when she speaks (like the witch in thewizard of OZ), screeching laugh, dominatingexpressions, confident, elegant postures, carriesa bag of pills to keep hate in control (Rage pills),Pretends to like hate (when to her hate is just ameans to an end).FEAR:Pale looking, skinny, sly but worn outexpression on face, short-medium in height,wears a robe with a hood on top, holds a blackscary looking wooden staff in one hand, and anUrn or jar in the other in which it collects theworst fears of his victims, waves the staff tospread fear, talks with a scratchy throat, lowpitched voice, Doesn’t talk too much, there’s awicked smile on his face. Walks bent low withleaping footsteps.Cowardice:A short guy, stutters, funny expressions on hisface, looks anxious all the time, has a phobia ofimpending disasters, always on the lookout andcalculating ways how he could get hurt. Scaredto death in the presence of danger… (Power: hisability to calculate disaster scenarios for others,thus inspiring fear and cowardice in the victims)his mere presence and scared outbursts areenough to incite cowardice in people.GREED:Strong built, urgency in his tone, scruffy voice,will do anything to fulfill his natural urges,extremely competitive, accuses his own alliesfor stealing from him, Bravery’s true match instrength, hate promised him riches so fightingfor his own cause.ENVYFemale character, witty, does a lot of wishfulthinking, shabby dress, finds the strengths inher enemies and indulges them into self praise,well spoken and hits where it hurts, singspraises, really annoyed by cowardice and insultshim every now and then.
  • 10. 10 Innuendo – By Haroon Rasheed and Abdul Rehman TalatSongsPrologue Shiver [Background Music]Act I: Damsel in Distress Grieving Heart [Love] Hates Lullaby [Hate]Act II: Trail of Tears Children of Chaos [Background Music] Mad World [Background Music]Act III: Prisoner of Karma Wither in Silence [Hope] Play the Game [Hope]Act IV: Prodigal Recipe You Should Be Dancing [Background Music] Soul Bossa Nova [Background Music] All You Need Is Love [Bravery] My Friends [Greed] Innuendo [Good Feelings]Act V: Mirage Killer Queen [Mischief] Forgotten Muse [Background Music] If I Fell [Hope] Love Prevails [Good Feelings]
  • 11. 11 Innuendo – By Haroon Rasheed and Abdul Rehman TalatPrologueEnvironment: Dark RoomCharacters: Fear[sarcastic and disgruntled] They say I am nothing more but a mere figment of theirFear:imaginations. They say…I’m an illusion of their failed sanities. An unnoticed shadow in thepresence of light [speaking faster now] …a conjurer of false dreams…an echo inside theirhollowed existence… [Slows down] a trickster they call me. [Laughs][Pointing his staff towards the audience] Yet you fall from grace in my name…you sell yoursouls for nothing…and yet…you betray your own. [Laughs][Suddenly makes a serious face] I am fear and I am here! I am dread! You shall feel me surgethrough your spine… [Speaking louder] that rush of blood to your head…that pinch inside yourweak hearts…Yes! You can feel me, can’t you? [Laughs] But of course you can…[Angered] For it is YOU who are nothing more but mere slaves to MY imagination…it is YOUwho fear to speak for the fallen and the weak…yet you drown yourselves in illusions ofremorse…and let the shadow of ignorance [Ignorance being the negative God] run its course.You look in the mirror and think that you’re free…if it isn’t my face then tell me…who elsewould you see? [Smirk on his face][Raises his jar with both hands – and starts slowly retreating backwards with his head boweddisappearing into the shadows, sings the following lines]I must feed my Jar, for its hunger is never quenched.Feed me your nightmares, feed me your souls.And they say I am…just Fear, but they shall see…I am…more.[Starts laughing and disappears into the darkness]Background music: Shiver
  • 12. 12 Innuendo – By Haroon Rasheed and Abdul Rehman TalatACT I: Damsel in DistressEnvironment: Dark forestCharacters: Love, Mischief, Fear and Hate[A woman is sitting on the ground in the woods at night, covered with a cloth, with both handsflat on the surface, sitting sideways, sobbing]Where are you my beloved? Where have you gone? I have traversed the seas andWoman:the endless oceans only to find your scent leading me away from you. For I have been chasingjust a shadow only to find out it was my own. Why have you forsaken me? [starts crying][Hearing from a distant Love comes to help][sitting on one knee] Dare I ask what troubles thee my lady, for my feeble heart may notLove:be able to suffer anymore the burden of thy tears. What misfortune has befallen this innocentsoul, speak and I shall strive to bring joy to that sad face.It’s my heart; its grieving knows no bounds. My beloved has abandoned me, and IWoman:only wish to seek his comfort by my side.I have but only pity for that wretched fool, for your suffering should be his. Why wouldLove:he abandon thee?Beats me! [mocking him sounds irritated but tries to hide her annoyance]Woman:I beg your pardon?Love:I said he deceived me. Left me alone in this abyss, it feels like I’ve been falling sinceWoman:forever and the bottom is still not in sight.
  • 13. ACT I: Damsel in Distress13 Innuendo – By Haroon Rasheed and Abdul Rehman Talat[Just as Love starts speaking and walks to the edge of the stage facing theaudience…Cowardice enters the stage from behind…look of a serial killer on hisface…expressionless…walking towards love dragging a heavy mace (weapon) along theground…too heavy for him to pick up…half way through he starts pacing up and lifts the maceto strike love…the woman who is sitting on the ground suddenly gets up and grabs cowardice’shair and pulls him back…he silently whines like a child to mischief…but she kicks him in thebutt and sends him away… love unaware of what’s going on behind him…just when he turnsback the woman gets back on the ground]I hold neither claim to his misdeeds nor to his ill intent. But fear not…for I am Love! AndLove:there is none other to embrace the matters of the heart. Speak now, and I shall sway away thethorn that hinders thy path. Tell me what dread burdens thy soul? [leans forward with hisstretched out hand to pick her up from the ground]Thy words bring such ease to my heart, but my sorrow keeps my feet on theWoman:ground, and my fear stays my hand. [Looking away in sadness and holding back her hand][Love stands up retrieving his hand and looks away into the distance with such sorrow…thiseffecting his emotional state of mind and becoming more vulnerable]It seems our hearts have been pierced by the same arrow.Love:So you have lost someone too? [She stands up]Woman:Yes…There was… HOPE… [sighing]Love:Is there anybody going to listen to my storyall about the girl who came to stay?Shes the kind of girl you want so muchIt makes you sorryStill you dont regret a single day.Song: Grieving HeartSung by: Love
  • 14. ACT I: Damsel in Distress14 Innuendo – By Haroon Rasheed and Abdul Rehman TalatA girl...Girl...[By the end of the song Love starts hearing voices in his head, and starts looking around. Getsscared. The voices are of someone whispering and laughing]Did you hear that?!?Love:[Fear shows up….can’t be seen by any feeling…good or bad…slowly pacing towards Love frombehind and whispers in the ear…his staff and the nightmare jar lifted against Love’s shoulder][The woman feels his presence and with her head bowed, feeling afraid herself of the darkentity that just entered the fray]What happened? [Pauses] Did she abandon you as well?Woman:[whispers to Love] you know what happened…tell her how she deserted you.Fear:Never… My Hope wouldn’t leave me. Some misfortune pursues her shadow [lookingLove:away…confused]you poor soul, speak thy heart and be free of your fears.Woman:[whispers] sing the ballad of her betrayal. Sing my child! Sing!Fear:[tone of voice starts to get louder] No…you lie. She wouldn’t betray me. Why wouldLove:she?There must be someone else. Why would she leave you suffering like this? Why doWoman:you fight it? You have to let go.[whispers] She was unfaithful. How can you not see that?Fear:That’s not true!! You hear me!?!Love:
  • 15. ACT I: Damsel in Distress15 Innuendo – By Haroon Rasheed and Abdul Rehman Talat[whispers] You were betrayed. [speaking slowly and mysteriously now]Woman:No! Never!Love:[whispers] she’s with someone else now. She’s mocking you.Fear:[The Woman and Fear talking in synchronization now…she’s laughing while she doesit….wicked expressions on their faces…circling around Love who is on his knees now…painfulexpression on his face…flashing lights in the background]You’re all alone.Woman-Fear:you’re patheticWoman-Fear:she betrayed youWoman-Fear:[holding and shaking his head] DON’TLove:You want to kill her because you HATE her.Woman-Fear:[holding and shaking his head] No, I Don’t! I love her!Love:You HATE her.Woman-Fear:[holding and shaking his head] No!Love:Say that you HATE her.Woman-Fear:you HATE her.Woman-Fear:[Enraged] Yesssss! Yes!! I…HATE …HERLove:[Laugh]Woman-Fear:[The moment he says that…a loud explosion is heard and the stage goes dark …explosion isloud and strong enough to make all three characters fall on the ground. The shocks of anearthquake continue and start increasing…then a sudden silence for a couple of seconds…and
  • 16. ACT I: Damsel in Distress16 Innuendo – By Haroon Rasheed and Abdul Rehman Talatone big explosion and Hate appears…. background lighting goes red…a dark figure standingand staring into its most hated enemies face…but altogether excited to finally get theopportunity he’s been waiting for][looking at Hate in pure amazement] HATE?Love:[The woman takes off her disguise and she turns out to be Mischief –Hate’s mistress][Bows] finally our great master has come to save us.Mischief:[looks at Mischief] Mischief…You?Love:[Sarcastic and enjoying his work] Ohhhh! You didn’t see that coming. Did you now?Fear:Tell me...are you afraid?[looking at hate] But...I…I destroyed you. What devilry is this…I was there….I saw ye fall.Love:and yet you became the vessel of my resurrection. Ironic isn’t it old friend!Hate:[Putting her hands on Hate’s shoulder with the other hand on her hip, staring atMischief:Love] I think you boys have some catching up to do. Btw babe! Watch out for his whining. It just mightkill you.[Putting her hands on Hate’s shoulder with the other hand on her hip, staring at Love]I see Mischief has been keeping you busy. It’s time we settle an unfinished business… [pause]Hate:we… kind of left things in the middle.[Steps forward couple of paces still staring constantly at Love][whispers] Look at his stern eyes…they call for blood… your blood! [giggles wickedly]Fear:[Love knowing he’s all alone and steps a couple of paces backwards seeing Hate advancingslowly towards him][Completely confused by fear’s annotations] I can’t take it! Stop this now.Love:
  • 17. ACT I: Damsel in Distress17 Innuendo – By Haroon Rasheed and Abdul Rehman Talat[enjoying his miserable state] Well! Well! Look at him… he’s trembling…it seems youMischief:are already good friends…you and your Fears. Is he playing games with your head? [like informinghim] Yeah… he does that.[shivering in his voice – Looks at Hate] Thou shall not harm me…I have defeated you beforeLove:and I shall do so again.[laughing] You think you can? Look around you…you are all alone…you have no strength…noHate:Friends… [Small pause, smiles and whispers] No Hope![laughs hearing that]Mischief:[Inciting a new fear in Love, pretending to be surprised himself] it seems you weren’tFear:betrayed after all. They are the ones who took her away. Who else could it be?[with a trembling voice starts to stand up from his knees – but Fear pushes him backLove:on the ground] Where is she? What have you done to her you monsters? If you dare even whisper hername….I shall[Angered and mocking him] or you shall what? Whine us to death? You done thatMischief:already and she’s the least of your worries now. [Smiles][whispers – holds the jar high] Feed my Jar. Feed its hunger. Surrender to its will.Fear:Tell me what fate she suffered at thy hands. Take my life for hers… spare her…I beg you.Love:[walks over and circles Love - anger in her voice] It doesn’t matter now you dim-wit.Mischief:She had it coming. You just don’t go around giving people dreams. She was a disease that needed a cure[looking and smiling at Hate].[Enraged – stands up] Hold thy wicked tongue witch…she can’t be dead…For Love and HopeLove:are bound forever [Gives up and falls to his knees again, trying to realize that she’s dead]. Markmy words, witch! thy cruelty shall not go unpunished, the poison you spread shall be the end of you. Ishall laugh at thy misery and I shall…[yawns and interrupts him] I’m getting bored now. Enough talk… [Looks at Hate – allMischief:serious and impatient] …He’s all yours.[whispers] Oh you better run while you still can boy, before he tears you limb by limb.Fear:
  • 18. ACT I: Damsel in Distress18 Innuendo – By Haroon Rasheed and Abdul Rehman Talat: [in saddest possible posture – with his head hanging turns around and looks aroundLovenot knowing where Fear is] I fear no one [turns around and looks at Hate] and I shall stand myground. [Sadness in his eyes] Hope’s gone now and there is no reason why I should exist as well…Sodo your worst beast.[comes closer to Love – raises his paws] Oh…how I longed for this moment…So bad!Hate:I want youI want you so badI want youI want you so bad,Its driving me madIts driving me mad[Strikes and KILLS Love]Hate:[With love laying dead on the floor…heavy music starts in the BG…like a new evil entityapproaching…its cowardice…emerging like a demon][sarcastic and disgruntled] They say I am nothing more but a mere figment of theirCowardice:imaginations. They say…I’m an illusion of their failed sanities. I…Am…COWARDICE…I am dead…not waitthat’s not right…I am dread… [Gets confused again] I….I….I killlll….nnnnn…stuff… you’ll facemy wrath Love.[Runs towards love’s body to strike it…approaches…stops…and gently kicks him on the leg][Hovers over loves body…screaming] you can feel me…can’t you? Ofcourse youCowardice:can…you’re pathetic…just remember who kicked your ass…Cowardice is my name…you hear me…itscowardice.[starts walking away from the love to leave the stage…remembers something and comesrunning back… while cowardice suddenly takes love’s shoes off to keep as souvenirs… kickshim one more time…but this time love’s body shivers just a little bit…and cowardice runs offscreaming scared like hell]Song: Hates LullabySung by: Hate
  • 19. 19 Innuendo – By Haroon Rasheed and Abdul Rehman TalatACT II: Trail of TearsEnvironment: Destroyed villageCharacters: Bravery, Penance, Grief and Sorrow[With Love gone, Hate and Mischief are on a rampage destroying everything in their wake.Bravery and Penance walking through the village looking at the aftermath of the destructionleft behind by Hate and Mischief. Feelings are rushing by screaming for help, sadness is allaround. The atmosphere can be like the situation in a war ridden country – what happensafter a bombing run by jets][Bravery and Penance enter the scene looking bewildered]What in Love’s name is this? Do my eyes deceive me?Bravery:Who could have done this…So much destruction! So much…chaos!Penance:[they come across Grief and Sorrow (G&S - wounded and wearing dusty outfits dressed asmimes) who are having a contest between themselves that who can make the most saddest andheartbreaking face ever. fighting amongst themselves][interrupts Grief and Sorrow] Hey! You two…what happened here?Penance:[they look at Penance and get excited, start circling around her making funny gestures]G&S:[shoves them away from Penance] Be gone you imbeciles. How dare you mock us?Bravery:[they start mimicking Bravery, his aggression]G&S:[he gets angry and unsheathes his sword and walks toward them] Speak now youBravery:insolent louts, for I am Bravery and ye shall speak the horrors of my blade for the rest of yourmiserable lives!Background Music: Children of Chaos
  • 20. ACT II: Trail of Tears20 Innuendo – By Haroon Rasheed and Abdul Rehman Talat[she steps in between Bravery and G&S – shouts at Bravery] Can you for once notPenance:overreact to every chance you get?! Calm yourself down![a bit embarrassed] But…Bravery:[dominating] Shhh…not a word from you.Penance:[G&S get scared and hide behind Penance and lean out to look at Bravery – mockingG&S:him with their tongues like kids][in a patronizing tone] Don’t be scared boys…I won’t let him hurt you. He just likesPenance:to show off his sword every now and then. He’s harmless.[G&S grab Penance’s hands and lead her away from Bravery… Bravery still staring atG&S:them with fury from a distance]I am Penance and this is my friend Bravery. Who are you?Penance:[G&S hold out cards with their names written on them – looking at each other’s cardsG&S:realizing they are holding each other’s names…Grief smacks Sorrow in the face and switchcards…and they stand there smiling at penance][anxious to know…very concerned] We have been looking for Love and Hope forPenance:days now and can’t seem to find them. Do you know where they are?[scratching their heads…looking at each other in confusion, then realize that they doG&S:know something… they get excited and start to mimic Love and Hope being together…dancing…having fun][holding her head with one hand…getting tired of this] I didn’t ask what they did…IPenance:said “DO… YOU… KNOW… WHERE…THEY… ARE?”
  • 21. ACT II: Trail of Tears21 Innuendo – By Haroon Rasheed and Abdul Rehman Talat[both look at each other as clueless as Penance and Bravery…shaking their headsG&S:saying that they have no knowledge whatsoever][completely annoyed] ENOUGH! Move aside lady Penance…and I shall teach theseBravery:swindling fools a lesson they shall never forget.[suddenly Grief starts to remind Sorrow something]G&S:[holds out her hand to stop Bravery from coming any closer] Wait?Penance:[realize that they do remember seeing hope being carried away by Hate’sG&S:henchmen…reenact the dragging her away part - Greif kicking and dragging Sorrow awayleaving the stage][sad] How such misery came to pass. I took an oath to protect Hope and Love…but IBravery:failed them. How shall I forgive myself? My shame is too much to bear…I shall take my own lifeand save myself from this dishonor [Tries to stab himself with his own sword…Butpenance stops him.[annoyed] You just can’t help it can you drama queen. We need to focus on howPenance:we are going to rescue Hope.[infuriated] I shall fight my way through the armies of darkness…Bravery:Here we go again! [Sighing…not waiting for Bravery to finish – completelyPenance:helpless at Bravery’s annoying ramblings and looks towards the sky, starts to walk away withBravery following behind][continuing] I shall raze their castles to the ground, I shall sacrifice my life for them;Bravery:my fury will be the last thing Hate shall endure before he dies… [and so on]Background Music: Mad World
  • 22. ACT II: Trail of Tears22 Innuendo – By Haroon Rasheed and Abdul Rehman Talat[Both leave the scene with Penance looking miserable and Bravery anxious as ever]
  • 23. 23 Innuendo – By Haroon Rasheed and Abdul Rehman TalatACT III: Prisoner of KarmaEnvironment: Dark prison, dungeonCharacters: Hope, Mischief, Greed, Envy and CowardiceIf I fell in love with you,Would you promise to be trueAnd help me understandCause Ive been in love beforeAnd I found that love was morethan just holding handsIf I give my heart to youI must be surefrom the very startthat you would love me more than herIf I trust in you oh pleaseDont run and hideif I love you too oh pleasedont hurt my pride like hercause I couldnt stand the painand I would be sad if our new love was in vainso I hope you seethat I would love to love you[Hope is sitting on her knees in a dark and mysterious place. Looking around to see where sheis. she’s afraid…not for herself…but for Love.][enters the dungeon – laughs at Hope’s despair] Save your tears for later. There’sMischief:more to come.Song: Wither in SilenceSung by: Hope
  • 24. ACT III: Prisoner of Karma24 Innuendo – By Haroon Rasheed and Abdul Rehman Talat[sobbing] Why? Why has everyone forsaken me? Why don’t they believe in meHope:anymore? Am I not worth fighting for? [Looks at the sky] Wisdom! If you are a listening tell mewhat to do…tell me how do I save this world from all this chaos? [sadness and remorse in hervoice] Tell me how do I keep my Love from harm?It’s too late for that babe…if I’m right he’s probably worm food by now. ForgetMischief:about that fool and join us.[crying] Never! You are lying…my Love cannot die. He’ll come to save me… [whispers]Hope:He’ll come for me. All you have to do is…Oh for crying out loud!Mischief:Open up your mind and let me step insideRest your weary head and let your heart decideIts so easy when you know the rulesIts so easy all you have to do is fall in lovePlay the gameEverybody play the gameOf love…[sarcastic] And play the game we shall.Mischief:[lost and not listening to Mischief - still finishing the song] All you have to do is fall inHope:Love…[irritated] Well this is a lost cause… [claps to call the minions; Greed, Envy andMischief:Cowardice enter the room] take Miss “wishful thinking” outside and show her what we’ve doneto our new empire…maybe that’ll change her mind. I “Hope” you like it. [she shrieks and leavesthe scene]Song: Play the gameSung by: Hope
  • 25. ACT III: Prisoner of Karma25 Innuendo – By Haroon Rasheed and Abdul Rehman Talat[whose hands are full with the bags of gold he carries] Cowardice! Grab her!Greed:[Cowardice is circling around hope with a villanish laugh][suddenly startled] What me? Are you insane Greed? Why do I have to take allCowardice:the risks every time? And its Envy’s turn.[annoyed] What risk you spineless midget?Envy:[scared] You know! What if she has a disease or something…youCowardice:know…the...the incurable kind…or...or she could have a hidden blade with her and…and shecould take me hostage… [anxious now] yes that’s it…that’s it… look at her…look at her eyes…doyou see that? [looks at Hope in anger] Yeah! You think you can do that…Han…you just try it…Iwanna see you try…c’mon…c’mon…let’s dance. [doing the boxing dance, slowly gets closerevery time, then just as he’s about to hit her, runs away screaming like kids do from a firecracker][infuriated] Damn you! Can you for once be a man!Greed:[Shouts in embarrassment, with his eyes to the floor] I AM A MAN! Just…notCowardice:that kind of a man.[annoyed and frustrated, just as she’s about to yell Cowardice continues]Envy:Do you know how many ways a man can be killed by a woman?Cowardice:[grabs Cowardice by the collar and jolts him around in frustration] Grab her now orEnvy:you are spending the night in the closet again.[Scared as hell] Eeeeehhhhh no no no NO NO! Not the closet…Cowardice:[Whispers…explains in a way like warning someone of a danger] I…I think I saw Love’s ghostroaming in there… [Terrified] please...don’t put me in the closet…[makes his hands like claws
  • 26. ACT III: Prisoner of Karma26 Innuendo – By Haroon Rasheed and Abdul Rehman Talatexplaining how creepy crawling insects walk] its dark and there are bugs in there, and not justbugs, [Stops and looks at the audience in awe] anti-fears…what if…what if they make mefearless? Han…how…how would you save me then?[says with conviction] Trust me I won’t.Envy:[Finally envy grabs Hope and takes her outside to the streets with Cowardice behind keepingan eye out for Hope to make her move and Greed following in the distance counting hismoney][envious and jealous of her beauty] Come here you hag, and Cowardice I will deal withEnvy:you when we come back.I‘m not afraid of you…you know. Soon you’ll be singing praises in my name. YouCowardice:just wait and see.[grabs Cowardice and moves on] You’re pathetic.Greed:
  • 27. 27 Innuendo – By Haroon Rasheed and Abdul Rehman TalatACT IV: Prodigal RecipeEnvironment: Destroyed villageCharacters: Hope, Bravery, Penance, Mr. Modest, Greed, Envy, Cowardice and PeaceLook at all the riches the world has to offer. Everyone bows to Hate now!Greed:[cowering behind Greed & Envy] Yeaaaah! Bows to Hate now! [giggles]Cowardice:[with pride] Look at their faces…such desire in their eyes…all they want is Hate andEnvy:resentment for your kind. Truly inspiring isn’t it.Yeaaaah! Truuuly inspiring [giggles]Cowardice:[slaps Cowardice in the face] Shut your blabbering you ugly snout.Envy:[standing on the side…not concentrating on the conversation going on and thenGreed:something angers him and shouts] Wait...Wait a minute…which one of you was it…who wasit?... who stole my three gold pieces…I better not find out it was you Cowardice! [his nostrilsflaring with anger]What? Hey! I would if I’m crazy enough...Don’t you know how feelings getCowardice:mugged all the time?[addressing Greed – patiently] I think you know better Greed…he’s not brave enoughEnvy:to steal from you.Then you did it!Greed:Don’t even dare start with me again! Why would I take something that is laced withEnvy:your drool all over? Ughhhh [showing disgust]
  • 28. ACT IV: Prodigal Recipe28 Innuendo – By Haroon Rasheed and Abdul Rehman Talat[wipes the drool of his face and grabs her throat] You’ve mocked me for the last timeGreed:Envy…where are my gold pieces? [angry and almost tears in his eyes for the loss…can’t seem tobear it][shouts at Envy like a lawyer does in a court room] Yeah where are they?Cowardice:Answer the question woman.[gives Cowardice a killing stare…enough to scare him to death and he retreats from theEnvy:quarrel][Hope sees the opportunity to slip away…Envy catches a glimpse of hope crawling away whileGreed’s got a hold on her for interrogation][shouts] Cowardice! Stop that rat!!!Envy:[starts screaming like a girl and running in circles – hopping around] What? ACowardice:rat? Where? Where? I’m gonna die! I’m gonna die! I don’t wanna die! Ehhhhhhhhhh. [runs offthe stage screaming][Hope is weak and still crawling towards the other direction ….Greed lets go of Envy and theyare both watching Hope crawl away…they enjoy seeing her making a run for it…knowing shewon’t get far like that][Out of nowhere, Bravery walks in followed by Penance][Still rambling] I shall find these snakes and I shall make them scream…I will…wait!Bravery:Hope? Is that you? I can’t believe it, look lady Penance I found her [Excited like when a dogfinds something for its master]. I…..FOUND HER.[Relieved and yet not believing what she is seeing] It is you! I thought we had lostPenance:you.[staring at Penance] Well! Well! Didn’t know the circus was in town.Envy:
  • 29. ACT IV: Prodigal Recipe29 Innuendo – By Haroon Rasheed and Abdul Rehman Talat[confident and poised] don’t flatter yourself with such drivels Envy. Justice is atPenance:hand and it shall be swift and merciless. You and your master will pay for your shameless deeds.I’ll make sure that u do.[laughs at her] oh yeah? You in what army?Greed:[looks at Bravery in pure confidence] Bravery! Make the callPenance:[smiles and holds out a magic horn and starts blowing it – drum roll in theBravery:background] Come forth our savior [Announces as if a king approaches].[Mr. Modest enters the scene wearing a white outfit and big sunglasses, doing his 70s discoroutine – after finishing out autographs to his diehard fans and poses for thereporters following him][annoyed at Bravery – not expecting Mr. Modest to show up] What did you do?Penance:[shrugs his shoulders and wondering himself] I don’t know.Bravery:[finishing his photo/autograph session…not noticing what’s going on aroundMr. Modest:him] Alright…alright guys…gotta go, the world needs saving.[excited] Mr. Modest! Mr. Modest! Any message for your fans?Reporter:[Says with conviction] Yes! I know a lot of you want to be like me… [Looks atMr. Modest:the audience and smirks] but that ain’t gonna happen…not while I’m around…just stay out oftrouble and don’t do drugs... [Just as the reporter start to retreat…leans forward and grabsthe microphone and continues] and a special message for all those beautiful…beautiful womenout there…if you are in trouble babes… just remember who’s on the lookout tonight… [Winks]sleep tight.Background Music: You Should Be Dancing
  • 30. ACT IV: Prodigal Recipe30 Innuendo – By Haroon Rasheed and Abdul Rehman Talat[Walks to Penance in a flirty way – doesn’t notice Hope’s presence] Hey baby!Mr. Modest:You need my help? Don’t worry doll…your knight in shining armor is here. [Doesn’t looks atBravery at all…like he doesn’t exist – and Bravery is intimidated by his presence][annoyed and walks away from him…looks at the sky] Why of all the feelings…Penance:me?[Suddenly looks at Hope] Don’t you worry Hope…I’ll skin these wormsMr. Modest:alive…told you not to hang around that loser “Love”. If only you had listened.[she doesn’t look at him; she is just shrunk in a corner like a crazy woman knowingHope:her love is dead][laughs] Two can play that game. We’ll call our most fearsome warrior then… [looksGreed:at Envy] Envy![smiles and starts blowing her magic horn – drum roll in the background]Envy:[waiting…nothing happens…blows it again…a sound in the distance…starts to getlouder…someone screaming in the distance and getting closer][enters the stage still screaming] Run for your life! There’s a killer rat on theCowardice:loose! Run for your life! [Suddenly stops and sees Mr. Modest] It’s you! It is you! I can’t believeit…its Mr. Modest… [starts shaking his hands like girls do when they get excited while Greedand Envy standing looking all disappointed…and just as he’s about to walk towardshim…Envy grabs him by the collar and pulls him back ] I’m your biggest fa…[flattered] Ah… the price of fame.Mr. Modest:[wickedly smirks and pretends to be impressed by him] Of course It’s Mr. Modest! WeEnvy:are all spellbound by your presence. What is the secret for your astounding stardom? I wish Icould be more like you.
  • 31. ACT IV: Prodigal Recipe31 Innuendo – By Haroon Rasheed and Abdul Rehman Talat[overjoyed and wants to explain] Well! To tell you the truth…Mr. Modest:[Stops Mr. Modest and Steps forward and addresses the negative ones] Modest!Penance:Zip it! Hand her over now…for your sake. We don’t want any trouble.[Screaming] Yeah! Hand her over! You don’t wanna see my pacification skillsMr. Modest:now [does a little kung fu routine][growls] I will tear you apart…and when I’m done with you we’ll see who needsGreed:PACIFICATION then…if you value your petty life just hand over that gold watch and be on yourway.[cowering behind Greed and shouts] Yeah! Hand it over! [Whispers to Greed]Cowardice:Can you also ask him for his autograph too…I would really like to have one please! [Getsslapped around by Envy real good this time][trying to satisfy Envy] Yeah! Yeah! No! I hate you Modest. I will kill you.Cowardice:[Shouts] Fear me! Fear me! Are you scared now? Haaaan? [Walks closer to him and asksseriously to confirm whether his outbursts are working or not] Are you?[infuriated] What the hell you two are standing here for…just kill that freak.Envy:I guess no one told you Envy…I’m too pretty to die.Mr. Modest:[everyone is standing in a battle stance…ready to strike…in column formations][Enters completely oblivious of what’s going on – is numb like… just woke up and hasPeace:got a hangover- can barely speak - gets a head rush every now and then] Woo! Woo! Hey…youguys got a light? [Looking in his pockets for a lighter – disappointed] man can’t seem to get mycrap together on Sundays man…I hate bloody Sundays. Where the hell is that son of a gun?Background Music: Soul Bossa Nova
  • 32. ACT IV: Prodigal Recipe32 Innuendo – By Haroon Rasheed and Abdul Rehman Talat[Finds his lighter and lights up the bong…leans his head back in satisfaction and looksaround- while everyone is staring at him thinking about what’s going on]Well...well...There seems to be a party going on and I’m the last one in…hey that’sPeace:unfair guys. You know!.. Well! I guess all can be forgiven if you can make it up to me…anywayit’s never too late to get in the groove, [takes a puff from his bong again and smirks] Letsparty.Where the hell have you been? And look at you…you’re a messPenance:[Stoned and lacking concentration….speaks after a long pause…While taking a couplePeace:of puffs…looks Penance straight in the eyes and says with absolute conviction] And you arebeautiful… I… LOVE… YOU! [smiles] I love you.[slaps him in the face] Snap out of it.Penance:Hey! What was that for? [holds his cheek and shouts back] You snap out!Peace:Penance! Just cut the guy some slack… [goes near Peace and hands him a stashMr. Modest:of cash looking all suspicious and whispers] Hey you got some for me?[Constantly keeping his attention on Penance] Righteous man! I got some real swellPeace:love medicine right here for you brother. [Looking into his pockets][Meanwhile Cowardice is pulling on Greed’s shirt asking him to buy some for him like kids askfor candy. Greed pulls away and Cowardice starts crying and whining like kids and Envy andGreed are trying to stop him like irritated parents, blaming each other for this mess][finally speaks up…enraged] Stop this absurd blithering you derangedBravery:junkies…can’t you see Hope is in despair and Love is dead. You hear me…LOVE IS DEAD. Stopthis now or I will.
  • 33. ACT IV: Prodigal Recipe33 Innuendo – By Haroon Rasheed and Abdul Rehman TalatWow…Wow…Wow…big guy…chill out dudePeace:[Embarrassed look on his face] Yeah man! Chill out.Mr. Modest:[Goes near Bavery and puts his hands on his shoulder] Just spreading some lovePeace:man…just spreading some love. Here take a puff and say goodbye to all your troubles [lifts thebong to Bravery’s face who shoves him away in anger]Peace! Stop this foolishness right now. You’re the only one who can stop all thisPenance:chaos and the fighting among the feelings and you are getting high while everyone you love isdying. How can you live with yourself? Fight! Fight for us. Only you can unite them; they foughtfor you before; they will fight for you again.[almost convinced not by the encouragement, but by the seduction part] The feelingsPeace:these days fight for their own cause and I fight for mine [Looks at his bong and takes a puff]…You know how hard this stuff is to come by these days…and you’ll need a lot more thanempty promises to get me going babe. Nobody wants me anymore.Let these morons judge you man. I wish I was as divine and spiritual as you are. Don’tEnvy:bother yourself with the troubles of a dying world. Enjoy while you can right?[suddenly Envy catches his attention] Yeah! I think you are right in a way seniorita.Peace:[Comes closer in the most flirtiest way] But I would most certainly love to get in trouble withyou. You know! You and me…getting spiritual and stuff.[Who was already rolling up a joint in the corner while no one was looking,Mr. Modest:and is pretty much stoned right now] Not on my watch. You disgust me Peace. You are sopathetic you know that [Addresses Envy and Penance only] I think it’s better that you twocome with me. Who knows what this drugged up psychopath is capable of? We can hang out atmy place and you’ll be safe…for real [spreads his legs in a dancing stance]
  • 34. ACT IV: Prodigal Recipe34 Innuendo – By Haroon Rasheed and Abdul Rehman Talat[hesitating] Can I come along too Mr. Modest? [gets bashed by both Envy andCowardice:Greed this time][unsheathes his sword- loses his temper completely] Step aside Penance…I thinkBravery:I’m gonna crucify these freaks now.Stop it all of you…Peace! You must decide now.Penance:Hey! Screw them. They are just jealous of your lifestyle man. You got the mojo man IGreed:see it in your eyes. All you need right now is a little bling baby. [puts a gold chain with a Peacesign around his neck] Check this out man, custom made just for you bro. [takes it back again]you know what? I think I’ll hold on to it for you. A lot of bad feelings out there these days, whoknows? [holds the chain against his chin and kisses it a couple of times while talking to himselfout loud] My baby is gonna stay with daddy now, you are mine…mine…my precious. [kind oflike the golem in lord of the rings][Both Trios start arguing and shouting, pulling peace towards their side]Stop it!Bravery:Theres nothing you can do that cant be doneNothing you can sing that cant be sungNothing you can say, but you can learn how to play the gameIts easyTheres nothing you can know that cant be knownNothing you can see that isnt shownNo where you can be, that isnt where youre meant to beIts easyAll you need is loveAll you need is loveAll you need is love, loveSong: All You Need Is LoveSung by: Bravery
  • 35. ACT IV: Prodigal Recipe35 Innuendo – By Haroon Rasheed and Abdul Rehman TalatLove is all you need[Laughs] Hahaha! Still worshipping your dead messiah I see! Don’t be a fool man!Greed:Look around you and see who’s in charge now! Be one of us, I swear you won’t regret it.These are my friends,See how they glisten.See this one shine,How he smiles in the light,My friends,My faithful friends...Speak to me, friend.Whisper, Ill listen.I know, I knowyou’ve been locked out of sightAll these years!Like me, my friend!Well, Ive come homeTo find you waiting!Home,and were together...And well do wonders...Wont we...?[Gets annoyed] STOP! STOP! Why don’t you guys chill out man! I’ve chosen a side…andPeace:that’s my own! Just let this brother be.Through the sorrow all through our splendorDont take offence at my innuendoSong: My FriendsSung by: GreedSong: InnuendoSung by: Good Feelings
  • 36. ACT IV: Prodigal Recipe36 Innuendo – By Haroon Rasheed and Abdul Rehman TalatYou can be anything you want to beJust turn yourself into anything you think that you could ever beBe free with your tempo, be free be freeSurrender your ego - be free, be free to yourself
  • 37. 37 Innuendo – By Haroon Rasheed and Abdul Rehman TalatACT V: MirageEnvironment: Hate’s castle, Throne roomCharacters: Love , Hate , Hope, Mischief, Fear, Bravery, Penance, Modesty and PeaceYes Things:She keeps her Moet et ChandonIn her pretty cabinetlet them eat cake she saysBuying on the internetA built-in remedyFor Kruschev and KennedyAt anytime an invitationYou cant declineCaviar and cigarettesWell versed in etiquetteExtraordinarily niceShes a Killer QueenGunpowder, gelatinDynamite with a laserbeamGuaranteed to blow your mindAnytimeOoh, recommended at the priceInsatiable an appetiteWanna try?Killer Queen:To avoid complicationsI never keep the same addressIn conversationI email like a baronessMet a man from ChinaSong: Killer QueenSung by: Mischief
  • 38. ACT V: Mirage38 Innuendo – By Haroon Rasheed and Abdul Rehman TalatWent down to Geisha Minah(Killer, killer, shes a killer Queen)But then again incidentallyIf youre that way inclinedPerfume came naturally from ParisFor cars I couldnt care lessFastidious and preciseIm a Killer Queen(Shes a Killer Queen)Gunpowder, gelatinDynamite with a laser beamGuaranteed to blow your mindAnytime[Mischief stands tall in the throne room with her hand raised over Hate’s head, who’s kneelingon the floor all weak and helpless by the spell casted by Mischief while Fear looms aroundusing his powers on Hate][All arrogant] You had your chance Hate, now it’s my turn to rule.Mischief:[Trembling in pain] Vicious as you are Mischief, I should have never trusted you.Hate:[Laughs] Trusted me? I wouldn’t trust me. You should be thanking me youMischief:ungrateful beast. Had it not been for me, you would have never gotten the chance to get rid ofLove.[shouts in pain] But you betrayed me.Hate:[Smiles in ecstasy] Yes I did, and now you will dance like a puppet on my stringsMischief:and I shall be your master.[whispers] Bow to her greatness now beast!Fear:[stands up - something inside still resisting her spell] I will never bow to you.Hate:
  • 39. ACT V: Mirage39 Innuendo – By Haroon Rasheed and Abdul Rehman Talat[smiles and raises her hand] Yes you will. All you need is a little fear.Mischief:[whispers] Yessssss! If you let me, I can be a friend to you. I will take you places beyondFear:your darkest dreams.On your knees slave.Mischief:[goes down on his knees looking all confused and bows to her, and shakes his head aHate:couple of times – mesmerized by her spell] Yes mistress. Your wish is my command.Go now and find these fools who threaten my kingdom, [viciousness in her voice]Mischief:…and be merciless.[Hope walks in the throne room alone – Hate still on his knees with Hope standing on his backnot visible to him][completely focused on Mischief and stares constantly with confidence] Your reign ofHope:terror ends here Mischief.[sarcastic] Haha! You are still fooling yourself I see. There’s nothing you can do toMischief:stop me. Look around you, all the misery and pain is singing ballads in my name.Only the weak of heart submit to your dark afflictions. But the valiant shall rise againHope:and put an end to your vile plans.[laughs] This is too much fun. Do you actually believe you can just drop by and stopMischief:me…all alone?[whispers Hope’s ear] So helpless…So weak… [runs his hands through her hair] AllFear:alone.No! Not alone.Hope:
  • 40. ACT V: Mirage40 Innuendo – By Haroon Rasheed and Abdul Rehman Talat[Bravery, Penance, Modest, Peace enter the throne room – fear gets surprised and steps awayfrom Hope][laughs] Ha! So I see you defeated my minions. That’s alright I’ll take care of theseMischief:clowns myself.Yeah! C’mon, give me what you got. Hopey! Just say the word and she’sMr. Modest:pacified. This one’s for the fans witch.Hey! Hey! Chill out, I think you could use some love medicine I got here. It’ll help…Peace:[Starts walking toward her, but Penance angrily pulls him back before he finishes hissentence][stops Peace and slaps him again] You make me sick... [looks at Mischief] You justPenance:try it witch![looks a bit on the edge, trying to keep in control] Yeah! You think you can just goBravery:and look all hot and beautiful and destroy the world. Well that doesn’t work for me woman.Your enchanting eyes, your gorgeous hair and that lovely voice of yours don’t fool me. Nomercy for you today, you……beautiful…evil…witch! [Stutters when he says this…like looking forthe right words][Rest of the gang just stands in utter amazement looking at bravery for what just happened][Stands there embarrassed, looking at all of them, and looks away and says]Bravery:What?[fierce – but confident] Stand aside Hate…I’ll deal with these goons.Mischief:[Just as the gang is about to charge, mischief waves her hands and they are frozen where theystand…except Hope][wondering what’s going on] What?Mischief:
  • 41. ACT V: Mirage41 Innuendo – By Haroon Rasheed and Abdul Rehman TalatYour treachery may run deep but you’ll need a lot more than your foul tricks to stopHope:me.[she tries again but nothing happens] This can’t be, no one can defy me. Hate!Mischief:Destroy her.[completely mesmerized by her spell moves forward to kill her] Yes mistress.Hate:[whispers in Hope’s ear] It’s all over now. The kingdom you protect shall fall and it’s allFear:your fault.[stands there with her eyes closed and looks at the sky, praying] Wisdom! If you areHope:listening, find my Love and bring him back to me. I only wish to see him one last time before Idie. [shouts Love’s name, calling him knowing he won’t answer. Crying…make it look like howa death row inmate reacts while he walks for his execution] Love! Love! You promised meyou’ll never leave me. Love! [Starts crying harder][Hate moves closer while Mischief is dying with curiosity about what happens next…Hopelooks him in the eyes and is kneeling down. Hate raises his paw to strike her and stops]If I fell in love with you,Would you promise to be trueAnd help me understandCause Ive been in love beforeAnd I found that love was morethan just holding hands[Hate hesitates to strike…He starts to realize that something is not right…then suddenly hestarts having this feeling that something trapped inside him is trying to get out…He looks atBackground Music: Forgotten MuseSong: If I FellSung by: Hope
  • 42. ACT V: Mirage42 Innuendo – By Haroon Rasheed and Abdul Rehman Talathis chest in amazement and confusion…becomes anxious…breathing hard…looks at everyonearound him completely bewildered…grabs his shirt around the chest area with bothhands…like ripping it to see what’s going on inside…starts screaming…ripping his shirtfaster…convulsive movements…....neither does Hope][Mischief can’t understand Hates painful reaction] What are you doing youMischief:moron? What’s going on?[confused – not concentrating on anyone around him, grabbing himself, pulling on hisHate:chest, like knowing he’ll explode to bits…Looks at Hope] No…what did you do [Screams]Noooooo![create effects like there’s a bright white rays of light slowly emerging within him andcompletely engulfs him…can be done if u put a really strong lamp behind him, that growsstronger and only Hate’s dark figure stands in front of it…then an explosion and lightsout…thus the transformation][Love stands in place of hate when the lights come on][She starts to understand what is going on, moves a couple of steps back] This isMischief:not happening…this can’t be happening. Love! It’s you…it’s you. But we destroyed you. How canyou be still alive? How….?[completely calm, turns his head back and looks at hope] Hope! As long as there’sLove:Hope, Love shall prevail. No fear, no mischief can keep us apart. Give up now witch…your daysare done.[fear in voice…knowing all her plans were in vain] You can’t scare me. Fear alwaysMischief:finds a way. You shall dwell on your delusions again. This kingdom is mine…you hear me…mine.[turns his attention towards Love and just as he’s about to whisper] you must….Fear:[Hope moves behind Love and puts her hand on his shoulder, together they areinvulnerable…that was the only reason they were divided]
  • 43. ACT V: Mirage43 Innuendo – By Haroon Rasheed and Abdul Rehman Talat[Grabs Fear by his throat] No more!Love:[Fumbles his jar of nightmares] Nooooooo!!Fear:[Jar falls and breaks][Yells at Love and runs off stage] You’ve doomed us all you fool!!Fear:[Lights start fluctuating, and a lightning strikes Mischief, deeming her insane][Looks at love] I knew Wisdom will hear my prayers.Hope:[Staring into Hope’s eyes, ashamed] I thought you betrayed me. Losing you blinded myLove:reason. Forgive me for not being there when you needed me.[Smiles] All I need is Love! And now I have it.Hope:[Love and Hope turn around as Mischief’s screaming catches their attention][Angry and amused] I told you! The poison you spread will be the end of you and oneLove:day I shall watch you suffer as I do. I should kill you for all the misery that you have caused[starts to move closer to her but Hope grabs his arm and stops him]No! Leave her be. Let her taste her own medicine. She earned it.Hope:[Mischief runs screaming off the stage][Looking at the still frozen gang] I think we should help our friends here.Love:[Love and hope sing the song, and each character gets unfrozen one by one after a certain lineor chorus and joins in for the singing/dancing]
  • 44. ACT V: Mirage44 Innuendo – By Haroon Rasheed and Abdul Rehman Talatlove, love, lovelove, love, lovelove, love, loveTheres nothing you can do that cant be done.Nothing you can sing that cant be sung.Nothing you can say but you can learn how to play the game.Its easy.Nothing you can make that cant be made.No one you can save that cant be saved.Nothing you can do but you can learn how to be you in time.Its easy.All you need is love.All you need is love.All you need is love, love.Love is all you need.Song: Love PrevailsSung by: Good Feelings
  • 45. 45 Innuendo – By Haroon Rasheed and Abdul Rehman TalatEpilogue: Hate’s RebirthEnvironment: StreetsCharacters: Cowardice, Modest, Hate[Cowardice approaches Mr. Modest for an autograph. Mr. Modest scolds him and leaves thestage…Cowardice is angry at this rejection…Thus a small transformation sequence….Hatebecomes alive inside cowardice… Lights...explosion …transformation…Hate stares at theaudience and walks off stage smiling]The never ending battle still goes on…Love can’t die…but neither can hate.The End
  • 46. 46 Innuendo – By Haroon Rasheed and Abdul Rehman TalatEpilogue [Alternate]: Mischief’s SanityEnvironment: StreetsCharacters: Greif, Sorrow, Mischief[Mischief is sitting on the ground with her hands tied and is at the disposal of the mimes...theyare still having a contest among themselves who can make the saddest face. Still fightingamong themselves who is better][Crying and still trembling in fear, looks at the mimes] Help me! Help me! I’ll giveMischief:you whatever you want. Riches, power, and fame, anything you want…just let me go.[Grief has an idea goes off stage meanwhile sorrow fools around with her, Grief returns with apaint brush and a painters hat for himself and sorrow][Trying to make out what’s going on and getting anxious] What are you doing?Mischief:Wait! Wait![They turn her back towards the audience and start to paint on her face like professionalpainters…i.e. as if they are nothing less than Picasso or Michelangelo, while messing andhitting each other to take turns, Mischief can only scream. And when they are done they turnher face towards the audience to show their masterpiece, her face is painted like mime now,but the paint is a banged up job, she looks horrible, now they both grab each of her cheek frombehind and pull down to make her face as sad as possible while they do the same with theirown faces…idea is to make the audience decide who has the saddest face…which is obviouslymischief]The End