Assignement #9 final


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Assignement #9 final

  1. 1. Luara ,kauana, chantelle
  2. 2. Genre of : Film NoirSubgenre of : Suspense.-Reasons- Original  Different from what is usually seen these days Interesting  To Learn more about the genre. Good stories  The use of femme fatale. Personal interests  The suspense used. The themes used. Previous opening sequence that we have seen. Luara&Kauana
  3. 3. conventions Use/develop/challenge Purpose/Description Examples of filmsVoice over USE He tells how he got In sunset boulevard, the • Telling the story killed, and does it by narrator is the character • Usually a man doing a flashback and telling his own story. • Strong voice saying, ‘well lets go • Normally predicted to six months before • Effective • Person telling their own story. DEVELOP • Having a foreign accent Luara&Kauana
  4. 4. conventions Use/develop/challenge Purpose/Des Examples of films criptionvillain USE Sunset Femme fatale Boulevard men Desmond is Dominant the villain Woman and looks Protagonist dominant Attractive and Seductive attractive Murderer Sunset Boulevard Mrs Stands out Desmond, the villain. DEVELOP Don’t stand out Dominated Not attractive CHALLENGE Antagonist Looks vulnerable Looks normalLuara&Kauana
  5. 5. conventions use/develop/challe Purpose/description Examples of films ngevictim USE In sunset Male boulevard, Norma Desperate Desmond, kills Joe Good looking Gillis after he Young leaves her. Falls for the femme fatale Murdered In sunset boulevard, DEVELOP Norma Desmond, kills Joe Not attractive Gillis after he leaves her. Woman Mature Strong Went against the dominant woman. CHALLENGE Murderer Villain
  6. 6. conventions use/develop/challenge Purpose/des Examples of films criptioncrimes Use Sin city •Men usually murdered •Tragically •Usually with guns •Obsession •Paranoia from villain •Love •Femme fatale •Women murdered •tales usually involved. •Suspicious DEVELOP •The murderer looked normal •death scenes •If in the crimes the man was more dominating. CHALLENGE •Very young person • involved
  7. 7. conventions use/develop/challenge Purpose/description Examples of filmsFemme Use In sunset The scene specificallyfatale •Dominant boulevard she shows her being •Attractive smoked and dominant. •Leads men into danger looked very •Interesting demanding •Flirtatious •Mysterious The scene •Elegant specifically shows •Gorgeous her being •Unloving dominant. •Manipulative •Serious •Smoking. Develop •Mature •Less attractive •Romantic •Vulnerable Luara&Kauana Challenge •Homme Fatale.
  8. 8. conventions Use/develop/challenge Purpose/ Examples of films DescriptionDetective. Use The •Long coat detective in •Men double •Mysterious indemnity •Intelligent looking like •Mature a typical •Good looking detective •Neat Develop •Dopy •Young •Bad looking Challenge •Messy •women Luara&Kauana
  9. 9. Inspirational scenes Sunset boulevard Sin city  Murdering men  Past obsessions  Tragedy  DeathLuara&Kauana  Criminal  Guns  Anger  No consequence
  10. 10. DOUBLE IDEMNITY The use of detective Investigation Talked into a murderFalling for the person not Luara&Kauana allowed.
  11. 11.  Scenes from Basic Instinct: A scene of the seductive women, getting the knife while having sex with the partner to kill him.Showing the women, being sexytowards the investigator whilebeing interrogated. Showing her being interrogated by some police officers. Luara&Kauana
  12. 12. sadness harm loss danger evil passing anger Tragedyscared Past/future criminals accident desperate Luara&Kauana guns knifes
  13. 13. Luara&Kauana flashbacks rage paranoia victims arguments villainsdisgust RevengeBetrayal Out of control hatred Act love without thinking
  15. 15. Luara&Kauana
  16. 16. Luara&Kauana1. Valentina is left at the altar , never forgetting that situation , she wants revenge.2. She starts going out to pubs and clubs, to look for men, in order to fulfil her emptiness.3. After going to bed with them, she kills them without remorse or regret. These men are being looked for and so a private investigator takes on the case.4. By investigating the case he finds out what Valentina has been doing , and interrogates her.5. After finding out everything, by her telling him. As normal she seduces him with her femme fatale way of being, as she knew he was a threat. After sleeping together she kills him continuing with no consequences. And so her life goes on.
  17. 17. 1.Starting with pictures of the missing men2.With an over shoulder shot, there will an in interrogation between Valentina and the investigator Smith.3.Valetina without remorse starts to tell the story. There comes a flashback.4.Shows a scene of her going to bed with a man without showing what happens after.5.At the end the narrator, reads the start of the poem Salome. With an establishing shot of the bed and then one of her and the investigator. Luara&Kauana
  18. 18.  Hobbies: Cinema, fashion, antique. Age: 30-40 Gender: Mostly Female, but some older men. Lifestyle: Traditional, cultural, used to having technology but still likening the old versions of films. Location: People that live in the city. Target audience would be involved with this movie because it covers all there interest as the idea of the Opening Sequence covers most of the conventions. No. Yes. Yes. Luara&Kauana
  19. 19. Either one of us , the one Main girl : Valetinathat is better on doing thecharacter. Way of being : Sexy dominant, dangerous, Flirtatious seductive. Costumes: A Black dress Black stilettos Luara Skin coloured tights Props: A small purse Studs Cigarette Hair & Makeup pinup ( eyeliner ) Red lips kauana Luara&Kauana Very clear face curled
  20. 20. One of the victims – no name given. Way of being : womaniser business man self confident macho. Costumes A black trousers White shirt Bow tie Black shoes. Props cigarette car keys HairLuara&Kauana Neat To the side.
  21. 21.  The desk for investigation This location will always be available. Its at one of the group members house, its in Harlesden its very close to the school so it will be easy to have access at any time to this place. You can just walk from school to the house. About 7mins walk. There are no health and safety concerns as it is situated at a safe house.
  22. 22.  Not showing the full scenes. Showing her open the door, but not showing what happens inside fully. Leaving the audience to think why is she admitting that she has killed them Where do the men go, you see them go in but not coming out. The narration is creating enigma, because at the end the narration is of the start of the poem Salome. Luara&Kauana
  23. 23. Non-linear 1st – Her with the detective  present 2nd – Flashback of her with the men  past Luara&Kauana
  24. 24.  We are using the theory of Vladimir Propp came up with stereotyped characters•Valetina(main girl) – will be the typical villainThe men( one of the men) – will be the typical victimMr Smith (investigator) – typical victim/helper. Luara&Kauana