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To queen elizabeth


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Published in: Education
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To queen elizabeth

  1. 1. Sujod Adel.Dr. Iman Hammad.
  2. 2. One of lyric poemswritten by Sir WalterRaleigh wrote to queenElizabeth (his beloved)a lot of poems and thisis one of his famouspoems which is called“silent lover “
  3. 3. Walter Raleigh represents the courtly lovethemes in this poem ,which is one of thecommon themes in the “Renaissance-age”Walter Raleigh the lover of queen “Elizabeth”gives the reasons of his silence and expresseshis great love to her ,but because “Elizabeth”is so high above him and because of his duty toher ,he must suffer knowing that she will neverreturn his affections or love, so that therelationship will remain platonic.
  4. 4. Raleigh starts giving logical reason of silence. Hebegins with a simile comparingpassions(love) to stream and floodsSimile:Like………His passion or love……… VehicleStreams and floods ………..tenor
  5. 5. Our passion consists of two partsexactly as the flood ,which consistof the shallow and the bottom.The shallow always murmurs(babble or speak )The bottom(deep water) is alwayssilent
  6. 6. THE BOTTOM LIKESUITORS OR LOVERS OFElizabeth with a deepfeeling who are alwayssilent ( Raleighconsiders himself as oneof them ,so that hedose not complain hislove to her )(deep water)shallow
  7. 7. Raleigh justifies his silence that hewas been quiet about his lovebecause his love is deep and becauseof his great amount of his love (nowords can explain his love ).
  8. 8. Personification…………..dumbThe deep aredumb: one who can’t speak .(deep water as a person who can’t speak)dumb/ word concerns with human being.the shallow symbol of a lover with shallowfeelings .The deep water symbol of a lover with deepfeelings .Shallow/ deep……… are opposites.Murmur/ dumb………… are opposites.He uses two opposites in a one sentence toexaggerate the meaning.It’s one of the rhetorical devices which usesopposites to convey meanings.
  9. 9. So, when affectionsyield discourse, itseemsThe bottom is butshallow whence theycome.They that are rich inwords must needsdiscoverThat they are poor inwhich makes a lover.Raleigh explainsthat when he joinsa discourse, hiswords seem thebottom, but infact, they are theshallow. He can’tfind any wordswhich are fittingwith his feeling.
  10. 10. His words are poor and rich .Rich because it is full of meanings that needto discover.Poor because it can’t give the correct feeling,so the clever talker is actually shallow andsilence will be a better option than talk.His words rich and poor………. Oxymoron.
  11. 11. Wrong not, dearempress of my heart,The merit of truepassionWith thinking that hefeels no smartThat sues for nocompassion;Since, if my plaintsserve not to proveThe conquest of yourbeauty,They come not fromdefect of loveBut from excess ofduty.Walter urge Elizabethto not misunderstandhis silence byreducing his love forher because he doesnot ask for hercompassion and hedoes not complain hislove. He is feels thepain (smart) of herun-returnedaffections, but hedoesnt beg her tochange because of hisduty.
  12. 12. He remmbers that he was anadviser and a guard to theQueen. His duty is to serveher not to court her. He isnot silent about his love forher because he doesnt loveher, he is silent because hecould not win her with hiswords(she is so high abovehim), and his duty preventshim from trying.Dearempress of my heart, he usesthe calling manner in orderto court her.
  13. 13. For knowing that I sue toserveA saint of such perfectionAs all desire, yet nonedeserve,A place in her affection,I rather choose to wantreliefThan venture the revealing;When glory recommends thegreif,Despair distrusts thehealing.He serves the perfectlywoman. No man can haveher and no man coulddeserve her. She is perfectand all would want toaccept her love, yet noneof them will ever have it.Instead of complaining, orgetting relief byexpressing his emotions toher (which would be theselfish thing to do), hetakes glory in the amountof grief he suffers bykeeping his feelings tohimself. His point is thathe is being heroic, brave,and self-less by notdeclaring his love for her.
  14. 14. Despair (personification) despair is a sick personwho doesn’t expect his healing.Elizabeth (metaphor) like a saint.A place in her affection (metaphor) heraffection is a place which no one deserves aseat in there.
  15. 15. Those desires that aim toohighFor any mortal Lover,When reason cannot makethem dieDiscretion doth themcover.Yet, when discretion dothbereaveThe plaints that theyshould utter,Then your discretion mayperceiveThat silence is the bestsuitor.If Elizabeth lovessomeone, it will be amiracle, because that istoo high for any mortallover.He explains that when aman wants a woman hecan’t have, discretion orsilence will cover hisemotions so that no onewould know but you areclever that you can knowthe silence is the bestsuitor.
  16. 16. Silence in love bewraysmore woeThan words, though neerso witty;A beggar that is dumb, youknow,Deserveth double pitty.The misconceive not,dearest heart,My true though secretpassion;He smarteth most thathides his smartAnd sues for nocompassionbewrays (betray/ reveal).Deserveth (deserves).smarteth( (hurts).Silence, speaks louder thanwords. Actually, Raleighargues, he should be pitieddoubly just like a beggarwho cannot speak. Sheshould have mercy on himbecause the depth of hislove for her prevents him fordeclaring it. He asks for herunderstanding. His secretpassion is stronger than allof her other suitors, hesuffers with his feelings, andhe doesnt beg for herunderstanding orcompassion.
  17. 17. *Silence betrays more woe(personification) silence isa one who betrays secrets.*(dearest heart) he uses acalling manner to courther.
  18. 18. *The poem consists of5 stanzas.*Rhyme scheme: ababcd cd.
  19. 19. -:QuestionIs writing five stanzas of poetry on how his passionis secret, actually keeping his emotion to himselfand suffering with unreturned love without reliefor help?In another way, do you trust the writer? Why? Giveyour evidence.
  20. 20. No, I don’t trust the writer because:•* Writing five stanzas of poetry about his secretlove is too much (he wants to reveal his secret).* He courts her by using the calling manners twice(dearest heart, dear empress of my heart) hecourts her and forgets his duty.* He starts with a comparison between two kindsof lovers to show her that he is her best rival.* A bigger is dumb deserves double pity (he meanshimself, so he begs for her pity and compassion,this is opposed to what he said).* He said “a silence is a suitor” he means that heis a suitor, so he doesn’t care for his duty as hedeclared before.