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Marekting research applications ppt Marekting research applications ppt Presentation Transcript

  • Group Members Name:- Roll No:- Anshu Tiwari 2012098 Shoaib Shaikh 2012080
  • A Project Research for Colgate Users
  • What is Market Research Applications? • Market research focuses on assessing the preferences and choices of consumers and potential consumers. • The Market Research Application (MRA) is an intuitive point-and-click interface that provides statistical and graphical techniques for market research data analysis. • Marketing research Applications include: Advertising testing research, branding research, customer satisfaction research, pricing research, product positioning research, new product assessments, marketing due diligence, and segmentation research.
  • Need Research & Research PLC  Common answers To understand my consumer, to see how my product is working in present market.   But, Research is conducted to help in reducing business risks & maintain or increases profits. Its other associated function is to monitor the effectiveness of the marketing plan.  Research PLC     Introductory Stage Growth Stage Maturity Stage Decline Stage
  • Introduction Of Colgate  In 1806, William Colgate introduced starch, soap and candle factory on Dutch Street in New York City under the name of "William Colgate & Company“  In 1857, William Colgate died and the company was reorganized as "Colgate & Company" under the management of Samuel Colgate, his son  In 1873, the firm introduced its first toothpaste, an aromatic toothpaste sold in jars  His company sold the first toothpaste in a tube, Colgate Ribbon Dental Cream, in 1896  In 1928, Palmolive-Peet bought the Colgate Company to create the Colgate-Palmolive-Peet Company.  In 1953 "Peet" was dropped from the title, leaving only "Colgate-Palmolive Company", the current name.  Today Colgate has numerous subsidiary organizations spanning 200 countries, but it is publicly listed in only two, the United States and India.
  • Awards & Achievements • Colgate has been ranked as India’s 1 Most Trusted Brand across all categories for four consecutive years from 2003 to 2007 • 51% market share in the toothpaste segment. • 48% market share in the toothpowder market. • 30% share in the toothbrush market. • Presently it is facing competition from no. 2 player HUL. E.g. Pepsodant • On 4Sept.2009,Colgate-Palmolive signed SRK as its Brand ambassador.
  • Competitors Of Colgate • Pepsodent Sensitive • Sensodyne • Oral-B • Meswak • Close-up • Babool
  • Target Market: • Colgate is targeted at middle income and upper income families. • Colgate has had a consistent target market. • Colgate has never altered its target market segment. • Colgate was introduced in the semi urban and rural areas too.
  • Research on Colgate Users. • Basically the research was for the Colgate users. • Determining the Actual Users. • Determining how familiar it is in the market. • How often they use it and many more will study in our presentation. • We had prepare the Questionnaire for Colgate users.
  • Research Methodology • Collection of Data – Primary Data • We have collected primary data – Sample size-500 – Area- Mira-Road , Bhayander, Borivali – Secondary Data • From company’s website we have got relevant data • We also used Wikipedia for industry overview
  • Question 1 • Do you currently use any variation of colgate toothpaste ? (excluding Colgate toothpaste for children) Yes No 15%  A) Yes  B) No 85%
  • Question 2 • Have you ever previously purchased Colgate toothpaste? (excluding Colgate toothpaste for children) Yes  A) Yes  No B) No 4% 96%
  • Question 3 • Which Brand of Colgate toothpaste did you most recently purchase?  A) Colgate Sensitive Colgate Sensitive Colgate Sensitive pro- relief  B) Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Colgate Sensitive Whitening  C) Colgate Sensitive Whitening 28% 24% 48%
  • Question 4 • How many times have you purchased Colgate in the last six months ?  A) 1-2 1 to 2 3 to 4 5 to 6 7 to 8 9 to 10 2%  B) 3-4 6% 10%  C) 5-6  D) 7-8 18% 25%  E) 9-10  F) 11+ 39% 11 +
  • Question 5 • Please rate the following sources of information in terms of importance when purchasing Colgate toothpaste? (A) Not Imp.      A) In-store Advertising B) Advertisements seen outside shops C) Memories D) Staff E) Friend or Family (B) Somewhat Imp. (C) Important In store Advtg. Advtg. Seen outside shops Memories Staff Friend & Family 20% 26% 10% 10% 34%
  • Question 6 • How satisfied were you in terms of product effectiveness the last time you used Colgate toothpaste ? (A) Dissatisfied  Please select the level of satisfaction Dissatisfied Not Sure (C) Satisfied Sure Satisfied 0% 10% 20% 70% (B) Not Very Satisfied (D) Very Satisfied
  • Question 7 • Do you plan to purchase Colgate toothpaste in the future?  (A) Yes  (B) No Yes 2% No Maybe 12%  (C) May be 86%
  • Question 8 •    When do you feel the need to purchase toothpaste? (A) When it runs out (B) When it is on offer or the price has been reduced (C) When a dentist or other professional recommends a particular toothpaste to you  (D) When someone recommends a particular toothpaste to you A B C D 10% 26% 50% 14%
  • Question 9 •       On average how long do you spend making a decision on your toothpaste purchase? A B C D E F 2% 1% 0% (A) Up to a minute (B) Over a minute to 2minutes 12% (C) Over a 2minute to 3minutes (D) Over a 3minute to 4minutes (E) Over a 4minute to 5minutes (F) Over a 5minute to 6minutes 27% 58%
  • Question 10 • What kind of offers would most likely make you purchase another brand of toothpaste? A  (A) Buy 1 get 1 free or 3 for 2 B C D E  (B) Loyalty Points 24%  (C) Price Reduction  (D) Coupons  (E) None of the above 6% 58% 10% 2%
  • Question 11 • How often do you brush your teeth?  (A) Not at all A B C D 0%  (B) Once a Day 14% 30%  (C) Twice a Day  (D) More than three times a Day 56%
  • Analyze • Huge number of people buy Colgate because the Colgate has created an brand image in the consumers mind. • 24% of people buy Colgate Sensitive because this toothpaste gives them an instant relief from the problem of sensitive teeth. • 48 % of people buy Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief because this toothpaste give them instant long-lasting relief to enamel. • 28% of people buy Colgate Sensitive Whitening because this toothpaste helps them to removes stains & restore natural whiteness of teeth.
  • Contd.. • We have also came to know that how low frequency of the consumers to buy the Colgate toothpaste because they prefer to buy the family pack which is cost effective for them and also offers too. • Consumers who purchase this product they feel that if the advertising is done in stores & Outside Shops makes the clients to buy. • Almost 70% of the consumers were very much satisfied with the product & 20% were Satisfied and 10% were still confused due to multiple brands. • 86% of consumers will buy the product in future & 12% were saying may be. • Through this analyzing and interpretations we came to know the Colgate Brand Image , Colgate Brand personality & Colgate Equity and Colgate Loyalty too.
  • RECOMMENDATION • Colgate should hire celebrities for the advertisement • They should also increase the volume of their CSR activities because they have a very good image in the market. • Target market should be clearly emphasized in advertisement. • Colgate should emphasize on Digital Branding i.e. online purchase.