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  1. 1. Marketing & Competition Analysis
  2. 2.  Introduction | History Top Indian Players | Market Share Marketing Objectives | Strategies Segmentation | Growth Opportunities Understanding Consumer Needs Pricing | Marketing Strategy Competitive Advantages | Promotion/AD Campaign Environmental Change and Innovation Consumer Satisfaction and Research Competitors : Ariel | Recommendation & Suggestions Conclusion
  3. 3.  Fabric Wash Market in India  Total Market Size Rs. 8800 Crores  Total Volume- 2.3 Million Tonnes +  98 percent Penetration in India  CAGR -10 per cent Consumption Pattern Increase 55 per cent Urban (14 percent users of Washing Machine) 45 per cent Rural Major Players  HUL  Nirma  Ghadi  P&G Source : Business Standard, 29-11-07
  4. 4. History of Hindustan Lever1959 – HUL Introduced SURF.1970 – Launch of Nirma Power. Brand Lalitajee launched.1990 – Emergence of concentrate & Mid price segment powers. Ad Campaign “ Daag Doonthe rah jaoge” was launched.1996 – Surf Excel launched. Ad Campaign “ Jaise bhi Daag ho, Surf Excel hai na”2003 – Surf Excel Quick wash launched “ Ad campaigns on Shortage of water across country”2005 – Ad Campaign “ Daag Acche hai na “.2006 – Rin – Supreme BAR. Ad campaign “ Good news, Bad news “
  5. 5. source : IMRB
  6. 6. Surf Excel Ariel To continue market leadership To increase market share 37.8% in Indian Market 7.7% P&G in Indian Market Rating  8/7 Approaching New Markets Switch Consumers from Existing Brands in the present Market Launching Product Extensions Product Innovation Maintain Brand Loyalty Increase Brand Loyalty COMMON MARKETING OBJECTIVES - Ensure top-of-the-mind recall - Increase Frequency of Usage - Launching Variants in the Washing Machine Category - R&D for new product innovations
  7. 7. SIZE SURF EXCEL SURF EXCEL SURF EXCEL QUICK WASH BLUE AUTOMATICSACHET Rs.2/- Rs.2/- -200gm Rs.23/- Rs.20/- -500gm Rs.56 Rs.41 Rs.80/-1kg Rs.109/- - Rs.155/- SIZE ARIEL FRESH CLEAN ARIEL SPRING ARIEL FRONTO-MAT CLEAN Sachet Rs.2/- Rs.2/- - 200gm Rs.26/- Rs.26/- - 500gm Rs.55/- Rs.55/- Rs.80/- 1kg Rs.107/- Rs.107/- Rs.155/-
  8. 8.  Surf was launched in 1959.  Ariel was introduced in India in 1991.  Ariel contains unique Fragrance Rating A family brand with tough in detergents with new 7/6 stain removal and caring image. technology based detergent- International to Ultra to Excel Surf Excel is available in 4  Ariel is available in 3 variants: variants: Ariel Fresh Clean  Surf Excel Blue Ariel Spring Clean  Surf Excel Quick Wash Ariel Front-O-Mat  Surf Excel Automatic  Surf Excel Detergent Bar
  9. 9.  SKU’s – Stock Keeping Units Sachet packs (Rs. 2) of Surf and Ariel are targeting mass market consumers, convenience and affordability Targeting Upwardly Mobile group with increase in disposable incomes    
  10. 10.  Surf Excel- Brand Consolidation Strategy Rating- Change from Rational Appeal to Emotional Appeal 7/6 Marketing messages Eg. Sasti cheez or achchi cheez me farak hota hai to Daag Dhoondthe Reh Jaaonge to Daag Acche Hain Ariel - Introduced Variants for consumers at lower prices - New product offerings like Supersoaker Ariel
  11. 11. SECOND PRICE WAR FIRST SLASH : P&G as new entrant goes with Trial and Shift Consumer - Ariel 20gm sachets (30% reduction) - Rs2 - Tide sachets (50% reduction) - Re1 Rating Hindustan Lever Ltd (HLL) followed : 7/5 - Surf Excel sachet (50% reduction) - Rs1.50 SECOND SLASH : P& G cut prices on large packs, HLL followed source : India Infoline Report 2004
  12. 12. HLL – SURF EXCEL P&G - ARIEL• Largest and the second • Marketed at 100% most profitable subsidiary busin(42.6 % Input, 2004) of P&G, USA hence can hence stakes higher absorb lossesMaintaining Brand Equity Target Market Fragmentation• Rin Supreme price comparable to Surf Excel • Tide v/s Ariel Blue• Regional Players 
  13. 13. STRENGTHS SURF EXCEL ARIEL • Rating• Strong R&D. Global brand presence. 8/6• Offers & Schemes. • Less number of intermediaries in• Strong Distribution Channel. distribution channel. WEAKNESSES SURF EXCEL ARIEL• Expenses On Advertising. • Less Offers & Schemes
  14. 14. OPPORTUNITIES FOR BOTH Rating • Penetration in rural areas. Rating 7/5 7/5 • Both Can Increase Their Frequency Of Usage. • New Consumer Markets THREATS TO BOTH• Competition from organized and unorganized players. • Increased level of price competition.
  15. 15. Surf Excel ArielThe Lalitajee Campaign Consumer Attitudes researched new technology and compact powder for Rating washing machines 7/5 Ariel Springclean with fresh fragranceSurf Excel Automatic Ariel - Whirlpool Superwash - buy aTestimonials by IFB Whirlpool Washing Machine for Rs.238/- in Equal Monthly InstallmentsDaag Acche Hain Variants in the market
  16. 16.  Surf - Experienced Player - Competitive Advantage with well laid distribution and retail network Final - Innovative advertising approaches Rating - Willingness to venture out with new variants 51/40 Ariel - Strong first mover advantage in the Pricing War - Entrenched firmly in minds on basis of superior cleaning quality - Need to bring out new variants - focus on aggressive advertising important Both need to venture out: - Explore Rural Markets - Invest in Research for Niche Products - Find New Consumer Categories - Fight Regional Players with a Customized Market Plan